Lakers News: Blake Trade Made To ‘Free Up’ Time For Farmar, Marshall Reviewed by Momizat on . At one point in the season, the Los Angeles Lakers didn't have any point guards and relied on Kobe Bryant and Xavier Henry until they found themselves on the in At one point in the season, the Los Angeles Lakers didn't have any point guards and relied on Kobe Bryant and Xavier Henry until they found themselves on the in Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Blake Trade Made To ‘Free Up’ Time For Farmar, Marshall

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At one point in the season, the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t have any point guards and relied on Kobe Bryant and Xavier Henry until they found themselves on the injury list as well. With most of the backcourt decimated by injuries, the Lakers took a chance on Kendall Marshall.

Despite being a 2012 lottery pick, Marshall was waived by the Phoenix Suns and found himself in the D-League. When he finally got an opportunity to play, Marshall quickly became a steal for the Lakers.

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With Marshall averaging 10.7 points and 9.8 assists, GM Mitch Kupchak says he wanted to free up more time for the up-and-comer and veteran Jordan Farmar by trading Steve Blake according to Kevin Ding of Bleacher Report:

With Nash day-to-day with another injury, this will give the Lakers time to evaluate the point guard position moving forward. Although the team is headed for the lottery, the final 28 games will help the Lakers determine if they have strong depth at the point guard position or if they need to acquire another player through the draft or free agency.

Although it is disappointing to see Blake go when he was having his best season, the focus for the organization is to see which players they want to bring back next season.

With most of the players on one-year deals, it’ll be interesting to see what the plan is for these Lakers.
Lakers Trade Steve Blake To Golden State Warriors For Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks

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  • ra

    Really?? Free up time? What a horrible thing to say. Sounds more like a coaching deficiency. A good coach manages playing time well, right? So, if Blake is playing well, they want to keep him in (playing), rather than give others playing time who deserve it – do they mean players who play well and should be playing? Do they want to test to see who plays well, or not? That’s ‘coach – GM’ territory. Why are they deciding this now?

    With new players, they can easily limit their playing time (since they’re new), so that others (Farmar?) can play (??). Really?? (I say it again).

    Recall that Blake was out for a while. Did he earn his spot back after the others (who deserved playing time) had a chance to play?

    Lousy thing to say. Cop out. & doesn’t make sense.

    C’mon man.

    • Daryl Peek

      Who accounts for more wins Blake or Marshall?

      A good coach will give the Pt to the players who gives you the best chance to win regardless of stats. So it absolutely makes sense. This was the same with D. Fish and Sessions.

      • ra

        Did D’Antoni (as a good coach) ask for Blake to be cut to give Marshall more playing time? He was ‘surprised’ that Blake was cut, right?

        And, ‘cutting a player’ for that reason? Giving them ‘less playing time’, or ‘being strategic about their playing time’ is a coaching decision.

        Blake was ‘key’ in many games, and kept the Lakers competitive in several games this year.

        This was clearly an ‘excuse’.

        • Daryl Peek

          Neither of us knows 100% who made the call on the Blake trade. I’m more inclined to believe it was done without MDA’s knowledge. MDA wears his emotions on his sleeve too much to be that slight of hand like Phil was.

          Therefore it is absolutely no excuse IMO. The FO decided to move Blake to give Marshall a chance the same way they did Fisher for Sessions. The FO gives the HC the ability to put who he feels is best suited on the floor to win games.

          MDA and Brown were loyal to Blake and Fisher. The team was also. To keep from having a conflict they moved both taking the future grooming conflict out of the coaches hand, the way I see it in both instances.

          Neither Brown or MDA had full roster consultation like Phil did and part of the reason for that is the need for financial flexibility right now. That coupled with the non full confidence factor between Mitch and the other head coaches.

          As Dr. Buss said when West retired, Phil would have a stronger say in roster moves working with Kupchak. Brown and MDA were and are not that ingrained in the trust.

    • Shannon

      Mitch is making excuses for the mess he has made.

      Nash can barely walk and now we only have Farmar(also injured often) and Marshall? Then when we’re back down to 7 or so players they’ll be scrambling around again looking for a replacement but then again that’s probably what they want-lose as many games as possible.

    • Chrmngblly


  • Jason Carlton

    Garbage move. #ThanksDantoni is the new #ThanksObama

  • Shannon

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Who does Mitch think he’s fooling? Everyone has been injured! There never was any logjam at the PG spot for them to need to “free up” playing time. I really think Mitch is losing it. God help us.

    • Jim213

      • Shannon

        LMAO! That is classic. That and the “they will pay for their basketball reasons”. I needed that laugh, thanks.

  • Free Pau

    lol @ the free up time excuse. just come out and say we’re tanking for good so at least we have a better sense of where we’re going with this team.

    what is up with the half ass move of trading blake but not kaman, hill, and gasol before the trade deadline?

    there’s no shame in saying we’re going to tank.

    Stop trying to appease both sides. it makes the lakers look indecisive. you know where indecisive gets you in the NBA? a .500 ball club for next 10 years. LAWL

  • iDontCare

    I’m very dissapointed. People always hated on Blake and now they miss him.

    • Jim213

      It’s FOs inability to get anything done, D- for their ineptness as they can’t get anything done which their past track record shows.

  • Terrence

    They need to tweak and work on Kendall Marshall’s shot in the offseason. He’s getting by right now I guess, but his style won’t be dependable moving forward.


    Except for evaluating talent/chemistry, nothing really matters any more for the Lakers this year, so why not allow Blake to be relevant for a while longer somewhere else…
    For the Lakers, this trade is a non-factor regarding next year’s roster, just as it would have been if Blake would have stayed… There are only 28 games left and they are all about evaluation, period.

    • Chrmngblly

      Correct-a-mundo. Take a look at these two young guys Mitch got us though. They are odd-ball, non-fits with other teams that have skills and talent, were drafted fairly high, but never stuck. We couldn’t have gotten better guys with the picks we have for this coming draft. It cut a little cap space and Blake is on a contender. It seems like a good deal for all.

      I just wish we could have traded Nash over on a washed-up, older, chronically injured player with no chance of doing an ounce of good for the Lakers—sort of like an “even exchange”. I would rather look at someone else ride the pine for the second half of the season.

      Sorry, I was dreaming. Good job to Mitch, though. I think we got a couple possibles with those two new guys. But I agree with the rest of you that I wish we had come up with a miracle trade for Hill or Kaman. I still like Hill though. Kaman can go back to his off-season job of selling shoes at Target anytime.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I love how Kendall Marshall gets 20 points and 16 assists last night and Mitch comes out with this statement a day later.Obviously we are rebuilding and getting rid of old players like Steve Blake and we are going with a 22 year old and a 27 year old as the Point Guards getting the big minutes.Yes this is rebuilding at it’s finest and i can’t disagree with Mitch on this philosophy.Player development is the key to the future,Kendall Marshall has really impressed me this season.Kendall is a great passer and he is making his 3 pointers all the time.Go Lakers!

    • Gregory Choa

      I concur – hate to see Blake go, because he was a warrior and a true floor leader for this team through and through, but with Marshall’s emergence, and with Farmar also essentially in the fold, it was the perfect time to make this move – both with respect to Blake and to the Lakers’ quasi-rebuilding plan.

  • quickster007

    if they want to free up some time how about getting rid of Steve Nash.

    • Jim213

      Best BUSINESS move is to stretch provision Nash. Notice I’m not saying
      he should retire b/c the same circumstance will repeat itself next
      season Thus have to place the pressure on inept FO. However, FO better
      not use that excuse ‘what would Dr. Buss do?’ If you can’t run a top franchise business the right way best to step aside.

      The stretch provision would help to sign some 2nd unit which include
      Farmar (if healthy), J Hill, X Henry, and Meeks But it looks like D
      league signings will continue for awhile since they failed in acquiring
      picks which goes for 2nd rounders.

      • LakersB4All

        Dude, I seriously don’t wanna hear you say anything good about the FO after they get us back on our feet. Not after this infinitely repetitive use of the word inept. Give it a rest

        • Jim213

          Think of it more as a motivator but check out the other sites who take it to extreme heights.

  • lakersoul

    Ugh, Mitch’s comment is awful. Marshall fans dont get your hopes up. Ever since Lakers acquired him its been TANK MODE. Thats his purpose and hes GREAT at helping Lakers tank.

    • X

      Why singled him out? Basketball is a team sport. How about the other players who can neither defend nor score? How many times Kendall made great passes and the other players failed to score.

      Give him a break, he’s only 22 and got plenty of time to improve. Just look at his stats, he is the most improved player in the league right now. He’ll get better at defending next season.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    I believe it was Golden State who wanted Blake as a backup for Curry. Farmar is currently injured, and Marshal is unproven. For a team that wants to contend deep into the playoff, Blake’s experience and heady plays can do so much for the team. Hence Blake was the logical choice of GS.

    Looking at the talent we got back… I thought this trade got us better talent and also youth for next season aside from shedding tax penalty.

  • Qing Zhang

    From all the comments I see there are only few people willing to accept the fact that Lakers is hoping for a better near future. Why is trading Blake for 2 young players a bad move? This is a excellent move. Lakers are done this season, trade a expiring contract for two chance of finding a diamond in the rough is worth it. Even if they don’t find the diamond, they would not be wasting Blake’s talent for a non-factor team. If Lakers are going to the lottery, might as well get a chance at a top pick. I see a bunch spoiled fans unable to accept the fact that their team is rebuilding, that every other team went thru the same process. Stop find someone to blame, accept failure and look forward.

  • RMS

    D’Antoni is either inarticulate or dishonest, or both. There are a perfectly good reasons to trade Blake.

    First, it helps with the cap space. Even if the Lakers keep both of the new guys, they net about 2 mil. If they keep only one, they net about 3 mil.

    Second, it makes signing Nick Young easier next year. Remember, Farmar and Young are friends. Trading Blake makes Farmar’s job more secure. If Farmar stays, Young may stay also even if the money is not too good. The Lakers do not want to get in a bidding war, having to pay 5 mil plus to keep Young.
    Avoiding that bidding war is worth another mil or two.

    Third, it helps the Lakers tank. Neither the FO or the HC will admit it, but they are in tank mode now.

    Fourth, Blake is too old for the next championship run. He is 33 now. He will be 35 when the next reasonable chance comes around. ( And the Lakers are slowly learning the error of depending upon aging point guards. )

    Yes, I mean that next year, when Blake is 34, will not be a championship year. Even if the Lakers get a Parker or Embiid, that new player will not make his best contribution in his first year. Also, Love will not be joining in time for next year.

    So the Lakers look at 2015/16. They weigh the chances that a 35-year old Blake will be an uninjured, productive player through the whole year and through the playoffs. They compare that to the possibility that Marshall or Brooks or Bazemore will have matured into a player of Blake’s caliber who can make the playoff run.

    And the picture gets even better for the Lakers in 2016/17. Blake will be 36, but Marshall, Brooks, and Bazemore will all be in their twenties. Only one of the three has to come through for the Lakers to make this a smart trade.

  • Kay Carter

    Defensively blake is better than Marshall, but lets be honest here

    Marshall stats now are better than blakes whole career stats lol, with just his 2nd year as a pro….K M is better passer, better 3 point shooter( which is ironic bkuz blake is actually known for his 3 than marshall, who is known for only passing), averaging more points, Fg% and rebounds, blake is only better in steals, blocks nd FT% (KM is young nd still have time to improve on those #’s, i’ll like him to improve on steals and FT %…..especially steals since im a defensive minded person)

    Anybody who dont see this kid’s potential is a fool nd anybody who says it’s cause of tha MDA system is also a fool….look at his numbers from UNC, he is our future

    MDA is dumb to not start Marshall over Farmer smh but it’s MDA so i dont expect nun less from him, hopefully Marshall get his #5 jersey # since blake is gone, cant wait to get myself one

  • Lakers4Life

    Get rid of that stupid coach Dumbtoni, period.

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