Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Jeanie Buss Talks Lakers Front Office

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Jeanie Buss Talks Lakers Front Office


The Lakers spent Thursday getting ready for their Friday night matchup with the Washington Wizards. During the practice session, the Lakers allotted some time to take their annual team picture. It was a rare chance to see Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash in Laker jerseys this season. Nick Young also practiced Thursday and is expected to come off the bench and make his return Friday.

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Off the court, Lakers president visited ESPN LA 710 radio Wednesday for a radio interview. She emphasized her position at the top of the Lakers’ decision making. With Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak in charge of the basketball operations, Jeanie said she is confident in the direction and ability to get the Lakers back to their winning ways.

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  • Josh

    And with that, I would like to see an end to all the Jim Buss trashing. Any decision you blame him for is a joint decision between he and Mitch and approved by Jeanie. So, please quit acting like Jim is ruining the franchise and only Jeanie can save it.

    • badfuthamucka

      And Jeanie has unofficially been consulting with Phil for the whole time she has been in charge. How has that worked out?

      Terrible results? Yeah, Phil had his fingers in the pot.

      • Josh

        I’m personally glad he’s gone. He’ll struggle with the Knicks for 2-3 years now, and then retire before his contract is up. He doesn’t stick around for losers, and Knicks are far from winning.

  • Amarant

    Phil is a great coach, but the Phil worship is really ridiculous. Let’s wait and see how he actually does as GM now ok? Great coach nor Great player doesn’t equate Great GM. Will Phil be as “hands on” as can be with his age and health issues, travelling overseas and to small college towns to get a 1st hand glimpse of prospects like what the Sam Presti (OKC) and RC Buford (Spurs) does religiously? Being a GM/Director of BBall operations is a completely different animal. People keep saying Jeannie should also assume the GM role but I think she herself knows she wouldn’t be able to fill that role. For one, I think she won’t be able to remove emotion/heart from the equation when comes time to make difficult and even unpopular decisions (ie..letting an aging superstar go, trading a fan favorite, etc).
    Laker fans should just put the torch and pitchforks down. This is a 2-3yr rebuild. It’s not as simple as seeing your Refrigerator empty and you just go on over to the grocery and in an hour you got everything you need. After all the titles and joy the team has given us, just speaking for myself and I know I’m alone with this thought, I don’t think having to wait 2-3yrs is too much to ask of me as a fan given the realities of today’s NBA landscape. The Lakers won before, during, and after every superstar/star coach era, and they will again.

  • Chrmngblly

    Phil or no Phil, No matter. I just say that Jeanie needs to quit mothering these guys and look at the pattern: the CP3 botch, getting D12, not getting rid of D12, the Nash continuing horror, Mike Brown, the MDA saga.

    Sometimes, “Whoops” is not enough. Another voice wouldn’t hurt, like Magic said. It is a pattern.

    • badfuthamucka

      I personally loved the CP3 trade attempt, and thought that the Nash move and Howard move would pay off. The Mike’s were terrible hires though. Cant figure out why they chose Mike Brown over Rick Adelman who desperately wanted the job.

      • Chrmngblly

        Yeah. A for effort and B for botched. You have to grade the organization for how it performed overall. Who fouled up the CP3 deal? etc. nobody gets off the hook by just saying “Oops”.

  • Godfrey Uche

    Please don’t bother Jeanie Buss, she is doing her best to save this franchise from the hands of MD.

    • Sylvia Ross

      Godfrey, God knows I hope you’re right. We need Pringles, gone like yesterday.

    • Chrmngblly

      SpARE US ALL. I am sure she approved the hire. Why do we have to give the Buss family our approval when they bungle the job? They are the ones who got jobs working for the Lakers only because their daddy left them jobs in his will. Is that what this couintry is all about? What happened to talent and hard work winning out? God did not do this. This is bald nepotism. Not one of those 6 Buss kids could get a job or has ever held a job that was not handed to them by their dead dad’s will. Why would I have confidence in that? F*ck the Busses. Let them sell out if they can’t stand the heat. They are living really well. And for doing what?