Lakers News: Andrew Bynum Says Changes May Come After Road Trip

Lakers News: Andrew Bynum Says Changes May Come After Road Trip


Despite winning two consecutive games over the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Charlotte Bobcats, the Lakers have had their fair share of trouble this season. Whether it’s difficulties on the road or their problems on offense, the Lakers don’t look like the dominant team we’ve seen in the past.

This has caused plenty of speculation to surface that the team may be looking to land a big player via trade. After the botched Chris Paul fiasco last December, it’s obvious the team is looking to make a move.

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Now, center Andrew Bynum has stated that he believes the team may make a move following their season-long, six-game road trip. According to an interview with Bynum done by ESPN, the Laker big man – and first time All-Star, said how the team performs on the road will determine whether moves are made.

“If we do well on this, then we’ll be the team we need to be. If we don’t, then they might start looking around.”

As the season progresses it becomes more and more obvious that the Lakers won’t be able to win a championship with the team they have right now. For a city and a fanbase that demands a title every single year that might be a problem.

Still, beyond the disappointment of the fans, the Lakers can’t afford to waste the remaining years of Kobe Bryant’s career. Bryant has been playing particularly well this season, and is remarkably still playing at a high level. The Lakers may be able to squeeze another championship out of Bryant’s rapidly ailing body before he calls it a career, but will need some help to do so.

  • carlos jojo

    Goudelock “mini-mamba” has been playing really well.  Lakers need another big man to back up Andrew because obviously Pao cannot fill this position.  Leave Pao at the No.4 spot with McRambis (McRoberts) as sub.  Bynum needs a reliever big man at the No. 5.

  • LakerLyle

    Deron Williams
    Kobe Bryant
    Metta World Peace
    Kevin Love
    Dwight Howard

    Championship for the Lakers!

  • Judi0013

    I think Dustin Barerra and Mike Weber said it all……………………THANKS GUYS !

  • Bruce Butterbean Jones

    A productive point guard will turn this team around hands down.  I say get Steve Nash who still make players better.  Also someone who can come off the bench as a Mo Williams to give you some instant offense.  Our bench is horrible.  Look at the stats of the games except against the Bobcats and see points scored off the bench.