Lakers News and Rumors Recap: How Does L.A. Fix This Team?

Lakers News and Rumors Recap: How Does L.A. Fix This Team?


NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles LakersThe Lakers record; 17-24. The fans; unhappy. The players; scattered. Playoff expectations; low. Now it is off to Memphis to face the Grizzlies amongst a whirlwind of trade rumors, shoulder shrugs and “he said, he did”. Geez.

Despite all the talent on this roster, the Lakers are not able to string together consecutive wins and there seems to be no cohesion on the court. The defensive issues on the team have been discussed over and over again. But if you watch the offense, it is just as bad.

When D’Antoni was hired, everyone was excited for the new and improved offense, but the readability of the scheme leaves the Lakers scrambling and giving up too many turnovers. Mike D’Antoni said it himself:

Our offense is just ugly. It’s not very good ball.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, am I right? I hope Mike changes up his offensive game this week because things need to change. Now.

Kobe and Nash need to play off one another more. Nash is an excellent shooter and is not given the opportunity for good shots enough. On top of that, Kobe needs to remain dominant offensively because the new defensive role he has taken on wears him out.  Rather than relying on supplemental players to bring the baskets, I much prefer keeping Kobe in that role to be the powerhouse he is, while resting the majority of the defensive game on Dwight and Metta.

Speaking of Howard, he needs to stop being such a baby in the paint, and he also needs to hustle. Watching him straggle back on defense is just painful. The Lakers are fighting for an 8th seed spot in the playoffs at this point and every lost game is a step farther and farther from that goal. Shouldn’t that be lighting a fire under anyone’s ass?

Ramneet Singh of LN said it best; “D’Antoni cannot expect the Lakers to score 105 points a game in order to win, especially with this old and aging roster.” What this means is a better plan and some structure. Heck, any sort of workable guidance from D’Antoni. What you can get away with when it comes to young, healthy players, like the option to “let them play” and sort of take on a street ball mentality, you cannot do with this Lakers roster. They are too old.

Kobe said it best: “Obviously, this isn’t working.”

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  • Leo

    Fire D’Antoni, the lakers can afford it. Obviously no lakers player is happy since he got here. Not even Nash. Nobody plays his heart out for him. He is stubborn and ignorant. He never was a great and successful coach. He makes everyone think about himself not about this laker team. Mixing rotations, benching players… Even Bernie was way better than him. These veteran players do not need a run and gun system to be sucessful. Such a fool… like the whole front office.

    • hookedonnews

      Nash is unhappy because of the way the team is playing not because of the coach. Are you trying to tell me that Howard and Kobe were totally unselfish players who thought only of the team before D’Antoni arrived? That’s pretty funny. When you are a coach coming to a new team you are going to have to evaluate your players and changes will be made in the rotations. You are trying to implement a new offense. That takes time, and it is not immediately evident which players work best together. Then you throw in all the injuries, and you’re not going to have a stable lineup. The Knicks use D’Antoni’s system, and they are an older team than the Lakers. Bernie coached 5 games–not exactly an impressive resume. These players can play in this system if they will put aside their egos and give the kind of effort that they should. They were playing bad under Brown. You figure out who the problem is. Just because he’s not Phil Jackson doesn’t mean that the coach is the problem. He’s not on the court turning the ball over and sleep-walking through games.

  • JohnC

    LA players have a huge repertoire if they were playing inside their comfort zones and doing their natural roles, the ones that have made them top-players. Doing some other different roles trying to adjust to an abstract system – which has never put into practice with good results or has not been planned for and with this roster- is not productive. For so long during the match, game after game, most of these players (there are very few exceptions, like Earl Clark) are not playing according to their true potential. The consequence: they’re predictable and slow. Anyone can beat LA. The number of moves is reduced and so is their production. It is sad to see so much potential wasted, game after game. And NOTHING CHANGES?? The coach does not adjust to his roster?? LA fan: if you want to watch play-offs this year, find a plan B.