Lakers News: Byron Scott Believes Lin Will Have A ‘Chip On His...

Lakers News: Byron Scott Believes Lin Will Have A ‘Chip On His Shoulder’


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Though nothing has been made official, all signs seem to point to Byron Scott being the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. If he is indeed next in line, Scott will have some new players at his disposal.

One of the biggest additions to the Lakers this summer was point guard Jeremy Lin. One of the more talked about players in the league, Lin could be the starter at point guard with so many questions surrounding Steve Nash.

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In an interview with Time Warner Cable SportsNet, Scott revealed what he liked about Lin:

I like Jeremy, I really do. I think he’s a kid that plays the right way [and] plays extremely hard. He seems to always be in attack mode offensively. [He] pushes the ball up the floor as well as anybody in the league. Defensively – the thing that I thought was going to his biggest downfall – was something that I thought he really competed at the times I coached against him.

Lin definitely brings some positives to the Lakers as he has proven that he can handle bright lights and perform under pressure. After a couple of underwhelming years in Houston, Scott believes that Lin will be looking to prove people wrong in Los Angeles:

He’s, I think, looking to kind of re-establish himself because of the injuries that he had last year in Houston and [he] kind of lost his way and lost his job there, and I think he’s going to [come to L.A.] with a little chip on his shoulder, so I thought it was a good move.

Scott has experienced his best coaching success when guiding top tier point guards, leading Jason Kidd to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances with the New Jersey Nets, and coaching Chris Paul to a near MVP season in 2008.

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Scott and Lin could be a match made in heaven if they do come together in Los Angeles. And that could be the key to the Lakers surprising some teams this season.

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Jeremy Lin Traded To Lakers

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  • comrade24

    Hire Scott already! This is getting old already

    • camo

      There’s gottta be something going on behind the scenes with the Lakers and Scott. Either they’re negotiating his contract and/or they’re discussing players roles and strategy and that’s why the hiring process is taking so long. Just guessing but Bryon Scott has got to be the best and only candidate at this point. He’s got Kobe’s approval.

      • Daniel

        Byron Scott, only wants to coach the Laker, that is his life time dream, and now he knows he has a chance, so he is just there waiting, knowing that at these point, there is nobody else worth looking at out there.
        Lakers also, knows that, so there is no pressure that he is going to another team. Byron son works for the Lakers, he has known the Buss brothers for over 40 years, same as Mitch, he is like family, so he will be the Lakers coach. I am sure that even some of the moves had the approval of Byron

  • lakeshow24

    I think J. Lin and E. Davis will be huge for the Lakers. Both will have a chip on their shoulder and Kobe should be extremely motivated. We also have two great rookies and I think the future is bright for the Lakers. People like to jump to conclusion but never see the big picture.

    • daJoint

      Doc rivers…

    • oa92000

      who plays 5?

      • vdogg

        davis. he is tall enough, can jump and can protect the rim.

  • Lakers Are The Greatest

    Byron Scott is not getting the job.I keep hearing he is on the outs now.Mark Madsen has become the darkhorse for the Lakers head coaching job.Also George Karl is closing in on the Lakers coaching job.

    Jeremy Lin is not that good of a player he is a overachiever much like a Steve Blake and he is going to have a solid season for the Lakers but he is way overpaid making $15,000,0000 million per season and he is overrated.A better guard on the Lakers roster is Jordan Clarkson i fully expect Clarkson to be the starting point guard by January.Lin is a backup point guard that’s not a knock on him just the way it is.Also Clarkson has way more talent than Lin as he is more athletic and quicker and longer and more of tall PG with a bigger wing span and much better max vert.Clarkson has much more potential and upside and he is a better defender.

    • daniel

      Men, you are way off. Mark Madsen has not coached more than a year, he has no experience, and besides haven’t prove anything yet (the summer league coaching was pathetic) Kobe would never approve that.
      Regarding Karl, there is no way they are going to hire him, because of the type of playing he usually develops, because he is a Lakers hater (many times said that) and for the ones that say that he had some conversations with Mitch, they always talk. They were college roommates, and are best of buddies off the court.
      Regarding Lin, the only time he had a chance to show what he got, the Knicks won many games in a row, because of him.
      If given the chance, he will shut you and many people up. He has been way overlook, just because he is Asian.
      Do you remember about white men can’t jump?
      well in NBA Asians can’t play PG.

      • rapidron

        Seriously, Lakers are the Greatest… do you know what you’re talking about?

        And yes, Lin has proved himself many times–but it’s never been good enough and it’s a race thing.

    • FunfilledDays

      The way you describing Jordan Clarkson was pretty close to the way we will be saying on the best PG in the League. Huh?

      I thought Clarkson was drafted as the # 46 pick in the second round of this year’s draft.

      Yea, the hundreds of player scouting were incorrect and underrating on Jordan Clarkson, and ONLY you get it right? LOL.

    • oa92000


    • The Doctor

      $15,000,0000 million? Haha that’s a lot of money… :p But I think he’s worth it

    • Guest

      Jeremy Lin signed a 3 year / $25.12 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, including $25,123,938 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $8,374,646.

      • dave

        Jeremy Lin did not sign anything with the Lakers…. the rockets traded him away with a last year 15m contract. only 8 will count against the cap..

        • CHVRLIE

          these people are not lakers fans.

      • courtney harris

        where are yall getting this information. wow (laugh out loud)

      • rtk

        You’re making things up

    • yomama

      nigga be ridin on clarkson’s D!

      • courtney harris

        lets not bring the n word into this.. not my blog, but i would rather see a million curse words before i see this being used.

        • Jeremy Esposito

          Nigga please.

    • independentbynature

      You are totally clueless……..

    • Robert W

      You seem to know so much, maybe you should be the new Lakers Coach. Please bro, get your facts straight. SMH

    • courtney harris

      keep hearing from where? because i read laker articles (along with everything else) for pretty much 20 hours out of the day (bored college student). i have not heard that, and im pretty sure that type of noise would have made this site.

    • dave

      Lin is a good player/starter. He is a MAJOR upgrade from the trash we has last year ( including a washed up nash). Is he a superstar? no. but i think he can be a above avg point guard, And talent wise maybe the best one we’ve had since Nick Van Exel(Sorry Dfish I still love you). I think what he did in NY was big but once the scouting report came out he went from Allstar to starter. I hope he proves me wrong tho.

    • JT Jeanry

      Lol, dude, Get off the pipe, you make me laugh. I’ve never seen anyone being so wrong on every level in just one comment. who the heck is feeding your pipe guy, Snoop Dogg? Lol

    • knightz005

      Where did u graduated? Sue that school for teaching u wrong concepts. U r close to a racist bro…

    • Sylvia Ross

      Please say it isn’t so !! I can’t believe they’re thinking about Mark Madsen or George Karl !!

      • independentbynature

        Don’t worry,Sylvia.It isn’t so.Madsen coached the summer league team and might be an assistant coach.Scott is the only one with experience at turning bad teams into good ones.

    • Ric V. Avelino

      I am a Filipino so this comment about Clarkson sweetens my day. However, I want to be practical. Let Lin be the starting PG for he is more adept to the role with my Co – Filipino Jordan C as a backup or part of the rotation at the back court. Clarkson is better to Lin as SG so JR can play dual. I followed and have watched almost all if not all of Lin ‘ s games as a Rockets and much more as a Knicks. It will be a delight if Clarkson will be better than Lin in the future. But let’s focus more on the NOW with Kobe and the rest of the Lakers.

    • Jeremy Esposito

      Clarkson is way too raw and plays more like a shooting guard. I highly doubt Clarkson will start over Lin this season. Also, Clarkson’s D is not that great yet. I think your entire post was based on like 5 summer league games LOL. Did you see what Lin did when he was in summer league?

    • Ray-Marcus

      Agree with you 100% on Lin…unless he improves. I think B Scott will rightly get the job…he is the best option at this point

  • Lin Sin

    Jeremy Lin is a superstar.

    • Little Putanatang

      Damm straight he will rise!

  • Calbert

    The China man is good.

    • Robert W

      Cali born and bread.

    • Szsz

      and definitely not China man.

      • Some Guy

        Yeah Lin is Taiwanese. Know your race!

        • holkn

          Taiwanese is not a race, Some Guy

  • Luke

    Steve Nash will be the starter and Lin and Clarkson will fight for backup minutes.

    • oa92000

      clarkson not going to get any minutes

    • oa92000

      Clarkson was drafted as the # 46 pick in the second round

      • Ric V. Avelino

        So what? What matters now is that he is a Lakers now. A part of the team.

      • Jerry

        Doesn’t matter. Lin didn’t be selected in Draft. Just keep up.

      • Yoyo

        I like Clarkson because he’s half Asian, sue me

        • Little Putanatang

          Lins is full asiAn bitch go to jail

          • Yoyo

            Full Asian??? lol w/e

            I don’t like “full” Asians , I like them half!

    • independentbynature

      Lin will be the starter,getting 30-32 min. per game.Nash will come off the bench for 15-18 min. per game.Nash may also sit out the 2nd game of back to backs.Clarkson will get spot min, as a combo guard.There won’t be any fighting for minutes.It is extremely clear what roles each is suited for.Extremely clear……

    • KwonGuerillaCross

      Steve Nash is a zombie.

      • Andy L

        Damn straight! 😀 Since his corpse is moving that’s gotta be the case.

    • Ric V. Avelino

      Nothing wrong IF Nash is in his true form and healthy. Am I in a Lakers fans world? Then we should be with open mind towards winning as fans.

  • Ethan

    I wonder why the Rockets traded Jeremy Lin along with a first round pick for basically just cash?Also why did Jeremy Lin lose his starting job to a lesser known PG Patrick Beverley?A veteran minimum PG Beverley took the starting job from a high paid Lin.Something tells me Jeremy Lin is not that good and he is just a expiring contract on the Lakers nothing more.Jordan Clarkson will get the starting job at PG from day 1 and Steve Nash will get the backup minutes at PG while Jeremy Lin is the odd man out of the rotation.

    • Josh

      The Rockets ran their offense through Harden, so Lin was basically useless at that end, and Beverly’s a much better defender. They traded Lin (and Asik) to clear cap room to sign Chris Bosh.

      • Ric V. Avelino

        No need to go further. Just watch the two winning games of Rockets vs the Trailblazers especially the game 5 of the recent playoffs. Lin made Lillard scoreless the whole of the 4th Q even making the supposed final 3 point. But he was replaced in the last0.9 seconds where Lillard became the hero of Rockets loss.

        • vinyltap

          People see what they want to see but anyone who’s objective can clearly discern Lin cinched their two wins of the series. He got to finally play PG in game 5 because of, let’s face it, Harden’s ineffectiveness with two defenders on & no auto fouls in the post season. The ball moved on offense, defense was there, and they were able to build a lead with momentum.

          • vinyltap

            and McHale really is a bumbling strategically challenged captain. his game plans for 1-4 was Harden as ball handler. fine. when that failed he let Lin play PG & they won by their widest margin (wider than their losses). and guess what next game it’s back to harden as ball handler, where, can you guess, they lost by the slimmest of margins, with out their winnning player from the previous game on the floor when it counted. good thing he’s not leading men into real battles.

    • DJSlik

      You are an ignoramus. The rockets had to clear salary because they thought they were going to sign Bosh for the max. Jeremy was never wanted by McHale or Morey in Houston. They intentionally wanted to marginalize him after Harden’s arrival because they planned to trade him all along in the last year of his contract.

      • Okaaay

        I wish I could upvote your post a million times. Is everyone paying attention to this?

    • independentbynature

      Lin had a hard time playing next to Harden because Harden is a ballhog who plays NO Defense.McHale tried to compensate for Harden by playing him with Beverly,who plays great defense,but doesn’t need the ball in his hands because he can’t dish or score anyway.Harden is the playmeaker there.That’s why.Lin was also battling some injuries.Only an idiot would think that Clarkson would start at PG.He will get spot minutes as a combo guard.You don’t watch much basketball,do you?

    • Badazztj12

      They started Beverley because he had better defense didnt need ball in his hands to do anything because Harden was basically there PG. I like Lin also because he plays through injuries and plays a smart game. Out-smart them on offense and plays defense without fouling. You a dumbass if you think Clarkson gonna start and Nash getting backup minutes

      • Ric V. Avelino

        Hellooo we are suppose to be team mates aren’t we?

      • Judo Mma

        Well said bro!

    • Jed

      Don’t form your opinion on pure guesswork. You should know there are politics and agendas everywhere. Watch the games and be informed.

    • courtney harris

      wrong even scott was quoted saying he had a tough time with injuries. im not a fan of lin but the lakers need to lose the sense of entitlement. they can benefit from having guys with a chip on their shoulder.

    • MC

      Geez…. Let the numbers talk. Jeremy 29 min, 12.5 points, 4.1 assists off the bench last season while Beverly starts with 31.3 min, 10.2 points, 2.7 assists…… like many people said, he lost his starter position not because Beverly is better, it’s just simply giving Harden more room to do what he does…

      • Judo Mma

        @MC: I respect your knowledge of the game and you are 100% correct!

    • Ric V. Avelino

      Lin was a victim of racism in action by Morey and Mchale, GM and Coach.

      • Some Guy


        Lin is legit PG. He will shut those haters up when the season starts.

    • Judo Mma

      Let me see if you make sense! “Lin is not a good player” and that is the reason Lakers tried 3 times to get him to play for us!

      I am being sarcastic and laughing at you.

  • Badazztj12

    Let me get this straight for most Laker fans. Clarkson is not starting this season. Why would you start someone who hasn’t develop court vision. You seen it during summer league. We dont need more turnovers(our second biggest problem) Lin will be starting full time. Clarkson is gonna be spliting minutes with Nash.

    • Limitbreak Edward

      Let the guy gain experience before he hit the spotlight..

    • oa92000

      lin is the game changer for Lakers

  • DJSlik

    Great for JL if #4 is hired. Sounds like he actually believes in him as opposed to McHale who never did. Obviously Kobe endorses him as well. The Lakers are going to surprise a lot of people.

    • Ric V. Avelino

      A big surprise indeed. And let us support the whole team as one.

  • Guest

    Mediocre player at best. Jlin is not a bad player but I would trade him with a package in a heartbeat for Bledsoe

    • independentbynature

      Bledsoe is not even close to worth a max contract.He’s injured way too much and just is not on that level.It would be a real stupid move for the Lakers to trade for him.That would cap us out with 2 big contracts and still no chance at a championship.

      • Badazztj12

        That would also be a mistake because we gonn miss out on FA’s next summer. Guys like Rondo, Derozen, Asik, and Jimmy Butler. We gonna have 30+ in cap

    • Je Ballew

      Many fans have seen limited potential in Jeremy. I am not one of them. I have watched his, games , highlights, unselfish play, good attitude and good work ethic. He is continuing to improve every season and has excelled under adversity during his entire career.

      • Little Putanatang

        You a good smart man.

    • Ric V. Avelino

      I will when you get a number of likes

  • LakeShow

    MAN, why can’t the season start already? I’m so hyped to see our squad (specially KOBE) go ham and prove the haters wrong!

    • BULLY

      hahaha co sign..

    • Ric V. Avelino

      Let us all go to do a Rip Van Winkle sleep but for 3 months only. When we wake up its game show time

  • big baller@hart

    I think that Kurt Rambis would be a better fit as a coach for the Lakers than Byron Scott

    • independentbynature

      I can’t imagine why you would think that.Rambis has never won anywhere.And besides,he’s the assistant coach for the Knicks.

  • mohammed


  • Shaquida Brown

    Lin is a team player. That won’t mix well with Ball Hog Bryant.

    • BULLY


    • courtney harris

      right. the same bryant who averages about 5 assist per game? if i am correct didnt he pass up MJ for total assists?

    • KwonGuerillaCross

      Are you related to Shaq?

    • VillainKing™

      Fuck you bitch!!


    Kinda hoping Lakers would pick up Doc’s tab if he leaves the Sterling drama. Wonder how the clippers would feel. hahah

    • BULLY


  • Yo yo

    Yep, Jason Kidd drove out Bryon Scott too!

  • jason

    Please hire Alvin Gentry…if the Lakers hire Scott he would be fired next season.

    • Okaaay

      Alvin Gentry just took an assistant coach job with Steve Kerr in Golden State.

      • jason

        Is Larry Brown available?

        • Okaaay

          The Lakers reached out to Larry Brown last month. Brown has publicly stated that he’s not planning on leaving his current coaching job at SMU. A 73 year old Larry Brown is not what this team needs presently and for the future.

          • jason

            thanks for the info…they did try out Tomjanovich, in any case the next coach is going to be a transitional coach, why not persuade Brown to give a try?

  • DankWilliams

    They need to be Hirin’ Byron already! Enough foreplay!

  • lakers32

    this is just beyond ridiculous now! I have to think that byron scott is probably wanting a longer term (3-5 years) contract and the lakers are offering a short 2 year term. the lakers have set themselves up for a 2016 ‘re-start’ and pretty sure they don’t want to commit to a coach long term either. i can see why scott would want some security though.

  • rtk

    Hire Scott. He has experience now. But don’t treat the players like little boys. Hope you learned that you are not Pat Riley.
    Most importantly, I wish Michael Cooper was hired as his assistant. He was chosen All-Defensive player several times. He has coaching experience too, with the Sparks. I think he is locked into a contract as coach with the Atlanta WNBA team. Most of all Coop, I am hoping for a speedy recovery from your oral cancer.
    God bless you Coop, and dear Lord please help my beloved Lakers.

  • LakerFanBro

    They are currently waiting for Doc Rivers to leave the Clippers because of the Sterling situation.

  • Paul Robinson

    For some reason, I am more excited about the draft pick!

  • john

    Please somebody fire this GM Mitch cupjackass…. He sucked as a NBA player and even worse as a GM…. Bring back Jerry West and Lakers will be back… BTW….Most NBA players hate to be Kobe’s teamates….Kobe can’t play teamball like Magic did….

  • Kb24

    Kobe and lin are both poor catch and shooters, both excels off the ball,i think one of them should start improving catch and shoot now(lin),lin will bring the ball to our half court and then kobe would get the ball and set his teammates,thats what will happen, kobe will play 31-33minutes in 77 games(rest against 5 tankers)

  • Kb24

    Unless kobe returns to his 35-4-6-1.1-0.4 ave.