Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Lakers Waiting On LeBron James? Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="184"] The Los Angeles Lakers are one of a few teams that remain without a head coach in place for next season. The rumors have run rampant [new_royalslider id="184"] The Los Angeles Lakers are one of a few teams that remain without a head coach in place for next season. The rumors have run rampant Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Lakers Waiting On LeBron James?

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The Los Angeles Lakers are one of a few teams that remain without a head coach in place for next season. The rumors have run rampant over the last few weeks over who may be Mike D’Antoni’s successor in Los Angeles, but the team has made it known that they’re in no rush to bring in a new coach and will take their time during their search for a new leader on the sidelines.

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Despite talk of waiting to find the right guy to take over in Los Angeles, the team might be waiting for another reason altogether. A rumor surfaced on Monday that the Lakers could be going all-in on an attempt to bring LeBron James to Los Angeles if he opts out of his deal with the Miami Heat.

If such a scenario arises over the summer, the Lakers will be ready without a head coach in place that could derail their attempt to sign arguably the best player in the league. LeBron coming to Los Angeles might be a long shot, but the Lakers aren’t letting the odds stand in their way if there’s even a slight chance they can land the superstar in free agency.

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  • Jim213

    • R3N3GVD3

      (replied just to be at the top) **PLEASE** **READ**

      Dont get me wrong, i hate Lebron a little bit as much as the next guy, but i respect his game i am a huge Lakers fan i strongly believe this would be good for the team. Why? you ask….. because it helps make things easier.
      if Lebron signs to the Lakers we would have a team and a coach. what i mean is coaches would be lining up for that chance to coach Lebron and Kobe(i think Mike Krzyzewski would even leave duke for that chance lol). It will be easier to convince players to come to LA. Nick young would definitely sign back with us. we would have players wanting come to get a ring
      (and we have a Draft Pick). not only that but i think it would make Kobe better. because he has a player that might take his place and he WILL prove that he can still run the team(although i think neither would run the team, but both will together) Remember how Kobe was when Shaq was there. It would be something to see.

      • http://instagram.com/allgxld GodlyRebel

        Makes a lot of sense bro and i totally agree with you

        • X

          Yo Godly your brother is a genius the kid thinks everything through lol i have to agree

          • KirstenMundayafy

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            taken by surprise that a mom can earn $8130 in 1 month on the computer . see
            post F­i­s­c­a­l­p­o­s­t­.­C­O­M­

      • joshme$$

        if the Los Angeles Lakers were to land LBJ i believe every single thing you said would be true

      • Jim213

        Good thing you didn’t get the top post. Ain’t happening, it’s about their legacies EGO’s now. Lebron’s mentioned he’ll be one of the faces atop Mt. Rushmore. Thus, wanting to obtain as many titles as possible which means either staying with the Heat or signing with another team that could get him the opportunity to compete for titles now not down the road given he’s in his prime.

        FO hasn’t even managed to assemble a team yet to appeal to LJ or any top FA. Top stars want to compete NOW and not down the road especially taking into account the max contracts today. Don’t get me wrong wouldn’t mind him being a Laker but last years roster won’t get it done especially if they can’t play D!

        • comrade24

          why do reports like these surface? i mean, come on. you might as well start a rumor that the Flash and Superman are being signed at point guard and small forward and the Hulk is going to be our center. We’re trading Steve Nash’s bad contract, 2 medicine balls, and Kobe’s leftover french fries from his lunch with Jordan to Cleveland for the #1 pick, sign and trade Pau Gasol to Minnesota for Kevin Love and an actual lake to put at the base of the Hollywood hills so the team name is more fiting for LA, and then sign Lebron in Free agency, clone him for a bench mob full of Lebrons.

          Roster next season:

          PG- The Flash/Lebron James/Lebron James
          SG- Kobe Bryant/Lebron James/Lebron James
          SF- Superman/Lebron James
          PF- Lebron James/ Ryan Kelly/Kevin Love
          C- The Hulk/ Lebron James
          C2- Joel Embiid/Lebron James (Yes, we get 6 players on the floor, we’re the Lakers)

          Coach: Professor Xavier/Mr Miyagi

          • Jim213

            Lol good post one of the most creative posted here…

            Not sure why but best for FO and their snitches to shut it. The bad side to this is that it’ll make it’s way to sports talk radio and tv shows. Makes FO seem desperate or seem like they don’t have a plan. Not good for the overall morale of the brand as talks about this have started already. Just makes FO look bad/desperate b/c it’s a dream.

      • knezpedja

        You said it good (even it is since-fiction), but Nick Young?! Why should fans care about guy with shoe-size IQ that behaves like 12 yo kid?

      • Kb24

        Lol , lebron wont play with the lakers,knicks,okc,indiana,celts and spurs becoz of kobe,melo,kd,pg,rondo,and spurs big 3, if he will go to la,its clippers coz of cp3 they are friends….if he will leave miami(which is 30% possible)its either cleveland or clips …he wont go to bulls bcoz of drose and noah….he will retire in miami especially kyrie is leaving cleveland and they wil trade dion,tristan and bennett for a star

  • Louie

    I disliked Shaquille O’Neal before he signed with the Lakers.I disliked Robert Horry,Rick Fox,Pau Gasol,Nash,Dwight Howard before they played for the Lakers once they played for us i was ok.LeBron James is the reason we won’t hire a coach ugh ok why?

  • Too Cool

    Is Jim Buss on the pipe?Come on now Mitch is this the plan?LBJ WTF???????LOL

  • independentbynature

    LeBron is not leaving Miami.Why would he?This is the same delusional thinking from the FO that refused to believe Howard was leaving when we all knew he was good as gone.

    • happy third finger

      The same delusional thinking that Kupcake thought he could get a first round pick for Pau Gasol before last year’s trading deadline. The same delusional thinking that the NBA would give the Lakers a top three pick before the draft lottery.

    • comrade24

      not to mention he would be taking a paycut and have to pay state tax, and come to a roster more depleted than the ozone layer.

  • VillainKing


  • TrutHurts

    Not happening. Kobe won’t be able to swallow his pride and be selfless enough to slide over to the passenger seat and hand the wheel to Lebron, which is what Wade did at Miami.

    • brucewayne

      My thoughts exactly. Get ready for a 3 to 4 yr rebuild. It hurts, but in the long haul its better for the franchise.

      • KB24

        Lakers will give kobe his 6th ring eithernext season or his last season with kevin love and another bigman or point guard,durant will go to la to be kobe’s successor…from kobe era to kevins(2) era …durant will retire with 5 or more rings,lakers will bring exum,randle and embiid and the dynasty continues…..P.S. THAT IS THE FUTURE OF THE LAKERS AND THE NBA

  • Bruce

    Just get over it already!! Lebron Carmelo not even remotely possible to come to LA and why would they?? Be more realistic and wait for 2015 and go for Love.

  • kiko

    LA Lakers now make new showtime era and hire george karl for melo or jeff van gundy and byron scott for kobe and lionel hollins for pau and good defensive coach for head coach LA Lakers please

  • kiko

    LA Lakers now make new showtime era and moving forward

  • somefansaredelusional

    Ahahaha! Yea right mitch and jim. Come on. Thats not gonna happen. Especially with Lebron probably winning another title in Miami. Then youre going to ask him to take ANOTHER paycut?! And eat second to Kobe!? Keep dreaming. I’ve been telling people that kobe contract was AWFUL! Its posts like these that are embarassing as a Laker fan. God almighty.

    • Fhrx,

      Tell that when kobe gets his 6th ring and durant will replace him from kobe era to kevins era(durant,love)

  • carew10

    between anthony and lebron, i prefer anthony for play like PF that open the opposite teams and smart(or lavine or exum)and kobe can go in penetration more easily.anthony ready for the 3 points!of course lebron is the best player in the worl d but i don’t want see lebron james in LA.imho.

    • marlou anthony lorica

      just sign a very good defensive SF that will guard lebon,durant, mello and georgwe,GOrdon is the answer,He can play 3 and 4,sign meeks,young gazol,farmar,hill,kely and buy a draft and draft capella,sign lance stepenson and deng or ariza.stenson can play at number 1.1st five will be:stepenson,bryant,deng,Gordon and gasol,

  • Edy

    Yeah that’s never going to happen lebron will never play with the lakers if Kobe’s around . the reason for this it’s because he’s not going to want kobe adding another championship . Lebron wants to end his career by being the best ever, probably trying to out beat jordan 6th ring

  • d-day dawg

    It will only be a matter of time before a computer becomes a coach. Computer can think and analyze better than human brain, just have to create the right program. Just imagine Kobe Bryant coming down on offense looking at a computer to call the play.

  • justsaying

    no sane guy would say no to LBJ. He is UNARGUABLY the best player in the NBA today.

    You can move him to any team this 1st of July and they would became a contender for the next season already.


      LBJ will not go to the Lakers. He’s built his legacy in Miami. I’ve even heard speculation that he’ll go to the KNICKS. The KNICKS?!?! The KNICKS. New Fucking York, where winning never happens. Kobe himself has more rings than that trashy franchise. The city is pure garbage as well, they try to be like L.A. BUT THEY CAN’T. WESTSIDE TILL I DIE.

    • comrade24

      If Lebron James decided he wanted to live in Reno, Nevada, guess what? There would be an expansion team in Reno next season.

  • MiamiHeat305

    LBJ won’t leave Miami, he’ll retire there. He’s built his legacy and won rings with that franchise. With Pat Riley at the helm, I wouldn’t be surprised if LeBron retires with more rings than Jordan.

  • Daniel

    That is not going to happen, and that is just cheap talking. The reason the Lakers are waiting on the coach is because they want to see what kind of team they will have, and that depends on the free agents they will get. Carmelo is totally overrated and Lebron is not going to come to LA after the tittles he won in Miami. Is he going to play second to Kobe? no way. At this point is all about ego, that is it.
    The other issue is, do they get a coach to deal with Kobe for a couple of years and then another one? or they will able to find the whole package on a coach that can deal with Kobe and develop players at the same time?
    Kobe as we know him is finished, he will be 50% of the player we know, so, why itis very important to the organization? Merchandising, Warner contract. KObe is the most popular player in China and many parts of the world, tons of money on merchandising through him. Until the Lakers develop another start, he need him.

  • Hope Floats

    I mean yeah ok so the Lakers vision as a FO looks something like this i suppose.

    PG Marcus Smart Young Dwayne Wade
    SG Kobe Bryant Greatest Lakers Player Ever
    SF LeBron James Possibly The Greatest Player In The NBA
    PF Carmelo Anthony Possibly The Top Scorer In The NBA
    C Chris Kaman Veteran Playing For A Ring Center Can Score

    Bench Full Of Young Guys Like Bazemore,Kelly,Sacre And Ring Chasers.

    Coach A Top High Priced Man

    That’s some clear vision of course.

  • Lakers Pride

    The thing is anything is possible i am a Lakers fan and Shaq came here without a question it was a big surprise.People were saying he would never leave the young superstar Penny Hardaway for a piece of crap rebuilding Lakers team.

  • Lakers Pride

    The media and fans were like Shaq has a dynasty in the making with all his close friends in Orlando with Penny Hardaway,Dennis Scott,Nick Anderson then he left.LeBron James might leave since Dwayne Wade is not healthy and older also Chris Bosh might be on the decline.

    • comrade24

      I think you might be right there for the most part. I think Cleveland would have a better chance at getting Lebron if he bolts from Miami. Also, i would say that Bosh is definitely not on the decline, considering how he’s played in the Finals. However, he may grow weary of playing 3rd fiddle and decide he wants to be the #1 guy somewhere else.

  • Arnold

    One of the main reasons LeBron James would come to the Lakers is because they suck and have been losing the last couple years.This way he can prove he was the one to save the Lakers from going dark and he will looked at as a hero that came during the darkest of times to save a proud team brand.LeBron James will be cementing his legacy by joining a famous sports team like the Lakers.Movie stars watching him play every night live at staples center is also a thing he will love.He wants to be looked at as the greatest,so saving the Lakers is the easiest way to guaranteeing he is the best player in history since the Lakers have become terrible only winning 27 games last season.Just like Chris Paul is looked at as the savior of the Clippers,Lets just say LeBron James will be looked at as the savior of the Lakers and that is a big deal since the Lakers are a team in need of a savior.

  • Red Hot Chili

    So when do the LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony billboards start coming up all over Southern California?Jim Buss get to work lol.Coming to L.A.

  • figs

    If the Lakers are seriously getting LeBron James they better get him a better commercial deal than Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.Or else they are not pulling the same weight as the Clippers get with you’re connections Lakers FO.Secure commercial deals for the best player in the NBA.We all know Lakers players hardly ever get commercials but the Clippers main players are all over the place in creative commercials and they must have connections in Hollywood.LeBron James hardly has any commercial deals right now.The Lakers will change that if he comes to play for the Lakers.Los Angeles has way more things going on with commercials and movies all entertainment is based in Los Angeles.

    • comrade24

      Lebron has the Samsung deal. Shaq was in commercials and movies and video games when he was in LA. Kobe does Nike but i don’t think the “State Farm” type of stuff is Kobe’s style

  • Jack

    Albert Pujos signed with the Angels after winning championships with the Cardinals.Wayne Gretzky came to the Kings after winning championships elsewhere.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came to the Lakers after winning a championship with the Bucks.Other players have left teams to play for the Los Angeles teams before.Joe Torre and Phil Jackson won a shit load of championships with the Yankees and Bulls yet they came and coached Los Angeles teams afterwards.Don’t let championships fool you as we all know Pat Riley left the Lakers after winning 4 championships with them.A.C Green left after winning rings with the Lakers.Robert Horry left to the enemy Spurs after winning rings with the Lakers.Derek Fisher left after winning rings with the Lakers.Shaq O’Neal left in his prime after 3 finals MVP awards and 3 championships in a row with the Lakers he left yes he did it can happen.LeBron James can come to the Lakers,it’s possible.

  • Maury

    The USA Today is the most reputable newspaper and Sam Amick broke the Dwight Howard Houston signing and many other huge stories in the NBA.Something is up stay tuned.Lakers are making huge moves,huge i mean gigantic moves.WOW!

  • Albert

    The Lakers are tampering trying to get LeBron.They are tampering so hard.

  • Rod

    LeBron+Carmelo are a package deal.They are looking for a team with cap room.Well if that’s the case and the Lakers have the cap room then sure they can sign with the Lakers.Dave Fizdale is the name the Lakers will be looking at to coach LeBron and Carmelo.This must be a huge distraction for LeBron James during the NBA Finals.Did the media realize they could have waited until the season was over to say this.So who leaked out this huge piece of information was it Jim Buss or Mitch Kupchak or Kobe Bryant or Phil Jackson so tell me who?

  • Julio

    During their pitch to Dwight Howard the Lakers FO promised him both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony would be joining the Lakers in free agency.According to media reports that surfaced after the infamous Dwight Howard meeting.Tampering much?

  • Lakers4Life

    Greatest news since Dumbtoni left LA. LeBron would be a perfect fit for the Lakers and Kobe — can’t wait for us to make a monster run for him and a few key players this off-season. Should be interesting over the next few weeks!!!

  • pipe dreams productions

    The NBA would veto the signing of LeBron James for hateful reasons.Not basketball reasons.The NBA Adam Silver seems to be a East Coast guy anyways.



  • Pistons Fan

    Kobe Bryant is getting traded to New York for Carmelo Anthony is my guess.Phil Jackson loves Kobe and yes Kobe loves Phil.Fisher is coaching the Knicks.Carmelo just wants to play with LeBron and L.A. can make it happen with the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they have.Shit i hate the fucking Lakers but you guys are about to get some bad ass players lucky dogs.SMH

  • Andre

    Yea get the best players we need more championship banners.GO LAKERS GO!

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    NBA 2K thinking is getting outta hand smh lol

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    Le Bron James and Kobe Bryant on the same team? And that team being THE L.A. LAKERS.Don’t tease me like that.But on the real side Le Bron couldn’t handle that.The Lakers is Kobe’s team.Le Bron,Where ever ha goes he would have to be the star.On the Lakers he would be playing behind Kobe’s spot light.It’s a good dream but thats all it is, a dream.

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