Lakers News: Byron Scott Says Kobe Bryant Needs To ‘Change His Game’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="279"] As one of the first two head coaching candidates to interview with the Los Angeles Lakers, Byron Scott recently talked about what nee [new_royalslider id="279"] As one of the first two head coaching candidates to interview with the Los Angeles Lakers, Byron Scott recently talked about what nee Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Byron Scott Says Kobe Bryant Needs To ‘Change His Game’

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As one of the first two head coaching candidates to interview with the Los Angeles Lakers, Byron Scott recently talked about what needs to take place if he’s hired as Mike D’Antoni’s successor.

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It seems as though Scott’s priority if hired is to talk to Kobe Bryant about the future of the franchise. Scott is known for having a close relationship with Kobe and that should make for a somewhat smooth transition, but the former Coach of the Year said that Kobe will need to change things up a bit in an appearance on 710 ESPN:

“Obviously, if I get the job, the first conversation with Kobe. We have to talk about the future of the Los Angles Lakers. We have to also talk about the type of direction we’re going to be taking and also talk about the type of game that he’s going to be playing, because he’s going to have to change his game a little bit, and I think he knows that. We’ve got to sit down and talk about the minutes and things like that. We’ve just got to come to an agreement. But he knows me. I’m an old-school type guy, old-school type guy. And I want him to understand that, and I think he does understand that. We communicate during the summer by text, and every now and then, I’ll run into him somewhere and we’ll talk a little bit more about basketball. But I think the biggest thing is, No. 1, I respect the hell out of Kobe, and I think he respects me. That’s the first hurdle you’ve got to get past, and then other things, we’ll solve all those little issues.”

Recently, GM Mitch Kupchak spoke to the media about the search for a new head coach and what the team will be looking forward in the coming weeks. Kupchak made it clear that the next coach they bring in must get the most productivity out of Kobe.

The superstar signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension with the team back in November signifying the Lakers’ intention to keep him in purple and gold until he calls it a career. With such a huge investment in an aging superstar coming off consecutive season-ending injuries, it comes as no surprise that the team would want the next head coach to get everything Kobe’s got left and use him the right way in the twilight of his career.

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Scott will more than likely be near the top of the list for the job once the team has narrowed down the candidates. With Mike Brown and D’Antoni failing to live up to expectations in the post Phil Jackson era, the success of the next head coach will weigh heavy on the futures of Kupchak and Jim Buss in Los Angeles.

Buss has already said that if he’s unable to turn things around in three to four years that he’ll step down. If the next coach fails to get the team back to playoff contender status, Buss will continue to be on the hot seat with his self-imposed deadline for righting the ship.
Lakers GM Kupchak Says Next Coach Must Get Most Productivity Out Of Kobe Bryant, Plus Likelihood Of Trading The Pick?

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  • Tom

    Kobe is not even opening his mouth lately.All this crap going on and he is mum.

  • J Taylor

    Bummer… I read the quote and Immediately thought that Mike Brown would say the same. “talk is cheap”
    And, I keep thinking about the Old Timers who say, “Scott didn’t do anything in NYC, his assistants were the ones who made the adjustments and game plan….”
    The team needs a leader that can stand up to Kobe, convince him of what his role is, and LEAD the team.

    Negotiating always sounds like a good managerial decision, but in the end it invariably fails as it’s the passive way. What happens when Kobe decides that Shaw is wrong?

    • Nalin Shukla

      Well shaw is still under contact in Denver so I really don’t know how this fits with your nonsensical argument Byron Scott is a leader but he respects Kobe and vice versa Kobe will listen to him because he is a champion

  • BULL

    And this is why I changed my mind, and want this man as our coach. to have a real heart to heart with Kobe, not to please him but to let him know we working together. that’s the type of coach we need! SHOULD OF HIRE THIS MAN ON THE SPOT! talk is cheap but the words coming from a man’s mouth that played with the greats Kareem, Magic and Worthy.. smh he will def back it up!

    • comrade24

      i agree here. I think it took a lot of guts for Scott to come out before he’s even been offered the job and say “hey, Kobe. you got to change your game. We have to talk about minute restrictions.” It seems like he would approach the situation in the right way. It also seems like he has a definitive strategy for rebuilding the Lakers brand, instead of MIke D’Antoni’s approach which was just put people out there and let them run around and throw up shots and pad their stats.

      • BULL

        but answer me this, after listening to Rick on Max and Marcellus, he made a point..all we have is Kobe at the moment..Kobe been the triangle since we can remember, and with what ever we have left from the man, shouldn’t he have a coach that implements the triangle. he can play and kill in that offense with two Achilles. now Mike Dun, dont sound like a bad ideal..

        • comrade24

          Idk that’s not a bad point, but i think Kobe has the basketball IQ and talent to thrive in any system. I mean, he has one of the best seasons of his career under D’Antoni. If he can do that, he can thrive under ANY head coach. I think it’s more about the future and getting a coach who can be there for a long time and provide some stability. As much as I love Kobe, we shouldn’t hire a coach based on the habits of an aging superstar in possibly the last two years of his career.

  • Luke

    I respect Byron Scott as a man and as a coach but what does he plan on doing when Kobe talks serious shit to his face?Maybe they should hire Michael Cooper as a assistant coach to keep Kobe in check.The enforcer is Michael Cooper and Kobe will keep it real with Byron Scott when Coop is keeping Kobe in check.

  • Kobe Will Get 6

    I think Byron Scott would make a good coach for the Lakers, the test will be if he can help Kobe Get 6.. If we can’t acquire Tom Thibodeau (by not trading this year’s pick), then Scott is the way to go, with Rambis or Fish as the assistant.

    I just wish the Lakers talked to Ollie..

  • Kobe24

    Breaking news Los Angeles Lakers hire Byron Scott as the new Head Coach. I’m waiting for this news.

  • Andrew Fysh

    and this is why i want byron scott… he is spot on.

  • John

    Kobe ain’t going to listen to Byron Scott, players don’t like Byron. When Byron played on that 96 team with Shaq; everytime Shaq was shooting free throws, Byron kept yelling “jump shot”! Shaq got so irritated with Byron Scott he told Jerry West to never bring Byron back to the team.

    • comrade24

      Shaq had the work ethic of a teenage dropout. Maybe if he would have listened to Scott instead of being irritated he would have shot better than 50% from the line. And where do you get that “players don’t like Byron.” I’ve never heard anything but glowing praise and admiration from players whom he’s coached. Particularly a certain FA to be next season, Kyrie Irving.

  • Russ

    Byron Scott is a tough guy okay well i never remember Byron being the leader on the Showtime Lakers that was always Magic Johnson leading the team.Second leader back then was Kareem and the third leader was the mouthy intense Michael Cooper and then Byron Scott was the 4th leader on the team followed by the classy quiet mid mannered James Worthy.So how are those leadership skills in 2014 Byron Scott please tell us fans of Byron???

    The Lakers need a leader of men and if Byron Scott is that leader then fine if not their is this leader we all know of his name is Derek Fisher and he better not be the odd man out the last one picked at least interview him he is not the bad boy or the black sheep.Interview Derek Fisher.But if Byron Scott is better at leading and is better at strategy and defensive schemes then he will eventually get hired in the NBA again maybe just not this job.Lionel Hollins anyone???

    • comrade24

      I really hope they hire Scott and hire Derek Fisher as assistant. I think Fisher will have a great career as a coach if he chooses that path, but i wouldn’t trust him with the keys to the Laker kingdom just yet.

  • Jay Brodes

    lets see what he looks like…i would love to see him play team usa and see what type of explosiveness he has…that said with not having a full summer or any training camp i saw positive signs last year thou 6 games!

  • BULL


  • hookedonnews

    Kobe wouldn’t listen to Phil Jackson (according to Phil). What makes anyone think he’s going to listen to Scott? Kobe is going to be Kobe no matter who’s coaching IMO. I doubt that he’s going to insist on playing 48 minutes when the season starts, but when a game, or the playoffs are on the line he’s going to be on the court playing. It’s best to have a coach he respects, but in the end, he’s going to do what he’s going to do. I just hope he’s healthy enough to do it.

  • WKW

    i think byron scott is overestimating his abilities a little bit if he thinks he can get kobe to acquiese

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