Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Andrew Bynum Interested In Return With Lakers

Lakers News And Rumors Recap: Andrew Bynum Interested In Return With Lakers


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A day after bringing in draft prospects for a workout Wednesday, it was fairly quiet for the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak believes a good player could be available to them with the seventh pick.

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In addition to the draft, the Lakers have an important free agency signing period to take care of. With plenty of cap room to work with, the team will have to figure out how they would like to build to the upcoming roster and who they would like to keep and bring back.

One former Laker reportedly has an interest in returning to Los Angeles as Andrew Bynum expressed such sentiments while being recorded by TMZ. The team has plenty of holes to address and could use the services of a healthy and focused Bynum. Since being traded from the Lakers, Bynum has struggled seeing time on the court as a result of his ongoing knee problems.

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  • Derek Clark

    Vet min. One or two year deal. Examine the hell out of those knees. Say what you want about his attitude or whatever, but Bynum gave it all he had when he was with us. If he doesn’t play on one leg in the 2010 Finals, we lose to the Celtics again. Looked good during the few games he played in Cleveland and Indiana. Looked ten times better than Roy Hibbert in one damn game. But, we don’t need to overpay. I’m not opposed to this, and I can still remember how upset Kobe was at himself after accidentally taking out his knee back then.

    • Lenny

      Yeah Kobe did a number on his knee by chopping it by accident and Lamar also ran into his knee damn this guy Bynum never caught any good luck with his knees.His own teammates accidentally injured him what a shame.He actually played well when Phil coached him and the team won back 2 back finals he also had a breakout season under Mike Brown.I think Coach Lionel Hollins is best suited to coach a big man like Bynum in post up half court offense Bynum can thrive if in shape and healthy.

      • Derek Clark

        One of the sickest sounds I have ever heard on a basketball court was Bynum hollering after Kobe took out his knee … you could feel the death silence in the Staples Center

        • vdogg

          that didn’t happen at staples center. it happened in MEM.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    As long as Bynum loses weight and is not over 300 pounds then yes.Must be at around 265 pounds to 285 pounds in order to be taken seriously.No 350 pounds of Bynum that’s too fat and big to make a improvement.A in shape Bynum is awesome.Those knees must be healthy enough to at least be trusted for a return.I have seen some injury prone players comeback like Grant Hill and Bernard King.

  • jay


  • jay

    Andrew Bynum’s stats against the Bulls, 8-14 FGM (20 Points), 4-4 FTM, 10 Rebounds (3 Offensive, 7 Defensive), 3 Assist, 1 Personal Foul, 1 Turnover, 5 Blocks in 30 minutes, and he put Noah on check that game! Can Bynum do this game in and game out like he use too? maybe not, but if a center with bad knees can put up numbers like these against a healthy/elite center in Noah, why not give him a shot and bring him in? just like people said about Lamar Odom, maybe all he needs is to be in purple and gold again.

  • kliff richard

    i like to return andrew Bynum And Lamar Odom And pau gasol and Nick young and wes johnson and jodie meeks and jordan hill and farmar and blake and shannon brown and kendall marshall and earl clark and sasha vujacic and matt barnes and trevor ariza as LA Lakers and hire as head coach fisher and hire as assistant byron scott and kurt rambis next season

    • Evan

      No to Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol, Shannon Brown, Earl Clark, Sasha Vujacic, or Matt Barnes. No to Fisher as HC, and I really doubt Byron would take an assistant role with a rooke HC. Also, no to Rambis. He didn’t help much when he was on our staff, and he would all but ruin our chances if we pursue Love in 2015.

  • Jim213

    Looks like Aaron Gordon’s brother Drew Gordon, will play for the Lakers’ Summer League team in Las Vegas next month per Aaron Gordon’s Instagram account.

    I’d prefer DJ Stephens but hear he’s playing in Europe now (per K Ding) however hopefully he’ll be available at least for a camp invite sometime in August.

    • Derek Clark

      Impressive. Watching the D-League games. I myself have seen a lot of those games and only DJ Stephens impresses me (except for Manny Harris and Shawne Williams). Got some game but needs to be NBA polished. Dude is athletic as they come though.

      • Jim213

        Watch some games but given Wes Johnson may be passed up FO will be looking for an athletic freak with an upside IMO.

        • jay

          what are your thoughts on Drew Gordon?

          • Jim213

            Honestly, just recall him playing for UCLA but from watching some of his play he seems to struggle with his confidence just as Wes Johnson being Wes has the athleticism but lacks confidence/mental preparedness to take his game another notch (inconsistent) IMO.

          • jay

            maybe he’ll show us what he’s about come summer league time, I’m just anxious to see what moves the Lakers are going to do, what head coach are they going to hire, what players are they going to bring back/pick up, will they even take a look at Andrew Bynum etc.

          • Jim213

            IMO, just hoping FO learned from last year’s FA. Being having no clear cut plan aside of DH. Hopefully once FA starts they will resign some of the vital players from the roster while focusing on bringing in reliable role players for the starting rotation.

          • jay

            amen, the FO was too caught in the “Dwight Howard is the future”, Dwight leaving left their vision blurred, that’s why I don’t want the FO to get too caught in the “Kevin Love” dream, I also wouldn’t mind the Lakers giving Bynum a temporary shot (given were definitely aren’t going to be a championship team next year), he may have bad knees, but he’ll put up better numbers than Sacre IMO, just needs to get the passion of the game back, maybe a Lakers’ will spark it again? but we’ll see what Mitch has up his sleeves this FA.

    • Winston

      Maybe just maybe the Lakers are tipping their hat that they are drafting Aaron Gordon.But then again Drew Gordon is a good player and deserves a summer league roster spot with any team frankly.

  • kliff richard

    Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy And Quin snyder and fisher as Head Coach LA Lakers Next Season

  • Evan

    Has anyone come out and said exactly what the issue is with Bynum’s knees?

    • wildrover4

      His cartilage is basically shot. He has to build up the muscle around his knees in order to take the pressure off the joints. He also has to play through pain. If you think he’ll do those things in LA, it’s worth it.

    • wangkon936

      Bynum’s knees no longer have any cartilage. So, when he plays, the joints in his knee rub together without the cartilage and causes inflammation. Thus, the pattern is he plays one day, has to take care of the inflammation until it goes away and then plays again. He has everything you want in a center. He is still very agile, quick on his feet, strong, etc. but just doesn’t have any cartilage in his knee left. It’s a shame really.

      The absolute very best we can expect is 15 minutes a night and 40-50 games a year. He will have to inject a lot of hyaluronic acid (temporary cartilage substitute) and cortisone (anti-inflammatory) into the knee directly to keep him limping along throughout the season. The degeneration of his knee joints (i.e. osteoarthritis) though, however, can’t be helped if he decides to play on it. The only other alternative is to literally “grow cartilage in a petri dish” (quote directly from Bynum himself during a Sixers practice) and implant it into his knee, which is something that can’t be done at this time.

    • wangkon936

      Alright, found it. Straight from Bynum’s mouth:

      “There’s nothing I can really do about [my knee]. It’s arthritis in the knees. Cartilage is missing. That’s not going to regrow itself. Maybe in the future [with new medical technology and techniques], the next three to five years, there may be something out there that really does help. For right now, it’s a waiting game.”

      So… according to Bynum himself he needs to wait for new technology to regrow cartilage in his knee otherwise he’s pretty much done and/or he has to play in a lot of pain.

      • Chrmngblly

        This is not a problem that only Bynum alone has experienced. The answer so far has been microfracture surgery–remember Tracy McGrady? There is already something new. The Pau Gasol adult stem cell treatment where they take adult stem cells out of your own knees and grow millions of them in the lab and then inject them back into your knees. They regrow into new knee cartilage. But Bynum has to go do the procedure.

        I say sign him to the D-league–if he wants it–and see if he does what he’s told. If he doesn’t put the team first, we don’t need him.

  • daniel

    Vet minimum and then very detailed incentive plan. Games played, points and rebounds taken, games won, etc, etc. That is the only way.
    Before all this, a very detailed physical test, and we go from there.

  • val

    He looks likea fat Oliver Miller.So cant be serious.He is fat and done.RETIRE!


    I like the comment somebody made the other day about a stick incentive type contract with an escape clause for bad attitude. Pay for play, if he delivers it’s a win win for everybody, if he doesn’t it doesn’t cost the team. And if he is a locker room problem he’s out. It appears that there is more to the reason nobody wants him than his bad knees. But, all that said, I liked him when he was with the Lakers and if there is a possibility he could give us at last some quality minutes off the bench it seems like a decent roll of the old dice. But, with all that more said, it is possible that he is just looking to eek a few more dollars out of basketball before there are none left for him and that is the underlying feeling I have.

    • Lorenzo

      Yeah people are way too harsh on him like val and others on this blog.He is a good player with a couple championship rings and he is 7 feet you can’t teach size in the NBA.So it’s a easy choice bring him into a private physical exam and find out if he is healthy enough to play or are those knees toast.

    • Rich

      Me too. He’s shown himself to be quite a punk after such a great start to his career. I had a bad feeling when he quit listening to Kareem. Still, we have a huge hole in the middle and I don’t see us signing Gortat or Monroe.I like the idea of an incentive-laden one-year deal.

  • daniel

    The problem with him, is that he does not like basketball, he played it, because he was big, and could make a lot of money, but his real objective in life was not to be a basketball player.
    I remember years ago an article where they would quote from a lakers players source with no name (for obvious reasons) that this guys was never interested in reading much about BB, or even analyzing tape, or improving much his game, and things like that, that a good pro has and likes to do.
    If we add to that his knee problems, that tells you why nobody wants me. But with the right contract, we might get something out of him.
    It seems to me that he though he would sail from team to team for another few years, until retirement, and in the meantime he would collect big paychecks. I guess now he realizes that nobody wants him, and he has to put a little attitude to get a new contract.

  • CCX

    Bynum most assuredly has arthritis, that’s why he got Orthokine treatment – similar to Kobe’s PRP procedures. But the one thing that is never uttered about Bynum is arthritis because everyone knows that is irreversible. So teams have said he has sore knees, inflammation, fluid build-up, etc but never the ‘a-word’ That’s why the Lakers trading him when they did was a blessing for them and why Drew has never fully been able to come back. Once arthritis damages your joints it’s irreparable, it’s too bad but likely we’ll never see more than short glimpses of him playing basketball again – if that.

  • Mally Smalls

    Bring back the big man gave us more then Dwight’s bitch ass