Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Derek Fisher and Kevin Love Rumors Continue

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Derek Fisher and Kevin Love Rumors Continue


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Derek Fisher was in the center of several stories Monday. With the Oklahoma City Thunder’s exit from the NBA playoffs, it is expected Fisher could end his playing career and attempt to transition into coaching.

Both the Lakers and the Knicks have been reported to be interested in Fisher’s services should he choose to retire. Obviously, Fisher has strong connections to both franchises as he played the majority of his career with the Lakers under current Knicks president Phil Jackson.

Last week, Jackson made comments revealing his interest in bringing Fisher to New York. As a result, the NBA fined him Monday for tampering.

The Lakers are also reportedly considering Fisher as a replacement for Mike D’Antoni. In addition, the team is speculated to have discussions with Scott Skiles and Larry Brown.

Elsewhere around the league, Kevin Love’s future remained a highly discussed topic. While the Minnesota Timberwolves want to have Love on their roster coming to the season, the possibility of him being traded elsewhere remains out there.

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  • Chrmngblly

    Larry Brown is a good call, if he wants the job. Lionell, Byron. Maybe George Karl.

  • richard

    Larry Brown is 74 when season begins… 82 NBA games is too much for his body. I would go for Hollins, if not Fisher.. this is my only 2 candidate for the Lakers coaching Job.

    • Jim213

      Hate to disappoint but it’s Byron’s job to lose until someone better comes along out of interviewed candidates.

      • richard

        I am not sure what Scott can bring to the table that is better than Hollins…. hi latest stint coaching … were aweful, his coaching is not flexible, his offense basically screams, “give me a dominant PG!”

        With your intelligence and reason, I can’t believe you would go for Scott to be Lakers next head coach. I am a little disappointed… I do not see 3 good reason why he is better than Hollins or even Fisher(at least fisher was a coach on the floor), but Scott in his playing days was never that.

  • Jim213

    Per Jeff Goodman (ESPN): Lakers to host a mega workout on Wednesday featuring some of this year’s top prospects.

    Reported scheduled players include Marcus Smart, Tyler Ennis, Elfrid Payton, Nik Stauskas, Zach LaVine, James Young, Rodney Hood, Doug McDermott, Noah Vonleh, and Aaron Gordon.

    Best if LN covered the workout but IMO Kupcake may realize that it wouldn’t be bad to trade down (a little) as one of these players will likely get drafted by the Lakers depending on the available pool.

    • Les

      Aaron Gordon is by far the best player out of that group coming in.Teams are crazy not to consider Aaron Gordon in the top 5.Gordon passes like Steve Nash and he is built like a skinnier version of Blake Griffin.Aaron plays defense like Shawn Marion.He has the athletic prowess of Blake Griffin.Rebounds the ball well and is a elite athlete.Can hit the 3 ball.Is a team player.Unselfish player just wants to win.Has a great motor.I would draft at #1 he will be the best player in this draft in 5 years.Mark my words.

      • Jim213


        31.2/5.0-10.1/.495/0.4-1.2/.356/ 2.0-4.7/.422

        8.0/ 2.0/1.0/0.9/2.4/1.4/12.4

        If you favor Gordon it’s your opinion but just like all the 1st year rookies he has a lot to learn tho athletically he’s at the the top.

        • Jim213

          Latest news from some of the top prospects tho it comes from the Nuns site.


        • Les

          Thanks for posting his stats Jim.12.4 PPG 8.0 Reb AST.2.0
          Yeah he is by far my favorite player in this draft.Athletically he is just amazing his speed is that of a fast Point Guard.His body is still growing and filling up once he bulks up he will be a top rated player in the NBA.But yes he must do it on the NBA court.This is just my personal projection of Gordon.

      • wangkon936

        Aaron Gordon is Kenneth Faried, at best.

    • Zimmeredge

      Do you think we can get 14 and 18 (or 27) from the suns for our number 7? Seems possible to me.


        I know getting extra picks seems like something a portion of our fan base wants but the last thing i want is 2 or 3 average rookies running around for the next 4 years.Give me a stud player at #7 and then we can develop that player into a All Star and we are set.Taking a guy at #7 like Aaron Gordon or Dante Exum has a lot more upside than picking Rodney Hood at #14 and some low end ham at pick #27.Just my opinion i rather have 1 lottery pick than 2 or 3 average rookies.Basically i’d rather have Blake Griffin with faster jets and much better defense than 2 Xavier Henry types.Yeah i think the Lakers need a star player out of this draft,not a couple middle of the pack journeymen.Go for a home run just go up swinging for the fence.

        • Zimmeredge

          If you look at the draft history the best players are sometimes in the middle of the crop.
          I think that if we cańt pût our hands on a prime pf we should trade down for a pg like ennis, lavine or napier and get a guy like Warren, hood, Harris, payne, capela, Anderson in our team. Guy who can do a lot of different things on the court. Lead the game, pass, rebound, shoot. Ennis/napier and Anderson or the msu duo Harris/payne could be great pick. Especially if you look at our needs.
          But really focus hard on getting randle, vonleh or Gordon to pair them with gasol. Bring deng or ariza to play on the wing, a combo guard who can shoot and defend like stephenson or bledsoe and it´s ok. The suns are willing to give bledsoe a big contract so it might be complicated.

          A lot of good players got out between 10 and 20 in the draft and become very good players in the league. Plus it gives us a lot of trade bait for the future and also a lot of flexibility regarding the cba (smaller contract for good productive players, bird rights after a couple of seasons with us)

      • Jim213

        IMO, scratch that thought. Guess FO never learns (Nash deal) but FO should drop down a little. Most suitable IMO would be the Hornets or 76ers (7 picks) but hopefully FO can also buy a trade (early mid 2nd rounder). It comes down to which of these team’s will be willing to to land a top prospect while giving something up for the opportunity.

  • Les

    Aaron Gordon is the real deal the Lakers better be on their A game.Draft

    • wangkon936

      Aaron Gordon is a Kenneth Faried clone.

      • Evan

        You keep putting this out there. Why do you think he’s just another Kenneth Faried and not a Blame Griffin type?


    My top 7 players in this draft are.


  • Edwin

    PER Hoopshype they are projecting Marcus Smart to us at #7.He seems legit.

    7. Marcus Smart LALLATEST RUMORSPoint Guard / 6-4 / Oklahoma State / Sophomore17.8 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 4.7 apg

    The Lakers moving this pick for veteran help would be as shortsighted as the Kobe Bryant contract. They find themselves in a difficult situation with an aging, overpaid Kobe and very little young talent on their roster. To make matters worse, their inter-city rivals are riding high and may soon be ridding themselves the league’s resident curmudgeon owner, leaving the Lakers with the worst owner in town and possibly league-wide. One bold move would be to move down a few spots if there was enough interest in this pick (Phoenix perhaps with 14, 18 and 27) and target Kyle Anderson in the late lottery or even later. Smart will need time to lock into the PG position, but Kobe would have to respect this kid’s competitiveness and heart. Smart struggled in his sophomore season as questions arose about his shooting ability and maturity. He could slide some on draft night, though he remains our top PG available. He had some bumps in the road including the incident shoving the Texas Tech fan, but his character is not in question, according to scouts. He’s a natural leader and the kind of player that makes everyone around him better just with his presence. While he’s obviously a work in progress, scouts really like his competitiveness and will to win. He appears to be a guy that will work hard to correct all of the deficiencies in his game. Comparing Smart to past NBA guys is very difficult, as he’s such a unique player.

    • wangkon936

      As long as the vet is between 21-25 years old, I don’t mind.

  • Edwin

    We got the worst owner in sports and it’s not even close.F Jim Buss error it sucks!

  • Archie

    Larry Brown????? Really?????Are you being serious right now?????

    Wow oh man how the mighty have fallen to have their prime candidate be a coach in his mid 70’s he will never stick around with the Lakers 40 games and he will leave mid season.Jim Buss is the worst thing to ever happen to the Lakers if this rumor is true.I hope they hire either Lionel Hollins or George Karl maybe even Byron Scott but none of the other clowns.Jim Buss is dog shit as a owner and he needs to go and Jeanie Buss must take over.This is a favor to Mitch since he is a North Carolina alumn do he pulls out Great Grandpa Larry Brown from the nursing home to coach the Lakers speechless.

    • Evan

      Prime? Simply talking about interviewing the guy is far, far from “prime candidate”. I think you’re overreacting here.

  • Douglas Carlson

    Question? Do you think Fisher is ready to be a head coach? I would like to see him come on the Lakers as an assistant. Very few just retired players make it as a coach. I know Jason Kidd ended up doing ok after the terrible start but he is on a very short list of ones who have made the transition. I have no idea what the Lakers are going to do. Too many rumors. If they want Scott just hire him. What’s the sense of interviewing these others. Larry Brown has always been a good stopgap for 1 or 2 years. Might be an opportunity for him and Fisher to join together. Either way I hope the Lakers make the right choice. Depends on their direction, which we all don’t know yet.