Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Team Remains Open To Trading Lottery Pick Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="279"] As the NBA Draft Lottery starts next week Tuesday, the Lakers will be guaranteed to have a top-nine draft pick. With their first roun [new_royalslider id="279"] As the NBA Draft Lottery starts next week Tuesday, the Lakers will be guaranteed to have a top-nine draft pick. With their first roun Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Team Remains Open To Trading Lottery Pick

As the NBA Draft Lottery starts next week Tuesday, the Lakers will be guaranteed to have a top-nine draft pick. With their first round pick as their highest trade-asset, Mitch Kupchak is willing to trade the team’s only pick for a good offer. Kupchak also added that the franchise would like to have another pick in the mid-to-late first round.

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In Roland Lazenby’s new book, Michael Jordan: The Life, Jordan suggests that he paved the way for Kobe Bryant’s finesse on the court by watching him play for the Bulls. Michael also praises Kobe in his book for his mental toughness in the game of basketball to consistently keep a high level of success.

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  • VillainKing

    Never trade the pick you morons!!decision will be on May 20 lottery day..

  • Richard

    Lakers Options: Lakers are following a step-by step process. Looking at their best options: With only a few players on their current roster under contracts pass this season, they might be interested in only one year contracts as they look forward to 2015. That’s when some top veterans become available that they can go after. Plenty players still think LA and the Lakers are a good place to play, especially with a new coach. They could offer more money to Pau Gasol and some of their best players from this last season, to a one year contract. Right now they are looking at new prospective players in the NBA Draft Combine, and the upcoming Draft Lottery on June 20th. It will come down to what spot they end up at. They could get the draft pick(s) they want, keep them or trade for a better overall deal, which may include draft spots and or players for now or in the future.They may have done some preliminary talks with some prospective coaching candidates. One thing is certain. they will not pick a new coach until after the draft and know what their roster will look like. Then hopefully they will narrow it down to the best coach to lead the Lakers and attract more top veterans to the team and get back on tract to the business of winning and winning big.

  • Lee

    Never ever should a smart team trade a top #6 pick in a draft this well regarded and the most hyped frosh class ever.Seriously Ryan Kelly is a scrub and i am a Lakers homer saying this.Not saying Ryan Kelly is the worst player in the world but he is not the type of player you can build your team around.Ryan at best is a role player in the Luke Walton mold.Kendall Marshall is a below average Point Guard.
    Robert Sacre is pure junk.That leaves the Lakers with no good young players under contract.It is a must for the Lakers to hold on tightly to the lottery pick and draft the best player available.Never trade this pick it’s way too good to trade.

  • carew10

    it could be the most big mistake possible to do!

    if we need to build the future,and you trade our lottery pick,you are ruining the future!KL will be a FA in the 2015!don’t have sense build a team on bryant(1978)and love this year!have sense build a team on exum(smart)-bryant this year and exum(smart)-bryant-love next year!

    i hope kupchak will do this:

    draft:exum(or smart)
    FA 2014:ariza and hill
    FA 2015:kevin love

    exum-bryant-ariza-hill-love(for example)

    • Jim213

      Disagree, if you look back at the drafting history great players have been picked up 8th, 9th, 10th. etc. Drafting down (A LITTLE) to say 8th or 9th depending on where the Lakers end up (6th) wouldn’t be bad as long as they can acquire an early second round pick.

      Not sure many have payed attention to the draft combine but there’s some good players who likely have as good or better (if FOs done their homework) who’d been overlooked. Just b/c a player is drafted at the top don’t mean those players are hall of fame bound.

      I’d be somewhat reserved until the Lakers know where they stand in the lottery to have a better scope of who’d they’d be able to acquire.

  • Earl

    Lakers gotta prove they are still a elite organization so it’s time to make major improvements and huge changes.Buy a draft pick and select Payne from Michigan State.27-55 was the Lakers record it’s time to reverse that to 55-27 next season.

    Try this to get back though.

    PG Eric Bledsoe
    SG Kobe
    SF Andrew Wiggins
    PF Carlos Boozer+Payne Michigan State
    C Pau Gasol

    Hire a great coach and we are set.

  • Kliffrichard

    i would like the day of draft day atlanta hawks trade assistant coach quin snyder for one draft pick to become next head coach and the reason is i like this to happen GM Mitch and kobe bryant both like quin snyder and next option sign jeff van gundy or trade draft pick for tom thibodeau and last option is get sign Mark Jackson LA Lakers next season

  • saythereal

    If they do trade the pick i hope they send Steve Nash right on his way with it or convince him to retire.

  • Deon

    Are the Lakers rebuilding or are they trying to be a good competitive team???The Lakers FO needs to get out of that grey area and commit fully to one or the other.And with the most impatient fan base in all of sports and the most championship demanding fan base in sports the bet is the Lakers are committed to winning a championship with Kobe Bryant still on the team and his huge contract they want to secure at least a playoffs spot IMO.So count on the Lakers drafting the most NBA ready player and going after the biggest name free agent in 2014.

  • William

    On a different note, Exum grew up as a big fan of Paul Pierce and noted the Celtics tradition. The Australian said his dad compared him to Pierce as a child; that made Exum want to watch the small forward, and he learned to love how Pierce is a shooter and “always has that mentality to win” – pointing out how badly The Truth wanted to beat the Miami Heat.

    Dante Exum is not trying to be a Laker.Exum loves the Celtics and every team in the NBA he is just trying to get drafted as high as possible.All these draft entries would love to play for Donald Sterling and be his personal butler and chauffeur while playing basketball and competing for Rookie Of The Year they all admitted they would love to play for a great organization like the Clippers run by racist bigot Donald Sterling.They are just youngsters trying to get paid,they have no say so in where they get drafted.The Lakers are playing with a full deck and hoping to win.

  • William

    Lakers are no different than the worst team in the history of the NBA or vice versa the Miami Heat are no better than the Sacramento Kings when drafting or trading as long as the player has no say so in where he goes it will forever be this way.Now if we are talking free agency and the player is a unrestricted free agent then of course the player more than likely will pick a popular destination like the Lakers or Miami Heat or perhaps New York but that’s only in free agency not the draft.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    YES KEEP THE LOTTERY PICK MITCH KUPCHAK!We must draft Marcus Smart after what he did yesterday at the draft combine.Yeah Smart tested out perfect.
    ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo
    Marcus Smart’s lane agility time of 10.82 is faster than John Wall (10.84), Russell Westbrook (10.98) and Chris Paul (11.09)

    Marcus Smart is faster than the fastest Point Guards in the NBA.

    Dante Exum: 6’6″ w/shoes – 6’9 1/4″ wingspan
    Marcus Smart: 6’3 1/4″ w/shoes – 6’9 1/4″ wingspan Great wingspan,has excellent length.

    Bench pressed 19 straight 185 pound reps and he broke the record for any guard and he was benching more than Power Forwards and Centers and he is a freaking Point Guard that’s just brute strength that is a linebacker playing in the NBA.

    Also Marcus Smart is a all time great defensive player like Gary Payton in that end of the court a glove type on defensive on ball defender.Gets steals in bunches.

    On offense he has been compared to Dwayne Wade and James Harden lately also he is a Jason Kidd type passer.Very unique skill set that is very special.

    He has learned and moved on from the Texas Tech incident with the unruly fan and he is now a better person and he has grown stronger and smarter from that.Now he is much more mature and he has the highest basketball IQ in this draft a great born leader with a no nonsense approach to the game of basketball.He is as tough minded a player that their ever was and he is all about winning a winner in every way imaginable.He has the speed and he plays defense at the highest level imaginable.

    Lets be honest Kendall Marshall is a great young man but he is slow as a snail and he is lacking that fire in his belly to be great and Kendall Marshall is the worst defensive player i have ever seen and he can’t score very much.But Kendall Marshall is a great passer,he is one of the best assists men in the NBA and a improving shooter that might be enough to have a long NBA career but we need a top notch level All Star type starting Point Guard that plays defense and is fast enough to cause havoc and hell on other teams by drawing fouls and getting to the rim and finishing shots and Marcus Smart is all that and he is the opposite of Kendall Marshall in many ways like in the strength department or demeanor and toughness as Smart is the toughest player in this draft and Marshall is the softest player in the NBA.

    Yes Smart is built like a NFL Linebacker.Smart plays defense like a first team All Defensive player while Kendall Marshall is one of the worst defender in the NBA.Smart is as fast as a cheetah and Kendall Marshall is as slow as a snail.
    Smart can jump out of a building dunking the basketball and Marshall can’t jump over a phone book.Marcus Smart has great form on his jump shot and Marshall shoots a ugly funky set shot.Marcus Smart>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kendall

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Marcus Smart is very close friends with Kevin Durant and the MVP Durant has said that Marcus Smart is his favorite player in the NCAA and he is the best player in college and he is a fan of his as he went and watched him play in person.So keep in mind Marcus Smart and Kevin Ollie can be the perfect pair to recruit Kevin Durant for the Lakers 2016 free agency bonanza.Smart is from Oklahoma State right near where Durant plays for the Thunder.Great news here.Lakers need it.

    • vdogg

      don’t discount zach lavine too quickly! he killed it at the combine. could turn out to be the steal of the draft.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Draft Marcus Smart and this partly why incredible length and strength and speed.Amazing vertical leap and slam dunk hammer jammer for Point Guard.Amazing draft combine numbers for sure now the top 4 lottery teams like Boston and Orlando are looking very seriously at drafting Marcus Smart.Danny Ainge seems to like Marcus Smart from what is being said.I hope the Lakers can get a chance to draft Marcus Smart.After the draft combine yesterday he went from number 5 on my draft list to number 1.Yes Andrew Wiggins sat out so that pushed to number 2 and Jabari Parker sat out that pushed him to number 3 and Joel Embiid sat out that pushed him to number 5 on my list and Dante Exum is number 4 on my list now.1.Marcus Smart 2.Andrew Wiggins 3.Jabari Parker
    4.Dante Exum 5.Joel Embiid Injury Concerns for Joel Embiid slipped to 5th.

    Standing Vertical Leap Max Vertical Leap

    Lane Agility Time

    Shuttle Run

    Three Quarter Sprint

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kevin Durant on Marcus Smart: He can play in the NBA right now November 20, 2013

    USA Today’s Eric Prisbell was on hand for the game and talked to Durant about Smart afterward. High praise from KD.
    “That is a tough shot to make, and that is a gutsy shot to shoot,” Durant told USA Today Sports after the game. “But he earned the right to take those shots. Marcus can play in the league right now. Definitely.”

    “When he scores like that,” Memphis coach Josh Pastner said, “he could be the best player in college basketball.”

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Kevin Durant Sides With Marcus Smart in Fan Shoving Incident

    After shoving a verbally abusive (and possibly racist) Texas Tech fan on Saturday, Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart was suspended for three games. Both Kevin Durant and Metta World Peace put their support behind the kid on Sunday. Per the Oklahoman:

    “I just put it like this,” Durant said. “If you wouldn’t say that if we were walking down the street, then you should keep that to yourself.”“I played in that place my one year at Texas, and those fans say some crazy stuff to you,” Durant said. “But he’s a (19)-year-old kid, heat of the moment. It’s easy for you guys to judge him because you’ve never been in that situation, but I’m sure he regrets it, made a mistake and I’m sure he’ll learn from it.”Durant even went as far as to say, “I’m not sure I would have reacted any different.”

    PER Slam Magazine

    Marcus Smart has moved on and learned from that bad experience with the racist Texas Tech fan.Kevin Durant has his back as do i and many others.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they did trade their pic but I hope they don’t trade it do what best for the team moving fordard

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Just to be clear why i want Marcus Smart so much on the Lakers well this is the top reason the biggest complaint i hear from Lakers fans is we got no Point Guard to stop Chris Paul,Russell Westbrook,Tony Parker,Monta Ellis,Stephen Curry,Goran Dragic,Derrick Rose,Damian Lillard,Kyrie Irving,Rajon,John Wall,Kyle Lowry,Well now we will have the best defensive Point Guard in the NBA and the best defensive Point Guard since Gary Payton.

    The Lakers will finally have a Point Guard that plays both sides of the court and if he improves his outside jumper he will be all world All NBA First Team.Defense is what makes him a must for the Lakers in the Point Guard driven Western Conference.Also realize this i do like Dante Exum and this is no insult to Dante Exum it’s just that we need defense at the Point Guard position and Marcus Smart fits what we need.Dante Exum is a top prospect but he has much more to prove since he is from overseas and has barely any game footage also he is not known for defense at all,some say he is a bad defender.Also his combine stuff was worse than i expected honestly.Defense wins championships and that’s why i pick Marcus Smart over everyone else.

  • KB24

    Lakers wil pick 7-9 if some teams from sac to phx move up in the draft which is almost impossible meaning lakers will pick 1-3 or 6. THat being said,we have 75% chance to get a top 3 pick with mil and phi lock at the top 5. IF lakers,mil,phi are all lock in the top 5(lakers top3),orl jazz and cel will battle for the 2 remaing spots in the top 5 with cel having the lowest chance. If everything falls perfectly in the draft, lakers will secure a top 3 pick while celtics will draft 6th which would be vonl randle or gordon but most probably vonleh bcoz of his wingspan gordon and randle are almost identical in height and wingspan though gordon edges randle in athletecism. So I am confodent that lakers will draft either wiggins,embiid or parker

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