Lakers News: Andrew Bynum Delivers A Low Blow To Lakers Fans Reviewed by Momizat on . Andrew Bynum spent seven seasons with the purple and gold, including back-to-back championship seasons, before being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in a four- Andrew Bynum spent seven seasons with the purple and gold, including back-to-back championship seasons, before being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in a four- Rating:
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Lakers News: Andrew Bynum Delivers A Low Blow To Lakers Fans

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BynumDraftAndrew Bynum spent seven seasons with the purple and gold, including back-to-back championship seasons, before being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers in a four-team deal, which sent Dwight Howard to the Lakers. Apparently though, in those seven seasons as a center for the most storied organization in the NBA, winning two NBA Championship rings wasn’t enough for the young man to feel like he was in a city that supported him, according to Access Cavaliers.

“I just know that they’re really, really passionate,” Bynum told Access Cavaliers via NBA.com of the fan base after being introduced in Cleveland. “And I haven’t had the opportunity to play for a city that is really just gonna stand up and really support the team, I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see what it’s like.”

Bynum must have either forgotten about those seven seasons in Los Angeles or still hasn’t been able to get past the nature of the business, which sent him packing in a blockbuster trade. After the Lakers traded Bynum, he did not play in a single game for the Philadelphia 76ers, citing knee problems, before signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this month. His comments shouldn’t come as a huge surprise though, as just last year, in his introductory press conference for the Sixers, he described the fan support as something he had never seen. Then again, in that same conference, the young center also said he was leaning towards making Philly his home. The Sheraton Hotel near his residence, where he frequented for dinner, was more of a home than the Wells Fargo Center ever became.

Clearly, Bynum isn’t the only to share these sentiments as of late. Dwight Howard, the most recent to leave the city of L.A. behind experienced similar feelings. In an interview with ESPN 710 Radio on the Mason & Ireland Show, Steve Nash described it like this:

“I think it kind of basically goes with what [Dwight] said to the media that he never quite felt embraced in L.A. He never quite felt supported. That’s basically it.”

Not feeling supported seems to be a common theme of big men who leave Los Angeles. Howard though, didn’t experience back-to-back championships or seven years of fan and city support. Sure, the going wasn’t always peachy for Bynum, but to say he didn’t experience fan support is an absolute insult to the Lakers community, even if he was trying to win the hearts of Cleveland fans.


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  • lorenzo

    honestly our crowd isnt as loud or rowdy as a sold out cleveland game. as far as support…idk

  • Rico

    I never liked Bymun anyway he is damaged goods with his bum knee that can give out anytime in Cleveland Lakers will still be the best with or without him he can take a page outta Dwight Coward book and try to trash us but we still the best and 1 of the most popular fan base ever thank you we love haters like you it makes us fans more determined to support Kobe and our team

  • anthony

    HIs just mad cuz the mighty LAKERS traded his sorry a*%…

    • Eddie Lazaro

      I guess back to zero on that exchange.

  • 3339

    I swear I remember Bynum talking about how great the fans were at the championship parades, so this is a surprise. get your story straight bro. lol

    • Eddie Lazaro

      Dessert CLOWN, here’s your other brother, another Giant Chameleon! now TROLLING.

  • Jim213

    TELL THAT TO THE 76ERS!…LOL Making free money half of your career and still complaining?…

    • Jim213

      Serena Winters Tweet:

      To whoever posted the Andrew Bynum Chia Pet photo as a comment on my article, thank you for the laughs…

      He is I and I am him… Jim213… Good humor is a good way to relieve stress…

      However, what’s up with the article repost’s from other writers?

  • Laker J

    Bumnum got plenty of support from Lakers fans, many defended him through his antics and light hearted dedication to his career. Let’s not forget that this is the guy that once postponed knee surgery to attend the world cup. He has made the most money as a Laker, had Jim Buss’ full backing, and is a two time world champion. Nevertheless, Cleveland would only guarantee 6M out of his 24M dollar contract. Andrew, you have to be on the court to know what is like for fans to support the team!

  • vdogg

    it’s just the hurt talking. andrew should focus on getting on the court and staying on the court instead of throwing jabs at the fanbases of his former teams. bynum basically stole 17 million dollars from the sixers last year. shut up, work hard, be humble and perform. the rest will take care of itself.

    • Jim213


    • Eddie Lazaro


  • Al

    Fuck this motherfucker we made him who he is. We drafted him and sculped him into an elite center. Do you think anyone would know this guy without LA. Despite his immaturity and complete and utter disrespect to Kareem i still respected Bynum and he was a favorite of mine. Until now. He needs to get over the fact that the lakers traded him and move on you big bowling, salsa dancing,injury prone, BABY!!!! … grow up!!!!!

  • Me

    The late great Dr. Jerry Buss spoiled us with have only the best team out there contending and winning championships. We’re sorry Bynum if you felt that the Lakers Nation fan base didn’t support you, but maybe if you played a full season without being on the bench most of the time….than maybe we would have supported you more. The only thing positive I will say about Bynum is that he really wanted to be a Laker and didn’t back down from the pressure. Not like Dwight Coward who ran at the first chance he got!!! But as Magic Johnson said “it is a privilege to be a Laker”, and only true Laker fans show their support. To all this who keep saying the Lakers will not be contenders this upcoming season like that “turrible” analyst Charles Barkley, they keep forgetting that we have Nash, Gasol, and the Black Mamba!!!!

  • Islesteelr

    Hey Bynum….. The minute you screw with our Beloved Team , with your antics, take a hike! You had basically one good year with Us and u thought your Sh*t smelled like Christmas!! With your apathetic attitude towards anything that coulda made you better! So take your Granny knees, and your obvious “I’m lashing out at my Mom” Hairdo and………. Have a good Day??

  • timmy

    truth is I think us Lakers Fans or truely spoiled…when always had a winning team so when we ain’t winning we start dissing our own players

  • Robert Hopfer

    Hey Bynum, want to go bowling? Ohhh never mind, you might blow out another knee

  • John

    He is just bitter man. He never got the same treatment Kobe had back when Kobe was the up and coming star for the Lakers. Maybe he was hoping for the same things but never got it. Instead, they opted for Kobe rather than a young, busted knees Bynum.

    Wait, who shot a three and said he was trying to expand his game? Oh yeah, oh yeah, ol’ busted knees here. Bitter Bynum. Poor guy.

  • Ne0

    When Lakers got those 2 rings, Byrum was not even playing the final.

  • Guest

    They get paid millions of dollars to throw around a basketball, playing about 35 mins a game or less, and the rest of the time you get to work out and party. They sound really pathetic saying they are upset that a bunch of strangers didn’t support them. Bynum was supported more than Dwight.

  • DM

    That is true though, that’s because we only support real talent that’s why u got traded man. :SMH

  • ra

    I think maybe Bynum needs a ‘small market team’, similar to what DH needs. LA and NY and even Philly are bigger places. He would, for example, do well in OKC – small town folks who have an NBA class basketball team to cheer for, and a place he can be a big fish.

    As a Laker fan, I totally appreciated what Bynum did for us. Yes, he helped bring us 2 championships. I’m sure the Lakers fans were very vocal, especially in the Finals. He helped us beat the Celtics – our arch-enemies. That is a lot of ‘good’ stock for us here in Laker-land. Hardcore fans ‘know’ what it’s like to defeat the evil green Leprechaun.

    I was actually upset that he was injured in 2008 – we would have beaten the Celtics then, too. And what really sucks is that the friggin’ media never talks about that. Our beloved Lakers were a little ‘crippled’ in that Finals series (including not having Ariza), and yet everyone acted like the Celtics were a superior team. On paper, we would have beaten them.

    Anyway, Bynum was a key player those years, so perhaps he deserves a small market team, and can be the big kahuna there.

    (Chances are – he was bitter that LA shipped him off last year, and the fans didn’t squawk about it – we embraced DH (initially) rather than raise a ruckus about losing Bynum – maybe that hurt)

  • quickster007

    The reason you didn’t see any passionate Lakers fans because you were to busy going to the doctors office. The only thing your good at is collecting a paycheck. You have one season that you were decent but you got hurt again. He has to suck up to the Cavs. Cavalier fans good luck ask Bynum if he can play a season without getting injured. If not, you guys should ask for your money back. Good Riddance Cash Collecting Clown. Oh, I think he just injure his knee again. Damn! can this guy stay healthy at all.

  • richard

    I would agree a little bit about what he said regarding the fans support. LAL fans are not the rowdiest, nor the noisiest, nor the most passionate of fans in the NBA. I guess this is due to the fact that we have been contenders decade after decade. And we expect our team to be in the championships every year and look at the regular season as just the preparation for the big tournament, which is the playoffs. Other cities are just happy they have a team to cheer for. That’s the glaring difference. We demand too much out of our players.

    Oh and by the way, in the 2 championships that Bynum was involved in – 2009 and 2010, he barely played… So, I don’t think he should get much credit for it more than being able to play a few games during the regular season.

    • Jim213

      I don’t think that LA fans demand too much it’s more like we’re used to having solid teams that play cohesively. Thus, we demand players bring their A games given that though some players may not be franchise players we still know those that put the effort to help us achieve our goals. Ex. Farmar, MWP, Eddie Jones, Vlade Divac and all the other players that compete every given night to help the team whether defensively or offensively.

      • richard

        Jim… I have been to other team’s blog(and I believe you as well have been to them) and there is nothing like LAL fans as far as demanding excellence and production from players. We are never satisfied with just being in the playoffs, I think that is reflective of how the whole team from the Buss family, to the Management, Coaches, players, and staffs approaches every season.

        • Jim213

          Agree, this is why the haters always talk trash believing that we’ve big ego’s when it’s really about placing the best possible team on the floor to get us in those types of situations.

          I could only imagine if dumb Stern would’ve stayed out of the CP3 deal and disregarded the other cry baby owners. Man what team would we have today? Them hater owners are also laughing all the way to the bank too as the following season’s revenue sharing for the Lakers will rise to $50- 80 mil given that we’re one of the top money making franchises.

          That’s like having a double salary cap expenditure. When all this salary cap stuff is to give the smaller cities a better shot of staying competitive as well as being able to afford/keep superstars.

          • richard

            The current CBA is a joke… it is all about the some owners now making more money than they should have. I think the whole dynamic of the lockout was that small market team owners wanted a bigger pie out of the earning of big franchises like the Lakers not the well being of the league nor the players, nor being competitive. I can’t believe the players association agreed to this travesty.

          • Jim213

            Agreed, Knicks, Lakers, Bulls, Celts, and Mavs top five but it looks like the Knicks and Lakers will be dishing out more $$ than the other teams given that they’re valued at over $1 billion… Jim Bust should’ve realized that this is more reason to have a competitive team and not settle for a mediocre one. We may be watching more clipper games than Laker games given demand and team records.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            Lakers fans are loyal and will come out to see Kobe play, but I will not say the same after he retire. This sharing is a very bad idea, benefiting the lazy, greedy (Sterling, Cuban, etc.) owners who gets the cash, but do not want to spend money in marketing their own (Clippers, Mavs, etc.) team.

          • Jim213

            I agree but I was bringing up media demand $$$ as it’s still about wins and losses.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            Got U, BTW, any update on Kurt Rambis pursue?

          • Jim213

            Not really, it looks like they’re still trying to work a deal which should help the team defensive wise too.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            Big market teams got screwed big time on that one. Why should they share earnings with teams not doing gob jobs of filling their own seats and/or not generating income to survive. they should move to a more marketable location. Lakers sell seats at Staples, wherever and (sold out) whenever they play. Teams are in charged of their marketing, and it is not big market teams fault if they are not doing a good job to generate income. The same with NBA is not responsible if US soccer league goes down or I shouldn’t be paying more taxes if my neighbors don’t want to find a job.

  • Lyle

    @Serena Winters I’m your big fan!

  • You

    He just wants to be supported even he stays a loser… that’s all.


    us fans, we support a lot more than you think but personally I support the players who engage much in the team trevor ariza eg, shanon brown, shaq, kobe​​, paul gasol, blake, farmar, jordan hill, METTA, meeks, fox, horry, ODOM, FISHER, steve nash, etc honestly i never feel it howard, bynum really love the team … i support without condition that comes and plau without condition on the court… if u play with the heart whit support with the heart.. point… sorry

  • Ronald Mitchell

    Bynum is happy to get away from the Lakers. He wanted out 2 years ago before the trade and would have left if the Lakers had not traded him. The problem was the Lakers traded him to Philly not his destination of choice, He wanted to get away from Kobe, just like Dwight Howard. Bynum is where he wanted to be (Cleveland) before the trade Howard is where he wants to be (Houston) before the trade.

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