Lakers News and Rumors Recap: An Unsolvable Conundrum?

Lakers News and Rumors Recap: An Unsolvable Conundrum?


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio SpursThe Lakers are a puzzle, alright. They are struggling to get back to .500 and every loss has playoff chances sinking towards impossible. The Lakers are in the bottom half of the Western Conference after their fourth consecutive loss Wednesday night against the Grizzlies.

What is really ironic is the player that is Dwight Howard. Howard was named to his seventh All-Star game this year along with his teammate Kobe Bryant, but many are asking the question, does he deserve it? With a less than impressive performance displayed during the first half of the season, I would argue that it is rather disheartening that Dwight is considered an All-Star. As far as I can see, very little of how he has played is All-Star material. His injuries, which have been an excuse for his poor play this Lakers season, should also be a factor come the All-Star game, right? Maybe voters played into the hype, again. The same hype that surrounded the Lakers this summer.

This All-Star game will be the first Western selection for Dwight. However, this may not be for long. Howard will be a free agent at the end of the season. He will have the opportunity to leave L.A. for another squad, and sign wherever he desires. It has also been rumored that Gasol has told those close to him that he expects to be moved before next month’s trade deadline. If I had to choose, I would rather see Howard out, and Gasol placed back at the true Center position. Part of Gasol’s struggle this year has been adjusting to having Dwight in the line-up, but these issues could be avoided is Pau was allowed to play the game the way he wanted to.

Some good news; the Los Angeles Lakers are the second most valuable NBA team. They are worth $1 billion, up 11 percent from last year. The Lakers’ revenue increased this season, and will continue to increase with the $3.6 billion television deal they booked with Time Warner Cable. Despite a disappointing season, this L.A. is still known around the world and continues to remain popular.

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  • RickCadena in Mexico

    I wonder if trading Andrew Bynum has been a mistake, despite his knee problems. I would much prefer to see Dwight Howard leave than Pau Gasol. Things seemed to work more smoothly when it was Bynum and Gasol on the court. I wonder if other people have had similar thoughts or impressions.

  • TBJ

    so Mike Brown gets fired b/c the team was built to win now and wasn’t improving. I would love if Lakers management could explain how D’Antoni is any different. If anything he is MUCH WORSE. Mike Brown didn’t deserve to be fired for this joke. Man up and admit the mistake. You guys look so damn dumb defending this circus act.

  • KcS

    Lots of people blame Howard and Pau, but why is everyone overlooking Nash? Offensively he’s only been average at most, and defensively he’s just a huge liability it’s painful watching him play. He’s just too small and slow to guard most other PGs in the league.
    It would make sense to hire D’Antoni’s ass and get Phil or Shaw to bring back the slow-paced Triangle, trade Howard/Nash for a younger, bigger and more athletic PG along with another key player who can come off the bench in absence of the star players.

  • KcS

    Correction — ‘fire’ D’Antoni’s ass, not ‘hire’ heh.

  • smartballer

    laker management is who to blame! they kept the same sucky bench the past 3 seasons that causes the lakers to struggle! keep kobe, nash, and howard and get rid of everybody else!
    copy the elite teams like the clippers and get playes that can SCORE AND DEFEND, surround them with kobe, nash and howard and you are sure to get anothr title! GET PHIL zeN master back also!
    laker manangement make changes or this team will lose for the next 3 yrs again! sucks!!

  • Al Bejosano

    Its not the management to blame nor the coach staff!, The players have the skill but they dont have the will or desire to work together as a team!!! They simply lack motivation only because they get paid well!!!

    • C’mon, man

      Kobe Bryant lacks the motivation? Steve Nash lacks the motivation to win his first championship in a HOF career? Metta lacks the motivation? Clark lacks the motivation?

      Maybe Pau lacks the motivation, but it’s not because he’s paid well. It’s hard to stay motivated when everyone is slamming you every five seconds and your team is constantly talking about trading you, and as for Dwight, while I’m not a big fan of him, I don’t think his lack of motivation comes from his paycheck. He’s always been a happy-go-lucky type of player, but it doesn’t help that he has to work for a coacj like D’Antoni, who’s allergic to post players.

      • Arielle Moyal

        I agree that Kobe, Nash, Metta and Clark all have the desire to win. I don’t think Dwight does, however. Pau and Howard are both playing the blame game and thinking up of excuses, rather than playing good basketball and working hard. I think Pau, though, is more easily taught and Kobe has more confidence in him. There are reports of the two (Pau and Dwight) of them partying the night before the Grizzlies game…. I believe it. I mean, look at how they played!

  • ed

    Basketball is not that complicated…Just look at what Bernie Bickerstaf did……He made the team play simple basketball. The Team went 4-1 under him. They could of gone 5-0 but San Antonio made a great shot at the endd. Bernie simplified things and the tem playd hard …the team was happy and seemed to be getting good chemistry…………DONT know wha the HECK D’Antoni is doing!!!

  • mrrubenv

    im so sick of the kobe dwight bickering both of u need to grow up and play the stinkin games u egotistical morons its crap like this that make me hate sports and we will probably lose dwight and kobe will be gone great future for the lakers cuz these too selfish jerks can keep it together for the better of the team disgusting