Lakers News And Rumors Recap: T-Mac Watched Lakers Play And Feels Bad For Kobe Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers played the Utah Jazz in a pre-season game last night and there was much was to be optimistic about, but not everyone thought so. At times the Lakers The Lakers played the Utah Jazz in a pre-season game last night and there was much was to be optimistic about, but not everyone thought so. At times the Lakers Rating:
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: T-Mac Watched Lakers Play And Feels Bad For Kobe

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The Lakers played the Utah Jazz in a pre-season game last night and there was much was to be optimistic about, but not everyone thought so. At times the Lakers just didn’t have it defensively. Nash got burned several times by John Lucas III and Steve Blake could not contain Gordon Hayward.

With Tracy McGrady hanging up his jersey he has took it upon himself to express his feelings towards the Lakers via Twitter.

Even though that was a huge slap to the face to the members of the Lakers team, Jordan Farmar looked great running the offense, Wesley Johnson finally looked comfortable out there scoring and grabbing rebounds, and with Xavier Henry driving to the lane aggressively, it looked as though there were things to be excited about for the Lakers. Only time will tell how this Laker’s team will pan out this season, but for now we can smile knowing the Laker season will start in less than one week.

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  • kobe24

    Honestly T-Mac has to shut up. The lakers played pretty good team ball against utah

    • Jim213

      Never complemented T-Mac even when Kobe mentioned he was one of his toughest defensive opponents. The team still has to improve which translates defensively too but this year the team has better depth than the last one.

      Once Kobe returns he’ll need to rely more on the team until he gets back to his high level of play down the line. T-Mac shouldn’t talk smack about others when he hasn’t even managed to obtain a title and more so carry a team as a franchise player.

      • kb24

        more like get a team out of the first round rockets in 2009 made it without him spurs in 2013 well idk why even i mentioned that part, but tmac was a solid player if he had heart like kobe mj,lj he woulda been just as great or greater

        • Jim213

          Not sure, it wasn’t until 2006 or so when his game started to experience a decline given his injuries. Don’t know about great given their greats games speak for themselves as they also rise to the occasion.

      • Paytc

        I have only watched half of the first preseason game, but that combined with watching the team last year I feel confident. From the article above, and what I’ve come to understand, Nash and Blake both had some problems defending and keeping up athletically. We already know that. T-mac has to understand Famar is most likely gonna be the guy who handles the majority of the PG minutes throughout the 82 game season.(hopefully) We will most likely pick up a quality PG at some point in the season to further strengthen the unit(hopefully).

        To me that and playing good defense individually, and as a team are the keys.

        What does T-mac know about the makeup of a championship team?

        The Laker’s bench is definitely improved and given they made the playoffs last year playing with less “we should be better” and return to the playoffs again. If we are healthy going into the playoffs our chances are as good or better than anyone else given the experience of Kobe,Gasol,Famar,and Nash.

        Time will determine everything that these speculators can only imagine.

        Go Lakers !

        • Paytc

          Add Kaman to the list of experienced players as well. If we are healthy there is great reason for optimism.

  • Chyeah

    Almost everyone (including some Laker fans) really doubts this team. So it’s no surprise that T-mac made this comment, I say we should expect more of this haters/skeptics to keep blabbing. Hopefully, they’re proved wrong.

    • monica697

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  • Kendal Greene

    He just saying Nash and Blake are washed up…..ikr

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I respect T-Mac as a player and even more so as a person.It’s his opinion.A lot of people are counting the Lakers out,people think the Lakers are going to be a lottery team.But some of us Lakers fans think otherwise,only time will tell how this all turns out for the Lakers.

    Go Lakers!

  • Paul C

    T-mac is just jumping on the wagon and hating on the Lakers while he has the chance. He probably only watched two minutes of the game. Everyone knows we aren’t a contender this season, but it’s early days and the team is showing some good chemistry.

  • taviyoung

    I keep saying that the Lakers are going to surprise some people this year. Of course a large part of that has to do with how Kobe comes back from the injury, but if he does it’s going to be a lot of people surprised. Take the Spurs for example. A couple years ago they were dealing with injuries and lost in the 1st round of the playoffs to the 8th seeded Grizzlies. Everyone started saying they were too old, too slow, and that they were done. (Sounds familiar?) They go out in the offseason and get younger and more athletic on the perimeter, which was their weakness, and improve their bench. The next season they lost to the Thunder in 6 in the Western Conference Finals, and last season were a couple of free throws away from beating the Heat in 6 in the NBA Finals. I feel like the Lakers did a lot of the same things this offseason by getting Nick Young, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, Chris Kaman, and Jordan Farmar. They have a much improved bench, and they’re younger and athletic on the perimeter with Young, Johnson, and Henry. Again if this teams stays healthy it’ll be a lot of people going back on their words the same way they did with the Spurs.


    I think Kobe should take a page out of derrick roses book and take as long as he needs …. maybe even the whole year and make his come back with a Lakers team that will have brought in a star player or 2 and probably a high draft pick as well to compete … I believe this team at the end will do nothing but earn us a lottery draft pick witch is a great thing to add to the plans the Lakers have for next year !!

  • Qing Zhang

    T-Mac spoke his mind by making a comment 2 mins into the game, but Lakers won by 14, I don’t know what is he feeling sorry about, probably himself, because Kobe can be done today, and it still won’t be T-Mac’s turn to pity him. He probably just wished Kobe having better teammates, but if he was in the Lakers locker room last season, he will realize Kobe actually got better teammates this time.

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