Lakers News: Antawn Jamison to Primarily Play Small Forward

Lakers News: Antawn Jamison to Primarily Play Small Forward


The signing of Antawn Jamison was just one of many under the radar, off-season moves, with the potential to have a serious impact. As a forward with the the ability to play at both the small and power positions, Jamison’s effectiveness off the bench will play a role in the success of this Lakers team.

Over the course of the first two pre-season games, Jamison has seen looks at both the three and four positions. Wednesday night, it seemed like Jamison would be gravitating towards the four with Jordan Hill out with a back injury. However, the potential 6th man of the year, was also taking outside shots (2-7).

At practice on Thursday, Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters asked head coach Mike Brown if he saw Jamison as more effective at the three or the four spot.

“Small forward, but he’ll play some four and Jordan’s out so this is a great opportunity to get him a look at the four too.”

With 28 minutes on the floor in Wednesday night’s game, Jamison still wasn’t looking as comfortable as expected on the offensive end. He did dominate the boards, leading the Lakers with seven. In Monday night’s loss to the Golden State Warriors, Jamison went 1 for 4 with four defensive rebounds.

Jamison will be expected to rack up even more minutes if Jordan Hill is out for Saturday night’s game against the Utah Jazz.


In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 of our exclusive interview with Mychal Thompson.

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  • Terrence

    Cute little red dress.

  • Vince Tran

    Bad move Mike. Jamison is too slow on defense to play the 3. Rather seem him at the four! 

  • Joelsky

    as I check the scores of pre-season games on other teams i noticed that almost all of their bench players( 5-6 players) were scoring ( like Heat, NYK,WAS, PHIL, Magic etc..) but how come our bench scoring for the previous two games I only see 3-4 players making it. Is Laker bench been upgraded? I don’t think so. We need to do something or else we’re in trouble.

    • RealisticLALFan

       I don’t agree with Brown’s movement of Jamison to the three, he’s really slow with his defense, bad move Brown.

    • Vince Tran

      I think it’s because it’s preseason and the rotations aren’t set yet. Mike Brown is just trying guys to see if they have potential to make the roster. CDR looking like he’s going to take the spot of Andrew Goudelock! 

  • Da Prince

    More reason why this guy needs to get fired…Ebanks should be obligated to play the 3. Jamison can’t defend Durant and those smttt