Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony Expected To Get Sales Pitch From Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] NBA free agency is right around the corner with teams in the league able to begin discussions with free agents starting on July 1. -- [new_royalslider id="160"] NBA free agency is right around the corner with teams in the league able to begin discussions with free agents starting on July 1. -- Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony Expected To Get Sales Pitch From Lakers

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NBA free agency is right around the corner with teams in the league able to begin discussions with free agents starting on July 1.

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Arguably the biggest name on the free agent market will be superstar Carmelo Anthony and the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be ready to give him their best sales pitch, according to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne:

Carmelo Anthony has yet to publicly reveal the process by which he plans to entertain other teams in free agency now that he has opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks, but the Chicago Bulls, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams that expect to have the opportunity to make their pitch to him starting July 1, according to sources close to the situation.

The Lakers brass have seemed uninterested in pursuing Anthony in free agency, but that stance may have changed after considering their limited options moving forward. Most expect Anthony to either land with the Chicago Bulls or Houston Rockets, but the Lakers may intrigue the perennial All-Star.

It’ll be a busy off-season for the Lakers with so many things needing to go their way in order to right the ship as soon as possible. Kobe Bryant is back in the fold for the next two years, but there’s no telling if the team will be able to surround him with the talent needed to contend for a title.

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Bringing in Anthony would definitely improve the Lakers’ chances of contention in a highly competitive Western Conference, but the consensus seems to be that Kobe and Anthony would struggle to coexist in Los Angeles.
Kobe Bryant On LeBron James, Championships – Also Says He’s 100%

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  • Jed

    2 notorious high volume shooters I the same team?!? Is the NBA going to let the Lakers play with 2 balls on offense or something?!?

    • Jed

      On the same team I meant

    • cj

      worked with james and wade.

    • Zimmeredge

      They have the same confort zone, almost the same game. Honestly this could work a lot because they have basically the same game. Iso, post, pull up, spot up, inside-out. And because they have the same game they are unguardable together. But you need to surround them with good defensive role players and good shooters. And you need a consistent bench mob. And with those two we definitely need good RIM protection and good, noisy center.

      • comrade24

        Two players commanding double teams has never really been a problem on any team has it? As long as we have shooters to surround them with i think they would be fine.

        • Zimmeredge

          Yeah Exactly my point. They have the same game and they Draw a lot of double teams on them. So it opens up the defense for outside shooters.
          I remember How Kobe killed the magic during the 09′s finals by consistently pulling up jump shots or by asking the ball on the low block a lot then kicking it out to dfish or ariza. Also he played the pnr and pnp to perfection with gasol. Melo as basically the same game.

          • comrade24

            Would you have them play Melo at the 3 or the 4?

          • LakersOverEverything

            Just depends on the pieces we get. I kinda would rather get a good SF a play melo at the 4. Such a huge mismatch every night

        • LakersHeatBeef

          Chris Broussard @Chris_Broussard · 47m
          Melo returning 2day from Paris. Flying 2 LA. Sources say Kobe, n Europe 2, met w/him but Kobe denied it. Said he’ll meet w/Melo n future tho

          • Zimmeredge

            So it´s a not but yes… Haha very funny Kobe.

          • comrade24

            Lebron just opted out. Let the speculation and endless rumours begin.

          • Zimmeredge

            Popcorn in the microwave and champagne in the fridge this summer is gonna be good no matter what happen.

          • comrade24

            agreed. we finally have things to look forward to!!!

          • Badazztj12

            Haven’t this been the most talked about rumors in years? This is a great year for fans lol

          • comrade24

            yep! Another great thing is that Lebron and Melo opting out eliminates the need to preserve cap room for next summer so we can go all in and build the next team. These one year expiring contracts have killed us because we have no trade assets to go after a Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Chris Broussard @Chris_Broussard · 25m
      LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul has told Heat LeBron will exercise early termination option


    I didn’t see 2 notorious high volume shooters in Team USA

    • Devean

      Apples and Oranges. Everyone is pretty much on their best behavior when on Team USA because they don’t want to come across to the nation as caring more for their own stats and personal glory.

  • Jim213

    Per Sam Amico (FSO)

    “Interesting note to Dion Waiters talk: Source close to Waiters tells @FOXSportsOH that Waiters thinks he or Kyrie Irving will be traded.” problems between both.

    • JohnSmith00

      Of the two I wonder who is the likeliest to get traded, that’s a tough one to figure out….

  • Aditya

    Carmelo better go to my Lakers!!! He better go!!!

  • JohnSmith00

    There is nothing I hate more than seeing that damn repetitive excuse of two ball handlers on the same thing would be a bad thing. What would happen is what happens when two or more star are paired together, which is that one is going to have to sacrifice some or muc of his game. At this stage in Kobe’s career having a guy like Carmelo carry most of the offensive load would be highly beneficial.

    • Trupay

      Exactly, kobe’s game isnt going to be the same, more of a facilitator role like he was before he got hurt, i can see him avg around 24 8 n 5

      • Ty

        Please, every year everyone begs Kobe to be more of a facilitator, he does it for a week or two and then just reverts back to his old self. He doesn’t change his game for anybody.

        • JohnSmith00

          Oh you mean like he did last year when he did do so, but was left with no other choice but to back to being a scorer Because of the endless pile up of injuries as well as what is now seen as Howard unwillingness to step up, rather than the BS excuse that his back injury was persisting.

    • LakersOverEverything

      Exactly!! I’m tired of that lame argument, and could’ve have said it better

    • TheTruthKills

      The real question is if Kobe is willing to hand over the reins

      • cj

        not really handing over the rains. going 23-26ppg and 6-8apg is not really handing over the rains.

    • Nexzen

      Kobe has become more of a passer these days, melo n Kobe can coexist. Melo is a cold blooded shooter and the only thing Lakers FO have to tell him is that we have Kobe n he has 2yrs left n hungry for #6 no other team can match Kobe’s hunger. It doesn’t get more serious that that.

    • kookiebuger

      It;s not going to happen, move on.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    MEH i am cool either way if he comes cool if not cool.Just keep the 7th pick Jimmy.

  • TheTruthKills

    The only way Melo comes here is if the FO has a plan to contend immediately. They can’t come to the table with anything else.

  • moho

    Sign and trade Meeks and Nash to Chicago for a future 1st rounder top 15 protected
    35 mill of cap room
    Draft Smart
    31 Mill
    Sign Melo
    13 mill
    Sign Deng
    3 mill
    sign Okafor
    Bird Rights
    Sign Farmar, Young, Bazemore, and Hill
    Pick up options on Kelly and Kendall
    Hire Scott…Hollins as defensive cordinator
    7 Farmar
    8 Bazemore
    9 hill
    10 Kelly
    11 Kendall
    12 Harris
    13 Sacre

    • Evan

      This could potentially work but Deng isn’t going to be had for 3 mil he is going to get between 8-11 per season! What I would do is trade #7 pick and Nash for Michael Carter-Williams and the #10 pick and draft Aaron Gordon…. sign Carmelo 4/76mil, and Gortat for 3/22mil and use bird rights to bring back Young,Farmar,Hill,Meeks,Marshall, and Kelly!
      Then the Lakers would look like this:
      MCW/ Farmar/ Marshall
      Aaron Gordon/ Hill/ Kelly
      Gortat/ Sacre

      • keenanjen

        So the last rumor was Clay, also we saw the Philly rumor has well. I think this could be a four team trade, this is how it would work. The Timberwolves, Warriors, Lakers , and Philly. The warriors get Love, Wolves get Barnes, Lee and the 10th pick, Philly gets 7th pick, and a player maybe Nash as a salary dump. Lakers get Clay and Thaddeus Young. It works for all sides what do you think? You can show Melo this team and I believe we would be able to sign him.

        • Cameron Jackson

          Thats not even possible man…no way Warriros give up two starters and very good young player for Love. What will they get in return??? Warriors will have to grab another player in the trade for a roster hold.

          • keenanjen

            That was what Golden State was going to give up anyway. That was the reported trade Barnes, Lee, and Clay for Love and Kevin Martin. I just forgot to put Kevin Martin in my trade scenario

      • Zimmeredge

        He didńt say deng for 3. He said deng for 10. Re-read again.

      • Cameron Jackson

        It will work if MCW and Aaron Gordon can play aggressive D. This Trade wont happen though. We need to make a pitch for Kyrie Irving bc well all know Kyrie and Dion wont work long term.

    • mg_harrier

      Where’s xavier henry?

      • comrade24

        getting injured again on another team.

  • Torrance City Lakers

    Does this workout or not?

    PG Patty Mills Mid Level Exception
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF LeBron James
    C Joel Embiid

    • cj

      nope….. welllll yes if lebron and melo sign for 10-15 mill range

      • Zimmeredge

        It can work but we will be over the luxury tax when you assemble the bench and the rôle player.

        • cj

          i dont think the lakers would care about the tax if they could get james and melo

          • Zimmeredge

            We have problems because we are multiple offenders and that could hurt us on the free agency. Plus i dońt think we need the two of them. Lebron or melo are complete players. If you have melo focus on defensive role players if you have lebron then focus on shooters.
            It´s better two stars and a balanced team rather than 3 and no bench…. Kobe and melo wońt be able to play 35 minutes or more if we want them to be fresh for the playoffs.
            So we need a deep bench as well.
            Frankly having Kobe-lebron or Kobe-melo for 43-46m is normal. You have to give those guys Max contract to attract them and that was the whole point of giving Kobe the Max: you pay your superstar what they really worth.

        • Torrance City Lakers

          I think it’s a interesting idea.If the Lakers is willing to pay the luxury taxes then this becomes a real idea but if not it’s nothing but a pipe dream with no reality.Once the Lakers hit $63.5 Mill all they are able to spend is the mid level exception and veteran minimum contracts that will get to another $10-$15 mill in being over the salary cap which would cause luxury taxes and that’s something to ponder.

  • cj

    the lakers need to do their due dilagince and look at every super star thats on the market and make an offer. melo for around 15-17mill a year sounds good.


    Salary Cap Issues lets see if we can crunch the numbers.

    Kobe $23 million
    Nash $10 million
    Sacre $ 1 million
    Total $34 million

    Carmelo $15 million
    LeBron $15 million

    Grand total $64 million

    Seventh pick needs to get signed yes now you stretch Steve Nash waive him and pay him over 3 years and create $7 million dollars in cap space to sign the rookie and have some money left over to sign Kelly,Bazemore,Xavier Use the mid level exception to sign a big man and then hire a great coach and staff.Lakers win.

    • cj

      it could happen its just hard to see it.

    • marlou anthony lorica

      PG:nash,farmar,elfrid payton.SG:meeks,bazemore,bryant SF:nick young,thadeous young,deng.PF:,kelly,jermaine oneal,C:marcin gortat,matthew Hezekiah,sacre.Very cheap roster but little bit solid from defense and offense,hope mitch can read this.

      • LakersOverEverything

        What is this team supposed to accomplish??

  • L.A. Kings

    Trade Nash+Seventh pick for Michael Carter Williams.We need to create the big 4 in L.A. oh yes on the Lakers of course.Here we go and it’s been fun but it’s about to get crazy ridiculous now.All those people who talked shit and made fun of the Lakers will eat crow now for being idiots haters.Here is the master plan by the Lakers FO.Check it out this really does work and it’s 100% possible and feasible.

    Lakers salaries
    Kobe Bryant $23 million dough
    LeBron James $18 million dough
    Carmelo Anthony $18 million dough
    Michael Carter Williams $2,200,920 dough

    The Total for the Lakers Big 4
    $61 million dollars
    PG Michael Carter Williams
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF LeBron James
    PF Carmelo Anthony
    C Marcin Gortat MLE Exception

  • John Lakers Figured It Out

    We don’t mess around.We don’t play around.We win championships out here.

  • Matt Williams

    Stay the hell away from my Lakers homie!! Take your ass to Chicago or wherever you want I don’t give a damn. Just keep out of Staples!!

  • Zimmeredge

    Hey guys stop being delusionnal, you wońt land both melo and lebron and still be able to assemble a team. Are you crazy? Melo might take a slight paycut. He was meant to earn 23 in this coming season. He might get 80m 4 seasons (19, 20, 20, 21). But stop Taking your crazy pills. Melo lebron won’t sign for 15 and play with Kobe and help him win 6 and or 7. The Lakers might want to build a new one-two punch team with Kobe-melo or Kobe-lebron but first:
    They will have to give Max contract to attract one of the two because we are not a true title contender this year compared to the bulls, Houston. So bet on 80-100m contract on 4-5yrs.
    Second: you still have to build around those guys so you have to bring in defensive minded players who can shoot on the first, third or fourth and fifth position. That is expensive. And, on the bench you have to build a bench mob that will do the job and carry most of the load. The bench and the good role players are approx 25-30m worth as well.
    I’ll go for lebron for his playmaking skills and his defense. Give him the Max. Give him all you’ve got. The legacy thing might be a complicated thing to handle for lbj tho. He wants so bad to leave his mark on the game playing with “5rings, 1short from Mj” Kobe Bryant won’t help him.
    So i’ll go for melo.
    If we can’t have melo and if lebron is available it means bosh is available so go after bosh. Mister bosh can deliver 24/12 a season if he is playing his own game.

  • kiko

    hope that carmelo anthony both lbj to get sign LA Lakers this coming season

  • Dear Jeannie Buss

    remember a few years ago spurs is the exact same team except they signed marco bellini and traded gary neal for patty mills. LAL should sign gary neal and consistent 3 pt shooter and scorer. showbe is a poor recruitor and is prideful if he wants to win he should have taken a pay cut but he didnt selfish but smart thinking about his life after balling. melo is either going to sign with rockets or the heat. if he’s smart he will sign with either team if we wants a championship.
    LAL is not a top destination after d. coward left. if LAL gets an unknown draft and not smart then heck yes, trade for MCW from philly, that boy can ball!! we need a play maker like MCW… get rid of nash, marshall, sacre, henry, gasoft, and wesley j.
    resign meeks, bazemore, brooks, farmar, swaggy p, and ryan kelly. there you have it and including Showbe LAL will have 7 players in the roster. now they just have to fill another 6 or 7 more very good role players a la spurs OF 2014.
    LAL need to mimic AND take a page of spurs playing style and get rid of this b.s. showtime/ or dumbtoni b.s. they wasted their time with!!!
    IF LAL fail to reach the playoffs at least next season JIMBO AND KUPCHAK SHOUld resing or better yet GET FIRED!!! so jeannie buss step up baby girl, muaahhh!!!!

  • Donovan

    I thought the Lakers were not interested in Fat Carmelo?What changed?SMH

  • Blue

    I don’t see how we can say that Melo and Kobe can’t coexist that’s dumb those two will find a way Kobe wants to win and he knows he can’t do it himself this late in his career after a serious injury two years straight. I just don’t see how Melo going anywhere else is better then pairing with Kobe and the Lakers

  • Lakers4Life

    Here comes teh Kobe, LeBron and Melo trio! Another Lakers dynasty is well on its way my fellow fans.

    • comrade24

      REPORT: Lebron has opted out of his contract. Possibilities are endless now. Let the rampant rumours and speculation begin.

  • Chris

    I don’t get it. At first they say that Carmelo can’t coexist with Stoudemire. Now they’re saying that he can’t coexist with Kobe. Last I checked, neither Stoudemire or Kobe play the same position. So which one is it?

    I’m not saying we’re going to get him, but the dude can play. His numbers are very close to Durant.

    Get a good ball handler and some defense on the squad and you’re right back in the mix. You get Hollins as your defensive coordinator and I’m quite sure he’ll figure it out.

    Simply put. If you have a chance to get a superstar without going in the hole, Get him. And the good thing about our situation is, there’s hardly anyone else on the roster. So, we can fill in the blanks as needed.

    Just my take.

  • GetItDone

    Lakers are behind. Lebron just became available.

    1. Ask Kobe to change his 2 years deal to a 5 years $ 50 million dollar deal so that the is more CAP room.

    2. Ask Chris Bosh to change his 2 years $ 42 million to a 4 years $55 million deal (no one is going to give him a better deal.

    3. Lebron will sign with the Lakers on a 4 years $ 100 million deal for sure.

    4. In two years, 2016, Durant is available, Amnesty Kobe,

    For the next 5 years the Lakers will have Bosh, Durant, Kobe and Lebron.

    Get it done.

    • lakeshow24

      Stop smoking the crackpipe

    • The_Sports_Dude

      5. Ask Doc Brown to borrow DeLorean

      6. Travel to 1987

      7. Kidnap Michael Jordan

      8. Obtain documentation to change his identity

      9. Travel to 2145 to obtain mind-control drug

      10. Administer mind control drug on 1987 Michael Jordan

      11. Return to 2014 and sign Miguel Jordain to 10 year/$10MM contract

      12. Profit

  • thomas rickard

    Ward, why did you use the word “best” nowhere does Shelburne use best, she says “lakers are among the teams that expect to have the opportunity to make their pitch”

  • Karrem Ballislife Nasr

    guys you are acting like kobe has the ball in his hands the whole time same with melo they both only take 20 shots a game

  • thomas rickard

    Lakers have shown little interest, unless he takes huge discount, don’t hold your breath, he isn’t going to figure in their long term plans, he isn’t a player you build a franchise around, he’s proven that already.

  • Dev

    I think Kobe & Melo could coexist. Then with the approx $10mil and the draft pick fill with complementary roll players. Bench can be young mercs and vets looking for 1 year prove it contracts on a contender (like we did this year). It could work.

    But who knows…I think Kobe & Melo can get to the playoffs, but win a title, I don’t know.

  • numb1lakefan

    melo will get to choose the next lakers head coach and have a say in what players he wants on the lakers..perfect pitch for mitch

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