Lakers News: Byron Scott Thinks He’s ‘A Perfect Fit’ For The Lakers

Lakers News: Byron Scott Thinks He’s ‘A Perfect Fit’ For The Lakers


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The Los Angeles Lakers have already started the interview process with the team bringing in Mike Dunleavy Sr. and Byron Scott earlier this week. Most believe that Scott is the frontrunner for the head coaching vacancy in Los Angeles with the former Laker having close ties to the team and superstar Kobe Bryant.

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On Thursday, Scott made an appearance ESPN 710 on Max and Marcellus to talk about interviewing with the Lakers. Scott said the following about being a great fit and his relationship with Kobe:

“To say the least, I thought it was a perfect fit. I don’t know how most people feel. I don’t feel I’m a very arrogant guy, but I think I am the perfect guy for the job. I got a great relationship with Kobe. I know the team, know the roster, watched them all season long, and I just think it will be a great fit.”

Before it was announced that Scott had interviewed with the Lakers, GM Mitch Kupchak spoke to the media on Tuesday to talk about the direction of the team following the results of the NBA draft lottery. Kupchak talked about the search for a head coach and the team’s intention to draw out the process for at least another two to three weeks.

Along with Scott and Dunleavy, the Lakers are bound to interview a few more candidates before making their decisions. Former Laker Derek Fisher is expected to get a call from the team along with George Karl, Jeff Van Gundy and potentially many others.

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Although Scott may be considered the frontrunner, the team has gone in different directions than expected with the last two head coaches. After Phil Jackson left the team in 2011, Brian Shaw was considered a top candidate to replace him before the Lakers ultimately decided to hire Mike Brown.

Before Mike D’Antoni was hired following the firing of Brown, Jackson was expected to return for a third stint with the team. Jackson being hired for a third time was thought to be a foregone conclusion, but the team surprisingly went with D’Antoni in the middle of the night.

Needless to say, Scott becoming the new head coach is anything but a done deal moving forward. Scott may get the job in the near future, but the Lakers will continue to explore their options in the meantime.

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  • gmoney

    Alright, let’s get em on board…He could def help in developing exum into a star

    • Marcus Franco

      I think Exum is top 5, unfortunately

    • richard

      Exum is gone by the ti,e Lakers pick…. people aren’t reading or listening these days… most likely Smart or Vonleh.

      • JohnSmith00

        That’s a casual fan for you, what’s really sad though is that if the Celtics had drafted any position behind the Lakers we would have had a strong chance at him. For example the 4th pick (Orlando) already has Arron Afflalo and Victor Oladipo at their guard position, then you have the 5th pick (Utah) with Gordon Hayward and Trey Burke at those positions.

        Both teams would have to trade one of those players to make room for Exum or risk alienating one of them. Which leaves only Boston who already has Rondo and while that should be enough of reason not to draft Exum, they’d probably still draft him just to spite the Lakers.

        • SD

          of course, he seems hell bent on wanting to play for the Lakers so…lol Boston Fans still get kinda screwed. He’s a project though. Needs about 2-3 years. but great upside.

        • Marcus Franco

          I don’t think that Oladipo will play as a playmaker, Exum and Oladipo would be a terrific duo.. I’ve heard that they won’t use their option to keep Nelson and afflalo has played alot as SF this season.. It’s just a thought.

          • JohnSmith00

            Exum is a two guard even though many see him as a traditional PG, I think cause too much conflict between him and Oladipo. I believe the same situation that played out in Golden State a few years with Curry and Ellis, could play out in Orlando with Exum and Oladipo. So if they’re going to go true guard than Smart would be a better option, though I personally think they should draft big; Vonleh or Randle.

        • richard

          AGree on those teams trading some of those guards if they believe this draft is deep and the talent level is better than what they have…. I like Afflalo and Hayward… if Lakers can pry them out of those teams, we might have a really solid team next season…

          PG,Kobe,Afflalo,Monroe,Gasol… Shaun Livingstone was solid runnning PG with the Nets… he is a UFA. There’s a triangle point guard.

      • nlruizjr

        the Lakers need a Big moreso than a PG or SG besides there are more PG/SG available should the Lakers need one but Bigs (good ones or ones with upside potential) are rare to come by, therefore the Lakers IMO should go for Vonleh if available or Randle or Gordon……..any others out there ?????

        • richard

          I can agree with that… Lakers need to draft a big… but if a PG talent is available at the 7th pick, they might go after the talent and potential… ???

        • comrade24

          point guard is the most important position in the league now! Stop living in the past. The one team with a truly dominant center got bounced in the first round. Teams with elite point guards go far in the playoffs. The league has changed. I’m not saying big men aren’t important, but when you’re drafting talent for the future, should go with the point guard.

  • vdogg

    scott would be great for this team. i think he would be particularly good for marcus smart as a PG. and btw, shouldn’t the lakers protest the cavs getting the top pick every year? if memory serves, dan gilbert was the one that started the protest that led to the veto of the chris paul trade…

  • Patrick Jackson

    Didn’t mike brown know kobe?

    • Timmy Chong

      you really think kobe would respect a video coordinator whos only stand out play was a lebron drive into the whole team off an iso?

  • JohnSmith00

    He, Hollins and now even Jackson would actually sit well with me, as they’re not great coaches by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re sure as hell better than the last two.

    • Downunderlakerfan

      Javale McGee would’ve been a better coach than the last two

      • nlruizjr

        Hell, throw in Adam Morrison, Sasha, Vlade, maybe even Kwame, ha,ha, ha, ha !!!!! the fields wide open on this one.

        • DanFromMV

          Damn you. I had removed Kwame from my memory. And now you put him back in.

  • e3bonz

    Scott, JVG or Karl, all good by me.

  • VillainKing™

    Marcus Smart will be available at 7th pick so Lakers must draft him..

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yes Marcus Smart is a must have player for the Lakers.#33 is retired in the Lakers rafters by Kareem i wonder what # Marcus Smart will wear for the Lakers if he gets drafted by us?

      • cyborgspider


        • VillainKing™

          I think Smart will wear #3 jersey..

      • VillainKing™

        i think he will wear #3..

        • jay

          I think we can still get exsum every team above us has good young gaurd with promising career s exsecpt orlando

          • DanFromMV

            I hope you are right, he is the best fit

          • VillainKing™

            Yeah just hope we can get Exum or Smart..

          • comrade24

            Orlando loves Exum. They will probably draft him unless he issues other teams an ultimatum and tries to force his way to the Lakers

  • SD

    I think Byron Scott’s best years were with teams that didn’t have the most. He’s a great guard coach. Brought out the best in Kidd/CP3/Kyrie. Achieved A TON with the NETS. Took the then New Orleans Hornets from obscurity to having an MVP candidate. He’s a good coach. I think he does a good job developing young players, and he’s a good enough leader to get guys to buy in. Championship coach? I don’t know. Good coach for young players? Yes.

  • Vigs

    I always liked Byron Scott the player not Byron Scott the coach. If the Lakers go in this direction it will be a mistake. They have 10 titles in the past 34 years and with the exception of Paul Westhead they won with hall of fame coaches. If they want to win again they need something spectacular. Not something subpar at best. Find the fans the next great coach Mr. Kupchak they deserve it after the last two mistakes

    • nlruizjr

      Byron is not a subpar coach, he proved he could take a mediocre team the the playoffs and that is what the Lakers will have for at least another season, so yes Byron would fit, now once he develops his roster to his liking I think the sky is the limit for Byron, he knows what to look for as far as talent and drive in a player because he has the same qualities and he knows well the players that have that quality (Magic, Kareem, James, etc.) and he knows how to work with this FO, these are qualities that most of the candidates don’t have, yes some of those candidates have been to playoffs (NBA or College) but how many have done it by playing and by coaching and by knowing the what it takes to make the FO happy, he knows the FO inside and out, where most of the candidates don’t, IMO !!!!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am all for Byron Scott getting the coaching job for the Lakers.

  • Sylvia Ross

    We know you’re the right fit for the job Byron.

  • ra

    Byron Scott: good coach, nice guy, would fit nicely. Yes, all true.

    We want a championship coach, but there are not many left. Doc Rivers, SVG, yes even K. Ollie – all gone. So, next tier might be ‘conference finals coach’, right? Not sure who would fit the bill there.

    • LAstory

      SVG never won a chip, and took Orlando to the finals and was demolished by the Lakers, he was fired by coach Riley because couldn’t handle the stress with the Heat… Kevin Ollie is no where near ready for the NBA, hence NOT one NBA even contacted UConn to even interview him. there isn’t one Championship coach not coaching now unless you want Rudy T back and Phil is in NY…. just saying…

      • ra

        ok, which coaches out there (available) who ‘more recently’ won a chip? Not any (Rudy T was a bust here in LA, btw). So, the next level is ‘Coaches who ‘got to the Finals’, and SVG is one of those.

        BTW, SVG was fired so that Pat Riley could get another ‘coaching ring’. Followed by ‘rigging’ the Finals (DWade had highest # of free throws in history of Finals) so that Riley could get his coaching chip (maybe catch up with Phil?).

        • LAstory

          I obviously know Rudy was, that’s why I stated “unless you want Rudy T back”. Not really concerned with the why SVG was fired, he was… and yes SVG has been to the finals.. Byron has been twice… SVG lost the faith of the Miami Heat team, D-Wade and Shaq both publicly rightly or wrongly stated that… Byron has never lost the faith of the team he coached… even taken the team over in Cleveland after LBJ left.

        • comrade24

          Why are we still talking about SVG? he’s already been hired and wouldn’t have been a good fit IMO. I really think Scott is the man for the job. hoping FO does this AND drafts Marcus Smart. Scott will be a huge asset to him and we’ll have an all star pg in a few years.

  • truth24

    …………..Byron scott is not the right coach. Bad move

  • MambaMentality24

    Scott says he knows the roster. Great there are 3 guys signed for next season lol

    • DanFromMV

      I was going to say the same thing. It’s a pretty easy roster to get to know. Takes about 5 minutes of study

  • truth24

    Lol byron scott claims to be the perfect fit to coach the lakers, so did mike brown and dantoni………

    • Redemption4LA

      True, I think perfect fit is actually code for perfect fit for kobe….but I could be wrong, we’ll have to see what happens and how it all plays out in the end. I like Scott though.

      • comrade24

        I really think we’ll see a revitalized Kobe Bryant this year. I’m fully expecting him to average 20-25 ppg, 5 ast on 30-35 mpg. I think the achilles has had plenty of time to recover as much as it’s going to and the knee fracture was unlrelated. i see no reason why Kobe won’t be 85% of the last Kobe we saw (who had an incredible season despite the teams chemistry issues).

  • Mitchell Woogins

    Byron Scott>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mike Dumbleavy

  • trench

    Marcus Smart!

  • Kb24

    Exum will go to magic who has oladipo who can make him stay coz bff

    • comrade24

      Then we shall continue the grand Lakers tradition of stealing talented Magic players in free agency. Only difference is this time it will be a guard instead of a center. Lakers 16 Magic 0 still winning

  • Andy L

    I hope Dunleavy or Karl will get frontrunner status so ANYBODY else “shockingly” gets the job instead.

  • Myles

    I really don’t want Byron, he has had minimal success in all his coaching stints and I feel he is only being considered because of his ties to the organization. My top choice by far is Quin Snyder with JVG second.

    • independentbynature

      Back to back finals and coach of the year is minimal?Time for a reality check.

  • DanFromMV

    It doesn’t matter for the next 2 – 5 years anyway. After KB retires, the real rebuild begins. Cupboard is bare of draft picks (2 #1 and 2 #2 total over 4 years, including this one). 3 guys under contract after Nick Young opts out. No elite player will want to sign for at least 2 more years. Does anyone really believe Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak will assemble a championship level team in less than 4 years?

  • LegendInMyMind

    Um, what roster?