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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Magic Johnson Responds To Sterling Remarks

Yesterday, Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling spoke in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper regarding the fallout of the racist remarks that were made public.

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The following day, Laker legend Magic Johnson spoke with Cooper in response to Sterling’s comments and said that he was upset. Magic was clearly frustrated from what has transpired and he claims that the Clippers’ owner is trying to save the team.

Finally, when asked if he wanted to buy the Clippers, Magic Johnson said he would rather own or be a part of the Lakers.

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  • Jim213

    Seems as a wasted post. Best to mention the other Lakers news that hasn’t been posted on the site. Spread the word.

    • Jim213

      It’s a guarantee that if the Lakers have the most fans in the U.S. they’d be the #1 global brand for the NBA. http://www.nytimes. com/interactive/2014/05/12/upshot/12-upshot-nba-basketball.html

  • Ollie Holliewood

    LOL ha ha ha ha those stupid ass Clippers got beat by 1 point tonight.Those bitch made Clippers boys choked the game away to the clutch Thunder.

    Kevin Durant had a bad game and the Thunder still won.Clippers blew a 7 point lead with 49 seconds left those tards that call themselves Clippers homers better wake the fuck up they are talking way too much shit for a team that’s never won shit and is about to lose in round 2,second round knockout bitches.Donald Sterling is going to be ashamed and saddened to own the laughingstock of the NBA Clippers.Great comedy provided by the Clippers but this is a game where teams are playing for keeps and the Thunder are swinging for the knockout.Sterling is a racist and that’s what the Clippers are owned by that’s a fact damn it.Clippers are retards and so are their stupid fans.

    Shelly Sterling is a racist and a slumlord that is also a fact damn it.Clippers comedy of errors cost them tonight they choked just like their owner did with Magic Johnson.Clippers are the Lakers number 1 enemy and we need Magic Johnson to ride with the Lakers no matter what Lakers for life and that’s a fact damn it.We need Magic Johnson to stick with the Lakers as we all know the Clippers are the biggest cry baby bitches i ever seen they are whining like little bitches trying to blame the refs for their loss against the Thunder.Doc Rivers is a cry baby little Uncle Tom bitch crying and complaining about the refs LOL.Learn how to play in the clutch you bitches and stop running your fat trap losers.

  • Ollie Holliewood

    Clippers talk the talk and never walk the walk.Fuck ya’ll Clippers bitches.

    KD35 that’s the MVP ya’ll already know.

  • LeRon

    Clippers suck and Donald Sterling is and always has been extremely jealous of the Lakers major success over the years.The only team that ever stood in the Clippers way was the Lakers and Magic Johnson.So naturally the racist Donald Sterling will be a bigot and ignorant jerk towards Magic Johnson and people of color.That’s why the Lakers must just sever ties with the Clippers by forcing the Clippers to move from LA or at least talk to the owners of the Staples Center about evicting the Clippers for racism by the owner Donald Sterling.;It’s conclusive the Clippers were and always have been bad for the NBA because of Donald Sterling and his ways.

  • Mr.Brothers

    Shit on the Clippers and Donald Sterling.Christie Paula choked the game away and at the end those bitch made Clippers want to blame the best refs in the world for losing the game against the The Thunder.

    They are not man enough to accept defeat so they become sore losers and whiny little bitches fake ass choke artist Christie Paula choked the game away in the last few minutes of the game and that’s the reason the Cry Baby Clippers lost to the Thunder Buddies.Man up bitches Clippers and just admit you choked away the game biggest choke job since the Blazers lost to the Lakers in the playoffs game 7.

    Just man up act tough but they can’t ever back it up by winning games that matter in the playoffs.Bunch of losers making stupid lame excuses that hold no merit or credence they are fibbing.Clippers are a joke and Donald Sterling needs to keep Magic Johnson out of his mouth forever.Clippers are the butt of all the comedians cruel jokes.These loser Clippers are going to lose to the Thunder and i can’t wait to see what excuse they use this time around the pressure is on bitches put up or shut the fuck up.To be real is one thing but to be fake is a Clippers thing.Clippers got dealt with.

    • Gekko

      I love the Clippers. Those 16 Banners the Lakers have look even better next to all of the Clipper’s Banners!

  • Arnold

    The only thing i gotta say about last nights game with Clippers at Thunder is WTF was Chris Paula doing fouling a average 3 point shooter but a great free throw shooter at the end of the game???That’s just stupid decision making by overrated Chris Paula.Clippers are going to be exposed big time by the Thunder.Stop bitching Clippers butt huggers this serious is over because of the Clippers being choke artist especially Chris Paula he takes the cake for being the biggest choke artist in NBA history.Clippers are in a deep mess that they can’t ever get out of they are stuck in mud and they should join a new league maybe the WNBA or D-League.

  • Arnold

    Keep ya head up Magic Johnson as we all know Donald is not a good person. I know for a fact Donald Sterling is deleterious to the better interests of the Clippers and he is going to destroy the Clippers for good now.The Clippers ship has sunk to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean thanks to DTS.

  • Reggie

    Why the hell did Chris Paul foul Russell Westbrook by hitting his elbow on a long 3 point shot that Westbrook could have missed easily without fouling?Clippers owner Sterling is just as stupid and ignorant as his players.Use common sense and don’t foul a guy shooting in the playoffs 87 % free throw shooter at the 3 point line idiot.The Clippers had a huge comedy of major errors and cough ups at the end of the game as we all know bad turnovers cost the Clippers the game as did the terrible foul that a first grader wouldn’t make at the end of the game on a guy throwing up a wild 3 point shot that’s a dumb ass play by Chris Paul.Own up to it and be men about losing to Oklahoma last night.Clippers always making excuses like little children and blaming everyone but themselves,just like Donald keeps blaming Magic Johnson for everything that is a excuse that is stupid.

    What the stupid retard Clippers homers expected the refs to turn the cheek when Chris Paul clearly fouled Russell Westbrook on a wild prayer 3 pointer that is not ever going to happen the NBA has rules and they stuck with the rule book it was foul and Russell Westbrook came up to the foul line with ice cold veins and swished all 3 free throws to get the lead and then we all know Chris Paul made yet another major error by not getting a shot off and turning the ball over as the buzzer sounded to end the game last night.The Thunder won fair and square congrats to the players like Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant also Reggie Jackson,Derek Fisher and to the coach Scott Brooks.


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