Lakers News: Byron Scott Believes Julius Randle Will Be A Starter Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video One of the biggest positives for the Los Angeles Lakers in drafting power forward Julius Randle is the belief that Please enable Javascript to watch this video One of the biggest positives for the Los Angeles Lakers in drafting power forward Julius Randle is the belief that Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Byron Scott Believes Julius Randle Will Be A Starter

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One of the biggest positives for the Los Angeles Lakers in drafting power forward Julius Randle is the belief that he is one of the most NBA-ready players in this draft.

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This fact is not lost on analyst Byron Scott, who spoke about what he believes expectations will be for Randle on Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

There is definitely a spot for Randle in the starting lineup as the Lakers’ frontcourt is pretty bare at this point in time. Randle will provide scoring and rebounding immediately.

This could also be a coaching expectation by Scott, however. He is a favorite for the Lakers vacant head coaching position, so any analysis he makes could also be what he plans to do if he is eventually hired by the Lakers.

Randle had been linked to the Lakers from the beginning of the draft process. He grew up a huge Kobe Bryant fan and is extremely excited about the opportunity to play with his childhood idol.

Mitch Kupchak also seems extremely excited about adding Randle to the fold. If he is indeed a starter from day one, there will be a lot of pressure placed on him. Playing at Kentucky has surely prepared him for dealing with it.
Lakers Pre-Draft Workout: Julius Randle On Foot, Talks First Time Meeting Kobe

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  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Of all the top 10 picks… Randle was the most double-teamed player in college…coaches have to send in double teams every time he touches the ball… he is a mature 19yo player.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      @WojYahooNBA: Lakers select Jordan Clarkson via Washington, sources say.”

    • Jim213

      Focused on the entire draft and on the other teams. Very good overall draft this year, good 1st and 2nd rnd selections. However, just b/c prospective talent is selected doesn’t mean things will pan out as expected. IMO, a lot depends on where one ends up and the atmosphere/environment the organization projects (Lakers currently not good).

      Cool with Randle but the draft came and went for the Lakers who could’ve done more given the circumstances. Likely ending up without a pick next year given the bad move relating to the Nash deal. IMO, give FO a B- given the needs. But looks as there’s no need to chase after K Love anymore with Randle being drafted.

      At they acquired a player who bleeds purple and gold and looks to give you 100% effort on a nightly basis as it’s something that #24 can appreciate. Wasn’t sold on Smart, couldn’t imagine him in a Lakers uniform. Also don’t see Randle finishing out his career hear as a Laker lifer but hopefully he proves me wrong by leaving everything out on the floor.

      Looks like Lebron will remain with the Heat given Riley’s acquisitions that will likely make them a better team down the road with the youth acquisitions. Don’t see the pacers doing much to contend while other teams future in the East seems brighter given their tanking ways. But the Western conferences competitiveness just went up another notch with some of the acquisitions picked up.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jahii Carson,Jordan Clarkson,Kyle Anderson all capable playmakers and Point Guards if the Lakers FO was to ever buy a late first round pick this would be the time to get Kyle Anderson a Boris Diaw and Lamar Odom type player.Just as i say this watch all 3 get drafted all the GM’s are Lakers haters.

    I love the Julius Randle pick welcome to LA and lets win some championships.

    • Zimmeredge

      all in for kyle anderson imo. the guy is so gifted.
      if we are looking for a pg, take russi smith in the second round.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        It’s up in the air if we can obtain a pick it seems very unlikely.But yes i am all for getting UCLA product Kyle Anderson.Yes He IS A Great Passer And Good Rebounder.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Jahii Carson is a little baller and he is very athletic a young Spud Webb.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Their is a report that Mitch Kupchak and the Lakers FO is trying to buy a second round pick.

        Oh by the way Kyle Anderson is now a Spurs player typical move.

        • laker legend

          I hope they do. There is still a lot of talent out there.

        • Zimmeredge

          Kyle Anderson will do wonder next season for the spurs. Cańt wait to watch. With diaw and Anderson the have probably the two greatest IQ in the league.

      • TheTruthKills

        Spurs stole him. Another steal for them.

        • Chrmngblly

          What we need is a coach that can pull it all together.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        We just got Jordan Clarkson.Welcome to the Lakers and lets win championships together as one team+fans.

        • Marcus Franco

          this pick doesn’t belong to other team ? I thought Lakers had only one pick

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Jim Buss bought the pick for $1 million dollars.

          • Marcus Franco

            oh that’s great, he seems to be a good player

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Jordan Clarkson is a bad ass player and i mentioned earlier in this thread.I watched him play and he is super confident and he smiles in his opponents face as he scores on them and he is a great big Point Guard awesome player with first round talent.Great draft by Jim Buss and Mitch.

          • Marcus Franco

            That’s awesome.. I’ve never heard about him before.. Hope he can make a great duo with Kobe… Do you think he can immediately be a starter ?

          • LakersHeatBeef

            I would start Jordan Clarkson in the Summer League and then hand him the job anytime he seemed ready to start.He is always compared to Michael Carter-Williams.



            Quick First Step

            Good Body Control

            Quality Finisher


            Good Passer

            Rebounds Position

          • Marcus Franco

            Yeah I saw some of his strenghts.. Looks like the only problem is his outside shot and turnovers.. But it can change like happened to MCW

          • LakersHeatBeef

            .485 % from 2 point range and 80.5% on free throws for his College career.

          • Marcus Franco

            Hope he can be a 13ppg and 6assist type of player, so we don’t have go after expensive pgs and get Melo or Chandler Parsons and a good center

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Their is no way in hell Jordan Clarkson should have been a second round pick shame on the NBA GM’s for not picking Jordan Clarkson earlier same goes for Kyle Anderson they should have been picked way earlier it’s a shame.

            Jordan Clarkson and Kyle Anderson They have first round talent and great stats and they play hard why so much lagging when selecting them,Kyle Anderson was a first round pick but at #30 that’s ridiculous.But they both got selected by great franchises that know how to develop players and win championships.

            Jahii Carson i understand that he is a short 5’10 guy but otherwise he could be a Spud Webb or Earl Boykins type player but maybe he is just too short or something.I say give Jahii Carson a Summer League and training camp invite since he went undrafted.

            Yes we got Jordan Clarkson and that is a legit NBA starting Point Guard.Great draft for the Lakers FO.

          • Marcus Franco

            Yeah I saw that, I got surprised that they took too long to draft Rodney Hood, I watched a lot of his game and he was really good, i thought he would be at least 15 but like you said he was drafted by a great franchise… I’m actually surprised about this Jordan, he avg almost 18 ppg and was second round, he could be our Ginobili I hope.

          • TeddyOrwell

            Yeah, it is a shame Clarkson slipped to the second round. But he ended up right where he should be, so it’s fine by me.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            When Jordan Clarkson was at Tulsa before his transfer to Missouri he shot 37.4 % from 3 point range.We need him to get back to that type of 3 point shooting.He has a 2.7 turnover rate while playing big minutes and handling the ball the whole time playing 35 minutes a game his last season at Missouri.Well Marcus Smart turns it over 3 times a game more than Jordan Clarkson.I love this pick a second round steal guaranteed.

          • Marcus Franco

            Awesome, finally Mitch and Jim did a good move.. I will only disagree on bring back the type of 3 point shooting, D’antoni was a totaly nightmare over the past 2 years haha.. Still, if he can contribute like a big man for sure will be a huge step forward on rebuild process

          • Laker Lifer

            I’m concerned about the Lakers Center and Small Forward position also our bench. Your take?

      • LakersHeatBeef

        We got our Point Guard yes Jordan Clarkson.Any other year he is top 20 in any draft slipped to the second round wow another great Nick Van Excel or Goran Dragic type selection i love Jordan he is a tough dude with the heart of a champion much like Shabazz Napier.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I don’t mind having them… but we need a vet at the PG position right now… Lowry, Bledsoe, or Colison/Livingstone.. they are available.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        $$$$$$$$$$$ might be a problem that’s my only fear plus they might be picky about choosing us in free agency,you know how the NBA is now hating on the Lakers more than ever.Thanks BSPN!

  • independentbynature

    Byron will be his coach,so he would know.

  • Lakers4Life

    lol Byron Scott needs to take a chill pill – he talks as if he’s already the coach as an ex-Laker, but his credentials don’t add up to it. We all know the Lakers won’t make another mistake at the head coaching level this time.

    • independentbynature

      Scott will be the next coach.Too bad if you don’t like it…..

      • Lkrpwr

        He sucks…..

        • independentbynature

          More likely you do…..

          • Jim213

            Lol, would Scott approve of Melo joining the Lakers?

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            Probably not, but he’ll say all the right things. After the Randle pick, I’d be okay with bringing in Melo. The toughness and heart of Kobe + Randle will more than make up for Melo’s lack thereof.

      • nlruizjr

        absolutely, the writing is on the wall, however I would like to see Hollins as BScott’s defensive coach or M. Cooper.

    • Marcus Franco

      He talks like he’s the coach already… Maybe he’s waiting Mitch to announce him

      • MrPoNoMo

        Or maybe he talks like an Analyst..that is his current job, ya’ know

    • independentbynature

      Pretty desperate how you keep giving yourself thumbs up.One as yourself and another as a guest.

    • V.lawrence

      I totally agree. I think Lionel Hollins would be a better choice.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Hasn’t he had three interviews already? Pretty sure the job is his.

  • A Fan

    Looks like all they have to do now is look for a Starting PG and SF. Forget K. Love, re-sign Hill and Pau plus having young guys like Randle, Kelly, and even Sacre for spot minutes would give LA solid frontcourt rotation for both the present and future

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      And almost no defense in the front court aside from Hill…

      • Jim213

        Hill won’t return unless it’s for $5+ mil.

    • TheTruthKills

      Going by your plan it’s a good thing our pick next year is top 5 protected. Maybe we’ll luck up and get Jahlil Okafor.


    Well of course, we don’t have many other options. LOL

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Right. His likely competition is Kelly and Hill.

      • DKWTTY

        I like Hill coming off the bench better anyway with all the young guys.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    If Randle draws comparisons to ZBo, wonder if Hollins gains more ground as a coach.

    • vdogg

      you would have to think so.

  • TheTruthKills

    It’s not like we have a choice.

  • Ed Mo

    i was watching Randle this year an this guys is gonna be special player so stop ha

  • Marcus Franco

    Adrian Wojnarowski



    56 seg

    Lakers select Jordan Clarkson via Washington, sources say.

    What team will that pick go ?

    • independentbynature

      He’s a keeper…..

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes absolutely a major steal for the Lakers FO.We did great tonight.

  • Lkrpwr

    In particular, Randle turned heads when upping his competitiveness in a game of one-on-one against Lakers assistant coach Mark Madsen,

    Scary…this is how we evaluate talent……

    • keenanjen

      What’s wrong with that?

  • Jan Rey

    A shooter named Travis Bader went undrafted right? Lets get him!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Bill Simmons is praising the Lakers for having a great draft.Wow the Celtics lover is in love with Julius Randle and he thinks we did great.

    Marcus Smart is a great pick for the hated Celtics.They also got James Young bastards.Both team had great for what they wanted to do.

    You know you did something right when Lakers Hater Bill Simmons praises the Lakers draft and gushes over the players they drafted.Lakers FO A+

    • Jim213

      Let’s not blow it out of proportion (no diss). B-/IMO, could’ve bought a
      first rounder or done orchestrated something to draft earlier (2nd
      rnd). Means that Rondo will likely be on the chopping block but IMO
      Rondo would offer the team more than what Smart can in the long term.

      But who cares about the Celts tho Simmons is annoying as heck given his delusional opinions seeming
      as he knows more than the player analysts, former coaches, or people
      that worked atop (FO).

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Julius Randle, Nick Young, Xavier Henry, Jordan Hill, Jordan Farmar, Jodie Meeks, Ryan Kelly, Robert Sacre, we need a better point guard, isaiah thomas or bledsoe, and for addition gordon hayward

    • nash gots to go

      too many of last years scrubs back on the team, they gots to go.

  • Dennis Morgan

    Randle was a good pick. If Byron is the Lakers choice for coach I believe they should grab Andrew Bynum on the cheap, and see if they can get his mindset corrected. He could be a dominant force in the middle, with Randle at PF. Pau could also play Center and PF and not be so worn down by playoff time.

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    Pau, Kobe, Randle, Isaiah Thomas, meeks, for first five second five, jordan hill, nick young, farmar, xavier henry, hayward

  • Ezekiel E. Chavez

    isaiah, greg monroe, kobe,, randle, young

  • DDub

    Anyone can see he was picked to start,anybody that was picked by the Lakers at number 7,with what they have now, was going to be expected to start if they chose smart, if available, he was going to start! Cone on coach Scott tell us something we don’t know because most everyone expect Randle to start. Duh?!

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