Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Kupchak Talks About His Worst Season

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Kupchak Talks About His Worst Season


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With the Lakers suffering their worst season in franchise history since moving to Los Angeles, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak disagreed with the past miserable season as the worst. Instead, he mentioned the 2004-05 regular season was a tough year.

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Also earlier today, multiple sources have reported that assistant coach of the Lakers, Dan D’Antoni, has been hired as the new head coach of Marshall University.

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  • Hobbit

    To make sure we don’t repeat this type of terrible season we need major changes.If Mitch can somehow make this roster be real for the Lakers i would be ecstatic.

    PG Kyle Lowry free agent/Kendall Marshall/Jordan Farmar
    SG Kobe Bryant/Nick Young/Xavier Henry
    SF Carmelo Anthony On A Discount/Kent Bazemore
    PF Carlos Boozer Amnesty Claim/Ryan Kelly
    C Joel Embiid Via Draft Lottery/Robert Sacre/Emeka Okafor

    • LegendInMyMind

      More realistic, given that Steve Nash is coming back, and that LA wants Kevin Love in 2015:

      PG Dante Exum/Steve Nash/Kendall Marshall
      SG Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks
      SF Luol Deng/Nick Young
      PF Pau Gasol/Ryan Kelly
      C Jordan Hill/Chris Kaman/Robert Sacre

      which is my personal ideal rotation, and assuming Mike D’Antoni is gone. Deng is on everyone’s list as a likely free agent target for the Lakers.

      or, if Mike D’Antoni is going to finish out this last guaranteed year (and provided Dante Exum is off the board):

      PG Steve Nash/Jordan Farmar/Kendall Marshall
      SG Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks
      SF Luol Deng/Nick Young
      PF Noah Vonleh/Ryan Kelly
      C Jordan Hill/Robert Sacre

      + a 1 year contract to a low profile free agent, again in the pursuit of Kevin Love for 2015. If D’Antoni comes back, Gasol and Kaman are both leaving. I wouldn’t be that surprised to see Jordan Hill leave, either. And there IS a possibility that LA can land Embiid, but likely only if the medical follow ups aren’t good news, which potentially makes him damaged goods. Do we want a big man with a potentially bad back?

      LA will likely select Exum if they have the opportunity to do so, meaning that Ryan Kelly may see some time in the starting rotation, assuming D’Antoni stays and Pau and Kaman both head elsewhere. Also, I’d really rather Nick Young be elsewhere, because I think he’s a moron, but I have a feeling he’ll be back. The draft will likely determine Jordan Farmar’s fate, however.

      • comrade24

        This sounds like a mitch move to me. Lakers resign Pau, work out three way trade to have Pau go to Memphis to play with his brother, Zach Randolph to Minnesota, Kevin Love to the Lakers. Kyrie Irving is up for extension and Dan Gilbert has stated that any player that doesn’t sign an extension will be traded. Lakers trade their lottery pick to Cleveland for Kyrie Irving and then sign Luol Deng as FA.

        PG Kyrie Irving/Jordan Farmar/Steve Nash
        SG Kobe Bryant/ Jodie Meeks
        SF Luol Deng/Nick Young/Kent Bazemore
        PF Kevin Love/Ryan Kelly
        C Maybe Pau or Gortat/Robert Sacre

        • LegendInMyMind

          I haven’t done the numbers, but how do they afford Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Luol Deng, and Kevin Love? Before even talking about possibly adding Pau Gasol?

          Nash has a $10M deal, they’ll get Irving’s bird rights in any trade, but he’s likely around an $18M, maybe $20M player if they do resign him (which they’d look to if they traded a first round pick for him), Kobe is on the books for $24.5M for each of the next couple of years, Deng would likely command around $10M, and K Love is likely a $20M deal. Pau could be signed, likely, at around $10M-$12M.

          I don’t know, maybe it could work. If they didn’t sign a single other player, lol, or were content to dwell in luxury tax hell. Personally, I don’t think they need ALL THAT in a starting lineup as long as Kobe’s around. I’d prefer to see them use the draft to develop players for life after Kobe, and set themselves up in a better position for the 2015 free agency. I’m not even sold on whether or not Love would be a good signing, btw. Sure, his numbers are monstrous, but he only plays an average of around 60 games a season. Is he reliable? Big question.

          • comrade24

            the #’s would only work because i believe Kyrie is only making 8 mil this next year. they would definitely be in luxury tax hell but they’ve never minded that before as long as the team is winning. I don’t know exactly all the nuts and bolts of it if it would work. I really don’t think they should bring back pau, but for lack of other options i typed his name. My point isn’t the nuts and bolts though. I’m so sick of all the Lakers fans on here acting like whiney little emo pussies and being all doom and gloom. The FO has a history of turning things around quickly and we have little reason to think they won’t do the same again. The Lakers only fell from contention because of the Chris Paul debacle. Had that trade went through we would be in great shape now. The problem was after the CP3 trade fell through, we went ahead with the plan to get Howard and assumed that Steve Nash would be reliable (no reason to think he wouldn’t). Things will turn around for the Lakers, and it won’t take years and years like these pessimists suggest.

          • LegendInMyMind

            Irving would probably only resign for something close to $18M or so, though. You could make a case for more along the lines of $15M. K Love would probably require about $20M, though. So for the season after next, that’s Kobe at 24.25M, Irving at around $15M, and Kevin Love at $20M. That’s almost $60M for 3 guys. That’s Miami Heat big 3 money. The problem with that is that Lebron is the only one even worth it among those 3. Do you honestly think that Lakers brass would crunch the numbers and come to the conclusion that a talented, yet unproven, guy like Irving and two possibly unreliable-due-to-injuries guys such as Kobe and Kevin Love at $60M of the team salary would put the team in a better position to win than they have been so far?

            I think it’s bad, honestly. I think they’re better off in the draft. You don’t 3 dominant players to win a championship. You need one amazing player, one great one, and then a bunch of good ones. You don’t spend $60M on 3 great ones and then fill out the rest of your roster with a host of former draft busts signing at a vet’s minimum and expect to pull it off… It’s preposterous.

    • Rod Milton

      I’d keep Meeks over Young…esp with Kobe on the floor.

    • Sam Saab

      If that does happen you’d have Marshall and sacre before farmar and omeka? Marshall’s garbage!

    • Kenneth Simkins

      I agree with everyone you mentioned but Anthony!

  • Hobbit

    Mitch make us Lakers fans proud this off season Fire Mike D’Antoni!

  • Jeff

    Hey lets be realistic when making a roster for next season this is more like it man.

    PG Steve Blake Veteran Minimum,Marshall,Farmar
    SG Kobe,Swaggy P,Bazemore
    SF Lance Stephenson,Xavier Henry
    PF Kevin Love By Trading Steve Nash And Our Lottery Pick TO Wolves,Ryan Kelly
    C Spencer Hawes,Robert Sacre,Nazr Mohammed

  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞

    Deng or Melo

    • ranfan

      lol they would all have to take some paycuts

  • KB24