Lakers News: Chad Ford Likes Randle, Smart, Saric, Or Trade For Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] The hopes of Lakers fans everywhere were shattered last night when the team fell one spot in the NBA Draft Lottery, and will now sele [new_royalslider id="140"] The hopes of Lakers fans everywhere were shattered last night when the team fell one spot in the NBA Draft Lottery, and will now sele Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Chad Ford Likes Randle, Smart, Saric, Or Trade For Lakers

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The hopes of Lakers fans everywhere were shattered last night when the team fell one spot in the NBA Draft Lottery, and will now select seventh overall in next month’s NBA Draft.

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While they won’t get one of the premier prospects with that pick, there are still a number of talented players that could be had at that position. Not to mention there is always a possibility that the Lakers could trade the pick.

And that possibility is exactly what ESPN’s Chad Ford believes will happen. In a chat with fans, Ford was asked if he thinks the Lakers would trade their pick and he believed they would, while also tossing out some possibilities if they keep the pick:

Yeah, I think they are in the same boat as the Celtics [...] If Julius Randle or Marcus Smart are there, they are two players who I think could help them right now and could be intriguing. Dario Saric, if he was willing to come right now, would also be a guy they’d give a long look to.

The Lakers will almost definitely be looking to move the pick for more assets that will help them. With so many holes on the team, the Lakers need as much help as they can get.

If they do keep the pick, Randle and Smart would both be excellent selections. Randle could immediately step in and start as the Lakers entire frontcourt is heading to free agency. Smart could give the Lakers a point guard who can keep up with the Westbrooks and Parkers of the NBA. Saric would also be interesting as he boasts a skillset similar to Lakers favorite Lamar Odom.

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Whatever the Lakers decide to do, they must weigh all of the possibilities and do what is best for this organization.
NBA DRAFT LOTTERY: Lakers Get No. 7 Pick

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  • comrade24

    Marcus Smart!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakers Fan

    If Vonleh or Smart is there at 7, then they should be the ones selected. I’m not too high on Randle. He is 6’9 with a 7’0 wingspan, he plays little to no defense, and he can only score with his left hand. His inability to only score with his left hand will be his biggest flaw because teams will figure that out in the NBA. He is a talented player, but we need defensive guys. If we can’t get Vonleh, we should get Smart. He is the defender we need at PG, and he can learn from Nash on how to be elite at the PG position. He has Kobe’s will power, and Kobe would love that about him. I would love to get either Smart or Vonleh. But not Randle.

    • comrade24

      i’ve seen Smart play a lot (I went to OSU and still attend games) i would love to see him be a Laker next year. Vonleh i haven’t seen play except for the highlight videos which you can’t trust. I have a hard time seeing what could be so great about a freshmen big man that didn’t even get his team into the NCAA tourney.

      • Lakers Fan

        Vonleh has potential to be a good 2-way. He is raw, just like a lot of other top players. I really like him because of his ability to defend the rim, which is something we desperately need. He can shoot the three and can score inside. He is the second best big man in the draft behind Embiid IMO. Lets also not forget his team was not as talented as other teams were. But I’m like you. I love Smart and wanted him if we were unable to get Exum. People talk about Smart’s attitude, but he hasn’t done anything outside of the incident with that fan. He gets criticized for his passion to win, but that’s what you should want in a player. I have no problem with Smart and would welcome home with open arms.

        • comrade24

          it’s hard to judge smart on that incident because i live in oklahoma, and there are A LOT of morons here. who knows what that guy said to him, could have been extremely racist. Rednecks are morons. He plays great defense and would learn a lot from Kobe, they have a similiar mentality. He needs to work on his mid range game, but that’s most players when they come in.

          • Lakers Fan

            Exactly. I don’t be understanding when analysts and fans always talk about his attitude. I don’t see anything wrong with it. He just has a strong desire to win and that’s the main thing I like about him. He could learn a lot from Kobe and Nash to be honest. Nash could teach him how to become a more polished PG like he did Dragic, and Kobe could just take him under his wing. This would be the perfect destination for Smart due to those two players alone.

      • Zimmeredge

        Vonleh is a good defender, protect the Rim athletic, can shoot from everywhere, good in the post, wingspan, size, lenght and great energy on the o and d board. Really a good fit for both Kobe and Pau.

        • Lakers Fan

          If we are going to keep Pau or sign Monroe(hopefully for a good salary and not max dollars), we have to draft Vonleh for his defense. Pau nor Monroe are rim protectors, so we need to put someone beside them who can defend. If not, it will be a layup drill at the rim once again.

          • Zimmeredge

            Pau is an avérante shot blocker due to his standing reach (Long arms and tall guy) he is a career 1,5/1,7 shot blocker. Vonleh is also good under the RIM but he will be more useful guarding younger, athletic pg/c who can stretch the floor like lamarcus, griffin, love, millsap, bosh, Ibaka, randolph, west. Gordon is also a very good defender in the perimeter. He is really Quick, he could guard most of the sf and pf. Honestly he they are the top two picks we should consider. I love smart but man a lot of pg will be available in the future from the fa. Bledsoe lowry stephenson are in the market this summer.
            I think Boston because being 6th and la kind a true force inside could consider drafting vonleh. Vonleh is born near Boston and has done all his class in Massachusetts. They could easily pair him with love via trade as they have another high pick in this year’s draft.
            Gordon is a Cali boy. So it might be easier to convince him and attract him to LA.
            Of course smart as the fortitude, the thoughness and the winning/leading mentality but as i said i think we can grab a good pg from the fa.
            Otherwise if we can’t have vonleh or Gordon we should trade down the pick to another team in order to draft two useful young guys (a pg -napier, payton, ennis, lavine, Smith- a sf -Warren, mcdaniels,

          • Lakers Fan

            I just want defenders on the team and a coach that will preach defense. I can’t take another season watching us give up 110+ point games with 60+ points in the paint.

            Gordon scares me. I liked him at the beginning of the NCAA season, but he slowly degraded. He is athletic ass hell, but how far can that athleticism take him going up against NBA players? I don’t know. I may be wrong. He might end up being a defensive monster cause he has the athleticism for it. He just scares the hell outta me for some reason, especially at pick 7.

          • Chrmngblly

            But you have always been kind of a scaredy cat, haven’t you LF? Kind of on the timid side? Me. too. I don’t think we have any way to go except pure athleticism as a team. So for now I see Aaron Gordon in the draft, re-sign Meeks, Johnson, Kelly, Bazemore and Young. Maybe Henry.
            Then sign and trade Pau and Nash to NY for Tyson Chandler and Hardaway or somebody. It could be done before July 31st. But they need to cut good short deals on these guys. We need to get Johnson focused.

          • marlou anthony lorica

            lakers needs PG,SF and C,No need for SG,If Smart is available its better because point guard for other teams are getting taller ang quicker,we need a PG who can guard WEstbrook,J Wall,Curry and other,But the best for me to pick is Gordon,Lakers won Championship if ther roster has a defensive SF like:AriZa,James Worthy,walton and odom,We need a guy that will guard LeBron,durant,gay, george and other star player,Gordon is defensive and atlitics that can play at 3 or 4 position,he can also shoot from 3 point and can attact in one on one situation,1st 5 are:bledsoe,bryant,Gordon,kelly,Gazol.2nd5 are;Nash,young,ariza,hill,monroe,Reserve are sacre farmar,meeks,bazemore,

          • Chrmngblly

            I think Gordon is special, too.

          • Chrmngblly

            You seem to be someone who is thinking about this a little bit. I do not see a way to rebuild through the draft. We have no more trade chips left thanks to Jim Buss. So all that is left is FAs, D league cast offs and the undrafted leftovers. Somehow we have to build a team out of that. This is Dr. Buss’ “Plan” according to his kids—who are the only ones benefitting from it so far, in that they still have jobs.

            It is a sad end for Kobe. What else can we do?

            Worth the read:


            Put in a dot where it says [dot].

          • Zimmeredge

            They are all young lads. So you never Know what can happen. Those guys might killing it in the ncaa but they can’t make a move in the nba. I mean look at wes Johnson he was one of the best prospect of his Time. Beasley. Hell Michael cooper was drafted in the 3rd round Nobody expected the guy to perform like this in his Time. Benett was number one last season and look what he did this season. Nerlens or griffin did not play a single game in their rookie season because of injury. You never what can happen and How players will develop. I see very Few players being able to come into this league and perform asap. Parker, randle, vonleh, Gordon, smart, wiggins those are the most nba Ready players in the draft. Does it mean that the other 54 won’t become good players? Of course no. This year’s draft is really deep and i think we should find someone that fits our needs.

        • comrade24

          i haven’t really seen Vonleh play much so i can’t really comment on him. I just look at what’s successful in the league now. Every team that’s got past the first round this year with the exception of Miami and Indiana has an elite level point guard, and the only team with a truly elite center got bounced in the first round. Rebounding and defense are obviously important, but the teams that have killed us for several years have been the ones with good point guards. Smart is a great defender, and I think would be a perfect fit for the Lakers. It’s tough though because there are so many holes in the roster. As long as we get a rookie who can make an immediate impact and grow from there i’ll be happy.

  • YOLO

    Marcus Smart or Dante Exum paired with Farmar and Marshall pretty much seals the deal with depth at the PG position.

    • Zimmeredge

      Smart and exum are gone before 7 spot

      • Chris Park

        Not necessarily for Marcus Smart

        Top 4 (Embiid, Exum, Parker, Wiggins)

        Jazz has 5th pick with Trey Burke I see no reason for them to pick up Smart, they’ll go with Randle/ Vonleh/ Gordon

        Celtics has the 6th pick -> Rajon Rondo no reason for them to acquire another PG

        hence Smart should be available

        • Zimmeredge

          cavs -> embiid
          bucks -> parker
          philly -> wiggins
          magic -> Exum/Smart
          Jazz -> Exum/Smart
          Celtics -> Vonleh/Randle/Smart
          Lakers -> Vonleh/Gordon
          Hornets -> Saric/McD
          magic -> Randle/McD

          you have to look at potential trade pick for pickS too. Smart could interest OKC and the Suns if they loose Sefolosha and for sure fisher so nobody except RB (injury prone), lamb (still young) an jackson. or Bledsoe and they have nobody behind him. The Celtics can get interested in a tweener because bradley won’t be here and they have no good players behind rondo.
          i love smart i just don’t think he is the kind of guy we need right now and for the future. for the future no problem. right now? question mark for me.

          • Chris Park

            Hm. good arguments but its still possible Smart will be left at the 7th but I wouldn’t mind Vonleh

        • VillainKing

          Agreed of you buddy Smart will be available at 7th pick..

        • gmoney

          but if exum says he’ll go back to Australia if the magic draft em…then we got em

      • David Nikolaychuk

        #1 Andrew Wiggins #2: Joel Embiid #3 Jabari Parker #4 Dante exum #5 Aaron gordon #6 Julius Randal #7 Lakers select: Marcus Smart :P

  • corky carroll

    After watching Randle in the NCAA tournament I am NOT impressed at all. NO defense and not all that good a shooter either. Just a big dude. I’d like to see them made a trade and get a slightly lower pick along with a player, and with that pick get Zack Levine

    • comrade24

      I see him as the next Kwame Brown

  • Zimmeredge

    Gordon or vonleh other than that i think we should trade our pick down for other picks like 13-14 pick plus 2nd rounder or trade the for the two mid and end first rounder from okc or suns. Good Prince for valeur for the both of us.

    • comrade24

      if they trade down they should try to get Napier. He plays good defense, is a good shooter, and has mad hops

      • Zimmeredge

        Yeah agree. Napier, payton and Smith are expected are late first rounder early second rounder. So we can have them. We have to get good team player all around. Passing rebounding scoring. I heard we interviewed Smith, hood and Warren. So definitely we are looking at a lot of good players. We should consider Kyle Anderson, adreian payne. Ennis, Austin, lavine Really this draft has a lot of talent. Very deep.

        • gmoney

          fuckk no

      • gmoney


        • comrade24

          I don’t want them to trade down either. I’d rather them pick Marcus Smart because i think he’ll be an all star point guard in a few years. Yes, we could potentially get two good role players but if one of them doesn’t develop then end up with one bust and one role player when we potentially could have had an all star.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers FO draft Marcus Smart end of story.Moving forward!

  • iDontCare


  • Mark Melo

    1) Vonleh; 2) Gordon; 3) Smart; 4) Randle.

  • MohamedLakersFan

    Marcus Smart is the way to go. Hope that Boston pick up Vonleh or Gordon so Smart can slip to no.7 and I’m sure he’d be the man we’re looking for. I only wish that this scenario happens:
    1.Embiid (Cleveland have players in every spot except center)

    2.Wiggins (Milwaukee have Giannis at the 3 spot so Parker is unlikely)

    3.Parker (would make a lot of sense for Philly to pair him with MCW and Noel)

    4. Exum ( I’m said to say this but Orlando will pick him but there’s a very small chance they might go for Smart instead of Exum)

    5. Randle ( Utah will pick him to pair him with Favors and to be a great pick n roll guy with Burke)

    6. Vonleh or Gordon ( highly unlikely that Boston pick Smart since they have an elite point guard in Rondo and I think they might go with Gordon at the 3 spot or Vonleh at the 5 spot if they waive Humphries or trade him)

    7. Smart ( he will be the best player available and a great pick for us and he can develop into the elite pg we hadn’t had since Magic and he can also learn from Nash and Kobe and be the face of the franchise in the future)

    • LAstory

      Boston is shopping Rondo… D. Ainge really likes Marcus game to be pared with Avery Bradley and the new young coach (Rondo and the coach have clashed badly this season) so Boston is looking for a pg.

      • VillainKing

        I think Boston will get either Vonleh or Gordon because they want a bigmen so at 7th pick the Lakers can draft Marcus Smart…

        • kookiebuger

          I doubt Boston will select Vonleh when they already have Sullinger and Olynk at PF.

          • VillainKing

            Vonleh is much more better player than Sullinger..

          • kookiebuger

            There roster is full of PF’s I just don’t see them drafting another PF for the 3rd straight year.

          • VillainKing

            For me they will do it drafting PF for 3rd straight year..

          • gmoney

            lmao “they already have sullinger and Olynk” wow, giving karl Malone a run for his money xD

        • LAstory

          I don’t see them drafting either with Olynk, Sullinger and Green.. again they tried to trade Rondo to the Rockets this year… with the selection of Smart they will be trading Rondo…

          • VillainKing

            but if they cannot trade rondo they will not draft Smart..

  • Eddy

    Mohamed ur right It’s sad to say that embiid or wiggins will be first pick but could be traded by the cavs for Kevin love which the draft was totally rigged in my mind but if exum truly wants to be a laker he can only make that happen by giving the cold shoulder to the other teams

  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    I Dont Want Randle Period! Rather Draft Marcus Or Aaron!’

  • VillainKing

    Marcus Smart all the way..

  • LAL

    Just wondering, why can’t Exum force his way to the Lakers just like Kobe did? If any team other than the Lakers drafting him, just go to the EuroLeague. I heard Exum is a big fan of Kobe and he wants him to be his mentor. He even signed with Kobe’s agent.

    Good way to screw NBA for helping Cavs for another 1st pick!

    • gmoney

      THANK YOU, FINALLY A FELLOW SMART LAKER FAN…i can’t believe everyone is so hyped about gordon and vonleh…its un-laker-like, “WITH THE 7TH PICK IN THE 2014 NBA DRAFT…THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS SELECT…DANTE EXUM, FROM AUSTRALIA”

  • Fernando

    Lets draft Marcus Smart he is a big time Point Guard and he will be the best guard in this draft.Lakers need a star to be developed and Marcus Smart is that guy he is NBA ready and he can win rookie of the year and have a great long all star career.

  • Ken

    Randle is a poor man’s Elton Brand. All I saw from him in college is just him bullying his way inside to score. That’s fine over there, but in the NBA he will be undersized. He has the lowest ceiling of all the potential top 10 picks.

  • Melvin

    My top 10 is like this.Lakers will get lucky #7.Dante Exum

    1.Marcus Smart
    2.Noah Vonleh
    3.Andrew Wiggins
    4.Joel Embiid
    5.Jabari Parker
    6.Aaron Gordon
    7.Dante Exum
    8.Julius Randle
    9.James Young
    10.Zach Lavine

    • gmoney

      if smart goes first, the cavs should burn their stadium and never return to basketball

  • pnut

    I think Lakers should think of trading the pick if Smart isn’t available. Something like this would be viable since they have so many holes in the roster they have to fill.
    Lakers & Thunder

    Lakers trade the 7th pick & Jodie Meeks (sign and trade)

    Thunder trade Reggie Jackson & 21st and 29th pick

    Thunder roster

    Randle or Gordon/ PJ3
    Ibaka/ Steven Adams

    Lakers roster

    Reggie Jackson/ Napier or E. Payton
    Kobe Bryant/ Bazemore
    Ariza/ Young/Henry
    Adreian Payne or Patric Young or Clint Capela/ Kelly
    Monroe/Hill/ Sacre

    Look up the college players if you don’t know who they are. They are all solid.

    This is what both teams are looking for. Thunder get another piece to get them over the top at a discounted price. Lakers get several young pieces in a loaded draft to help fill the holes in their roster.

  • OP_Albania

    Why pick a pg when players like Lowry, Isaiah thomas, darren collison and shown livingston hit free agency after summer ?!

    • gmoney

      cuz dante is Australian jesus…duh

  • roscoe

    If we trade the pick I would like to see us try and get someone like Kanter plus a pick or another piece, he is young and relatively cheap and could hold down the centre

  • gmoney

    dante exum…no one else

  • David Nikolaychuk

    WE WANT SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KB24

    Imagine embiid,vonleh,wiggins,smart,exum on the same team LOL

  • Jason Bolton

    I hope Randle doesn’t end up on the Lakers. He is used to playing with championship caliber talent.

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