Lakers News: Charles Barkley Thinks The Lakers Will ‘Stink’

Lakers News: Charles Barkley Thinks The Lakers Will ‘Stink’


KobeCharles Barkley is widely known amongst Lakers fans for having a strong disdain for the the franchise and the team. He’s never been shy to mention how he feels about this team.

In the summer he said that Dwight Howard did the right thing leaving Los Angeles because he felt that the Lakers are in no position to win now or in the immediate future. And on the eve before the start of the NBA regular season, he publicly blasted the Lakers on Monday Night Football by saying they wouldn’t come close to making the playoffs.

Well Chuck was back at it again tonight when he joined Ric Bucher and Chris Townsend on 95.7 The GAME. He was asked about how he thinks the Lakers will fare with Kobe Bryant coming back. This is what he said.

“The Lakers gonna stink with him, or without him,” Barkley said. “They’re not a good team, and they won’t be a good team.”

We tend to expect these type of things from Sir Charles. But we also expect the Lakers to prove him wrong. Last years team is the prime example, as they shut Barkley up when they made the playoffs despite the fact he predicted they wouldn’t.

Kobe Bryant Reevaluates Giving Himself An “F” In Season Debut Return

  • LakeShow

    The only hope for Lakers franchise is to tank the season. Reason?

    1. No team would give up their young star to Lakers and the Lakers have nobody to trade with value.
    2. No team would give up their draft pick to Lakers (same reason as above).
    3. 2014 FAs not going to save the Lakers:

    – LeBron will not be a Laker next season.

    – Melo pretty much sux, he can’t even carry Knicks, what make you think he can carry Lakers?
    4. Kobe will never let someone else to become the primary scorer, draft player can use the 2 years (until Kobe’s contract expires) to adapt to the league without upsetting Kobe.
    5. Lakers need to use 2013 season to develop Jordan Hill, Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre for the future (skills + confidence).

    3 draft players that Lakers should try to get: –
    1. Andrew Wiggins
    2. Jabari Parker
    3. Dante Exum

    • lakes_824

      2014-2015 Starting Lineup

      PG – Rodney Stuckey OR Jameer Nelson OR Kyle Lowry OR Nate Robinson
      SG – Kobe Bryant
      SF – Loul Deng OR Trevor Ariza
      PF – Carmelo Anthony OR Zach Randolph
      C – Pau Gasol OR Greg Monroe

      Lakers have enough money to sign at least one of each of the players above from each position

      PG – Steve Blake
      SG – Nick Young/Jodie Meeks
      SF – Xavier Henry
      PF – Ryan Kelly
      C – Hill/Sacre

      • lakesrs_824

        Coach will be either George Karl or Lyon Hollins

        • Levy

          How about Nate McMillan! An excellent defender coach and work well with the players.

        • Matt Williams

          Lionel*. but yeah. We’d be a better team with either coach at the helm.

      • Jose

        The Lakers do not have that much cap room, also how would they resign all those bench players on the list that are playing lights out and are most likely going to get really good offers from other teams? Deng=14 mil, Melo=23 mil, Ariza, Nelson, Stuckey and Lowr are going to try for 8 mil per year. Then Monroe is going to get a max contract which would be in the 13 mil range and Randolph would too. Exactly how can the lakers sign one of each position with Kobe at the 23.5 range and thats already a third of the cap?

        • cmoncuh

          you sure know what all the players are thinking dont you? you’re forgetting its the greatest organization and players WILL take pay cuts just to be on the team as many have done in the past

          • Jose

            Name a big free agent that is in his prime or near his prime that has taken a significant pay cut to join a team that has very little chance to win a title? A role player like Farmar yes takes a pay cut. It has nothing to do with knowing what they think it’s all based on their current salaries and what part of their careers they may be at.

          • cj

            well james wade and bosh joined the heat that were not contenders and made them 1. you never know what is going on with the players deng pau and a monro/dirk/melo could talk and say lets all take pay cut to play in la. who knows what these players have planed

          • Eddie Lazaro

            you really are following the history and the NBA trend, telling me what you know about basketball, much more on NBA.

          • Jade Baxter

            well actually Karl Malone took a pay cut to try for a ring with the Lake show and took all the way to the finals…….if he had been healthy, we woulda taken it that year

          • Leo

            I dont think that is a major factor anymore. LA is attractive, but the style of play isnt. If we had a great coach with a system and vision (e.g. like Greg Pop or PJ) we would have a much better chance to get quality players.

          • miniMAMBA

            Former Bruin Kevin Love would like to make his way back to LA. He is unhappy in Minnesota and has been for a while. Whether FO can make this deal happen Idk

        • yodaddy

          since when did the Lakers went under the salary cap? The Lakers is a great organization with billion dollar TV contracts and others. They can afford to pay millions of luxury tax. Heck, they paid nearly $30mil last time.

      • rash

        what if the PG is Rojon Rondo? i love lakers and i am a big fan of kobe,

      • Al Haldie

        wHAT WORLD DID U COME FROM–OH DREAM WORLD,, thank you-now go away..

      • jackass johnson

        Nate Robinson got a long term deal with the nuggets. we need a pure pg so i will take Stuckey over any of the above mention pgs. I will take Greg Monroe over Gasol we need a true center with some toughness and Hill isnt a starter just yet. Also Deng over Ariza and Randolph over Carmelo because Melo dont play defense. Solid ass bench but where Farmar tho?

    • Will

      Forgot about getting rid of pau??

      • Paytc

        Or Keeping Farmar? I am surprised Gasol is not bringing it with heart and passion. It is his contract year? At least Blake knew he had to play better than he had to improve his chances of remaining in the NBA. Blake is having his best year as a Laker. Gasol is still not bringing his best. I do believe Kobe will in time light a fire under Gasol’s butt. That appears to be what Kobe is working on first.

        I am not counting any Laker out quite yet. They have not seen our best.
        Go Lakers !

        • hookedonnews

          Gasol is playing himself into shape, and he has a bad ankle. No matter who lights a fire under your butt, you can only do what you’re physically capable of doing. He’ll play better when he’s healthy.

          • Paytc

            Unfortunately that has been a recurring theme and the same song for Gasol. If you are well enough to step on the court you need to play with heart. If you are not well enough to play with “heart” there are lots of players who would love to catch a water bottle or towel thrown or handed to them by Gasol. His health and play was spotty last season as well. Even when healthy I have questioned his heart?

            I still like the big guy, and hope your right. Gasol playing like a superstar 7 footer could make all the difference.Especially if the team is healthy come playoff time.

          • hookedonnews

            He has every reason to play as well as he can. His contract is expiring, and he needs to prove his value to the Lakers or to the rest of the league if the Lakers decide to let him go. I hope he can get healthy soon. The team needs him to step up.

          • Paytc

            That has been the difference in Blake and Gasol. Gasol was considered a superstar. Blake has never been a superstar. But Blake’s contract is expiring as well and he’s playing like it. Blake even played through the pain longer than he should have. Gasol on the other hand has not played like a superstar. What team in their right mind would offer him even close to the kind of contract he has expiring?

            Gasol could be a difference maker for the Lakers.If he is not healthy enough to play like it he should ask to be benched. There are a few players on the team and out there who could shoulder his load and bring the heart,fire and desire he’s lacking IMO.

            I’m sure the FO must be weighing their options with all the PG ‘s out and considering the play of everyone.

    • lakers72

      Tank? With no 1st round pick and like 15 other teams with like. 5 wins only…wiggins and parker is not landing in LA…. and tanking right now just to “catch up” to the other teams with tank like records is just gonna cripple the season… besides this years lakers is much more exciting to watch then last years… IMO lakers problem is the interior…. interior d is extremely lacking and paus not helpin in the department… yea true 2014 FAs are not going to help the lakers but i think kobes contract is at 2 years is setup for the 2016 FAs as well… you cant just expect lakers to turn jt all around just by acquiring wiggins or parker and deeming them the “only hope” lol

      • LakeShow

        Still can land Dante Exum which is a very good option.

      • Jose

        Ok well they do have a first round pick for this coming draft but does anyone really think that the Lakers as a franchise would try and tank the season. How would that look that one of the premier teams in the league would stoop to that tactic? Even then the Lakers guards are not the problem right now the front court is. If you are able to get Hawes and/or Monroe that would be a definite upgrade from the way Pau is playing. I was a huge Pau supporter but its not easy to do that now. He left his heart in his other jersey or something like that cause he is just taking up space on the court at each of the last few games. Even Amir Johnson that averages 9 points a game had a career night and the next game the Morris twins that only get about 10 ppg did the same thing. Its absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately that is the way that it has gone lately with Pau in the lineup.

        • lakers72

          Yup thats what im saying… but some people think tanking is the only hope lol

    • hookedonnews

      They’re not going to tank, so it doesn’t matter whether it would be a good thing or not. A lot of the players and the coach are playing for their jobs, and Kobe & Nash would never agree to go that route at the end of their careers.

    • Kevin Demetreous

      We dont have a 1st round pick in this upcoming draft if im not mistaken.

      • Anthony Ukpe

        yes you are mistaken the Lakers do have one

        • Jade Baxter

          yep we do have a 1st round pick….

  • Will

    After last night, it’s time to look at getting rid of gasol. Everytime he failed to do something productive with the ball, staples center groaned and complained. Consensus amongst ticket holders was that it’s time to get rid of pau!

    • Leo

      Pau had only 2-3 good games this year, Yesterday he showed no effort again. No defense at all, just fakes it. Slow in reaction, slow in motion. Hurts to even watch it. We would need a rebounding and defending big to stop dribble penetration. We are not going to make the play-off with him. The problem is, I dont think anybody wants him if he plays like the last two games… so it is impossible to trade him.

      • Paytc

        I question Gasol’s “heart”. That is what Kobe is working on. Kobe may not be able to turn Gasol into a monster defender,but hopefully he can get him to play like a 7 footer with a little more heart and passion(at least on offense). We need his desired effort to kick up a few notches. Hopefully soon.

    • Matt Williams

      Defense wise he needs improvement, but Pau had 19 points. What about that is bad?

    • jackass johnson

      should have gotten rid of him 2 years ago. its messed up because he is a really good player but he has no heart and it looks like he is taking the easy way out. Kobe get a lot heat for his contract and some of the things he say but we all know he plays his ass off everyday, i wish some of that energy rubbed off on pau


    The Lakers have much bigger problems than what Charles Barkley thinks.SMH!

  • Paytc

    We all knew it wouldn’t take long for one of Kobe’s biggest haters to chime in if he didn’t immediately positively impact his team and the game and himself. Kobe had not training camp or preseason to work with the team and get in sink. I t should take some time.

    Let’s see how quick we hear from Barkley when Kobe returns to form and the Lakers start winning. What a buster :-) LOL……. This is the same guy who use to tag along like a puppy under MJ’ sack to be able to roll with a winner because that was as close as he could get to be one. Kobe will be back on top regardless. So all you talentless haters,doubters,and critics will continue to be disappointed LOL ………
    It’s not how you start…. what you become is far more significant. And if the road traveled is rough its even more impressive. Kobe has had to earn his since day one. We don’t expect things to all of a sudden get easier :-) LOL ……..

    Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Exactly Charles Barkley is a big fat hater and he knows Kobe would sock his ass up if they got into it.Kobe Bryant would knock him out.Actually Charles Barkley is a big fat chicken Shaq whooped his a$$.And he always backs down when a real fight is going on.Where was fake tough guy Charles Barkley when Kevin Johnson was getting jumped by Doc Rivers and Greg Anthony???Yeah that’s what i thought nowhere to be found!

      • Paytc

        You and I know. And you can bet Barkley has that conversation with himself all the time. Haters always hate the best.

        Go Lakers !

      • jackass johnson


    • Paytc

      Kobe had “no” training camp. correction to my previous post .

      Go Lakers ! It’s all about staying or getting healthy, making the playoffs, and playing well when it counts most. That is still a work in progress,and the teams goal.

      Go Lakers !

  • Paytc

    Remember what I have been saying from the start. We can’t get too high on wins or too low in a loss. I also said we would need more than just Kobe to “STEP UP ” It would be nice to see Gasol turn into a 7 foot beast, but I’m not sure he has enough heart and passion to bring it. I know Kobe is working on pushing the right Gasol buttons. It may take a bit of time. I am rolling with this years Lakers as always. Who needs a bunch of bandwagon fans? Most of them have found their way to the Heat. I wish all the rest would follow them. And we expect haters like Barkley to hate on Kobe and the Lakers. Haters always hate the best.

    Go Lakers !

  • Rey

    The Lakers would always suck as long as Dantoni as the coach. The Lakers needs to start rebuilding. First, go after Greg Monroe of the Pistons to play center. Next, resign Jordan Hill to play the power forward spot. Take a look at Loul Deng to play the small forward. Kobe at the shooting guard and Kyle Lowry at the point guard. In 2015/16 season, go after Kevin Love to play the power forward spot and 2016/17 take a look at Russell Westbrooke to play either point guard or shooting guard.. 2017 season, starters Greg Monroe at cente, Kevin Love at PF, Loul Deng at SF, Russell Westbrooke at SG, Kyle Lowry at PG. The bench: Sacre at center, Hill at power forward, The most important get rid of Dantoni and hire Rambis as the coach and put Phil Jackson as the adviser.

    • John

      How are you paying all those people? You’re dreaming

      • Jose

        My thought exactly!!

      • jff

        Kobe Bryant is a superstar – Barker y doesn’t know yet- soon or later he will know. He is a guy who needs to learn a lesson and he will

        Paul Gasol does not like to play in Lakers uniform anymore. His action proves that- Lakers needs to understand- he does not want play period.

    • nlruizjr

      Rambis is as bad as MD, you need a coach that has experience (B.Scott, M. Cooper, G. Karl, N. Mac D, there are a few more but can’t think of them right now), lakers have to get rid of Gasol, Kaman, Nash and maybe Williams. The rest, I believe can develop into good role players.

    • Joe Chan

      Salary cap man…

    • jackass johnson

      Russell Westbrook is never leaving OKC and if i was him i wouldnt leave neither. Westbrook and Love are max players for them to even think about coming they gotta take a pay cut. they just started getting money its a dream if you think they gonna fall back in a year or 2

  • Scott Asai

    Let’s hope he’s talking about the management from the top-down. Jim Buss & Mike D’Antoni are idiots. When the system sucks, it doesn’t matter what players you bring in.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    If the Lakers are going the rebuilding route well it will take at least 3 to 5 years to get back into contention for a championship.Best case scenario is for Steve Nash to retire to clear up some extra cap space.

    Also let Pau Gasol walk in free agency or trade him for picks and young players.Trade Steve Blake for a pick and young player.Trade Chris Kaman for a draft pick and young player.Now just keep Kobe Bryant for nostalgia and to see him break the scoring record held by Michael Jordan.

    Then figure out a long term plan for a head coach someone who teaches defense and a relatively young coach that can relate to the new age players and a coach who runs a system that has not been cracked by other teams yet.This is the only way the Lakers can just start from scratch and rebuild,it’s by getting worse before they get better.

    Two steps forward one step back.Rebuilding sucks sucks sucks it’s painful and pity of life.Nothing is worse than rebuilding it sucks bad.Trust me on this i am a Raiders fan and it seems they been rebuilding forever.Sucks to be in a rebuilding position,so much can go wrong and nothing seems to ever go right.

    • John

      Michael Jordan does not own the scoring record…

      • nlruizjr

        yeah, Scoring and Rebounding are must haves to be considered the G.O.A.T. and I believe the only one that is close in those 2 categories is “the Captain” Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Every other category is just window dressing. Those first two are must haves if your team is going to be a winner.

      • joe

        yes he does. 30.1 ppg career

    • Daryl Peek

      Let me ask you a few questions:

      In what world does your boss accept lesser performance (from experienced tenured employees) in order to get better years later?

      Why should a paying customer base be loyal to viewing a present premeditated losing product?

      How does Time Warner Cable feel about their 3 billion dollar investment into the “Lake Show” when the franchise all of the sudden decides to produce a losing product for the next 3 or more seasons?

      How does the Lakers FO breed confidence in the fan base and future FA prospects if they succumb to a losers mentality, system of dynasty building that completely differs from the proud tradition of this great organization, in this moment of internal power structure transition?

      I could go on but I’ll leave it at these questions.

      • jackass johnson

        the second question actually happens a lot. you cant fire seasoned employees just because they dont produce anymore well not regular 9-5 jobs. getting rid of Pau and Nash is a great idea but the lakers are worried about what they can get in return which is nothing but they cant let them just walk for nothing. steve needs to retire, kobe needs to be the old man of team and he can still produce, Pau and Nash need to go.

        • Daryl Peek

          That does not answer the question and is off the context in which it was asked. Premeditated is the key word. It speaks to the intent of a FO tanking, I.E. trading away good players for nothing tangible in return really like Toronto recently did in the hopes of losing games from it.

          If I were a fan of the Raptors or Sixers I’d be seriously thinking of jumping ship as MGMT is clearly tanking. Why go to the games if you know the goal is to lose?

          And you can absolutely fire season employees in 9-5 jobs. The tool used to do it is called a performance review. If you fall below company standards you’re subject to disciplinary action up to termination. We both know that does not apply to NBA contracted players. So goes the entitled union employee beef many have. IJS

    • Russell

      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar owns the scoring record, Jordan is third.

  • Daryl Peek

    Lawd have MERCY! Here we go with the tank talk again? SMH

    The minute the FO extended Kobe the potential tank theme went out the window. I really can’t understand why many Lakers fans can’t see this?!? Kobe will NEVER let this team tank!! This organization will never subscribe to that! Have your progressive (think tank) opinions if you may but just know they fall on deaf ears when it comes to the Lakers brass.

    Now that I got that off my chest for the umpteenth time in here, lets get to the Barkley buffoonery. This Lakers team will not stink IMO. They will struggle and need to prove themselves midst all the doom and gloom predictions but they will find their way and make some noise before it’s all said and done this season. I’m not proclaiming a happy championship ending but they will compete.

    That’s all we can ask for as level headed Lakers fans given the big picture of this challenging time.


    • Lakers Fan

      We won’t stink, but it will be hard to win a lot of games if this team don’t play any defense. The West is deep. Outscoring teams will only get us so far. I love the team we have, but we’ve GOT to play defense. Best case scenario, we sneak into the playoffs with the 8th seed. Worst case, we do indeed end the season 12th in the West like predicted. I think a lot of fans, me included, think we can make some noise this year, but we just don’t trust the defense. Not only that, but the player who is supposed to be our second best player is playing the worse he has in his career. It will be a long season man, but I have faith that this team can make the playoffs. It will be hard, but Kobe will find a way to get us there.

      • nlruizjr

        WHY, didn’t MD give Sacre some playing time, after all his glorification of Sacre, he didn’t play one min. and he sure is a hell of a lot better than Gasol on defense and needs more experience on offense but playing time will cure that, MD sucks.

      • jackass johnson

        dont that start with the coach? i mean MD isnt a defensive coach but then again was PJ?

  • LakeFanSince91

    He’s right. When has just making the playoffs been good enough for the Lakers. Smdh.

  • Brian Brown

    First off gasol needs to be traded we can get a first round pick for him and then we need to get a big and why not bynum he only signed a yr deal with the cavs bring him n melo in bring in monroe possibly or lowry

    • John

      Who is going to give a up 1st rounder for Gasol?

  • Reuben Reborn Marxmen

    this is coming from somebody who don’t even have a championship..

  • roseducanna

    LAKERS want to sellout must sign 1- Coach JACKSON, or coach SLOAN.2- KOBEEN low down for sign good player.If not KOBEEN last 2 games , LAKERS won all.

  • laddi

    Lakers will find a way. All these people thought they were not going to make the playoffs last year and were proved wrong by Kobe and co. The same thing will happen this year. Kobe is slow starter but once he gets going…forget about it. He knows how to use these young guys..I aint worried about nothing.

  • Nathan

    Charles Barkley is a loser he’s never won a championship and he tends to embrace those who walk in his footsteps paying attention to him is a waste of time he wouldn’t know what it takes to win so he would know it if he saw it

  • RLA

    The Comm mess up the Lakers when he kill the deal for CP3, before he retired in Feb 2014! The Lakers had a plan that would have work! Pau would been with Houston. That was a cold blow the Comm did to our Lakers! Now they are trying to put together what they have work with.

  • nowrong

    Charles Barkley didn’t the Lakers would win the 2nd championship during the back to back run. What’s new? He never thinks the Lakers will be good. When they finished as a 3rd seed with Mike Brown, he didn’t like them that year. He didn’t think they had any chance of making the playoffs last year, and he didn’t think Kobe would play well last year. He was wrong all of those times. He may have a chance to be right this year, but goodness, he has never had anything positive or objective to say about the Lakers. It doesn’t surprise me.

  • jackmouve

    Some fans you are. The Lakers are fine, they have a young team that’s learning to play together. Now learning to play with Kobe. They will figure it out, make the playoffs and probably lose in the first or second round, but will be a force the next year.

  • Ron Wittman

    So who’s going to listen to a fat lipped, slobber mouth like CharlesB. He’s definitely not worthy of the “Sir”.

  • Rob Comer

    Sir Charles is a legend of the game of basketball but how do you call someone horrible when you played in the league as long as he never won a championship. That’s terrible

  • Ron

    LAST YEAR they proved him WRONG? The Lakers were an absolute joke last year despite being the consensus favorites to win the championship among everyone EXCEPT Charles Barkley. In what universe to you live to even consider suggesting that the Lakers’ embarrassing joke of a season proved him wrong?

  • Marty Susman

    I agree..The Lakers are not thinking of the future. Gasol and Nash need to go, for Draft picks or salary dump…Nothing can happen until the year after next when the real young studs will be free agents…This coming year they should zero other then try for one guy, Greg Monroe. ..

  • Kenneth Joseph

    Well he should know first-hand about teams ” That are Bad”

  • Lance McGee

    When are u guys is going to realize that kobe is the problem with the Lakers. When? Never, lol……….

  • anonymous

    I love Chuck but f#ck him. F#uck him right in the ear!

  • Ragin’Adrian

    Fock Chuck.. that non-title having mofo! He is the most non-ring, non-championship having fool ever. Ignorant never achiever. Surprised networks still have him on contract. Idiot

  • Lance McGee

    I don’t care who come to the Lakers, as long is kobe is there, that person won’t be able to play his game. Lakers play around kobe, not around the team as it should be. kobe returns just made them worst. Don’t believe me, just keep waiting like u have been, lol…

    • Paytc

      It’s funny how Kobe (the guy you claim makes a team worse) is the only guy on the team with 5 rings. Kobe missed training camp and preseason and you expect him to come back after 7 months off and a major injury playing at top form?You expect the team to to immediately click/jell? The team was a 500 ball club before Kobe’s return.

      Please you and all the other talentless,critics,doubters,and haters eat you hat when Kobe helps them become much more than a 500 club. A couple of losses big deal. Most little girls get too emotional after every little thing. Kobe is a grown man, far from a little girl, so he will weather the storm. It’s not how you start it’s how you finish.

      Attention all bandwagon fans and Kobe haters please exit.The Heat are the world champions and need more bandwagon followers.

      Go Lakers !

  • ra

    Barkley just mouthing off, that’s all. Barkley is ‘mostly’ always wrong about everything. He’s just an ‘entertainer’ now, not a real good basketball analyst.

    Barkley’s comments = higher ratings for TNT = $$ from sponsors (e.g., EJ’s Neato Stat, etc.- sponsored by … Nobody). EJ’s new stat should be: How often is Barkley wrong in his predictions: I’d put it at 95%. (I’m talking about valuable predictions, not easy things like “will the Pacers beat the Jazz”, for example).

    Just remember, it doesn’t matter what Barkley says, ever, before, during, and after his statements. ………. Doesn’t matter ………. It’s irrelevant.

    • Paytc

      Winning cures all ills. The Lakers will get some more wins and when they do I wouldn’t get to high on it. Just as we should not get too low when we have a few losses. I am more concerned with having a healthy roster,making the playoffs, and peaking at the right time.

      As J.Taylor said in the post above 500 is far from great but it would be 3rd or 4th place if the Lakers were in the sorry Eastern conference.

      It’s not how you start it’s how you finish. Go Lakers !

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    i hope you guys are not laker fans….. ,you’re counting the team out already? smh shame on you guys, Charles Barkley always hated the Lakers and I’m not surprised that he’s saying those things

    • Paytc

      There are a few fair-weather fans on board,and also some Kobe/Laker haters. All the real true fans never waver in their support. I’m sure it’s much easier to support when the team is winning. There is a difference in a true fan and a bandwagon fan. The true fans are still giving their strong support. Everyone else don’t matter in my book. Go Lakers !

      • Paytc

        The team is not getting blown out in any games. They are playing pretty well for the most part. The main goal is to get a healthy roster,make the playoffs,and peak at the right time. It’s not how you start but how you finish. Go Lakers !

      • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

        Well said

  • Aditya Sriram

    Lakers better play excellent basketball every single game or I will be extremely mad. Every lakers game matters to me

    • Aditya Sriram

      Charles STOP it. Please believe me. Lakers is a championship condtending team or I will be extremely mad and all my messages and they just 2 very upsetting games.

  • meep

    in these two games kobe played, it is far from kobe fault. kobe not the one playing down low and letting people score in the post so easy. lakers lose because of poor defense not because of kobe. kobe actually doing well for him self. lakers in the end will keep losing if the overall team defense doesnt get better . also who cares what barkely has to says he get a little annoying sometimes.

    • Paytc

      That’s right. both you and I and all the true Laker fans know.

      Go Lakers !

  • Croler01

    Get rid of Pau already! Too soft to be a power forward, and crybaby in the center. I really dont enjoy watching gasoft.

    • Paytc

      Gasoft :-) LOL…… I am trying to support them all. And if Gasol can only play with more desire and passion it would help. Hopefully Kobe can kick-start,inspire, and motivate him.

  • Tommy

    Coming from a guy with how many rings? Shut up Charles, nobody cares man…

  • born_a_LAKER

    I don’t get why people think that stacking good players will make a team great all of a sudden, the only players for next season that lakers should get would be Greg Monroe for interior presence and Loul Deng for multi-position defence and to stretch the floor ( guard lebron). Also instead of Lowry i would go after Darren Collison because by then he will learn a lot about the game and about passing from chris paul and he can defend better than Lowry, he’s also cheaper. Lastly acquire Alan Anderson, for people who don’t know him search him up, plays for brooklyn currently solid player.
    Then go after KlayThompson, Kwahi Leonard, or Jeff green in 2015-2016.

    1. Collison
    2. Bryant
    3. Alan Anderson
    4. Deng
    5. Monroe
    6. Xavier Henry
    7. Jordan Hill
    8.Jordan Farmar
    9. Wesley Johnson
    10. Jodie Meeks
    11.Shawne Williams
    12. Steve Blake
    prospect Ryan Kelly

    Get Lynol Hollins for Head Coach

    same team get rid of blake put Alan Anderson on bench and put Klay, Kwahi, or Jeff Green on 3 spot.

  • LAKERS 24/7

    The season ain’t over, tanking is not part of Lakers or KOBE. Fat boy Barkley is a Hater, and a Bitch who never won shit so he can hate all he wants we might not win it all but we will Die trying. Go LAKERS!!

  • hookedonnews

    No one cares what CB says. His opinion is just that–his opinion.

  • Joseph Apohen

    Chuck, the Lakers don’t stink. They are fun to watch. Not all winning teams are fun to watch. Five years from now the Lkers will have #17 hanging from the rafters, championship banner, that is.

  • suckstobeyou

    for a guy without a ring and not have achievements like kobes to say that its like duhhh *facepalm* >_<

  • Jasper Ancajas

    Change the coaching system.. the team has talent.. they must sign George Karl.. cause he know how to utilize each player’s ability.. or Lionel Hollins a great defensive minded coach

  • Eddie Lazaro

    so Chuck the LOSER can say something bad about the Lakers? How about all the teams where he’s been while chasing the RING he never got. Lakers is the BEST BASKETBALL ORGANIZATION in the entire WORLD and we are just in a Hump right now, but history can attest to the facts that we never stay in this situation for long, as we have collected more Championships in last 15 years than any team in the NBA.

  • Francis M. Tengco

    they won championship bitch !

  • Francis M. Tengco

    charles dont say anything ! YOU DONT won ANY RING !

  • Al Haldie

    Why is it that BARKLY speeks he end up sounding so STRUPID???????//

  • The K@mik@ze Experien©e

    This is coming from a person who never won a NBA ring so its not even worth lol

  • lakerstyle

    I don’t disagree with Barkley…this team is not a great team…its a 7-10th seed in the West. But hey the Kobe Bryant farewell tour 2015-16 is gonna be fun. 2017-18 this team will rebuild and by 2020 should have another championship.

  • jackass johnson

    i wish more and more people would realize this

  • jackass johnson

    its hard to enjoy it when the team sucks lol