Lakers News: Chad Ford Sees Lakers Taking Dario Saric With Ninth Pick

Lakers News: Chad Ford Sees Lakers Taking Dario Saric With Ninth Pick



The Lakers finally hold a first round pick and they chose the perfect year to have one as the 2014 NBA Draft is one of the most loaded drafts in NBA history. With the Lakers likely to fall in the lottery this season for the first time since 2005, they will be in position to add an excellent building block for the future.

ESPN’s Chad Ford recently released his second version of his mock draft. If everything was to hold where it is right now, the Lakers would be selecting ninth in the draft, and Ford sees the Lakers going international should they land there, taking Croatian forward Dario Saric:

Analysis: Mike D’Antoni loves point guards. So how about a 6-foot-10 PG who passes, rebounds and is an aggressive scorer? Saric isn’t an elite athlete nor is he a dead-eye shooter, but he’s a wizard with the basketball, is putting up terrific numbers in Croatia and seems like a great fit on this young Lakers squad. Several GMs told me that if he were in college right now, he’d be at least four or five spots higher on our Big Board, so there’s value there.

Listed at 6’10 and 223 pounds, Saric seems very similar to Lamar Odom in his skill set. With the league going smaller, Saric would fit right in as a big small forward, or small-ball power forward. The ability to grab a rebound and lead a fast break is one that very few players possess.

UCLA point guard Zach Levine, Indiana power forward Noah Vonleh, and Arizona forward Aaron Gordon are all in the area of where the Lakers selected in this edition of the mock draft. There are a number of excellent players to select, and many Lakers will be checking one out tonight. Needless to say, the Lakers will have a lot of options come draft night.
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  • D-League Status

    This pick will change about another 20 times before the season is over.I count on the Lakers getting a top 3 pick and selecting Joel Embiid or Andrew Wiggins.

    But if they were to slip up in the lottery watch then this guy might be the selection.I highly doubt the Lakers would pick this player over Lavine or Exum or Aaron Gordon this is just a flavor of the week by Chad Ford.

    Thank Lakers Nation for following up on my suggestion awhile back,i am now seeing a lot of hope for the Lakers future thanks to you guys giving us the scouting reports and updates on the best players going into the NBA Draft 2014.I hope it is Joel Embiid that we get TBH.Thanks.

  • Dolan

    Levine or Exum peak my interest also after pick number 5.But top 3 is the target.

  • johm

    Damn! 6’10 PG taller than Magic Johnson. He can play PG-PF. Finally some great news about the draft pick for the Lakers.

  • kramzzyyy

    levine will most likely be just another austin rivers… he will not blossome in NBA… and idk why people is taking wiggins over parker… -_-

    • SD

      I feel bad for Rivers but the biggest differences in these two guys is height/wingspan and athleticism. Lavine has real upside in my opinion.He has a great first step, and he’s a good finisher. (shoots it well, plays really hard on both ends)

      Rivers wasn’t a great athlete even in college he struggled against good defenders. Rivers can turn it around. Has to become more fundamentally sound in every way. His height/wingspan/quickness make it hard for him to get past defenders and play defense against either pgs/sgs

  • Ryson Lee

    6′ 10″ Point Gurad? reminds me of another 6’10” PG that became a star. Magic Johnson

  • Jake

    Chad Ford’s pick is dumb because regardless of what happens this season. Dantoni will be let go.

    • Daryl Peek

      Sorry to bust your bubble but D’Antoni is not going anywhere. If you don’t believe me just pay attention to the signs… look at how the teams been constructed and the players that are being kept and looked at for the future. All D’Antoni fits

  • jmatador

    If Lavine is there when the Lakers pick, they must take him. He’s only a freshman, coming off the bench. He can shoot the 3, dribble and knockdown the mid range jumper and he’s super athletic. Reminds me of Kdurant when he was in COLLEGE. No where Durant is now, but back in college.

    • SD

      I’d argue he’s a better athlete. He has crazy hops. Durant is just crazy long lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Dario looks like a young Toni Kukoc.

  • Marty Susman

    I know nothing about this man BUT if D’ worthless likes him, I think not.

  • Tank Tank Tank Tank Tank Tank

    The Lakers need to skip on this goof and draft Joel Embiid.Keep tanking!

    • Evan

      If they’re at the #9th pick, Embiid won’t be there.

  • Jjjjjjjjjjjjj

    3players we need Malik pope Joel embiid and Aaron Gordon …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Leong

    PG? The author must be high, no way he can survive as a PG in the league. He would be a better fit as PF.

    • Evan

      He plays PF. They called him a 6’10 PG because he has ball handling skills. He isn’t actually a point guard. Sort of a bit of humor.

  • LakeShow

    It’s a wasteful season if the Lakers end up with beyond top 5 pick. The team should be looking for a future franchise player, not just a starter. Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Exum or Smart is the target here.

    If we’re not getting one of these players, might as well fight for the playoff and get eliminated in the first round.

  • ingle

    how would he fit with Kevin Love?

  • SD

    I don’t know much about Saric. I just want the Lakers to take the best available player. A player who has good work ethic, good athleticism, good instincts, and good potential. I’d prefer a guy who is more of a two-way player or has potential to be that..something I’m not sure Saric will have. If Lavine is available, I’d take him depending on who else was there. I like his height, frame, skill set, and potential. Saric, based on video I’ve watched, has great court vision. He reminds me of Turkoglu, except he’s a (somewhat) better athlete than him, not that kind of shooter at this point. Saric also has great footwork, and his jumpshot is good looking. Can he rebound? Does he have the quickness/strength to defend SF/PF? I’m not sure. I just don’t see the “it” part of his game, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  • Douglas Carlson

    Just like any league defense wins championships. D’antoni is not a defensive coach. And will never win. He had a run and gun in Phoenix. Where did they go? They need a coach that can run a team based on good defense and decent scoring. Look at the Lakers past. Defense was the key. They can draft anyone this year but unless they get rid of D’antoni it won’t matter. The other thing is when Kobe comes back that’s go not his style of play. Obviously he is not as quick and won’t fit in the system.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap i like Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins the most in the Upcoming Draft.