Lakers News And Rumors Recap: T-Wolves Owner Talks, Kevin Ollie Off Coaching List Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="196"] By adding new players to their roster and pursuing a head coach, Minnesota will try to persuade Kevin Love to stay with the Timberwol [new_royalslider id="196"] By adding new players to their roster and pursuing a head coach, Minnesota will try to persuade Kevin Love to stay with the Timberwol Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: T-Wolves Owner Talks, Kevin Ollie Off Coaching List

By adding new players to their roster and pursuing a head coach, Minnesota will try to persuade Kevin Love to stay with the Timberwolves when he becomes a free agent next summer.

As the Love rumors continue to be a hot topic around the league, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor addressed the media about their all-star forward.

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With the NBA Draft beginning in June 26, Glen Taylor mentioned that their franchise player will not be traded before the event takes place.

Meanwhile, one candidate on the list for Mike D’Antoni’s replacement has been crossed off today with Kevin Ollie agreeing to sign a $3 million contract extension with UConn.

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  • saythereal

    We have a 20% chance of landing a top 3 and in the top 10 of the draft, this is why Mitch wants to trade the pick all the top players will be gone if we have the 12th pick

    • Brent

      Worst Lakers can pick is 9th and that would take a miracle of 3 teams leapfrogging the Lakers to get in the top 3.

    • Jim213

      Smh. blah blah, once in the past 20 yrs has a 6th seed nabbed the 1 seed (2006). While ending up with the 2nd pick three times and twice as a 3rd seed in the past 20 yrs. However, seems as the Lakers are due for a second, or third spot (hopefully) given the lottery history outcomes.

      But only two of the top five players show true promise which goes with athleticism as the combine has shown that better prospects after the so called top 5.

      • taviyoung

        Well maybe its time for history to repeat itself Mr Know It All!!!

        • Jim213

          Smh, do some research before posting at least. Landing 2nd or 3rd isn’t being optimistic? Get your head out your ass. I don’t consider a #1 pick as the solver to everything that needs to be fixed to prosper for the long term.

          • taviyoung

            You sit around and read newspaper articles all day and think you know so much about the game. You don’t know shit! Remember this chump, I’ve forgotten more about basketball than what you’ll ever know about basketball. Get off the computer, stop posting ten posts per article, WATCH THE GAMES, then maybe you’ll learn something. Btw you don’t have to research what you ready know idiot. Now got your head out YOUR ass!!!

          • Jim213

            Smh, multi-tasking not sitting troll but you can go back and check out many post unless an argument is made no point posting. You need to stop smelling the manure fool. At least know more than you who can’t even argue a point. Seems you’re in for the #1 Wiggins or bust sweepstakes. Landing 2nd or third is just as good as getting the first pick. Agree, this is an open forum but at least back up your argument.

            Anyone can express themselves freely here after all but posting the same old crap being the franchise can’t get a great player if they don’t land a top 3 pick is BS. Remember a few years from now when the top 3 picks don’t pan out wherever they end up (b/c it happens year after year) dunce.

  • VillainKing

    Lakers will land top 1 in the 2014 nba draft..

    • taviyoung

      That’s right! That’s what us Lakers fans want to see, some optimism not pessimism.

  • Mike

    The Lakers FO needs to put a halt to all these bad moves they keep on making.

  • Dodgers Fan

    Lakers keep on having everything go wrong for them nothing seems to go right anymore and that’s the truth.Fuck being positive anymore.Negativity won out.

    • Jim213

      Speaking as a Dodgers fan?

  • Kliffrichard

    needed hire george karl and jeff van gundy and quin snyder or draft pick make trade for tom thibodeau as Head coach LA Lakers next season :)

  • You can’t handle the truth

    Lakers are getting the sixth or seventh pick bank on it.Now with that pick they are drafting Noah Vonleh.I studied Noah Vonleh as a player and he is just another Chris Wilcox the dude has no serious post up game and he is way too inconsistent with his jumper.Good rebounder and he is active on defense plays identical to a young Chris Wilcox.Lakers FO is smart enough to draft Marcus Smart at #6 or #7 i am convinced that the Lakers have the worst FO in all of sports.Bad move after bad move has brought me to this conclusion.With Jerry Buss and Jerry West the Lakers FO was the best by a landslide not so much anymore with the other guys.Lakers cannot get Kevin Love they are not a contender he won’t come.

  • Quinton

    So i am having a very hard time understanding the Lakers logic here.First off the report comes out that the L.A. Lakers are the main destination now for Kevin Love but he is open to the Knicks okay great.Then it turns into a Kevin Love demanded a trade to the Lakers and his people told the Wolves he is leaving in free agency and to trade him before free agency.

    Then these new rumors have come out saying Love wants to play for a contender and Golden State and Chicago are his two teams of preference now.The Lakers seem to now have this misconception that the Timberwolves are trading him to a team he will not leave in free agency so it’s now or never to get him in a trade LOL ha ha ha.That’s some illogical thinking by the Lakers FO.If Kevin Love wants to be a Laker and play in his hometown so badly then he will leave any team that trades for him next free agency period when he can opt out and become a unrestricted free agent and sign a max deal with the Lakers that’s the way it should work out.

    The Lakers are in no hurry to hire a coach or trade a future superstar from this lottery class of 2014 NBA Draft.No they are trying to figure things out and they need to keep their own lottery pick and then sign Kevin Love in 2015 free agency.Pair up Kevin Love with a young stud from the best draft in decades.

    That whole Kobe Bryant needs Love to win a championship in 2014-2015 is nonsense as we all know the team would also need to add LeBron or Carmelo really to even have a real chance at a NBA Championship.Keep the pick and build the team with young free agents like Bledsoe,Lance,Monroe.Draft Marcus Smart or Aaron Gordon or Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker or Dante Exum or Joel Embiid or Julius Randle or Zach Lavine or Dario Saric.This is the best draft lottery ever.1984,1996,2003,2014 best NBA drafts ever.

  • Bitch Cupcake

    That should be the Lakers future!But Mitch has other ideas like Nash,Kobe,Gasol?
    PG Eric Bledsoe
    SG Lance Stephenson
    SF Andrew Wiggins
    PF Kevin Love
    C Greg Monroe

    Trade Kobe Bryant to the Timberwolves for Kevin Love straight up.
    Trade Steve Nash back to the Suns for a second round pick.Have them absorb his contract.Now that’s a real exciting team that’s young and we finally rebuild the right way.No more old farts please.No place for old men on the Lakers.Get with the times Mitch Cupcake or else just retire from the GM position.This is the new age in the NBA.Please make basketball decisions from now on,no more sentimental crap.

  • Musan

    Come on Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss the pressure is on you guys to win rings.

    PG Exum
    SG Kobe
    SF LeBron
    PF A. Payne
    C Sacre

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am going to be lighting up some NAG CHAMPA Incense in order to get some good luck during the draft lottery today.SATYA SAI BABA AGRABATTI it’s a zen thing.Lets gets some good luck in the air the Lakers need pick #1.Adam Silver knows he owes it to the Lakers for the Chris Paul veto and Dwight Howard bolting on the Lakers in free agency.I will buy a Adam Silver Lakers jersey if he gives us the #1 or #2 or #3 pick today.Andrew Wiggins here we come.

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