Lakers News And Rumors: Team Spirits Remain Positive Despite Loss Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_92611" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] The Lakers suffered a heartbreaking loss last night [caption id="attachment_92611" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] The Lakers suffered a heartbreaking loss last night Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Team Spirits Remain Positive Despite Loss

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers suffered a heartbreaking loss last night to the Chicago Bulls. Thanks to a defensive breakdown, Taj Gibson got open for a buzzer-beating layup to win the game in overtime. Despite the tough loss, the team is still in relatively high spirits as they head to Miami for another showdown with the defending champions.

Kendall Marshall spoke highly of Nick Young and how he bails out the team multiple times during games, while Young himself spoke on how great it’s been to learn from Kobe Bryant during the season. Bryant himself also made some news, speaking about how the game has changed, in addition to giving an update on his injury.

Not everyone was in good spirits as Laker great Magic Johnson voiced his displeasure with the Lakers defense on Twitter while both Jordan Farmar and Xavier Henry’s returns continue to be pushed back.

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  • WellingtonChesterfield

    That’s great. Maybe they can team up for a group hug before Thursday’s blow out loss.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Reminder: the game hasn’t been played yet! You are too NEGATIVE… doesn’t help at all… doesn’t help.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’m good with spirits being high but enough of the moral victory talk. Were halfway through the season, it’s time to get high on wins not losses.

    • e3bonz

      Agreed, I’m glad the team is not getting too down, but it’s time to win. Last nights game was one we should of won. Beat the Heat!

  • Crack Jack Slack

    The Lakers will finish the season 8-31 and that is because the schedule gets way harder in the second half of the season.Lakers will get the 3rd pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and they will draft Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.But for now just too deep of a hole at 16-26 and they will get beat by Miami of course.Tanking is here to stay these Lakers are not your dads or grandpas Lakers they are the Jim Buss Era Lakers enjoy the rough ride losses galore.Eventually the Lakers will build a contending team via the draft.But it will be at least 3 to 5 years away from contention.

    The Thunder took 4 years to build a contender,the days of a Miami 2010 stack up of superstars is now over with the new CBA implemented and the luxury tax penalties are ridiculous teams are not willing to pay it every season.It’s time to build through the draft and free agency also through the D-League.Trades will happen but no assurance you guys and gals will like the salary dumps.

    The Lakers are proving to you all the days of bringing in old washed up players is over the FO learned their lesson with Steve Nash so Dirk is not coming this upcoming off season.Look for a top 3 pick and some young restricted free agents to join the Lakers instead.If LBJ says yes to the Lakers then they will be happy to have him but very unlikely.Rough road back to the top.Lakers team is dismantling soon.Fire sale coming up soon on or around the trade deadline get ready for some shockers.

    • Jim213

      ??! I have them going 15-26 that goes with yesterdays loss too.Thus either 31-51 or 33-49 for the season. Not being able to beat teams they should and while at home aside of their mental factor (weakness) aids to this projection. If they’re not going to trade Pau then be best to reduce the cap to avoid being taxed.

      The inept should consider a 3 player pck if not intending to trade Pau. IMO, might as well trade Kamn the coach’s favorite player given he gets lots of minutes (SMH). Blake should be considered too if they intend to keep Meeks given the abundance of guards. While either consider Wes Johnson or Meeks himself though K Marshall should be considered too. (Kaman, Blake, Meeks/Johnson/Marshall).

      A three player trade with Kamn and Blake and another of the 3 remaining players would be just enough to go under the salary cap. I’d consider a first rounder even if it’s down the line that would aid in acquiring a future player.

      • Daryl Peek

        Blake cannot be traded right now. You can’t trade an injured player because a physical must be passed before the trade is approved. Meeks is likely one of the players they’ll keep due to his consistency this season. His trade value is up but trading his 1.5 mil only helps the other team given his production. We’d lose in any trade of Meeks.

        Agreed on Kaman. MDA is wasting his talents. Realistically Kaman and Hill in combination are the only trade chips that would get the team under the luxury tax outside of putting Gasol back on the trade block. Everyone else is paid so low trading them does not provide luxury tax relief. And the injured players complicate trades as previously mentioned.

        • Jim213

          Know this but still believe Blake will return before the trade cutoff date so to avoid trading Hill it be best though a long shot. Meeks value has gone up thanks to his play so someone may show interest in him though Marshall may go if they decide to keep Farmar as a backup.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            ARe we under the cap if Nash retires? I think by the way things has been for him that he really has to consider and calling it a career. His body just don’t respond anymore to treatment.

          • Daryl Peek

            Yes but Nash will not retire. He may shut it down for the rest of this season but he does not intend on retiring.

          • Jim213

            Stubborn Nash just doesn’t want to call it quits though be best option.

          • Dragon7s

            We wouldn’t be under the cap if he voluntarily retires because his salary would still count against the cap.
            The only way to get relief is if he’s medically retired and that takes a NBA doctor to concur.

          • Daryl Peek

            Again it makes no sense to trade Meeks. And Hill is already in a position like Kaman where he’s absolutely expendable due to center being our deepest position especially with the emergence of Kelly.

          • Jim213

            Need a garbage man no matter who is the coach. Especially after the coach gets released come the end of season. Looking at next season’s FA not too many Hill’s around. Although, G Monroe is a (RFA).

          • Daryl Peek

            That’s expecting/hoping MDA gets fired which I highly doubt. Garbage men can be found in the D-League (no disrespect to Hill) or in trades for pennies on the dollar. I love Hill also, he’s great for this teams chemistry like Williams was but moving him is logical given the teams circumstances.

          • Jim213

            Time will tell with regards to the coach but best if Nash retires (wishful thinking) or Pau gets traded (business). But don’t think the fans especially at Staples will take to kindly if Hill gets traded given they appreciate his hustle.

          • Daryl Peek

            We already know the FO is not gonna be moved by fan critique when it comes to biz perceptions.

            Gasol will not be traded unless a really sweet deal comes across the table, say Kevin Love. Pau has earned another life for the rest of this season given his play since the turn of the new year and the goal of the FO to have cap flexibility going forward… any assets brought back in on a Gasol trade would have to be ones they plan on keeping long term.

            I too hope Nash comes to the realization it’s time to hang them up. Time will tell indeed.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Honestly i just read the Warriors are shopping Harrison Barnes and man oh man he would be great for this Lakers rebuilding effort.Also Harrison Barnes is good friends with Kendall Marshall his North Carolina buddy.So pair them back together.I heard the asking price was not too much,

        The Warriors wanted to get Kirk Hinrich for Harrison Barnes but it hasn’t happened yet,the Lakers FO should jump in and offer Steve Blake and Wesley Johnson to The Warriors for Harrison Barnes.I think the Warriors would do that trade as long as they have proof Steve Blake is healthy enough for a deep playoffs run and possible finals dark horse team.Steve Blake would be a perfect fit for the Warriors roster.

        Well Steve Blake fits in with The Warriors since he is a veteran that shoots the 3 pointer with accuracy and he is a Point Guard that could be the perfect backup on a contender like the Warriors also Wesley Johnson would be the replacement for Harrison Barnes off the bench.

        This would be a great trade for the Lakers and Warriors IMO.Harrison Barnes will be the starting small forward for the Lakers and he has the North Carolina connection with Kendall and Mitch.As you know Harrison is only 21 years old.Still plenty of time to develop and get much better than he is now.

        Wesley Johnson is a trade asset for the Lakers as is Steve Blake both can help a contender out this season and beyond.Andrew Bogut mentioned they are close to being a Championship team they just need to add some veteran pieces well here is their chance with this trade.

    • Marty Susman

      Young & Marshall have shown that they should have been given more time with their teams. Marshall for sure really never played in the NBA… Young without question should be signed to a three year deal as should Hill as well Marshall… If a GREAT player comes up, they can be packaged & traded. Young would have a ton of teams out their in NBA land that would LOVE him…

  • NFL Football Baltimore Ravens

    Tough road ahead for the Lakers.No Playoffs lottery team developing the young players they have.The Lakers want to keep Kendall,Nick,Wes,Xavier,Ryan,Rob so they keep developing them and they frankly don’t care about winning.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    on a different topic… just done watching the Spurs-Suns west 2010 semi series, game 4,… I think people have a misconception of MDA teams lacking defense… that team was an above average defensive team. I didn’t see any soft defense from them, specially Nash.. they sure battled the Spurs to a 4-0 semi-finals sweep. Just saying.

    • Daryl Peek

      You know the MDA haters don’t wanna hear this, plus MDA was already in NY but Gentry was running his system still with his old team still.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        hahahahaha… you’re right Daryl… it was Gentry on the sideline… but, there was no considerable change in how that team runs… lol…. I thought it was stilll an MDA coached team…The pace, the plays, the spacing…etc,

        • Daryl Peek

          Gentry was just a D’Antoni clone lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap just gotta keep on trying to be a good team.

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