Lakers News And Rumors: Team To Pursue LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] Over the past two days, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have decided to opt-out of their contracts to become unrestricted free agent [new_royalslider id="298"] Over the past two days, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have decided to opt-out of their contracts to become unrestricted free agent Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Team To Pursue LeBron James And Carmelo Anthony?

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Over the past two days, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have decided to opt-out of their contracts to become unrestricted free agents on July 1. With the Los Angeles Lakers having cap room, they are expected to pursue both All-Star forwards.

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Beginning July 1, the Lakers are among the teams that expect to have the opportunity to make their pitch to Anthony. With that being said, the latest rumor has Anthony considering the Lakers if they “strengthen” the roster this summer.

As for James, the Lakers are “hopeful” to get an opportunity to talk to the four-time MVP. However, most believe he will either stay with the Miami Heat or return home to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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  • RealisticLakerFan

    I don’t see how we could sign both and have any sort of a reasonable team unless we make that trade with Philly for Thad and MCW… better yet make the trade for mcw and noel so we get a center after Pau walks

    • Tune

      I don’t think we are expecting to get both, but instead go after them both in hopes of getting one. If we could pull off the trade that’d be strong. Kaman/Young/LBJ/Kobe/MCW with Nick Young, Meeks, Kmarsh, Sacre, and Hill coming off the bench would be a contending team. This is an extreme reach though honestly, and we’d definitely have to go over cap, but I can definitely see the Lakers being willing to go over the cap to contend. The amount of revenue they could produce by doing this would be substantial.

    • Timmy Chong

      we should of got rid of pau years ago, now we get nothing in return when he leaves. Love him, but wow. Horrible decision by the FO particularly jimmy buss.

      but that nixed CP3 deal was the start of it all

  • robert

    Melo and Kobe are close friend. They can work it out, but adding LeBron will be just a mess because of Kobe/Lebron comparison

    • Tune

      It doesn’t matter what the fans/media says when making business decisions like this. If you can get LBJ without literally destroying your team, you take him.


      Oh yea that would be a Big mess Melo/Lebron/Kobe..Didn’t look that way on the USA team..The things that come out of your mouths is just pathetic.

      • DKWTTY

        That’s a lovely dream that we’d all love but there’s 0% this ever happens. Melo maybe, all three together? Never.

        • ROCKNROB

          Hey I don’t dream,Not a dreamer,What ever happens,happens..

      • KB24

        Replace melo with love

    • Timmy Chong

      you know nothing about basketball. what the hell are you talking about, they’re going to destroy chemistry because of egos? Lebron needs a closer and he’ll get that in kobe. Kobe needs someone that can relieve some pressure in the perimeter spots. Kobe has been taking the offensive and defensive load well into his 30s. Artest helped which led kobe to play that mid-field type of defense, although it wasn’t efficient 100% of the time, but dude was literally guarding the paint and it was easier to double and help defense. he has no knees, having lebron come and guard the best opposing player is going to help a lot.

  • Silo Silo

    Misleading article title. It makes it seem as we are pursing both for sure. Lebron can stay home with his 2 for 5 win ratio.

    • Timmy Chong

      we are, its a business. regardless of little chance there is, any team with space is going to inquire, even if its a courtesy call. i wouldn’t count out getting both, they will go over all possible scenarios, even the unlikely ones.

      with that said i dont like lebron, its going to be hard to support that mental midget, but id be force to if he comes here

  • lakerfan

    PG Marcus Smart
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Trevor Ariza
    PF Carmelo Anthony
    C Greg Monroe

    • yessir

      I like it.

    • A Fan

      Not bad. I’d prefer Lebron over Melo though

  • Nick Lakers FTW

    Crapy speculation article full of rumours and nothing concrete…


    Melo is one of my favorite players. I’d be happy if he were a Laker. He looks good in those photo-shopped pictures wearing the purp n gold! Lebron? Not so much lol. Plus his wife wants to be a movie star and I know she’d love the attention she’d get as a Lakers wife. I wouldn’t be devastated if he didn’t come to LA though.

  • Skept11

    NOPE. Forget Melo the “Jinx” & LBJ the “Hopper”. Get rid of Nash. Get Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving instead.

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      That’s more realistic there!

  • jr

    Pathetic Laker Fans!!!dream On ASHOLES!!!!

    • comrade24

      go troll somewhere else pigfucker.

  • Jamal Jerraine

    I don’t think those 2 going to the Lakers is a good idea. They’re just going to be another Miami Heat. They’re gonna get a stacked and good roster in the first season and then they’ll be collecting star players and just basically benching most of them…it’s a fucking waste. I’d rather have one of them be on the Lakers and the other would be in another team.

    • comrade24

      3 words… Kareem, Magic, Worthy.

  • Derek Clark

    Never would I want to see both Melo AND LeBron AND Kobe one the same team. I ain’t tryna become the West Coast Miami Heat. Screw that. Give me one or the other, but not both.


    Or if Smart isn’t there …

    Lowry/Kobe/Melo/Gasol/Embiid (even though he won’t play till December, that’s why you re-sign Jordan Hill and have Sacre play some solid D, and then sign Andrew Bynum for the vet min)

    • Guest

      The original Big 3

  • sena

    i think this scenario most likely happens.lebron goes to knicks and carmelo anthony goes to bulls in at this point we could trade down in darft or gumble on a player being in the draft then we will wait for one or two years for a new superstar.that could be in this draft or next draft years.but believe me we can’t get a championship for next 2 years.coz think of it from 2000 to 2010 we got 5 championships and just in 10 years.that was the biggest success for a team…nba can’t let lakers be champion for next 2 years but we could reach semi finals as i said i don’t agree with u peole.NBA can’t allow melo and LJ to come to LA.maybe kevin durant will be next laker or kevin love or irving or a new one comin’ soon.d’ u feel me??

    • Zimmeredge

      Knicks won’t be able to go after lebron. Their margin on the fa even with melo’s contrat off the book is very limited.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Even without Carmelo, the Knicks are over the cap. The only way they get Lebron is if he accepts the mini-mid level exception of about $3.5 million.

  • kiko

    i hope to happen

    • Ben

      Why? What good is a championship if we are known as the team that needed to do this just to beat Thunder, Clippers, Spurs, and EC champion?

      The last two times the Lakers tried this we lost! Nash/Dwight/Pau/Kobe and Kobe/Shaq/Malone/Payton.

      It’d be better just to have one more star, great role players, and a good coach.

      Bottom line, you can’t buy championships and be respected (see Miami Heat last four seasons). They’re going to have to work for it either way. Lakers don’t need to go down to this level.

  • kiko

    hope head coach LA Lakers

  • Hank

    The hand picked coach of LeBron James.Buyout that coach.

  • Matrix

    No matter what getting LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony is going to be very expensive.Even Kobe Bryant took a huge pay cut and signed a $10 million dollars contract.Also even if Steve Nash just retired and the money he is owed was cleared up due to his retirement signing both LeBron and Carmelo is still very expensive.How expensive some wonder,well this expensive $20,513,178 per player per season that’s roughly $41,000,000 million dollars for 2 max deals.

    Then factor in Kobe making $23,000,000 and Steve Nash making roughly $10,000,000 now you know why it’s just in the pipe dream category and not being taken seriously by anyone other than some die hard Lakers fans that want to win championships to be relevant again.And to those people saying they both will take big paycuts i highly doubt that and therefore i actually know they won’t do that.Why the hell would they play for far less money just to be on a team that won 27 games and lost 55 games just a season ago?

    Also to make far less money than injured 35 year old Kobe why would they agree to that?Then who do the Lakers FO plan on building the team around them with when they are quickly capped out?Getting rid of Steve Nash is going to cost the Lakers the seventh pick in the best draft in a few years that’s just pathetic and sad.Keeping the pick is the way to go and using stretch provision is on Steve Nash waive him already.

    So lets say for some crazy odd reason LeBron and Carmelo take discounts to play for the Lakers then this would have to happen in order to keep the rookie they draft at number 7.LeBron would have to accept a $16,500,000 contract and would need to do the same $16,500,000 and Kobe still gets his $23,000,000 then the seventh pick gets his Salary $2,895,960 also Robert Sacre gets paid his Salary 915,243 now add it all up see if it’s at or below the salary cap limit of $63,500,000?Let’s take a math test here.

    Kobe $23,000,000
    LeBron $16,500,000
    Carmelo $16,500,000
    Nash Stretch $3,000,000
    7TH Pick $2,895,960
    Sacre 915,243

    Grand Total Roughly $62,500,000 still under the salary cap.Mid Level Exception and Trade Exception from Steve Blake trade can now be used along with as many veteran minimum deals as needed to fill out a 13 man roster.It can be done but again the pay cuts?

    • LakersOverEverything

      They would technically only have to take paycuts for 2 years. They could defer the salary to where they get less now and more later. For example 16.5mil first two years, and then it goes up to 23-24mil the last 2-3 years of the contract.

  • Neil

    In order to have any chance of signing LeBron or Carmelo the Lakers must renounce the rights to every free agent on the team.We can sign back the players for the veteran minimum once LeBron and Carmelo along with the 7th pick are all signed up then we could go over the cap with the mid level exception and trade exception and the veteran minimum contracts.Kobe+LeBron+Carmeo+7TH pick is a great core of players,we will need good role players also.I have never seen the Lakers with this much salary cap space assuming they renounce all the free agents and use the stretch provision on Steve Nash waive Nash.We got this.Go Lakers!

  • GetItdone

    Why are the Lakers’ fans so concerned about the salary cap.

    The owners voted it in so that they can:

    1. charge the fans maximum on the tickets and merchandising.

    2. Under pay the rookie and super stars. (why on earth is Kobe and Joe Johnson making more in salary than Lebron?)

    This is the greedy concept made up by the owners. This hurt the fans as far as the quality of the talent that a given team puts out on the floor.

    We need the Lakers’ fans web site. This site is for the Lakers’ franchise. Anytime a comment is made that is negative against the Lakers franchise, they block it.

    On to Lebron!

    Lebron is very mad. He took aa $40 million dollar pay cut in salary to play with the Heat just for the last 4 years. Conservative figures estimate that, the Heat’s value has gone up around $500 million due to Lebron’s brand.

    Given the fact that he has generated them $540 million over the last 4 years, and they did not re-tool the roster the way he wanted it, he is done with Miami.

    The Lakers can get Lebron at full price and pay the luxury tax (that is the owner’s problem, not the fans) at full price, but the Lakers need another legitimate point guard (sorry, farmer and Nash are not going to cut it).

    I just want the Laakers’ fans to have a voice. We pay for the team’s profit. We need to decide.

    • ra

      You make some great points. The owners have hogtied the players – squeeze down their value, and squeeze out the profits. Kobe has also earned the Lakers big $$, and has recognized that he is worth at least as much as they are paying him now, if not more.

      The Heat relied on the talents of DWade and Bosh to drive the next few years of Championships. Unf., DWade fizzled, and years of playing ‘athletic ball’ (you remember, falling down 7 times, getting up 8 times) has finally taken its toll, and the Heat are a shell of their former selves. Not much hope of recovery.

      LeBron took a cut ‘just’ to win rings. He should be after $$ now, although rings would ‘up’ his brand. The other thing that would ‘up’ his brand is playing in a ‘large market’ like LA. NY is toxic. LA is an open field. Somewhere in between might work for him, don’t know.

      We all ‘know’ that a team w/ Kobe & LeBron would gather in the $$, even if they didn’t get to a Championship right away. Look at Shaq. Took a few years to get the rings, but he built up his ‘media worth’ from 1996-2000 (Kazaam !!!!). LeBron would do the same here.

      If he’s ‘altruistic’ and just re-signs with the Heat, then he’s taking a risk. If he doesn’t get any more rings in Miami, then his brand actually ‘drops’, and if he re-signs for less, he is not being a good businessman. So, I agree with you, he should be ‘done’ with Miami for now.

      And trust me, if he comes to LA, so will a gaggle of others. Everyone will want to be here. It will be slam dunk for getting FA’s to sign here. LA will be rolling.

      Kobe + LeBron. Last chance, LBJ. Kobe wouldn’t mind. He can still get rings, and get some credit for it, ok? He can’t really do it all himself anymore, with the risk of injury. Time to move forward.

  • Josh

    Contending team here

    PG- MCW / Kendall Marshall / Jordan Farmar

    SG- Kobe Bryant / Nick Young / Kent Bazemore

    SF- Lebron James / Mike Miller / Wesley Johnson

    PF- Thaddeus Young / Jordan Hill / Ryan Kelly

    C- Pau Gasol / Andrew Bynum / Robert Sacre

    To get this trade Nash and No. 7 for MCW and Thaddeus Young. Sign Lebron, Pau Gasol would obviously want to stay and would likely take a pay cut because its clearly a contending team. Why I think this would work because both players could make more passes and would move the ball alot more just because of the pure confidence in one another. THIS TEAM WOULD GET BUCKETS. We would be over the cap but I think it could be done.

    Kobe Bryant
    Picture this, Lebron with his court vision and Kobe’s killer instinct Kobe could play more off the ball. Kobe could use less of his energy and get easier buckets and still get us at leeeeeasst 20 a game. We all know Kobe can shoot that thang. With all this athleticism surrounding him with this roster he can play more of the old man basketball. Still has the best post game as far as shooting guards go in my opinion by far. Would no longer need to guard the best player on the floor either.

    Lebron James
    I know I know Leflop this bla bla.. I am a die hard Lakers fan. I know we all just want to beat him not for him and his bandwagoners to come to LA. Kobe Bryant is also much more of a shooter than Dwayne Wade ever was. Then you have a threat inside pressence in Pau that he can pass to or he can kick it out to Kobe when he drives to the basket and commands the double team.

    Pau Gasol
    Great fundamentalist not to mention one of the best passing big men in the game. A constant threat around the basket.

    Has had a great start so far I mean Rookie of the Year come on. Very quick, lanky, playing the PG spot standing at 6’6 will get boards. Under Lebron and Kobe they can kind of mold him into the PG he could be. Turn him into a more mature minded PG. Could be very good.

    Now you want a great coach? Build this and see what we attract..


    Philly will make the MCW trade to the Lakers just to get LeBron and Carmelo out of the Eastern Conference.Philly sees a better path without LeBron and Carmelo in their Conference.Lakers get MCW and Philly gets 7th pick+Nash+Sacre.

  • Lamar

    So the Lakers plan is to clear the deck completely and hold onto the ace Kobe and draw two more aces LeBron and Carmelo.Okay that will cost ya the seventh pick plus Steve Nash and Robert Sacre for a future lottery protected first round pick.Now you can pay them generously in the amount of $20,000,000 each.

    Kobe Bryant $23,000,000
    LeBron James $20,000,000
    Carmelo Anthony $20,000,000

    Salary Cap Set At $63,500,000
    Lakers Total With Kobe+LeBron+Carmelo $63,000.000

    • The_Sports_Dude

      If Dr. Buss were still alive, he’d have the balls to say, “The NBA and all these pathetic little owners want to conspire to create a CBA that targets the Lakers? Well, I just signed the most lucrative RSN deal in league history, and I’m going to use these deep pockets to shove it all up their fucking asses.” Then, he’d sign LeBron and Carmelo, convince Coach K to leave Duke, and run roughshod all over the NBA. That’s what a gambler would do, a gambler who seizes the moment when the league’s best player hits the open market.

      Instead, we have Jim Buss, who’s so paralyzed with his fear of failing and not living up to his father’s unattainable standard that he becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • GetItDone

        I agree, the Lakes need to sign, whoever they want, and pay the taxes, and take the NBA to court if they block it. The Lakers have always been above the Law. The Lakers have been above the NBA for years. . The BOOOOOOL SHEEEEET SALARY CAP WAS CREATED FOR THE PATHETIC LOOSERS GREEDY OWNERS WHO DO NOT GIVE ONE DAAAMMMMM ABOUT THE Basketball.

    • Michael Davis

      If u resign players u are allowed to go over salary cap n pay luxury tax so theoretically it could happen if we resign pau n nick y. Etc… but it wont neither lebrik or melp wants to play for the lakers

  • Jake

    Coach K. is rumored to be the one that will be the coach of this possible BIG 4 of Kobe,LeBron,Carmelo,MCW.Coach K. coached these guys during the Olympics.

    • The_Sports_Dude

      What is the source of this rumor? Twitter or Facebook?

      • Jake

        ESPN Writer and TV Personality Brian Windhorst.Sportscenter.

  • viva las vegas

    Steve Nash literally can’t play NBA basketball anymore yet he won’t retire?Conspiracy theory says he just wants to screw up all the Lakers plans as much as possible since he is a bitter Phoenix Suns player that is on the take lol.I think it’s just greed he want’s the money and he is entitled to it since he is under a valid contract.But he really should retire like today or tomorrow,he is crippled.

    • The_Sports_Dude

      He’s just getting paid because he lucked into an extremely fortuitous contract. This is on the Lakers, not Nash.

      • GetItDone

        Stooopeeeedd Lakers.

  • The_Sports_Dude

    The Lakers need to go all in now and rebuild the brand because once the Clippers sale goes through and Steve Ballmer becomes the wealthiest owner in American sports, they will not be fucking around and will spare no cost to win championships. Furthermore, if the rumors of AEG selling assets become reality, Ballmer could buy Staples Center, which would officially put the Lakers in second-class status in their own building. That would be New World Order stuff and could possibly mark the death march of the Buss family ownership of the Lakers.

    • Tyrone

      Anytime that you can get LeBron+Carmelo you do it.Lakers gotta do it.Clippers are major trouble for the Lakers i agree.Their is a huge threat from the Clippers and they can no longer be overlooked or dismissed as trash they are legit.Championship or not the Clippers pose a major threat to the Lakers in the now like right now today and moving forward the future is coming up and the present is here and the past is the past.Our Lakers must smack the NBA upside down for self respect.Simple plan is LeBron+Melo.

  • Tyrone

    Yes when LeBron and Carmelo sign their new contracts the income will increase each season of the contract duration.It will increase in pay substantially towards the 3rd and 4th years of each contract.Also yes the Lakers can now focus on the NBA Draft rumor is LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony can live off $15 million each lol.Ok Lakers Nation draft coverage time please lol ha ha ha.We need a Point guard that must be top priority in this draft.Trading up to where Utah is would likely assure us of getting either Dante Exum or Marcus Smart and that’s what we need.Then we will be happy trading Utah a future first round pick plus a second round pick and some cash.That means draft a POINT GUARD NO MATTER WHAT!

  • iEATcelticBabies

    me like… make it happen jim buss, you better make something happen, or we will hunt you down like frankenstein !!! pinch forks, torches and the big bad L.A mob !

  • Terrence

    End game is LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will join Kobe Bean Bryant in LA.

    • GetItDone

      Kobe is irrelevant. If Kobe was a free agent right now, there would be almost no interest in an old player post injury. Kobe has had his time. Bye. Let’s face reality. Kobe will be joining Lebron.

  • Rudolph

    Lakers have the guts.

  • smitter

    we would get them both, kobe would get pau to stay for the mle. we would draft either marcus smart or hopefully joel embiid (pau could play center until about the final 20 games of the season) either way lebron can be showtime back and run point if we get ambiid and if we draft smart lebron at the 3 and melo at the 4. or if we trade the pick to minny and wind up with klay/ kobe/ lebron/ melo/ pau id be happy with that too. but all 3 are possible. whether we trade nash or stretch him, all three can happen

  • Michael Davis

    Read that melo isn’t even meeting with LA so u can put down ur pipe now

    • Evan

      That’s because Melo and Lebron are going to meet with the Lakers together after the draft!

  • ken

    dream on

  • ASC

    we get none

  • PureLakerman

    LeBron finally Got It!!!!! To insure yourself of getting a Championship, you must have a 2 or 3 superstars on your team. You think Carmelo hasn’t learned that?? Can LBJ and Melo say “Hello Hollywood”, Kobe, we are on our way??!!!!!

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