Lakers News And Rumors Recap: More Bad News On Injury Front

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: More Bad News On Injury Front


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The Los Angeles Lakers were back at Staples Center on Tuesday night to face the Indiana Pacers following their seven-game road trip and the results were par for course on the season.

After hanging tough in the first half, the Lakers were not able to sustain their efforts in the second half and wound up with a 12-point loss in a game that kicked off Jerry Buss week.

However, the headlines are again dominated by injury updates, which spelled more bad news for the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is expected to miss at least three weeks before he will have another re-evaluation of the fracture in his left knee.

During Tuesday’s loss, Pau Gasol injured his groin and is questionable for Friday’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I wonder if the Lakers are going to make a trade by the trade deadline?If so will it be just one trade or multiple trades?Other than that injuries are at a league high.

    • Matthew Moreno

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Pau was kept or was traded. Same for any of the other role players who may be in consideration to be moved.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes just a bunch of injuries and this a awful season.

    • Matthew Moreno

      The Lakers have dealt with significant injuries these past two seasons.

  • Daspin

    Pau should rest because professional basketball is fleeting, your groin is forever.

  • MDA Apologist True Lakers Fan

    Mike D’Antoni is one of the greatest coaches ever and without him coaching the Lakers they would be much worse this season.Lakers have a great coach but the injuries ruined the season.Wait until next season when the players get healthy MDA will prove his critics and haters wrong.MDA is the best of all time.


    • Guru

      Then why couldn’t he even make the finals in Phoenix? Your a complete fucking moron

      • MikeeTown

        Wow – I didn’t know MDA posted on this board!

  • GM Jack

    Kobe, you have done a lot for the Lakers. Rest brother.

    From all of us at Lakers Land.

    You were the REAL MVP IN 2003

    2006 (Insane 35.4 points/game, to this was better than Jordan’s 37 points/game in the 80’s, I know they the 80’s guys like to say the game was more physical, but, the players were smaller and weaker as well, on the average)

    And, you were the MVP again 2007,

    They the media ripped you off. Lakers people know better, I understand this is out of no where, but, the Lakers Land people need to be reminded, that, they ripped you off.

    You are a 4 times regular season MVP in my books.

    Now, do some Magic to get Lebron and Melo to the Lakers for 2014. Tired of seeing the lakers like this. Never in 35 years have they been this horrible.

  • lakerfan0

    If Pau is injured then just give 3/4 of his playing time to Kaman and rest him.