Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Jim Buss Makes Bold Statement Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="169"] As the worst season in franchise history came to a close last Wednesday, much more uncertainty continues to build for the franchise w [new_royalslider id="169"] As the worst season in franchise history came to a close last Wednesday, much more uncertainty continues to build for the franchise w Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Jim Buss Makes Bold Statement

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As the worst season in franchise history came to a close last Wednesday, much more uncertainty continues to build for the franchise with Jim Buss headlining the latest news and rumors.

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With Jim Buss being heavily criticized by the fans, it was reported that Buss was willing to trade Pau Gasol before the trade deadline. However, the Lakers eventually did not want to dump Gasol’s salary for nothing.

Jim Buss also recently stated to the Los Angeles Times about stepping down from his job if he’s unable to bring the Lakers into championship contenders in three to four years.

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Karlo Bacolod is an Intern for Lakers Nation as a writer/editor. He has a background on video games as a writer for Gaming Illustrated. Currently attending Long Beach State University, Karlo is pursuing a B.A. in creative writing. You can follow him on Twitter here: @KMAC_LA

  • Daryl Peek

    In watching the Bulls, Wizards game I’m still made about Phil thirsting over Metta and the team not pushing harder to keep Ariza. Loved Ron, Ron but Ariza was a better your budding Laker.

    • cj

      at this point agreed. arzia instead of ron might have gotten us that three peat but we might not have beaten the celts with out ron ron.

      • Daryl Peek

        Ron, Ron was awesome in those finals. I think we would’ve still won with Trevor but the post game fun would not have been off the chain like it was. Greatest Post Game Interview Ever!! #KobePassedMeTheBall

        • independentbynature

          No,we would not have won that final without MWP,Daryl and you know it.It was a close run thing and MWP’s toughness and defense made the difference.Funny how you refuse to second guess failure but now second guess success.Ariza has been somewhat of a disappointment since the trade.PJ,like any great coach,wanted to win now.He knew back then that the window of opportunity was closing.I guess I’m just never going to undestand how you could be mad at PJ for winning and constantly excuse Jimmy’s and Antoni’s failures.Another one of those times we are going to have to agree to disagree,I guess.You surprise me with that one.I think I underestimated you disdain for Phil.That’s another thing you share with Jimmy.

          • Daryl Peek

            Ariza was a solid defender. Keep in mind how bad Metta struggled and how Ariza was growing as a player. Who’s to say he would not have taken a bigger leap if he had been retained?

            I find it funny how you and others nit pick and choose failures in the blame game. I’m not mad at Phil. I just see the FO disturbance he has always been and am not moved by the winning as he has never been able to stick anywhere long term because of his mind games nature. Phil will be the first to tell you this and has openly admitted how he wears on a team over time. He came clean on this when asked about how Pop sustains longevity with the same group. Dr. Buss was well aware of this and that is why he didn’t want Phil in the Laker FO. Jimmy is too non confrontational to be so bold. Jimmy is the one along with Mitch who convinced Dr. Buss to rehire Phil in 05. And it was Jimmy who was happy with the meeting they had with Phil after the Brown firing but Mitch insisted they would still be interviewing others. Jimmy ponder Phil just as he did before. Dr. Buss was not down with another Phil stint.

            I’m fully aware of MDA’s failures but the way most try to package them is beyond truth most of the time. Just as most believe it’s time to move on from MDA it has been past time to move on from Phil. I’ve said a million time the FO may in fact decide MDA’s time is up and I have no problem with that as long as it’s a decision they make with a plan for succession in place, not just public pressure.

    • vdogg

      it’s really the fault of ariza’s agent — he is the one who wanted to play the game of ‘chicken’ with the lakers’ brass. all that being said, i would love to see trevor back in purple and gold. it could happen.

      • Daryl Peek


      • A Fan

        Agreed. I actually think they should pursue Ariza instead of Deng because Deng might be too expensive (If I’m not mistaken, he turned down a multi-year extension worth 10+ mil a year. We could get Ariza for almost the same price as his current contract)

    • Josh

      Especially considering the Lakers gave Metta essentially the same contract as what Ariza signed with the Rockets.

  • Benjamin

    I would enjoy watching this team play and hopefully the FO puts this together…

    Lakers Next Season Possibly 2014-2015
    PG Marcus Smart/Kendall Marshall/Jordan Farmar
    SG Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks
    SF Full mid level exception Trevor Ariza/Kent Bazemore
    PF Max deal Carmelo Anthony/Ryan Kelly
    C $6 million dollars per Marcin Gortat/Vet minimum Emeka Okafor/Robert Sacre

    • vdogg

      melo is not a PF

    • Alvin

      Or… trade first round pick for Rubio and Love, sign Deng as FA and resign Pau by rights of bird rights. *they can afford busting the cap because of their deal with time warner.

      Byron Scott

      • baby j

        actually, Ariza cuz he’s cheaper but more athletic

  • http://twitter.com/mattyfreshness mattyfreshness

    what kind of article is this? there is 2 sentences….unreal

    • comrade24

      it’s a weekly recap full of links to other articles.

      • http://twitter.com/mattyfreshness mattyfreshness

        not good enough

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    Kendal Marshall/Jordan Farmar
    Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks/ Young
    Carmelo Anthony/Kent Bazemore
    Pau Gasol/ Ryan Kelly
    Robert Sacre/ Draft Pick

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