Lakers News And Rumors Recap: More On The Nash Trade Rumors Reviewed by Momizat on . Rumor has it that Steve Nash could be shipped off to Toronto, which could make a lot of sense for both teams. Although this isn't what Nash fans might want to h Rumor has it that Steve Nash could be shipped off to Toronto, which could make a lot of sense for both teams. Although this isn't what Nash fans might want to h Rating:
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: More On The Nash Trade Rumors

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento KingsRumor has it that Steve Nash could be shipped off to Toronto, which could make a lot of sense for both teams. Although this isn’t what Nash fans might want to hear, Jordan Farmar has arguably outplayed Nash in the first few games of the season. Especially since Mike D’Antoni has been electing to stick with his bench to finish out games.

If Nash were to go to Toronto, his Canadian fan base would be ecstatic and it could spark Nash in a way Laker fan’s couldn’t. Also if the Lakers were to keep the soon to be 40 year old Nash, it would be to mentor a young guard that he could mold into a future starting point guard. This said, the youngest guard on the Laker squad is an NBA champion, 26 year old Jordan Farmar.

Nash is also owed a cold $9.3 million this season and another $9.7 million next season. If the Lakers were to follow their current trend of getting rid of bad contracts for low-level salaries or contracts that expire soon, they could go after the biggest name free agents next season.

After last night’s post game interview, Nash just didn’t sound confident that his body is responding to what he wants to do on the court. “He said he could still get to his spots, but just needs his body to respond better.” This could spell bad news as Nash isn’t getting any younger and we all know father time is still undefeated.

As much as the Lakers would hate to see such a hall of fame point guard go, it would just make sense for both parties if they parted ways and look toward the future.

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  • JohnnyLever

    raptors will be stupid to go for nash. he should just retire

  • Purpleloft

    Gay for Nash and give them D’ Antoni for free,…

    • Tiiger

      Yeah…cause that’ll happen.

      • Purpleloft

        i was daydreaming, and it felt nice…

      • rik

        it has a good chance of happening

        • no


    • rik

      thats probably what happen

    • Joseph Apohen

      Not so fast with Mike D. I think he has done great with what he has.

  • rik

    lakers trade nash, blake, and meeks for gay and lowry

    Lakers lineup

    PG: Lowry

    SG: Kobe

    SF: Gay

    PF: Hill

    C: Gasol


    PG: Farmar

    SG: Young

    SF: Henry

    PF: Johnson

    C: Kaman

    • hookedonnews

      If Gay and Lowry are such great players, why are the Raptors trying to move them? Lowry is injury-prone and couldn’t beat out the back-up to Nash in Phoenix for the PG job in Houston. Don’t see the Lakers making that deal.

      • rik

        lowry is a great defender that would help the lakers defend those point guards out west and gay is just an all around good player that would help the lakers exceed expectations

        • hookedonnews

          I have never thought of Lowry as a great defender. He can’t keep Nash out of the paint because I’ve seen them play against each other numerous times, and Nash always got the better of him. Lowry is also injured a lot, and he can’t use age as an excuse. Gay is a good player, but he’s going to want a ton of money. There’s also a reason that teams keep moving him. Not sure what that reason is, but if you’ve got a great player you usually want to keep him.

          • Kevin Sanchez

            To be fair, Lowry was playing the MVP caliber Steve Nash, not the aged, and always injured Nash we know today. Not a great defender, but certainly better than Nash at it, and he can make his fair share of three pointers. He’s not as injury prone as you would think, having played in 421 out of 480 possible games, or 87% of games since his first full season (his second season in the league).

            If we trade for Rudy Gay, we would acquire his Bird Rights, meaning we could still go after Carmelo Anthony and others, while still being able to re-sign Kobe and Pau with their respective Bird Rights as well. There is no reason not to do this trade for LA, except for point guard depth, but that’s easily fixed with Free Agency.

          • hookedonnews

            I’m not talking about 6 or 7 years ago. Nash has only been injured since he broke his leg last season. Did you see the games with Toronto last season? Lowry was not that impressive. Why would you want someone like him? There are certainly better players out there. I don’t know what his injury numbers are, but I know he lost his starting job in Houston when he was injured and has missed time with the Raptors due to injury. If the Lakers want a championship, Kyle Lowry is not going to bring it. Maybe you think Nash won’t either. Maybe not, but I saw some great play from him last season after he came back from the broken leg. I’m not convinced I won’t see that again before too long.

          • Kevin Sanchez

            Valid reasons, and I probably wouldn’t trade Nash for Lowry straight up (I say probably because we have to remember Lowry has an expiring contract, while Nash doesn’t and is owed 9+ million next year). But when you factor in getting Rudy Gay as well, I find it hard not to make that trade, simply because Gay is such a dynamic perimeter scorer, which is something the Lakers sorely lack with Kobe off the court (and he would be a very good second option once Kobe comes back).

            I do really like Nash; I think he still runs the Pick and Roll effectively, and can be a huge asset, if he ever gets completely healthy, but that’s a giant question mark, given that he is 39 years old, whereas Gay and Lowry are both 27, and both help give the Lakers more athleticism and defensive ability, something Nash has been notoriously bad at for most of his career. I would do the deal, but I wouldn’t be too upset if they didn’t (though I don’t think a deal like this is even on the table).

          • rik

            nash for gay is probably good enough for the lakers but it would be nice if we got lowry and got rid of blake. lowry and farmar would be a solid PG rotation for the lakers because they both can run the offense, hit threes, and play better D than nash and blake

      • Kevin Sanchez

        Are you out of your mind? The Lakers make that trade 10 times out of 10. Trade aging Nash and Blake, and extremely inconsistent Meeks for a solid, younger point guard that can hit the 3, and a very good No. 2 option behind Kobe? YES, PLEASE.

        • rik

          exactly and the trade isn’t a pipe dream because the raptors are trying to get rid of gay and lowry. uriji also knows that if the raptors make the playoffs they’ll get eliminated fast.

          • no


        • hookedonnews

          Go back and look at the time Lowry has missed due to injuries in the last 3 seasons. You also might want to compare his 3 pt % to that of Steve Nash and Blake. Also, you’re not going to trade 3 players for a guy who may not be on the floor half the time. That would leave Lowry and Farmar at PG. What happens when Lowry goes down?

    • deets

      Good, I like that call. Fuck Meeks, and blake… Nash you just old my friend.

      • rik

        yes blake and nash are useless and meeks wont get mins with kobe, henry, and young in the pecking order

    • Matt Williams

      Am I the only one that sees that Meeks is a good defender? Yeah he’s streaky but he gets great steals too.

      • rik

        hes alright

      • Jim213

        No, Meeks can handle the quicker PG’s along with Farmar. Have Blake, Kaman, Pau, and Nash on the trade block. Blake UFA next season, Kaman 1yr contract, Pau inconsistent aside of UFA, and Nash IMo will either be traded or be amnestied in 2014 off season.

        Might as well get something out of them given they won’t likely be with the organization after this season which is strongly based on consistency. Keep Meeks who has a better 3 point avg than all the Lakers other than Farmar and who actually plays defense. Good addition to come off the bench especially if he can be reacquired for cheap.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          meeks CANNOT guard quick point guards

          • Jim213

            Given the current roster… yes, better than Nash, Blake, and Young.


      What are the Raptor’s stupid? That’s total trade rape dude lol

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Still waiting to see Steve Nash return to form,at this point if gets traded to Toronto i understand he has struggled thus far.But last season he was solid when he was the assigned shooter.But this season he has been exposed for his age and slow legs.It’s crazy but if push came to shove what could Mitch get out of Toronto???Just a rumor for now.If Nashty stays so be it,Lakers will just use the stretch provision in the off season.We are fine either way.

    • rik

      mitch will get rudy gay or lowry or both

      • taviyoung

        I hope you’re right!!!

    • Purpleloft

      We are fine ? we are the laughing stock of the NBA, the geriatric ward of the NBA. A trainer that has been “figuring it out” since last year and comes up with nothing, is as stubborn as he is stupid. Nash can barely walk and has neck, back, ankle, leg “issues”(=commonly know as old fartitis), Gasol’s tongue is on the floor after he runs up and down the court 3 times. When he actually gets to the rim and somebody’s in front of him he fumbles the ball away or ends up shooting brick after brick form mid range or hoists up 3 pointers…jeeses… the rest runs around like headless chickens once we are 3 points behind, so we are not fine…

  • ra

    Trade? Ridiculous. Trading what? Bishop for Bishop, Knight for Knight? No trade is going to ‘really improve’ Lakers chances to get to championship, let alone playoffs.

    Just go with what we got now, sit it out, get Wiggins in draft, etc.

    If the FO performs trades ‘now’, then it’s just silly. They had their trade chip last Feb. in Dwight Howard, and didn’t ‘trade’ him – just let him go for nothing.

    Trades are not going to help now. Too little, too late.

    Save these trade rumors for ‘fantasy basketball’. Doesn’t work here.

  • Rob

    Raptors are tanking. They don’t need Gay, they want Wiggins. Just saying..

  • Jim213

    It’s possible if management wants to clear next season’s salary (Nash’s $9 mil pay) to utilize in 2014 FA or for a future franchise player. However, if this took place I’d prefer if management got another team involved in a three team trade. If a trade for Nash ever took place send Nash to Toronto for their #1 draft pick.

    With that #1 pick try to acquire an elite PG (ex. R Rondo?) send them the #1 along with one of next season’s UFA’s or possibly a 2nd rounder or even a future 1st pick (given they never use them) for an elite franchise PG. The Pacific Conference is loaded with top PG’s so the Lakers will need a PG who can handle the responsibilities and challenges that come with playing for a top organization. A trade should only occur today to help the team in the long run (top players) not to pickup average players.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Rondo? He’ll ruin team chemistry.

      • Jim213

        Need and elite point guard who will meet the challenge given the current depth of the Pacific Division (pg’s). Aside of that Kobe also thinks highly of him and his game.


    I would take a first round pick or two to make up for the trade to get him in the first place

  • MyInsight

    Hope yall enjoyed the runs Lakeshow has had. just accept the facts its over. Until Davi Stern Retires. He will block lakers trades because of basketball reasons

  • J

    Farmar was really bad against Dallas. He kept turning the ball over. Also we have to get easy baskets. Why do we keep on shooting 3s when we should be scoring points in the paint? If the 3 ball keeps missing stop going back to it because then you fall further behind. And another thing our defence is non existent away from Staples. I really wonder what the players do at training? Do we only practice shooting? I know I might be rambling on but I just want the Lakers to be consistent. I think we’ve been hiring the wrong coaches. Please get a coach who brings the best out of his players.

    • john

      ik im sick of that shit shooting the 3 all the fuckin time

  • Kevin Adams

    This trade is not happening… the raptors re not that STUPID! to make a deal like that. For what purpose? they get nothing out of that trade

  • Teebone

    Bad trade get out now if you can

  • Mark George

    GREAT move…. He’s done….

  • Laker GM (Grand Master)

    Steve Nash and Elias Harris for Steve Novak and D. J. Augustin. Win! Win!….D’Antoni still has two 3 point shooting Steve’s…….and Captain Canada comes to save the city from the evil crack empire of Rob Ford.

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