Lakers News: Byron Scott Meets With Team For Second Interview

Lakers News: Byron Scott Meets With Team For Second Interview


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The search for a new head coach is ongoing for the Los Angeles Lakers with the team interviewing multiple candidates over the last few weeks.

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As of right now, the consensus appears to be that Byron Scott is the favorite to be Mike D’Antoni’s successor. On Tuesday, Scott may have taken another step toward locking up his next coaching gig by meeting with the Lakers for a second time, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard:

Scott was among the first to interview for the Lakers head coaching vacancy and may ultimately be the team’s choice to lead the team on the sidelines next season.

USA Today’s Sam Amick confirmed Broussard’s report of Scott meeting with the Lakers for a second time shortly after the news surfaced:

With Scott meeting with the team once again, the team may be coming closer to a decision on the next head coach. GM Mitch Kupchak let it be known that the team wanted to have a new coach in place by the 2014 NBA draft on June 26, but it isn’t considered a deadline.

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Along with Scott, the Lakers have also interviewed Kurt Rambis, Lionel Hollins, Mike Dunleavy Sr. and Alvin Gentry.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Bravo

    hire him already! fish was my second pick but hes gone

    • Duh

      If fish was your second pick than you are an idiot. After one of the worst seasons in Lakers history, you want someone that has ZERO coaching experience to coach the Lakers? He was a great clutch player when he was on the Lakers but risking another terrible season with someone with no experience is just foolish.

      • Deon Jones


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          • comrade24

            Can someone please stop this bitch from trolling?

      • 24Ss

        Really lol u would probably would recommend having back mike brown and mike d antoni since I suppose they have experience right talking all that nonsense get out of here with that ! Your going to later wish fish was hired by the lakers

        • Deon Jones

          Never liked Mike D’ANTONI,I don’t consider him a good coach he’s a bum and so was Mike Brown neither one of them could get over the hump…

      • Gian Marco Pau

        Much respect for Fish but it’s way too early for him to be a head coach. He could’ve started as an assistant for the Lakers. I guess the pressure is on for him.

        • Al Haldie

          Phill is still in charge – FISH will work on getting them working but Phill will tell him what to do – to keep them working -and don’t be surprised how this yr turns out –he will do just fine…

        • borsalino12

          Fish did big mistake by going to N.Y. He should work few years as an assistant coach for the Lakers, then jump to HC.

      • Bravo

        risking another season? have you seen our roster lately? were not winning anything anytime soon, and chances are hiring a certain coach with experience or not aint gonna take us to the promise land. and yeah he was my second pick behind scott, call me an idiot all you want haha

  • JohnSmith00

    I guess Hollins didn’t make much of an impression to garner a second interview or the Lakers never seriously considered him. If Scott is hired I would really like to see him reach out to Hollins to discuss him joining his staff.

    • Al Haldie

      There is still a lot of talking to be done – HOLLINS is still in there…

  • VillainKing™

    Lionel Hollins please..

    • Austin


    • Joseph


    • Chris


    • Colin

      This Times 4

    • vdogg

      make it a quintet.

      • Al Haldie


    • LAstory

      Pulling for Scott… but wont be mad if it is Hollins…

      • Cassandra Marino

        it has to be hollins or there screwed trust me

        • Mitch

          Hollins is a must for the Lakers.No if’s or and’s about it.

    • Wanabe stig

      Nah make it a sextet

    • V.lawrence

      I totally agree 100%…..!!!.Please hire Lionel Hollins……! It just makes sense……I’m a true LA fan so whatever they do I’ll live with but when you weight all aspects of coaching and accomplishments there is no way that Byron Scott should be the choice over Lionel Hollins, in my humble opinion…..!!!

    • Chrmngblly

      Finally, I have beat some sense into you.

      • VillainKing™

        You are the one that had no sense..

        • borsalino12

          Don’t start again VK. You were banned for two weeks from the site. If you start again abusing everyone here, they will ban you for life. Remember that.

          • VillainKing™

            Who will ban me?? REMEMBER this borsalino12 No one can ban me and accept that..I’m here in this site for more than two weeks..Your the one that has been missing in this site borsalino12, I thought you were dead!!!heheheh..

  • dencio

    Hollins is prolly still in the mix. It’s between him and Scott. Anybody else would b shocking.

    • Tony B

      Scott is the best choice, Hollins just doesn’t have the experience that S cott has.

      • V.lawrence

        Experience at getting fired from every head coaching job he’s had??? Lionel Hollins, please…!!!

    • dencio

      I guess Nate McMillan is a candidate too. I dunno…..I would want someone who has panache to their style that would fit in perfectly (almost necessary) to survive the LA scene. A youngblood such as Quinn Snyder would’ve been nice as well as Fred Hoiberg & Kevin Ollie. Even Luke Walton would be a good option.

  • Bruce

    I really like Lionel Hollins personally, Scott is great too, both are defensive minded, old school style coach that will sure turn around the defensive horrors the Lakers has displayed this past season and beyond. I agree, it’s between these 2 candidates, anybody else would be shocking.

  • Matt Williams

    I’ll just look at this like Scott is the first to have a second interview. Hollins should be the second.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Coach Lionel Hollins deserves a second interview at the rate it’s going anything is possible with our FO.Maybe we hire Coach Hollins at the end.

  • rpmorri

    No. Hollins. Hiring Scott after already passing on him twice is the FINAL nail in Jimbo’s coffin.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I still prefer Coach Lionel Hollins over Byron Scott for our head coaching vacancy.I hope Coach Lionel Hollins get hired by the Lakers as head coach.No disrespect towards Byron Scott just my opinion at this time.

  • conway

    Scott Scott Scott, Fuck Hollins we need somebody that know what itus to be a real Laker nnot no one that just knows are traditional ways, how can u pass in a Laker Legend that dine coach two NBA final teams!

    • V.lawrence

      Easy, Look at what other GMs have thought: Scott has been fired from every coaching job he’s had, 3. Hollins none. His contract was not renewed with Grizzle’s.

      • Truth B Told

        Another way of saying you’re FIRED………Stop trying to sugar coat Hollins firing.

  • RUDY T.

    Lionel Hollins learned from one of the best coaches ever Cotton Fizsimmons that was his first job in the NBA working for the Phoenix Suns and he played for the legend Dr. Jack Ramsay and he learned a lot of coaching sets and schemes from him and then he also has shown he can coach at the highest level in the NBA.Taking Memphis from nothing a team that was about to be forced to move or have contraction and Lionel Hollins saved the Memphis Grizzlies from being moved and he now has them high in attendance and they were voted the best small market team in sports by a few media members in a recent magazine issue.Lionel Hollins is overqualified for the Lakers head coaching job,he is a no brainer.Hollins is the easy choice for the Lakers.Byron Scott is a routine second interview that’s it.

    • LAstory

      I understand… yet why was Lionel interviewed for other Jobs, I know he was interviewed by Minn, but wasn’t hired. And The same qualifications that Lionel has the same can be said about Byron… With 2 appearance in the finals compared to Hollins 1 WCF appearance… now through I believe Byron will be ultimately hired… I WONT BE MAD if Hollins is….

      • RUDY T.

        Byron Scott is good people.I actually was pulling for him to get hired after Phil retired from coaching but he got fooled into accepting the Cavs job only to struggle miserably due to a crummy roster and the loss of LeBron James.But i have seen Byron Scott coach the hell out of teams and get the most out of them like a decade ago in New Jersey and later with the Hornets.I respect Lionel and Byron.

        Either way i am just on the L-Train which is the Lionel Hollins bandwagon.Nothing personal towards Byron Scott but i just am a Lionel Hollins fan from the old days and nowadays both 2 decades ago and now i am still a L-Train fan.

        • LAstory

          Don’t get me wrong, Lionel is a beast when it comes to coaching… great coach…. I will be happy for either of them… And I like the fact you’re familiar with Lionel past and where he came from and his philosophy to coaching most people are going off that one year…

          • Chrmngblly

            OK. what is his philosophy? Does he know “small ball”? Can he play small ball if we don’t have any bigs?

      • Cassandra Marino

        but scotts 2 appearences were easy because the east was so easy compare to the west while hollins brought an okay team in a tough west to the west finals

        • LAstory

          I see you point Cassandra… yet the same can be said about Miami coaching staff this year and last… this year East teams were easier then… I think that with Scott winning as a player and taken a team to the finals and in the finals with the Pacers… I think that knowledge should be in play… what do you think?

        • Truth B Told

          Do your research……The time Scott coached the Nets the East had very Good teams.That was the era of Reggie Miller and the Pacers,Iverson and the 76ers,Mcgrady and Vince Carter etc. So do your research.

    • Cassandra Marino

      hollins is the guy that will bring this team back to contending in a tough west and back to the glory days. scott I find is more laid back loose passive while hollins has a big ego and is more assertive mentality no messing around he’s all about winning he reminds me of tom thibodeau in way how he runs the show u have to go with hollins hes more of a serious coach. him and kobe would have a great relationship cuz they both have big egos

      • RUDY T.

        I concur.Lionel Hollins is the missing piece to a return to contention.

  • Ryan


    • V.lawrence


  • GoLakers321

    I don’t understand why people want a coach who understands what it means to be a laker…Phil Jackson didn’t know what it was like to be in a franchise like The Lakers, until he came into town. The best coach isn’t necessarily the one who understands the culture…it’s the one who understands how to win with nothing, but “potential”.

    • Chrmngblly

      Our culture is toast with Jimmy Buss holding the reigns. It will not be the same working for a pothead.

  • Cassandra Marino

    I just don’t see scott being that guy. if he gets hired they might not even make it to the playoffs maybe a first round exit but with hollins I see him bringing them deep in the playoffs like he did with Memphis but now he’s got kobe on his team a closer and if kobe is that close if he gets a wiff of that blood it’s done he’s going all the way I don’t see kobe passing that up cuz he hasn’t been that close in over 4 years since he won in 2010. so if kobe wants to be that close that he can almost taste that 6th ring well im going with hollins. kobe is so hungry nobody’s stoping him if they make a deep playoff run

    • LAstory

      So you’re saying if Hollins is hired as the Lakers coach, the Lakers will compete next year going deep into the playoffs, if not a NBA finals appearance?

      • Cassandra Marino

        ya if u add some pieces. players that have heart and passion guys like ed davis ariza juluis randle hill marcs smart , lowry, okafor maybe bynum if he’s healthy we need big bodies a solid frontcourt (rim protectors) and a decent backcourt guys who are bought into defense

        • LAstory

          It will be interesting to see what the Lakers will do… I will support them no matter what they decide to do…

          • Cassandra Marino

            trust me this is the right way to go

          • Cassandra Marino

            Miami is a bad example there success wont last much longer the only reason its lasted this long is because the east SUCKKSS so much. the key to having a good team for a long time like for 10 years being at the top just look at the spurs and the lakers when phil coached DEFENSE Miami is a small team there frontcourt sucks that ‘s why it wont last

      • Cassandra Marino

        u there

      • Cassandra Marino

        bring back farmar hill henry (young or meeks) , Kelly and fuck marshall

        • Chrmngblly

          You must be blind, lady, or new to basketball.

    • V.lawrence

      100% agreeable……..!!!

  • Daniel

    It is funny to see how Cassandra talks about Hollins Ego and Scott laid back, that is talking cheap of things that you do not know.
    Having Byron Scott, will give the Lakers more time, Lakers fan will be more open to Scott than Hollins. Byron not only understand the organization, he is a friend of the Buss Family, knows the players, is Kobe friend, and have the support of Lakers fan, he is a legend. I am not saying that all that friendwhip will save his job, but obviously will have more saying that Brown and D’Antoni had in the organization.
    And to whoever says that Phill did not know the Lakers, Phill knew the lakers inside out through Jeanie, even before he came to LA, that was Why he came to LA.
    Look at all the “outsiders” coaches that the Lakers had in the last 20 years, (with no previous relation to the Lakers organization) and see how they did. Rudy Tomjanovich, Dale Harris, Mike Dunleavy, Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni, not even close to a championship.

    • keenanjen

      Mike Dunleavy made it to the finals with the Lakers. If I’m not mistaken he also was an assistant coach with the Lakers before he was hired. I could be wrong though. However I do agree with everything else you said. Scottt is not a laid back coach at all. He has the Pat Riley mentality vary hard nose

    • Cassandra Marino

      hollins. he just looks like a guy with confindence I trust him in what he does with scott im 50/50 it either goes okay or bad but with hollins they will most likely over achieve

      • Truth B Told

        Forget about Hollins ever getting to the Finals…….He never been Coach of the Year…….Scott has and it was in the West.He achieved goodness n the East and the West.

    • Truth B Told

      Beautifully spoken……You have a lot of Clipper trolls over here….They know Scott can set this thing right.

  • Splashgodq

    Gotta get him and then hire hollins at assistant coach position so u have defensive schemes get players committed on both ends

  • Splashgodq

    Need two coaches with high caliber attitudes they will command great play from there players from past accomplishments, hold guys accountable on both ends to get it do earn there money

  • Godfrey Uche

    If Lakers F.O is serious about contending for championship again, they can right the ship this time around by redeeming themselves of the two recent coaches that brought the Lakers to their knees by hiring the grind-style-defensive coach named Lionel Hollins,thanks paying heed to my advice.

    • Chrmngblly

      Uche. The first problem we have to deal with is we have no bigs to grind with. We only have 1 big guy under contract. We need somebody.
      All these guys keep wanting to draft a point guard and Cassandra wants to fuck Marshall–or so she says. Pau, Kaman and Hill fairly likely won’t come back. Now what?

      • Cassandra Marino

        u people just don’t get it im very old school bad boy pistons old school that’s the way the game is played that’s the way to win not that dirty but Detroit was a championship team they knew how shut down mj know one could shut Jordan show that just shows u and hollins coaches more like that like chuckdailey

        • Chrmngblly

          That WAS a way to win. I doubt it would be legal under current NBA rules (no hand checking) to play that physical way today. I agree with you 100% that we need discipline and defense. Both Hollins and Scott would give us that. If we have the bigs, Hollins is probably the better coach. As it is I don’t know.

          What is important to me is that the new coach have a clear idea of what we are trying to do and how we are going to go about it, knowing that there is going to be plenty of losing along the way.

          Also, while I can’t speak to the desirability of having sex with Kendall Marshall, as you have, he has a really unique talent in his ability to see his teammates in his head and pass them the ball—more than any other point guard, except Nash, maybe. Give him a chance.

  • kliff richard

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins as Next Head Coach LA Lakers please

  • guest

    lionel hollins…. 1 head coaching stint? biggest success he had is making the playoffs, getting out of first round. WOW impressive. you all are on crack.

    • Tevalis

      No he made it to the western conference finals with no superstars in a city where no one wants to come and play for. Seems pretty impressive to me

  • danket

    Hollins, best choice!

  • Truth B Told

    Lakers are moving in the right direction……Hire Scott,I rather have seen Fish as an assistant under Scott but now he’s on the frontline. Bickerstaff or Mcmillan would be good assistants.

  • Truth B Told

    No disrespect to Hollins but he’s just not a good fit for the Lakers……Scott has proven he can get into the championship rounds,improve players game(Kidd,CP3 and Kyrie Irving),has been Coach of the Year,Importantly his players Like him…So he was fired(so was Karl,Hollins.Del Negro and Mike Brown)…..Apparently having a winning record isn’t good enough.? is….Can they get my team into the Finals? Scott has(more than once).

  • Dyllon Dinwiddie

    I really would love to see Hollins IMO because he is a defensive minded coach Who plays through the post a lot, and screen and rolls and would definately fit the older stars like Kobe and if Pau stays they can thrive in this system because the pace is slower and im sure we wont see as many injuries in this type of style

  • Jared

    I’m afraid Byron will spend more time trying to keep the job than doing some actual coaching. Sometimes, having your “buddy” as your boss doesn’t always work out. We need a coach who is a tough ass to everybody, from the 15th guy on the roster to Kobe himself. A coach who isn’t afraid to yank and bench Kobe if he goes on “black hole” mode chucking up shots and going 1 on 5 out there, and loafing around on D. The Front office needs to 100% back up the Coach and the direction/system/culture he wants to implement.

  • hookedonnews

    Would like to see Lakers go in another direction, but assume Scott would not be a disaster. First priority = players. Until you have a competitive roster the team is not going anywhere. Those decisions are as important as who’s coaching.

  • Computer Networking

    Fisher as second choice? I can see you questioning that, but not his ability to coach as a rookie. I think he would have done well with the lakers or anywhere else he goes.

  • Asian Jerry West

    what did Scott do in Cleveland?….They actually played worst. Scott is ok as long as things are going right, but because he is “old school” players will turn on him when things go south

  • borsalino12

    Lionel Hollins as a head coach., with assistants – B.Scott, N.McMillan, L.Walton and someone else, preferably from the NCAA group.

  • SirHambone

    Byron Scott or Mark Jackson