Lakers News And Rumors: Team Involved In Numerous Draft Trade Rumors Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="294"] This time of year, rumors fly around most NBA teams. The Los Angeles Lakers are usually immune from major rumors because they either [new_royalslider id="294"] This time of year, rumors fly around most NBA teams. The Los Angeles Lakers are usually immune from major rumors because they either Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Team Involved In Numerous Draft Trade Rumors

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This time of year, rumors fly around most NBA teams. The Los Angeles Lakers are usually immune from major rumors because they either don’t have a lottery pick or they don’t have a draft pick at all.

This year, however, the Lakers seem to be coming up in all kinds of rumors. The biggest one involved the team acquiring Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson as part of a three-team trade that would land Kevin Love in Golden State, and would cost the Lakers their seventh pick.

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There were also a couple separate deals involving the Philadelphia 76ers. One would land the Lakers Thaddeus Young and the 10th pick for the Lakers seventh pick. The other would involve the Lakers trading their pick and Steve Nash to Philly for Young and reigning Rookie of the Year, Michael Carter-Williams.

If the Lakers decide to keep the pick, they could have an interesting choice on their hands as the injury to Joel Embiid could allow him to fall to the Lakers.

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  • MAMBA8_24

    i wouldn’t mind trading the 7th pick for thaddeus young and the 10th pick overall. seems pretty fair to me

    • Jax

      I wouldn’t mind either.. Young is a gritty power forward that plays solid defense and averaged 17 points last year.

      • comrade24

        me either, better if we can get MCW in the trade. Philly has been actively shopping him for awhile.

      • Joseph Apohen

        Why do we need Young? We already have Jordan Hill if the Lakers signs him. What we need is a pg as the only one we have that is going to be helpful is Farmar. Nash is not reliable due to health issues and Marshall cannot shoot and bad on defense. I think Carter Williams should be seriously considered more than a pf.

    • A Fan

      Exactly. Thaddeus Young gives them a valuable 6th man just like how Odom used to be during their championship years

      • Zimmeredge

        young will be a starter.

        • A Fan

          Nah, I’d prefer the future coach does it the same way Phil used to do with Bynum-Gasol-Odom. Their starters can be Pau and either Hill or whoever they draft (if it’s a big man), while Thad Young can be their combo forward 6th man who receives starter’s minutes, probably around 25-30 just like when he was Philly’s 6th man.

          • DDub

            Pau don’t protect the rim, get Jim out of here!!

          • Joseph Apohen

            You did not say that when he helped get two rings for the club.

          • DDub

            We aren’t talking about 5 seasons ago, we can’t go on what he did way back when it doesn’t help the Lakers now. He has been treatef fair. He got his money.Now its time to go Joe. Unless you want to jeep getting your ass beat.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        You are correct, but can also be made a starter…
        PG: Collison
        SG: Kobe
        SF: Ariza
        PF: Deng/T.Young
        C: Okafor

        Starting 5 and 6th man only amounts to 59M… still a lot of $$$ to spend on solid players to strengthen bench.

        • Joseph Apohen

          It’s amazing. Collison was Farmar’s backup at UCLA. Deng a pf? You need more than that lineup just to qualify for the playoff.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Deng can play PF and plays PF half of the time in Chicago. He is a legit 6″9′. LBJ played PF, Battier, who is smaller than Deng played PF, Diaw who is also 6″9′ plays PF… Deng can play both forward position, but we need to have a defensive center and rebounder to play alongside them, that’s why Okafor or perhaps Gortat.

        • greg

          Get the fuck out here with that okafor as the center keep pau and fuck the 7th pick we need a pg and grab Klay

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            If healthy, Okafor is your best choice at center defensively, we don’t need an offensive center, we need someone to protect the paint and get those rebounds. Okafor is healthy now, and he is still young.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      A great trade is if Nash is included with the pick… and Philly sends in some fillers…
      Nash(9m) + 7th pick

      T. YOung(9M) + 10th pick + fillers

      • comrade24

        Chicago is shopping their 19th pick and wanting a future 1st rounder. This could be a great pick up for us.

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          who’s included in the offer? I hope it is Taj Gibson and Hinrich trade with the 7th pick and Nash. We get two solid contributor at PG and PF, addresses our need, then we can get Melo…and get a decent to good center. Get Hollins as coach.
          Possible lineup:
          SG: Kobe/Bazemore
          SF: Melo/Henry
          PF: Taj/Kelly/Hill
          C: Pau/Sacre

  • VillainKing

    It’s better to keep the 7th pick..

    • vdogg


  • A Fan

    Embiid’s injury makes things a bit trickier. Assuming LA does the Nash-and-7th for Thad-and-10th deal:

    1) Cavs may go for the sure thing and select Parker

    2) Since Wiggins makes Antetokoumpo redundant, Milwaukee may go for Exum.

    3) Philly drafts Wiggins, no argument there

    4) Orlando might draft Smart if Exum isn’t available.

    5-7) Embiid, Vonleh, Gordon, Randle. I think whoever of these 4 isn’t selected 5th, 6th, and 7th may end up as the 10th pick:

    8) I keep reading Sacramento’s looking for a PG because they want Isaiah Thomas to be their spark off the bench. If Exum and Smart aren’t available, they might go for Payton.

    9) Everybody thinks Charlotte will draft McDermott and I can understand why. They badly need shooters and scoring from the wing.

    Basically, it means LA can forget about trying to get Kevin Love next year and just spend big money to strengthen their PG and SF position.

    If they re-sign both Pau and Hill, acquire Thaddeus Young and the 10th pick, and if either Embiid, Vonleh, Gordon, and Randle fall as far as the 10th (which I find likely), their frontcourt rotation would be set for the present and future.

    • A Fan

      Edit: Embiid, Vonleh, Gordon, OR Randle

    • kookiebuger

      Young’s stats are inflated.

      • A Fan

        Young was a valuable 6th man combo forward when Philly were making the playoffs a few years ago

        • kookiebuger

          He’s okay I still believe his stats are inflated like Turner, nobody else on that team can score.

      • A Fan

        Young is a career 50% shooter who shot a career low 45% in the year his stats were supposedly “inflated”

        • kookiebuger

          Pau also average 17ppg, 9rpg,3apg,1bpg shooting 48% on a depleted team, who else can score on the Lakers nobody in the starting lineup, the same applies for Young.

          • A Fan

            My goodness, when did you start watching the NBA? Pau has always been putting up those kinds of numbers (except for the 2013 season, when MDA had no idea how to use him) and he relies more on finesse than athleticism so he hasn’t regressed that much.

            Young’s stats last season are also the same stats he’s been putting up his entire career. Only differences are yes, the lack of capable teammates and the fact that he attempted more 3′s, hence the lower FG% and slightly higher scoring avg. Both can be easily fixed.

            Thaddeus Young can be a valuable combo-forward off the bench. He’s athletic, a solid defender, an efficient double-digit scorer, he’s everything you want in a valuable frontline role player so again, I wouldn’t mind if LA swaps Nash and the 7th for Thad and the 10th.

          • kookiebuger

            Gasol wasn’t the best example in hind sight but I doubt Young isn’t as good as what people are making him out to be if these were all true why would Philly trade him? This rumored trade also seems unlikely MCW and Young and the 10th pick for just for the Lakers 7th? Sounds like a dream.

          • A Fan

            If you include MCW it is a dream. Don’t include him, then make it Nash and 7th for Thad and 10th, then it’s possible.

            Look, it’s all rumor and speculation at this point but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam Hinkie decides to move up the draft so he can explore his options more. I mean, no one foresaw them trading Jrue Holiday for an injured Noel last year so you never know. Plus, Thad is owed over 8 or 9 mil in each of the next two seasons so that gives Sam Hinkie one more reason. I’m not saying LA should do this deal, I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind them doing it.

          • Zimmeredge

            thad young as a 20m contract over the next two seasons. maybe they wanna drop him because of that.
            at the same time getting rid of nash 10m contract is also good for us.

          • Zimmeredge

            are you crazy? thad young is one of the most versatile player in the league. he can defend both small and power forward. he can rebound. when he’s hot he can shoot from three. other than that he is a great pnr, pnp player. and a matchup nightmare inside because of his combo of his size, speed, power, athleticism and lenght. he is effective at the top of the key because he has the triple threat (pass, shoot and drive)

    • VillainKing

      Orlando had also interest on Embiid..

  • kookiebuger

    The Lakers should keep the pick and draft Emiid while taking in bad contracts/picks (Boozer,Lin,Asik) trade the picks they acquired for a 2015 1st round lottery pick (Pelicans,Bucks,Sixers,Magic,Cavs,etc.) tank 2015 (I doubt Lowry,Deng,Monroe,Turner will puch the Lakers into the playoffs, LeBron and Melo are long shots) if the Lakers secure their pick (top 5 protected) they should try to trade it for Irving (if he forces his way out) try to sign Love and use the rest of the money for a bench or Klay (who can replace Kobe when he retires), try to get Durant in 2016 when Kobe retires.
    PG: Irving
    SG: Klay?
    PF: Love
    C: Emiid

    • wurmple

      never gonna happen. NEVER.

      who the hell will they sign to their bench , with all the money going into the starting line-up

    • JJBay

      Man that’s why I hate reading Lakers comments. I’m a die hard Laker fan and everyone that has basketball knowledge knows this line up will never happened. Irving Durant and Love all are going to be asking for max contracts which is about 20+ mil per yr. New CBA rules wont allow teams to get over salary cap. Delusional….

      • jay

        they’ve been playing NBA 2K too much, lol.

      • wurmple

        EXACTLY BRO. I’m a die hard lakers fan as well, but its fans like this that make all of us look bad. They don’t think.

        • jay

          sometimes I just see them like they are just “trying” to troll, cause I can’t take them seriously, when they have a potential Team USA starting lineup lol

          • kookiebuger

            It’s a longshot but it’s possible, Emiid can fall to the Lakers this year and the Lakers should try to get Boozer (16.8 mil) or Asik (14.9) + Lin (14.9 mil) if that includes multiple 1st round picks.Asik +Lin +Nash’s expiring contract is about 40 million coming off the books If the Lakers tank next year (1 and done contracts) and Irving forces his way out they can potentially work out a draft day trade for the Lakers top 5 protected pick. If the Lakers can sign Irving to a typical PG contract (10-12 million, instead of a max they will still have cap room) Irving and Kobe might be enough to lure Love to the Lakers, Klay (3 and D plays offball) I just threw in there he would be a perfect along side Irving but the Lakers might be able to sign a cheaper SG and Durant can sign the following year once Kobe’s 25 million dollar contract expires. It’s possible just extremely unlikely, like the Lakers when they almost had CP3,Kobe and Howard.

          • jay

            Embiid part I get, but the Lakers don’t have any assets to get either Boozer, Asik + Lin and those so called multiple 1st rounders, that’s why it doesn’t make sense, the Lakers almost having CP3, Kobe and Howard was more possible than what your saying, due to the fact we had ASSETS to get CP3 and Howard, Pau Gasol for CP3, Bynum for Howard in the blockbuster trade, but I do agree with one thing you said “extremely unlikely”, you my friend, needs to go back in time and see why the CP3 trade worked, why the Howard trade worked and compare to what your trying to say would work, so one word for ya, delusional.

          • Zimmeredge

            who’s gonna defend? Love? Durant? Irving? hahaha

          • Badazztj12

            People always thinking offensive weapons and max out superstar teams. They know we have a new CBA rule for 3years now and still haven’t learn. This way most people call us dumbasses

          • Jim213

            IMO, some players that should be considered if FO decides to slightly trade down to acquire an extra pick. Late first to second rounders.

            Deandre Daniels SF/PF (UConn)

            Can play the 3 and 4 for a 6″9 player who has defensive potential but needs to improve more on the offensive end (per scouts). Scouts also say he lacks confidence but given UConn’s recent tourney he’s likely gained some/it. Needs to put on muscle but reminds me of Trevor Ariza (quiet type) tho for playing SF/PF he’ll be versatile for any team once he’s gained some good experience IMO. Projected late first to early second round.

            Thanasis Antetokounmpo SF- D League

            Quick, athletic and has strong defensive potential but per scouts needs to improve offensively foremost (work in progress). Projected early to mid second round.

            Isaiah Austin C- Baylor

            Rim protector/rebounder purposes but a work in progress. He’d be a good pickup (insurance) if the Lakers have a problem acquiring a starting C (FA) given his size and swingspan. Don’t see Andrew Bynum issues too IMO. Per scouts, he needs to add more stength, get a feel of the game, and be more consistent.

            Has his own version of the running hook shot and can shoot the ball too for a 5. I’d gamble on him (work in progress) given the problems at the 5 while hiring Kareem to work with him given the few similarities within IA’s game tho doesn’t have the high caliber expectations as (KJ). Projected mid to late second rounder.

            KJ McDaniels -SF

            Athletic and has been getting attention (moving up the draft board) while being seen as a work in progress tho will make an impact defensively first (per scouts). Projected late first to early second rounder.

          • jay

            time for me to search up about these guys lol, the FO should really look into buying pick(s), but what are your thoughts on bringing in Al-Farouq Aminu? can defend and rebound and he’s still young (23) with a lot to learn, we signed former lottery picks last season, maybe sign Aminu this summer, could come cheap as well.

          • jay

            its reported Isaiah Austin has career ending genetic disorder.

          • Jim213

            LOL, thanks for the update. Should’ve followed up rather than gone with my month old info. Would’ve gone with McAdoo (North Carolina) too but he’s been out played insome work outs by lower ranking players. Good to know tho lol. Will look for another 5 given the Lakers need as Pau and J Hill may likely go elsewhere.

          • jay

            haha, no problem man, Austin looks a nice kid too, but unfortunately that had to come about, best of luck to him though, at this point, idk what the FO will do, lol and I’m not sold on drafting Marcus Smart, I just don’t see why people praise him like the Lakers savior LOL, id gamble on Embiid if he’s available at 7 (too hard to pass up) then try to buy the Bulls 16 & 19 picks, but if that 76ers deal is for reals, id consider the FO taking that, but eh, 4 more days to see what Mitch and co does.

          • Jim213

            Just looked at some draft boards and given Embiid’s injury Smart comes up being drafted 4-6th in the draft depending if Embiid is still around.

            However, looking at the remaining centers Johnny O”Bryant (LSU) may be a shot tho may be best to land a young center along with an experienced one in FA. Have 7+ players that IMO can help the Lakers next season as a few have outplayed their cheap contracts. But for centers I’d prefer:

            RFA, Ed Davis PF/C- Grizzlies (young tho a 50/50 shot being the $5+ mil pay) Given M Gasol and Zach are getting most of the minutes hearing that the Grizz will pass on him and not match a high offer.

            UFA, *Marcin Gortat C- Wizards (if Pau doesn’t return he’d be a solid CONSISTENT option for less $ but doubtful given a possible 1 yr. deal from FO).

            Best to have more assets to try to wheel and deal a possible trade come trade deadline if something better comes along.

          • jay

            its kind of hard to see Gortat leave the Wizards, after a pretty good season for them. He is a C id like on our team though, no doubt. I mean, he had that beast game against the Pacers in the playoffs. I just don’t want the Lakers passing up on Joel Embiid, then in a few years he’s a monster center. That’s why id gamble on him, most people had said he’s the game changer in this draft. I’m just hoping his foot isn’t that bad. Ed Davis does attract me though and the situation the Grizzlies are in, I wouldn’t mind snatching him from them either. IMO, id take Embiid at 7 and knowing that the 2010 championship run the Lakers had inspired him to play ball, also being confident he can do that too, its what makes me want him as our center of the future.

          • Jim213

            Good points but just don’t see Embiid available once the Lakers are on the clock. If so he should be considered otherwise I’d prefer if they drafted slightly down to nab another pick while buying another. IMO, also don’t see Smart with the team (long term) if he happened to be drafted.

          • jay

            true, that is why I don’t see the Lakers passing on Embiid and I don’t see other teams passing on him either. Which is why I hope he’s still on the board. Can the Lakers draft Embiid at 7 (only IF available) then try to buy the Bulls picks? (16 & 19) Since they want to get rid of them for future first rounders, I think the Suns are shopping one of their picks too. Does that makes sense or am I getting it all wrong? I agree with you on Smart, not really a big fan of him. Marc also did state he wants to be with the Griz until his contract is up (next summer, right?), maybe he will really consider his options. LA isn’t a bad place to come to either, just look at how successful Pau is here (besides all the trade rumors and what not), so the Lakers could be one of his choices. Maybe hire his former coach? A more tempting reason he’d consider coming to LaLa. Unless they don’t like each other, LOL. Oh man, Anthony Davis is a BEAST and he’s only getting better. The fact that the FO are kind of staying on the low, is what has me curious. Its like they are waiting for other teams to make mistakes to take advantage of or they don’t have a plan, LOL, but I’m pretty confident they know what they are doing.

      • GURNDOGG

        You can & Lakers will go over cap to sign own players. So if the Lakers (for instants) get Klay T. they could get others players lets say Love Durant, ETC. then after their signed could resign Klay for over the Cap but will have to pay tax which the Lakers have shown
        they will do cause of their T.V contact they can afford the tax. I’m
        just not sure how they will go about doing it.

  • rik

    lakers should trade nash and 7th pick for thad young and 10th pick. lakers draft joel embiid. it may seem a bit of a reach for embiid to be available at 10 but we selected andrew bynum at no.10 so anything can happen. we sign lowry and resign gasol in FA.
    PG:Lowry/ farmar/ marshall
    SG:Kobe/ bazemore/ henry
    SF: Thad young/ nick young
    PF: Gasol/ Hill/ kelly
    C: Embiid/ sacre
    Coach: probably byron scott since the FO doesnt like lionel hollins apparently.

    • Zimmeredge

      embiid won’t drop that much.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Lakers are in a great position they can just keep the seventh pick.People are so jealous of the Lakers for having a lottery pick that is in the top 7 in such a golden draft class.Seriously yes the Lakers can just wait for pick #7 to come up and if they see Joel Embiid ding ding they will draft accordingly,if they see Marcus Smart also cha ching they will be ecstatic,if Julius Randle is on the draft available board at #7 then good good they love it.Now if all are gone oh okay Noah Vonleh is a player that is talented and they like or maybe some Pac 12 player named Aaron Gordon.

  • RUDY T.

    This is the only time i will bring this up and the last time.Basically Klay Thompson is a young Reggie Miller with much better defense and athletic ability.Ok so far at age 24 Klay Thompson is averaging more points than Reggie did at age 23.Yes Klay is shooting a better 3 point field goal percentage than Reggie Miller did for his entire career.

    Also both are in the 80%+ range for free throw shooting.Tell me this would you have traded the #7 pick of the 1990 draft for Reggie Miller?

    It turned out to be Lionel Simmons?I know i sure would trade Lionel Simmons for Hall Of Famer Reggie Miller.And i sure as hell know i would trade the Lakers seventh pick for Klay Thompson in a New York Minute.As a Lakers supporter and backer i hope we get Klay Thompson.

  • RUDY T.

    Hey please throw that PER shit out the door when it comes to Klay Thompson.All that hustle stats and metric stats and analytical stats don’t describe how great a player someone is.All those BS geek stats don’t apply to Klay Thompson,he is just a great player and also one of the best shooters a real game changer much like Prime Reggie Miller.Rebounds and all that assist 50/50 hustle stuff is not what i would pay Klay Thompson or Prime Reggie Miller to do,i want them to shoot lights out and then win me games they both have been great at doing that.So all the stat geeks need to realize Klay Thompson is a very unique player and he is a winner.

  • RUDY T.

    This is all i can say about Klay Thompson he will average 25-27 points per game.

  • RUDY T.

    I am not saying Klay Thompson will average 25-27 points every season but he will average that during a season or two in his career and he will be a over 20 point scorer for his career that’s Hall Of Fame Reggie Miller type career.

    Klay Thompson might be the best shooting guard in the NBA already as he is a tremendous 2 way player and he is the best shooter from long distance for a shooting guard and the best defensive player at his age for a shooting guard.James Harden plays no defense.

    Yes the truth is Klay Thompson is just getting started and he will be a multiple time All Star and All NBA player very soon.Klay Thompson play great defense and All NBA Defense is the way he plays his defense.

    • Sam

      kobe said good things about klay. and kobe doesn’t say good things about just anyone.

      • Zimmeredge

        he said something similar about Chandler Parsons.

        • Badazztj12

          nah man I don’t think Lakers getting Parsons with the way he talk about the Lakers

  • jay

    just want to see what peoples thought are on this player, how would you guys feel if the Lakers signed Al-Farouq Aminu? he’s young (23) and extremely athletic, can play great defense and gets rebounds (can become a rebound machine IMO), still unpolished on the offensive side, but could still has a lot to learn, like I said, he’s only 23 years old, since he hasn’t had a nice run, he can come cheap, we took former lottery picks last summer, why not bring Aminu in, could be a steal for us!

  • Yah

    Lakers should talk with the Sixers. it’d be best IMO to get MCW and the 10th pick instead of Thad Young and the 10th pick. Look, Thad is a great player and I like him, but the Lakers are in the Western Conference where it’s stacked with elite PGs and they need to be able compete with the teams that have elite PGs not just in the West but even in the East and MCW can do that. Plus, the free agent pool for PGs is pretty thin and there are plenty more wing players the Lakers can sign in the off-season.

    • jay

      it was Thad+MCW for Nash + 7th pick, which I don’t understand, cause doesn’t the Lakers need to get a first rounder back? but people think its unfair to the Sixers if they include the 10th pick lol but I get what your saying, I wouldn’t mind having MCW as our PG.

      • Yah

        it wouldn’t be fair if the Sixers got the 3rd, 7th and 10th pick lol, like come on people. That’s why it’s better for both sides if the Sixers give up MCW or Thad(again, I prefer MCW lol) and the 10th pick. Sixers get to move up 3 slots and still keep 1 out of 2 of their best players left on their team, and the Lakers fix a huge need at PG and still get the 10th pick in a deep draft. I don’t see the unfairness in there lol.

        • jay

          it all depends if the 76ers have their eyes on Exum and are really considering replacing MCW, but if it were MCW+10 for Nash +7th, doesn’t the 76ers has to match Nash’s contract? that’s what I don’t get lol, might as well throw Thad in there too lol, get rid of his 2 years left on his contract / replace him with a Gordon/Randle/Vonleh, lol, but thats unfair to the 76ers, as most people say loll PLUS the 76ers still has 5 second rounders, why continue to bring in rookies hahaha .

          • LakersFan

            Actually, Philly has the cap space to absorb Nash’s contract so there’s no need for them to try to match contracts. Cavs might go for Parker since he’s a sure thing, so it all depends on what Milwaukee does. Do they draft Exum and pair him in the backcourt with Brandon Knight, or do they draft Wiggins? I’m thinking they’ll go for Exum because they already have their own Wiggins in Antetokuonmpo and I read that Knight’s more comfortable off-the-ball.

            And if Wiggins does fall on Philly’s lap, they’re going to draft him, no doubt. As much as I would like to see MCW in P and G, should Wiggins be the player Philly draft at no. 3, they’re not gonna let go of MCW. So I think the most likely trade would be Thad and 10th for Nash and 7th, which wouldn’t be a bad thing as well. We can still get a game-changer at no. 10, and Thad gives us our first combo forward all-around 6th man since Lamar Odom.

    • Zimmeredge

      it’s easier to contain a pg. you lock the paint and you have done half the job against athletic pg.
      plus the best players are on the forward position. thad can defend both small and power forward position.

  • kiko

    LA Lakers make decision if who head coach make my choose Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins or Mark Jackson and try to interview i consider Doug Collins for as Next Head Coach LA Lakers right now please

  • kiko

    try to trade Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson And kirk hinrich trade Pau gasol And jordan hill and robert sacre with 7 draft pick and 76ers thaddeus young trade for nash deal

    • Zimmeredge

      the bulls will waive or amnesty boozer why in hell should we make a trade for him?

  • 3339

    can’t wait till thursday. One of the more exciting drafts in a long time….mainly because Lakers involved.

  • Pelon

    Michael Carter Williams reminds me of a 10 day contract type of player like a bum.Thadeus Young is trash and you can tell by watching him play.He is a undersized skinny forward that gets dominated on the boards and can’t do nada.Keep the 7th pick alright.


      You are high MCW is not a bum you do not know BB now true is not a superstar (yet) but is better than anyone we will get no.#7 unless Embiid.
      Young is not trash yes he’s not super but a real nice role player than will help this team if they got him. It would be a nice front court if the Lakers resigned Pau & Hill. You’d have Pau at( C.) Hill ( PF/C) & Young (SF/PF) not bad at all plus if you get MCW (instead of #10) you’d have Kobe (SG) & MCW (PG) that would be a nice team just fill a few holes & bench with combo of Young, Henry, Johnson, Bazemore, Farmar, Marshall, Meeks & of course Scare. Then maybe a FA or 2 could be bought in before you resigned the bench players. Playoff team possibly there is no way in hell as person said above^^^^ that the Lakers tank to try & retain their pick next year (#5 protected) NO WAY IN HELL.

  • Pelon

    Come Thursday by 10pm this crap and speculation will be over.Lakers stay strong and keep the pick no matter what.Not a fan of Dante Exum but hombres he might be on da board or some other vatheo like Marcus Smart.Si keep da pick.Pronto lets develop da lotto pick into something good senor.Los Lakers Por Vida.

  • LakerFan12

    Since the Lakers can’t trade the pick until they are on the clock, I think the Lakers should have a trade prepared, so the Lakers can trade the pick when they are on the clock.However, I think this trade should only be preliminary, so the Lakers an see what kind of talent they can get with the 7th pick. I would really only consider drafting two guys: Emiid (who I doubt will fall past Boston, who could use depth at center) and Smart (I like Smart’s tenacity, and I think he will fit in well with Kobe).

  • Hammer Time

    We need Carmelo Anthony and klay Thompson and a point guard and we’ll be fine and someone lethal coming off the bench

  • Sith Kavorkian

    PG is priority.

  • Anony Mouse

    Embiid to the Lakers? That’s crazy adding another hurt player to the Lakers. There’s a lot of bad advice out there and I suspect some people in the organization are gullible…

  • iEATcelticBabies

    i think we should bring james worthy, coop, magic , and shaq out of retirement, and win another 3-peat..

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