Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Nick Young Talks D’Antoni, Future

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Nick Young Talks D’Antoni, Future


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Lakers guard Nick Young appeared earlier today on ESPN LA 710 radio, and discussed numerous topics including his future with the team and head coach Mike D’Antoni.

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Young was asked whether D’Antoni deserved another year with the Lakers after finishing one of the worst seasons in franchise history. Young replied by defending his coach and believes he does deserve another chance.

Also, Young was asked about his immediate future and responded that he would fit in very well next season playing alongside a healthy Kobe Bryant or coming off the bench.

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  • truth24

    Young is gonna opt out of his contract anyway he admitted it earlier today. Good riddens. He scores 41 against the jazz in a game which clearly Lakers should have lost . What a screw up. I believe he did it to ruin our chances of moving up on the draft. Gtfo

    • hoperhetoric

      He just doesnt want the Lakers to get a Draftee that can outshine him….

    • Jim213

      My issue with the coach relates to his rotations and defense but still believe he can coach just not this team. However, players should stand bye their coach but…

  • Kempton

    Nick Young is not leaving so please chill out and relax.We love Swaggy P forever.

  • Kempton

    Swaggy P already said he is opting out to comeback and get a richer deal from us.


  • Jabari

    Honestly i think Swaggy P is leaving the Lakers and i won’t be mad at him.He came to the Lakers to prove himself on a short term deal with a player option.And he did score and pad his stats on a terrible team and some stupid GM will pay him at least enough to keep the Lakers away from him.Now i would pick Lance Stephenson over Nick Young 10 out of 10 times and twice on Sundays.Pay the big bucks to LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony and if we strike out on the big time players then pay out a 23 year old budding star player like Lance Stephenson he is a defensive stud and a great rebounder for a guard and a good passer that is on a winning team he comes from a winning program and he is a tough guy and a winner.

  • Jabari

    Swaggy P is all about himself a very selfish volume scorer J.R. Smith clone.

  • hoperhetoric

    He ruined our possible franchise player in wiggins or Exum! Kobe mentoring them will surely make them a franchise player!

  • Jim213

    Seems many top draftees are working out in LA which goes for Marcus Smart.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yeah Jim213 good eye man something is brewing between the Lakers and Marcus Smart he has been at the Lakers facilities this whole month and we still have not played our last game of the season.Imagine how much video cameras are in that gym probably only the Lakers video guy and he is slicing up tape of Marcus Smart and Mitch Kupchak is probably checking Marcus Smart out also.Very interesting and somewhat revealing.I love Marcus Smart he is the most NBA ready player in this draft.That is what the Lakers need a NBA ready player,that’s Smart.

      Me and You just can’t schedule workouts at the Lakers practice facility but Marcus Smart certainly can lol oh yeah he is slotted to be picked at #6 right where the Lakers pick and the Lakers are looking for a Point Guard since the NBA has shifted in that direction.Smart is a great young player i watch college ball and i saw all his televised games he is special believe me on this one.Draft Net has him as a cross between Dwayne Wade and Jason Kidd and some hater will compare him to Aaron Mckie SMFH at ignorant folk.

      That’s not directed at you since you never talked smack like that about Marcus Smart it was some other idiot on another Lakers forum talking stupid stuff with no merit or insight a lack of knowledge towards Smart.Cool picture keep posting new stuff about Marcus Smart if possible.You are bringing in the behind the scenes news.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Nick Young is all over the place. Can’t you guys ask someone else a question ? This seems to be the Nick Young site instead of Laker Nation. Please, enough with Nick Young comments, I’m sure someone else has an opinion. I like Nick but he needs to just sit down and be quiet some time.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Nick Young can say whatever he wants but i will rebuttal him by saying Mike D’Antoni deserves to be fired.Now here is a few reasons why Nick might like playing for Mike well he gives Nick the green light on every play and the Lakers play like a pro am team in the Summer and we all know Swaggy P loves to join weird leagues in the Summer.Yeah if Nick was playing for Coach Popovich or Coach Eric from Miami his ass would be sitting on the bench for jacking up bad shots and for lacking effort on defense.Popovich sits players down for not defending he yanks them out.We need a coach like that a coach who yanks out players for playing bad defense and for taking bad shots.Jerry Sloan where are ya?

    • nlruizjr

      so a coach will throw away 18pts. per game and avg. defense, yeah right !!!