Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Lakers Looking To Pursue Turkoglu? Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_89673" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly sparked interest i [caption id="attachment_89673" align="aligncenter" width="900"] Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports[/caption] The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly sparked interest i Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Lakers Looking To Pursue Turkoglu?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have reportedly sparked interest in Hedo Turkoglu, a talented point forward and could be very efficient in this Lakers offense that is in dire need of a play maker. According to Sports Illustrated the Orlando Magic and Turkoglu have already agreed to terms in buying out his contract for the year. He is currently owed $12 million dollars and if the buyout goes through the Magic only have to pay half of that.

The Magic have already went in another direction and have gone young, while Turkoglu played for the Magic for many years, he is now 34 years of age and has not played all season long. Last year, Turkoglu was also suspended 20 games for failing the NBA’s drug policy. Contracts become guaranteed on January 10, and waived players take 48 hours to clear so Magic need to clear him by January 7.

In other news Pau Gasol has not traveled with the team to Utah for their game on Friday due to respiratory infection. This will be his second missed game this season due to the respiratory problem. It has been lingering and bothering him since his first game out against the Golden State Warriors. Can this Laker squad ever get fully healthy and make the playoffs? Look for the Lakers to pull off some moves before that time comes.

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  • e3bonz

    Really, hasn’t played and has a drug problem, why in world would anybody trade or sign this guy?

    • Paytc

      Let’s hope the Lakers don’t waste time and money on a turkey :-)

      We need younger legs at point guard and/or a physical big who can score,rebound,and defend. If we get a veteran it needs to be a top notch true PG IMO.

  • Purpleloft

    He’s like Pau, but shorter, slower and even more lazy,…

  • Guest

    This would be a great pickup….if it were still 2009.

  • jessf24k

    I keep waiting for an article that states the Lakers interest in Kyle Lowry. The Lakers need a starting level PG for this offense and have yet to show any sign of acquiring one. Then again ive learned not to doubt Mitch

    • kobe24

      Lol lakers ain’t getting Kyle Lowry and why should we?

      Don’t say Raptors would take Steve Nash they won’t no one in this league will and Mitch knows that all too well. Also, Farmar just came back and blake in 4 weeks + we have Kendall Marshal to develop.

    • nlruizjr

      You should have learned that during the Gasol, Odom, CP3 fiasco !!!!!

  • AC52


  • Robert Perez

    Hell No!

  • AC52

    Fine, if they trade for Turkoglu, add in a young player with him or a draft pick

  • Jack

    By the looks of it..this is management looking for a high draft pick now. #RigginforWiggins! Or jabari.

    • Jim213

      Nice! RT @ArashMarkazi The Lakers-Rockets game time on Jan. 8 will be changed to 7pm local time and will no longer be televised by ESPN. Sign of changing times.

      • Thunder

        They should just pull all the Lakers games from National TV.Their are way more exciting and deserving teams to be on National TV.The NBA does a horrible job of promoting it’s small market teams like the Suns,Timberwolves,Pacers,Spurs,Thunder all it does is focus on Lakers,Miami,Brooklyn,New York,Boston.ESPN has rarely made a scheduling change like this for a NBA game,ratings must be in the toilet for Lakers games this season.Sign of things to come,next season Lakers will need a additional superstar or two in order to justify being on National TV 30+ times like this season.

        Lakers might get dropped off the list of National TV Games next season unless change happens.With Jim Short Buss retard running the show nothing is guaranteed to work out.Mitch Kupcake is just a old man who has no idea what he is doing.Lakers forecast is gloomy and a thunderstorm is near.Lakers are in trouble.Sad bad times.

  • The miz

    Not buying this more likely an own opinion

  • rebuildtimeBuss/mitch

    turkolu a reliable stretch 4 in dantoni’s system, ill sign him for the year minimum why not, he’ll be a better 3pt shooter better than shawne or gasoft will ever be. plus he can create his own shot, but his weakness is prolly defense.
    dwade did circles around swaagy no d on xmas, swag kept turning his back on dwade and let him cut to the hoop, poor d .. no good…
    lakers need as much scoring as they can get. but offense wins games not championships.
    unfortunately, lakers are a good offensive team but their defense will either make them make a playoff spot or not, they have a lot to do to catch up, it might be too late. its sad i dont see this team winning even 5 games in a row this year..
    the west conf. is too deep, and lakers sucks, :(
    the best defensive team always wins the title in June.
    they need defensive, young athletic guys that are consisitent, get rid of gasoft, nash, blake, kobe, sacre … and start the next gen of lakers basketball.
    dumbtoni will never coach a team to the finals either.. he’s an offensive minded coach, just see his track record…
    doc rivers would’ve have been a better pick…
    every player learns how to play offense when growing up, but nowadays these guys in the lakers dont have the “it” factor which is “defense and effort everynight.” i say dwight was a big loss… dwight is having the last laugh now against the laker hater fans…
    if they could only clone the 2000 kobe #8 twice and put 2 of’em in this year’s team … lol!!!

  • Winnerdude24

    Better to just sign Sasha Vujacic instead of Hedo. Who will agree?

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Here Here

  • Thunder

    The Lakers keep making one bad move after another,day by day it’s becoming harder to support Jim Buss and his bad decisions.I used to be a big Lakers fan but lately i just can’t get excited for this inferior roster anymore.Their seems to be a major lack of direction and rhyme and reasoning.Nobody in the organization seems to know what the hell they are doing.Their is zero reason to pursue Hedo.

    He is old washed up a cheater and a druggie keep him far away from the Lakers he sucks.Now as far as the coach goes he needs to get fired already all he does is mumble through his interviews and backtracks his filthy comments.That Mike D’Antoni act has worn thin in LA and it’s time to take his brother Dan D’Antoni with him and for them to GTFO of LA and never comeback good riddance schmucks.Mike D’Antoni is a damn idiot,i hate his coaching style with the passion.No defense=No rings.

    Time for Lakers fans to realize this team is searching for talent and coming up short.No need to think any of these players will be back anyways the Lakers will probably renounce the rights to all the free agents.Lakers are in major rebuild mode right now,it goes to show you how desperate and bad they are by pursuing garbage like Hedo.I am ashamed to be a Lakers fan.

  • D.J.

    Lakers 2014-2015

    PG: Dante Exum

    SG: Kobe Bryant

    SF: Jordan Hamilton

    PF: Shawn Marion

    C: Jason Smith

    Sixth Man: Ramon Sessions

    Seventh Man Hedo Turkoglu

    MDA System Players 2 Year Window With Kobe

    • 3339

      try and stay calm

  • jeremy

    what wrong with getting hedo turkoglu, you guys seem to forget shawne willams is just like hedo turkoglu with the drug problems and lakers still went and got him. plus at this point i wouldnt mind lakers trying to improve by getting hedo turkoglu who a much better player then shawne willams


    At this point, I don’t see why not get him. Yeah he’s older and he’s this so called druggie, but at this point, with all the injuries and Pau not playing to his potential, I think Hedo is someone who is worth trying. I mean we all know one player can’t turn things around, because we need Blake, Kobe, and I guess Nash, but its worth a shot. LO is going through personal issues as well, but everyone is willing to jump the gun to get him right away. With either one of those guys, they can play multiple positions, they can stretch the floor, and they add another body to our already injured team. Plus I think every GM is thinking they would have the upper hand as far as negotiations because he hasn’t played in awhile and his personal issues, and I mean if they get him and he turns out to be a great asset, then we got a steal.

    • jeremy

      if they want to talk druggies shawne Williams had his problems in the past and lakers still took a shot with with him

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    hell no hope they don’t sign him smh

    • jeremy

      why not what can it hurt it isnt like shawne willams is lightning it up. ill take anything to try to improve the team.

      • nlruizjr

        the biggest improvement to this team is to get rid of MD, his system has proven nothing but losses, wake up FO. Come on Jeanie, get rid of your good for nothing brother and Mitch and take over with Phil and bring back J West.

        • Devon Samuels²⁴

          Agreed there!

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Still Hell No to me lol I rather keep is has is or sign one more young guy not no has been and play through this season without tanking don’t believe in that crap then go ham in the off season

        • Devon Samuels²⁴

          Sasha I can do!

  • Ronald Velez

    Why look at Hedo when the Lakers could have signed Malcom Thomas.I was not in favor of getting Shawne Williams because I thought Beasley was a better pick up especially with what he’s doing in Miami. I just wonder how people criticize Thomas and Beasley and say they are no go but yet would rather have 2 guys with drugs problems who haven’t played in a while and are inconsistent in Williams and Turkoglu. At least Beasley and Thomas are versatile and can play defense and have a higher ceiling. I really thought LA should have let Williams or Kelly go and gone after Thomas. The kid is young, athletic, has range, blocks shots and rebounds. The kid has even worked on his inside game. He was tearing it up in the D League even though some said that it’s no big deal because there is no competition in the D League. I’m not saying the kid would average 20 and 10, but he would be an offensive version of Jordan Hill. Playing those 2 guys would give LA rim protection rebounding and energy. That would be a problem for most teams to deal with that type of athleticism and energy. The kid is not even playing with the Spurs because he’s back in the D League. I don’t know why the Spurs signed him because they don’t need him. Hopefully he gets released and LA can go after him.

  • Marty Susman

    I have NOCLUE why they would want him. I have NO clue why the Lakers would want another “old” washed up player. I have no clue why other then a Greg Monroe or a Harrison Barnes or Waiters they would want any of the older used up players other team don’t want.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I sorta like this idea.Get a point forward and Hedo is exactly that.But not for certain.

  • hookedonnews

    That would be a huge mistake. He was brought to Phoenix and never fit into the offensive system. His best days are behind him. I can’t imagine him being a fit in LA.

  • Giao Pham

    Tell me this ain’t real!

  • roseducanna

    Stupid pursue.

  • J Taylor

    Bring him in for cheap and give him a 6 month tryout. Either he works out or not. If he does, we have his bird rights. If not, he’s probably better than Williams.

    I wonder if this is a sign that the FO is looking to move Pau.

    • Delos M

      Great just what we ( Lakers fans ) need another washed up Mid 30 player! Mitch is doing a great job turning this team into the NBA’s trash can. Got a player to old we will take him hell we’ll pay top $$$$. We have some amazing role player’s doing the best they can we need to get some stars instead management is wasting everyone’s time with another bench player maybe Mitch can talk Bill Russel out of retirement hear come the short shorts

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