Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony To Receive Four Year Max Offer From Team Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] The Los Angeles Lakers finally got their chance to meet with Carmelo Anthony today, and Kobe Bryant will meet up with him later tonig [new_royalslider id="160"] The Los Angeles Lakers finally got their chance to meet with Carmelo Anthony today, and Kobe Bryant will meet up with him later tonig Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony To Receive Four Year Max Offer From Team

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The Los Angeles Lakers finally got their chance to meet with Carmelo Anthony today, and Kobe Bryant will meet up with him later tonight after failing to get back to Los Angeles in time.

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Despite Bryant not being there, the Lakers are expected to offer Anthony a four year max deal acording to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

This is no surprise at all as the Lakers were fully expected to offer Anthony the maximum amount possible. The only team so far that has said they wouldn’t offer him a max deal is the Dallas Mavericks.

The Lakers went all out in their presentation to Anthony. Jeanie Buss led a contingent that included brother Jim, general manager Mitch Kupchak, and even Hall of Famer James Worthy. The Lakers also showed a ‘Hollywood Presentation’ from Joel Silver, producer of ‘The Matrix.’

Anthony represents the Lakers’ best chance at quickly re-building the team into a championship contender. With him in town, the Lakers would try and bring back Pau Gasol and create their own Big Three in Los Angeles.

Anthony is now likely to take the weekend to think over all of his options. After meeting with the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Chicago Bulls, and New York Knicks this week, Anthony has a lot to think about.

The Lakers have been viewed as a longshot throughout this process. Hopefully they have done enough to sway Anthony, and this max deal will help matters.
Lakers Mitch Kupchak On Coach Search And Free Agency

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  • Roy Nakamura

    it’s in the bag…welcome melo#7

    • Double

      i’m not so sure it’s a done deal…

      • Brandon A. Benitez

        Yeah neither am I, it is a lot of money but Melo’s been reported to have reached out to Gasol to join the Knicks a few hours ago…I’m assuming it’s safe to say he’s staying in NY

        • GOD Chri$$$

          why would he go to the knicks to play with pau when he can come to LA and play with pau AND Kobe

          • GOD Chri$$$


          • Brandon A. Benitez

            What do you mean “durrr” read the news reports. It literally says Melo has attempted to reach out to Pau about joining the Knicks.

          • GOD Chri$$$

            and there are litterally reports of him saying he would rather win than make a lot of money.

          • michellefgoss

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          • Lakersssss

            More like Jackson reaching out to him

          • LakeShow Time

            No those reports aren’t specifically from today they’re rumors that they spoken over time about that possibility

          • Brandon A. Benitez

            You’re seriously why he would stay over there? Haha well maybe because he can be offered more money, he’s with PHIL JACKSON one of the greatest NBA minds of all time, he’s already settled there with his family, he’d be in the Eastern Conference which at the moment is still not even close to competitive compared to West in terms if going to the Finals… Do I need to explain more reasons?

          • KB8

            Exactly, more money. Why would Pau Gasol say: Hey! Let me go to NY where I can only be offered 4 MILLION DOLLARS with no guarantee of winning a title in his first year or two? You’re not thinking. Pau Gasol will be okay with taking a pay cut but not a 15 million dollar paycut.

          • MELOTOLA

            Exactly! And yet their stuck with a team with Amare and Bargani still. They have just as much as a shot to not make the playoffs like last year in still a bad eastern conference. The playoff teams in the east are the Heat if they still keep their big 3, Indiana, Toronto, Chicago, Brooklyn when Lopez comes back, Charlotte, Atlanta, Washington, and maybe Detroit if they figure things out. So yet again it still doesn’t make sense for Pau to play in NYK with Melo. At least in LA, they can build something with him, Pau, Randle, and Kobe.

          • Optimus

            Ya but NY only has a mid level to pay pau which is lil over 3 mil a year. Pau wants more and lakers having his bird rights can offer him whatever he wants without it counting against the cap!

          • Badazztj12

            Exactly man you did the math

          • nlruizjr

            it doesn’t really matter, whoever wins the East will still lose to the West, so Melo’s only realistic chance at a ring will be in the West and that is what he is looking for.

          • Tune

            Isn’t his family in LA?

          • Brandon A. Benitez

            Well he has a house here in LA but that’s more of a vacation home his family stays with him in NY. Hopefully he makes his decision soon and the right choice (LA obviously!) ;)

          • liao

            u can say that again maybe it’s good to see KB Melo . Pau in the same team so awesome

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Because he’d be paid a hell of a lot more, and wouldn’t have to uproot his family.

          • GOD Chri$$$

            he’d rather win at this point in his career, Lala has said she would like to live in LA + Endorsements in LA can help make up the money portion

          • keenanjen

            Uproot his family? You do realize he stays in LA doing the summer, so it won’t be crazy he has a house I’m sure his kids has friends out here.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            LaLa has made it clear she wants to stay in NY.

          • Badazztj12

            Friends with Kobe wife and report that he loves being in LA also

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Don’t get me wrong, I think when you make that much money, and with today’s technology, moving to the other side of the country isn’t that big of a deal.

            I’m just going based off of what I’ve heard, and I’ve heard LaLa wants to stay in NY.

          • Badazztj12

            Sure but with the Lakers. You STILL got a lot of money and STILL have a chance to compete. I don’t think Melo wants to be called most overpaid player without a ring in his legacy

          • keenanjen

            Link? Don’t make a statement and not provide proof.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Links are a pain in the ass on this site. Google “LaLa stay NY”. I’ve been hearing since during the season that she likes NY, wants to stay in NY, and has made claims about convincing Melo to stay in NY.

          • Tedi Wheeler

            Cmon man uprooot? He has a home here!! His wife is an actress and his son is only what? six or seven years old, he’ll make new friends,

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            He asked why, I gave reasons. Take a deep breath.

          • lala

            Cause he can play with Pau in NY with a lot more money than what LA is offering.

          • keenanjen

            Pau and who else?

          • Tedi Wheeler

            Yeah right! And Pau takes a 15 million dollar paycut to play with him in NY, when he can play with him here.

          • Roy Nakamura

            100% i agree!

          • Jim213

            Given X in an UFA, mentioned prior.

            Mark Medina:
            “according to a team source, the Lakers constructed a mocked up a Lakers uniform with the No.7 and Anthony’s
            name, his number he currently wears with the Knicks”

      • Jan Rey

        The Knicks’ pitch before is for Melo to opt in and wait awhile so Phil can buil a contender. Now that he’s officially a free agent, Phil won’t offer Mel the max and Im not so sure Melo would sign any contract with them with the personnel like that. Jose Calderon, JR Smith, etc.. What? But with Kobe and Randle, and possibly Pau or another big, that’s a contender IMO.

        • Flip

          A contender? Really? We don’t even know if Kobe will be the same. If he will be, the lakers still aren’t a contender. If we sign melo for those money who will be sign then?
          If they want to be contenders in the west kobe and melo should be pay 20 mil. max.

          • Robert D. Bivins III

            You should Google “Bird Rights” before you say things like that. The Lakers have Pau’s Bird Rights. That means they get to sign everyone they want, including their mothers and completely fill up their salary cap. Then, they can sign Pau to WHATEVER amount they want, and it won’t count against the cap. Pau’s $$ only counts against the tax. Due to that fact, the Lakers are one of only a few teams that can actually still sign three max contracts (as long as Pau is one of them) instead of only two. And that includes Kobe’s contract. Plus, the Lakers were smart enough to draft Randal, who actually fills one of their holes.

    • Jack

      Maybe Melo#15.

      • ediveder

        If we can’t got melo or james.

        Can we try to get Gordon Hayward much lower salary

        PG – Clarkson
        SG – Kobe
        SF – Hayward
        PF – Gasol
        C – Gortat or Hill

        PG – Farmar or Marshall
        SG – Bazemore
        SF – Mc Robert
        PF Kelly
        C – Sacre / Hill

        • salgeezy

          gortat already agreed to stay with wiz. don’t forget we drafted randle. he’ll most likely get starter minutes at pf and maybe Pau at c. we should also reach out to ariza.

        • lakersforlife

          Dude! your lineup won’t even make it to the playoffs.

    • MikeNasty

      He’s not going to don the Purple & Gold bro, not enough shot attempts to go around with Kobe and Sacre having the green light at all times haha.

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan


      • kikimypants

        can you say retarrrrdddddd….durrrr

      • KB8

        Not enough shots? You’re talking garbage man. When Kobe played the full season during which his Achilles tore, he lead the league in assists for shooting guards. He’s willing to pass the ball. Sacre won’t even start.

      • Al Haldie

        SACRE what??????

      • Brendon Edwards

        Did you just mention Sacre when talking about spreading around shot attempts? Wtf? The only shot attempts he’ll manage is from the occasional offensive board!

      • FIVEHEAD

        Sacre? put the blunt down bro

      • Robert D. Bivins III

        Dude, which games were you watching? Kobe passes the ball more than EVERY SINGLE OTHER SG in the league. In the past FIVE years, he leads ALL SG in assists! C’Mon man! That is an old criticism from his Shaq days. He doesn’t play with Shaq anymore, were you aware of that?

    • KB8

      Hopefully this max deal is a back ended contract, giving him less money to start with and increases with time. That way we’d still have money to spend on building the rest of the team for this year and possibly persuading Pau to take a pay cut and sign.

      If he doesn’t sign by the end of the weekend, I say we go after Lance Stepenson and resign Pau. Offer Lance an 11 mill per year contract and 10 mill for Pau. we’d be left with about 6 mill to spend on the rest of the team.


      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        With Kobe’s age and recent injury history, wouldn’t it be better to have him off the ball more?

        • Badazztj12


        • Lakers Fan

          I can’t believe he have Kobe at PG and Stephenson at SG when it should be the other way around lol.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            I didn’t watch him much, but can Stephenson run the point effectively?

            On a side note, while many teams are going small, a lineup of Stephenson, Bryant, Melo/Ariza/Deng, Randle and Pau (or a 1yr filler) would be quite a big lineup. Its growing on me.

          • Badazztj12

            Chalmers at pg and Lance at sg would be good

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            What are the predicted salary #s for these guys? Is that WITH Melo, or without?

          • Badazztj12

            That’s without Melo but would have Chalmers anyway

          • Lakers Fan

            Yea. He is capable of giving you a triple-double, which is why he led the league in triple-doubles last year. He is big and can guard the PGs we have to go up against in the West. He is a combo-guard, but the Pacers were more effective when he had the ball in his hands making plays contrary to when Hill had the ball. I think he would fit right it tho.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            Hm, interesting. Stephenson, Bryant, Melo (Ariza/Deng), Randle, and either Pau or a 1yr rental? I’d be interested in that.

          • Guest

            No, it shouldn’t be the other way around. Kobe distributes on offense and Lance covers the PGs on defense.

      • ediveder

        SF – Gordon Hayward

    • Perry

      Knicks To Offer Carmelo 5 Years, 129 Million

      Ian Begley ‏@IanBegley 1m

      Hearing same as @Chris_Broussard. Phil Jackson and #Knicks have told Carmelo Anthony that he can have a max contract. 5 years, $129 million.

      • Zimmeredge

        now the knicks are screwed.

        • Perry

          Ramona Shelburne ‏@ramonashelburne 1m
          Pau Gasol will indeed meet with the Heat, according to a source.

          • Zimmeredge

            The big three will explose i guess if melo does not come we will try to go after Chris bosh.

    • j.thekidd

      It’s a wrap !I hope

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yes Carmelo Anthony fits great in our lineup at Small Forward.

      • Lakers Fan

        I don’t know. The Lakers are throwing out a lot of loot. I guess they will be looking at the D-League to get a bench.

        • Badazztj12

          Stretch nash….

    • Lakers Fan

      I can admit. That will be hard to pass up. I still think we should be patient tho.

    • LegendInMyMind

      Not in the bag yet.

  • Vino

    You’re almost home Melo.

    • A Fan

      If Melo takes this deal, I hope FO decides to spend their remaining 10 mil or so cap space to bring in role players before getting to Pau and (hopefully) Hill since they can go over the cap to re-sign both Pau and Hill anyway. Damn now I wish they gave Bazemore that 1.1 mil qualifying offer

  • dencio

    Pls go back to NY or Hou, Melo.

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard


  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    So, if we sign Melo, how much cap space are we going to have for other players? Can we sign Ariza/Deng? If we can, are we able to re-sign our own players and go over the cap? (Young, Hill, Bazemore, maybe even Pau)

    • Evan

      Yes we would be able to go over the cap for Pau and Hill… Swaggy P will probably be offered the mle!

      • nash gots to go

        no, we can’t go over cap for pau AND sign melo to max. pau has a $20M cap hold

    • Tyrone Von Gilyard

      All of our bench players we can exceed the cap for because they are our free agents,, Akk we gotta do is bring in ariza and isiah.. We good

      • Tyrone Von Gilyard

        all they gotta do is backload there deals.. Give them less the first two years of there contract raise it the last 1-2

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        Can we even afford both of em? If we sign Melo, even with back loading, what sort of 1st year numbers would we have to set up?

    • Lakers Fan

      We will be looking in the D-League for players if we give melo that contract. We can give him all the money he wants, but he wants to win first. We won’t have money to sign any players to surround him, kobe, pau, and randle. The players from last year are getting offered better contracts, so it will be hard to get anybody to come off the bench that is good and capable of sparing our starters minutes. Kobe, Melo, Pau, and Randle would be playing 35+ mins a night.

      • Badazztj12

        Clearly since they are offering that. They will have to go over the cap with Gasol because he has birdrights and we could stretch nash for his 6 mil and rest of money for bench

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        The optimistic side of me thinks we could still get Young, Bazemore, Hill and Kelly to return, along with Clarkson and Marshall who are on the roster. We can exceed the cap for our own guys, but the point would be a weak spot as it currently stands. We’d have five spots to fill, and I wouldn’t be surprised to get a few guys with vet min contracts. Not to mention, we’re putting some guys in the Summer league that might be options.

  • GOD Chri$$$

    Kobe + Melo + Pau > James + Broken knee wade + mediocre bosh

  • Damon

    Melo#7 or #15, welcome to LALALALALAND. I know Melo will play with Kobe and Gasol. Go go go and get the 17th championship!

  • AC

    I hope Melo’s contract works out as starting with less money, and then increase each year… I really want us to be able to sign Eric Bledsoe

  • TheTruthKills

    Hoping for the best. It’s either we get Melo or we go into full rebuilding mode.

  • cyborgspider

    To the author, I don’t think the Bulls can offer him the max either. Even though the Mavs have stated “publicly” (they can always up the deal if they choose to), but Chicago doesn’t have enough money without dumping Boozer (no big deal), Gibson and other key pieces (big deal. Melo already cost the Knicks valuable assets when they traded for him. He could’ve just waited until Free Agency to sign with them).

  • nash gots to go

    Melo the max? I’m fine with that, as long as the Lakers use the stretch provision on the lazy bum Nash.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      So much Nash hatred spewing from your fingertips. The man is broken, not lazy.

    • Kobe Gagnon

      Seriously, you freak of nature get over Steve Nash. My GOD, please GET OVER STEVE NASH. This scumbag is going to be in his deathbed however many years from now crying about Steve Nash. My GOD, ive never seen anything like this in my life. Did Nash have some sort of relationship with your wife or something

  • sgn isaiah

    Lakers need to contact isaiah thomas. He wants to be a laker.

  • JohnSmith00

    All day and most of the night in Chicago, 6 hours in Houston, 3 hours in Dallas…. 2 1/2 in L.A. I’m no longer feeling that confidence I did last week, something feels off, like they completely half ass’d it and it’s all about to go to hell for the team…. I really truly hope I’m wrong.




  • rival almighty

    Its not just a 4 year max deal. Its a 4 year max deal and 2 rings……… At least

  • Greg

    As much as I don’t like Melo it would be pretty awesome having him as a Laker

  • Sandman006

    Dam, and the Lakers thought giving Kobe that ridiculous contract wasnt going to hurt them… Given this years FA class, we would have been back in no time with that extra money.



    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Not expressing your opinion because it might be negative is not being a fan, its being a dickrider. If we have concerns, we voice them. We tough it out, but we still speak our minds. Just because we’re fans doesn’t mean we think the Lakers are a franchise void of mistakes and bad decisions.

  • Russell

    Carmelo Anthony come on down to the Lakers we love scorers in LA.Fits perfect.

  • rajap

    It’s a start…

  • APrince66

    FFS, I’d rather they offer that to Lebron. They would have jack in salary to work with to fill the roster. Fn idiots running this team now

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Which is more likely to happen: LeBron to LA or Melo to LA?

      I’m sure the Lakers are trying to talk to LeBron, but LeBron isn’t doing a tour right now, and hasn’t shown much interest in LA.

      • Zimmeredge

        Bron is doing a tour but not involved physically his agent his doing it all. The heat might very well explode this summer according to shelburne Pau will head to Miami and wojnarowski according to sources bron has distanced himself from wade and bosh. Bron willing to get the Max. Bosh and wade unwilling to take a huge paycut. Meant to burst then? Riley is trying to get deng and Pau to play in mia. Riley might go in a “save the day” mode
        If no melo we will try bosh i guess.
        No lebron, no chance imo.

        • Badazztj12

          Lebron agent is talking to the Suns

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    This offseason could go really well, or really wrong Lol. We could end up with Kobe, Ariza/Deng/Melo, Randle, Pau, orrrrr we could just end up with Kobe and Randle with a few 1yr contracts rounding out the roster.

    • afs

      I think the most likely is Kobe, Randle, an Ariza type player, and scraps

      • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

        I’d be okay with that. Having Kobe, Ariza, Randle with some fillers/low salary guys at the point and center would give us a decent core. 2015 has Rondo and M. Gasol/Omer Asik as UFAs, if I remember correctly. That trio would give us a good chance at bringing in a couple solid guys.

        I don’t see us being a championship contender with that team, but some 2015-2016, we could have a solid chance at making a push.

        • afs

          I agree, save the money for next year. Just another rebuilding year this year.

  • Agent Orange

    Bledsoe, Kobe, Melo, Randle, Pau starting five then @the bench Hill, Sacre, Clarkson, Ariza/Deng, Kelly, Henry… very contender in the final line up

    • rival almighty

      I like it maybe out of bledsoe melo pau ariza or Deng 3 out of those 5 is more realistic tho Thomas might be more affordable than bledsoe too

  • rival almighty

    Say we don’t get melo and lose gasol. How about Thomas Kobe lance randle bosh?

  • CelticsFan

    Just what we need, another ball hog

    • Badazztj12

      Stop acting like its the end of the world

    • VillainKing

      FUCK YOU!!

  • Badazztj12

    Chris Broussard ✔ @Chris_Broussard Follow

    Source: Melo’s meeting with the Knicks is over. They reiterated to him that they will offer him a max contract

    Phil is in panic mode!

    • afs

      lol, not in panic mode. That’s one of the things the Knicks are able to offer that any other team can’t: Most money

      • Badazztj12

        He said to reporters at first that Melo needed to take a paycut. Start keeping up with reports

        • afs

          Well obviously that’s what Phil wants. But if he’s going to want to ensure he keeps his best player, he’s gonna pay him. lol.

  • AK

    Melo and Kobe worked real well in the olympics in fact that was the best melo ever played with kobe dishing him dimes to the corner for the open 3. This team could do a lot of damage if Kobe and Carmello could play like they did in the olympics dont understand why anyone would be mad this would put us right back to contention immediately .

  • daniel

    that shows, how desperate the Lakers are to get some positive news, at least as a matter of perception. Sad story.
    Totally ludicrous 24 million a year for a guy who never won anything, who was not even close to win anything, a defense liability, and 30 years old.
    Men ohh men. I have been a Lakers fan for 30 years, I can even imagine what Magic, Worthly, and even scott are thinking. How much those guys were worth now a days, 40 million a year?
    Totally disappointed, and for the well being of the lakers, I hope this punk choses the knicks, so his wife can keep doing her ..whatever she does.

    • independentbynature

      Scott is thinking,”How bout giving me a roster with some players on it,Mitch.”

  • afs

    I don’t know about a max contract. I’d rather have the Lakers space the money over multiple players, then save money for a Love or Durant or maybe Lebron for next year.

    • Kobe Gagnon

      The thing is, you just simply can’t pass on a guy like Carmelo for a chance we could get another star like Love or a Durant. These are extremely rare and unlikely scenarios, to pass on one and hope for the next.

      • afs

        But if we get Carmelo now, our options are immediately narrowed down, especially for upcoming years.

        • Kobe Gagnon

          Yeah, I’d like to see some more young potential, I think Randle will be great. But for me I want the Mamba to get another ring or two. Show these other teams once again that they don’t need to cut salaries and stack 9 superstars on one team, it’s ruining things.

          • afs

            I would agree that we do need to get younger and it would be awesome if Kobe could get another.
            However, not hating on him or anything, but Kobe lessened his title hopes by eating a huge part of the team’s pay roll.
            So I honestly think even if we get Carmelo, this year is going to be another year with role typed players with minimum deals. Most likely our shot for a title won’t be until 2015.

  • LakerDev

    If Melo wanna go back to NY, I hope the Lakers have Lance, Ariza,and IThomas phone #s close by.

    • Agent Orange


    • KwonGuerillaCross

      Adding those 3 players instead of 1 seems like it might be a better deal in the first place. But I will take either deal.

      • LakerDev

        Yeah I’ll take either scenario too….I hope the Lakers arent waiting around until Monday when Melo makes his decision, then lose out on other FAs

    • independentbynature

      More likely,they’ll wait on LeBron to say no.Then we can scour the D League for what’s left.

  • borsalino12

    I don’t think anyone of the teams, that Melo has met in the last two weeks – NY, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and the Lakers are even close to the championship caliber, so for him it will be the best offer money wise. And no other team can offer him 5 years and more money than New York. Joining Kobe in L.A. with no one else to play with is just wasting his time. I don’t think Melo is that stupid to sign with the Lakers. Nor will LeBron or Ch.Bosh or Dw.Wade. The Lakers FO has to look for several mid-level players, who can make this team an attractive place for the next year’s class of free agents. Eric Bledsoe,Lance Stephenson, Chandler Parsons, Greg Monroe are just several names to mention. They will be very good fit for our club for years to come.We also need to resign J.Farmar, K.Bazemore, N.Young and R.Kelly.

    • independentbynature

      Wow….Another voice of reason.It’s been rare lately.Congrats on thinking with a clear head.The truth hasn’t been too popular of late.

  • vdogg




  • vdogg

    let’s hire a coach and sign some players who actually WANT to be lakers.

    • independentbynature

      What a novel idea,vdogg.I wonder why no one else can think of that.It sounds so good to me.

  • independentbynature

    The Knicks just offered Melo a 5 yr. max contract.So much for the Lakers being the highest bidder,as some of you surmised.Melo probably just used us to get the max from NY.

    • vdogg

      you can look at it that way. or this way — the knicks, already capped out, had to do what they really didn’t want to do — offer melo the max. phil wanted him to take a pay cut. the knicks with 30 year old melo will be bad for a very long time.

      • independentbynature

        Naw….Amare and Bargnani come off the books next summer.They’ll have plenty of cap space then.PJ just wanted more.Dolan always spends money.Now he has someone in charge to make sure it’s spent wisely.

  • Lakers4Life

    That’s good news as the Lakers are keeping their work in going “all out” for the 2 major FA – Melo and LeBron. Now that Mitch is meeting with LeBron’s agent, there is no doubt Melo and LeBron will speak to each other (perhaps with Kobe as well) and find a way for all of them to land on one team.

    Gonna be a fun several weeks folks!

    • independentbynature

      Right…..It’s gonna be sweet when I win the lottery,too.

  • Laker4Life

    Im sorry but i believe this is something carmelo and kobe have been talking about since carmelo was traded from denver. Phil Jackson getting hired changed things a little, but utimatlely he’s been looking at LA there are so many opportunities outside of basketball for him and his wife. If you type in carmelo+lakers on youtube there are plenty of videos from first take, espn, carmelo and kobe interviews where they say that they have discussed it. Kobes on his way out and carmelo is about to carry this laker torch into the future and hopefully attract lebron. Mitch and Jeanie will figure out the financial side. ESPN prepare to get shitted on with your dumb sources.

  • Laker4Life

    Im from the east coast i dont think melo is moving to Texas nothing wrong with it but it between LA and NY if Chi could offer more on and off court then they would be in mix. Do your research this LA NY thing has always been the case. Lebron maybe but he dont even know what hes gonna do so who knows but if melo signs it only helps lakers chances of landing lebron.

  • Laker4Life

    Why would he go to chicago and tax less money. He does pay taxes 2 so that 15 mil aint really 15mill.

  • Marc Epperson

    The Kings beat the Rangers and Carmelo will leave the Knicks to play with the Lakers don’t hate New York it is what it is

  • Bruce

    First of all, why would Melo consider the 4 year max of $97 mil instead of the Knick’s 5 year $ 130 mil?? I believe Phil Jackson already promised Melo that the team would quickly assemble a contender around Melo, plus he’s getting more money than any team can offer him, so why go else where? Chicago is not a contender at this moment, don’t know if Rose will ever be the same, Dallas ain’t happening, Lakers definitely not, only other possible destination for Melo is Rockets.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    I’d be surprised if we landed Melo and downright SHOCKED if we landed LeBron … but, I would be happy with an Isaiah Thomas / Kobe / Trevor Ariza / Julius Randle / Pau Gasol starting five … and that is absolutely do-able!

    – Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan
    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”
    @Bryant T. Jordan

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