Lakers News: Bryant’s Parents Say Kobe Lied About Memorabilia Claims

Lakers News: Bryant’s Parents Say Kobe Lied About Memorabilia Claims


Kobe BryantKobe Bryant is dealing with a very serious Achilles injury, but that is not the only thing he is worrying about this off-season.

Bryant and his mother, Pamela, are battling it out in court over memorabilia which spans Kobe’s entire basketball career. Kobe is trying to stop his mother from selling his merchandise as he insisted she never got permission to do so. The collection includes awards, game worn jerseys and other valuable items.

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However, Mark Medina writes that Kobe’s mother and father claim that their son and his wife lied in their statements regarding the memorabilia.

In a declaration filed in federal court in Camden Monday, Pamela insisted sworn statements from Kobe and his wife, Vanessa, “contained many false statements.” That included Kobe’s account of a May 2 phone conversation, in which she allegedly agreed he had never told her she could have his belongings.

Pamela denies the May 2 conversation, adding another interesting turn in this mother and son court issue. Kobe’s father, Joe, and his grandmother, Mildred Cox, are supporting Pamela and say Kobe and Vanessa never had interest in the collection. His father claims that Kobe did not want to take the memorabilia and bring it to his home in California.

This case seems like it will drag on for quite some time and will add more tension to an already busy summer for Kobe Bryant.


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  • penny125

    I think the whole thing is horrible. The only people who know the truth are now saying that it didn’t happened that way. I feel as if kobe worked for the items and maybe should have them back. He has given his parents millions so he says, and I’m sure he’s done the same for Vanessa’s family. Don’t discuss how many millions you’ve given to your mom. Maybe she feels slighted since Vanessa’s family has come into the picture and according to articles kobe ,bailed them out of there financial woes. We are only hearing their side and then there’s the truth. I hope they can get pass all of this you only have one mother and one father. I don’t know if it’s true or not but Vanessa was said to have given her mother one of the mansions from her supposedly divorce agreement. If that’s true maybe Mrs. Pamela Bryant felt slighted. How many homes does her mother have? I’m sure this stems from something other than just this one incident. I will be praying for a healing between Kobe, his mother Pamela, and his father.

    God Bless