Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Mitch Kupchak Talks, Preseason Announced Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video Earlier today, Lakers reporter Mike Trudell spoke with general manager Mitch Kupchak and asked various questions re Please enable Javascript to watch this video Earlier today, Lakers reporter Mike Trudell spoke with general manager Mitch Kupchak and asked various questions re Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Mitch Kupchak Talks, Preseason Announced

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Earlier today, Lakers reporter Mike Trudell spoke with general manager Mitch Kupchak and asked various questions regarding the team’s off-season plans and Kobe Bryant’s extension.

Kupchak stated that the team ideally needs to find out what pick they have in the draft lottery before moving forward with their coaching search.

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Later, Kupchak would discuss Kobe Bryant’s health and believes the five-time champion will not be the same as he was when he was younger, but thinks he will be better in a lot of ways. Kupchak also clarified that the decision to sign Bryant was a rare opportunity to sign one of the top free agents available before this summer.

Finally, the Lakers officially released their 2014 preseason schedule. With a total of eight games announced, Kobe Bryant could make his return against the Denver Nuggets when preseason starts on October 6.

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Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • Lakers Living In The Past 2014

    Kobe Bryant has a 2 year window to win ring #6 and the Lakers should sign a bunch of old veterans that were major all stars in the past.Make it a roster of living legends a world tour of NBA legends.This is just for fun nothing serious.It more for humor as this will probably never happen of course.But it was funny LOL.
    PG Steve Nash+Steve Blake+Derek Fisher
    SG Kobe Bryant+Ray Allen
    SF Paul Pierce+Danny Granger
    PF Dirk Nowitzki+Kevin Garnet+Nazr Mohammed
    C Tim Duncan+Emeka Okafor+Joel Embiid

    • comrade24

      it’s 2004 all over again. Sorry Karl malone lol

      • WestCoast323

        STFU fake Phychic Reader..

        • comrade24

          what are you talking about? lol did you even read the post i was replying to or are you just spouting random nonsense?

  • Lakers Living In The Past 2014

    Mitch looks relaxed.

  • Phew

    Lakers starting lineup 15/16:

    PG: Kyrie/Exum
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Durant
    PF: Love
    C: Gasol

    Enough said!!!

    • Daniel

      and then you woke up? come on. I don’t think Durant will leave OK. Gasol can’t play defense now, let alone in two years. Kobe will be at 50% of a decade ago, at his age, the kind of injuries he had, that is, no more Kobe as we know. Love, nobody knows.
      Lakers will move step by step as they should do, and should not put in jeopardy long term success to satisfy Kobe Egomaniac whishes. If I were the lakers, I would trade Kobe and get as many picks as I can. Jerry did it with Shaq, and did it with many stars. Kobe as we know him is gone, and instead of helping the cause of the lakers, the only thing he thinks is about himself.

      • Elblaco

        Luckly for us you’re not the Lakers……
        So as I understood, the Rookie will define the coach search ?!?!?! WTF is this joke….. !!!!!!!

      • Phew

        Realistic? When anyone said something about being realistic?
        Besides if anyone should do it, might as dell be the Lakers.

        Furtermore i swear to god i earlier this year read an article about LeBron and Durant and kobe could join forces in LA, so i appereantly am not the only one being unrealistic!! – this was of course before Kobes contract extension

    • Tmoney

      Come on guys lets be a little realistic! I say the 2014 -15 lineup will look like these 5,with all depending on where they pick in the upcoming draft.

      #1 pick
      PG- Bledsoe/Lowry
      SG- Bryant
      SF- Deng/G.Hayward
      PF- Gasol
      C- Embid

      #2 pick
      PG- Bledsoe/Lowry
      SG- Bryant
      SF- Wiggins
      PF- Gasol
      C- G. Monroe

      #3 pick
      PG- Bledsoe/ Lowry
      SG- Bryant
      SF- Parker
      PF- Gasol
      C- G. Monroe

      #4 pick
      PG- Bledsoe/ Lowry
      SG- Bryant
      SF- Deng/ G. Hayward
      PF- J. Randle
      C- G. Monroe

      #5 pick
      PG- Exum
      SG- Bryant
      SF- C. Anthony
      PF- J. Hill
      C- G. Monroe

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  • Pierre

    Real talk Lakers should make a offer to Kevin Ollie 5 year deal for $40 million dollars.Make Ollie a high paid NBA coach matter of fact the highest paid.

  • Durant MVP

    Stan Van Gundy just got offered 5 years and $35 million dollars from the Detroit Pistons and he is going to accept the huge offer IMO.Okay now onto the Lakers and their coaching search well it’s time to make a huge investment in Kevin Ollie and offer him a contract for 10 years and $70 million dollars that would guarantee he would come and coach the Lakers.

    It’s worth it since he is young for a coach just 41 years old and he can be the coach to convince Kevin Durant to sign with the Lakers in 2016 especially if the Clippers knock the Thunder out this season in round 2.Durant will leave just like Shaq left Orlando and LeBron left Cleveland.Durant loves Kevin Ollie and will play for the Lakers if Ollie is the coach.Kevin Ollie is a natural fit for the Lakers.

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