Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Lakers Targeting Love, Durant

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Lakers Targeting Love, Durant


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The possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers making a run this season into the postseason are slim. Because of the depleted roster due to injuries, the team sits well below the .500 mark, and is currently on pace to have one of the worst records in their franchise and the NBA.

But despite the unfortunate turn of events, it looks as if the team is already planning their road back to the top of the NBA.

With general manager Mitch Kupchak stressing that the team does have a plan, it appears the Lakers may be targeting both Kevin Love and Kevin Durant when they become free agents in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Having said that, every team in the league will be eyeing these marquee players once they hit the open market.

Lakers guard Nick Young finally made his return to the team last night against the Brooklyn Nets, but admitted that he’s still feeling pain in his knee.

Last night’s game against the Nets also marked the first game for Nets center Jason Collins. One of his biggest supporters, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol had some kind words to say about him before the game as well.

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  • afs

    no one’s coming here if d’antoni is here

    • Daspin

      I believe they have targeted No One for 2015. One is made for D’Antoni’s style of play. Kid loves to throw up bricks from the three point line, is comfortable guarding players several heads taller than himself, and makes a better “I don’t know what I am doing face” than D’Antoni. No One is already injury prone and fortunately looks good in a business suit on the bench after being overused during games. At 5’11” One can play the point, shooting guard and in a pinch power forward. Hope we get him.

      • afs

        don’t forget that he’s also a terrible rebounder and loves to turn the ball over… also he is known to allow a lot of points to the opponent in the paint :)

        • Daspin

          A point of interest. No One is known by opposing fans as “Air Ball” which they often chant when he attempts his game winning shots. Opposing coaches often mention his agressive chicken without a head approach to defense, which has made him a darling in D’Antoni’s eyes. Even Laker GM Mitch Kupchak when asked which one super star could turn the franchise around despite an inept head coach replied, No One.

    • Jeff

      why do people act like D’antoni is a part of the future?? We all know it was a bad hire and the front office realizes it now, but there is no use firing him. eating the contract, and then pay another coach all for a team going nowhere. This year likely be it for him anyways.

      • afs

        or we think…. Jim Buss may be dumb enough to keep D’Antoni……

  • LakersHeatBeef

    See ya on the Lakers in 2016 Kevin Durant KD35!

    • Daryl Peek

      KD is not leaving OKC. I just don’t see that at all. The kid does not have that big market envy in his heart. KD is a rare type like Duncan.

      • Gregory Choa

        I don’t know….”big market envy in his heart” and all that…seems a little esoteric DP…what I will say is that much of how Durant eventually feels about the prospect of possibly leaving OKC is going to depend on whether or not they can get back to another Final and prove that they can win a title between now and June 2016. Two or three more postseasons without coming up with the goods has a strange way of looking elsewhere for greener pastures…something Tim Duncan never had to consider.

        • Daryl Peek

          KD seems to be a very level headed individual. He’s already getting the benefit of big market endorsements and publicity. He had a chance to leave once and chose not to while not maxing his contract out. I’m not predicting his future but his character seems like the type to be good with where he’s at. Of course he wants to win but OKC is in far better shape to keep the team stocked right now.

          Keep in mind they were the first to conceded the big three theme is dead. They’re the envy of all other teams the way they built that roster and they have cap space and multiple picks going forward.

          KD to the Lakers is a pipe dream IMO. What’s his motivation to leave that great college like atmosphere?

          • Jeff

            I agree that Durant appears to be a guy who stays with one team his whole career, BUT if he doesn’t have a ring by the time his contract is up, then the pressure will start setting in. Especially since the current OKC core could be on the way down from its prominence. If the lakers or any other team that has a serious championship roster, he could very well consider leaving to get a ring.

      • iDontCare

        He might if OKC doesn’t win chip by 16

      • 3339

        Agreed. I recall him saying that its stupid for everyone to go to the best team than make it themselves.
        Durant doesn’t seem to be the type to abandon his team for the easier way to a ring.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    We are getting Kevin Durant YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!

  • Jim213

    Reposted info (yesterday’s article?)…

  • 3339

    Lakers aren’t getting Durant. Westbrook, maybe. Love, very likely in my opinion. But they really need to score in the draft. Absolutely can’t mess up this pick. And if they plan on having a team built with stars dantoni has to go because he can’t coach a team like that.

  • cyborgspider

    “The possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers making a run this season into the postseason are slim.” – WOW NEWSFLASH YA THINK?! To match last years 45-win total and even sniff the playoffs, they have to go 26-0 now. Let me rewrite it for you: “Although mathematically still possible, even the most hardcore Laker fan, pundit or journalist has resigned to the fact that Lakers will not be in the playoffs this year.”

    I’m a big time Lakers fan, but this is an obsurdly obvious article… of course they’re targeting the best players who may be free agents in a couple years.

  • dappeclock

    Im a big lakers nation fan but we all know this stories are just to keep people entertained. Just be realistic people this ain’t gonna happen

    • Jeff

      I heard the same thing when the rumor was lakers want CP3 AND Dwight.