Lakers News And Rumors: Pau Gasol Vital To Signing Carmelo Anthony?

Lakers News And Rumors: Pau Gasol Vital To Signing Carmelo Anthony?


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After drafting Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson on Thursday, all the focus for the Los Angeles Lakers is now on free agency. With ample cap room, the Lakers are expected to pursue the two biggest stars in the free agency market — LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony.

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However, with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade opting out of their contracts on Saturday, most believe LeBron James will ultimately remain in Miami. If that is the case, the Lakers are rumored to believe that re-signing Pau Gasol this summer could be vital in their pursuit for Anthony.

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  • kookiebuger

    How is he vital to signing Melo? Besides getting Melo and Gasol will only hurt the team’s defense with Melo, Randle, and Gasol “protecting” the rim.

    • cj

      multiple reports that melo really really wants to play with pau

  • lakerfan

    This is just one of my ideas but idk..
    PG Farmar
    SG Kobe
    SF Melo
    PF Gasol
    C Monroe
    PG Marshal
    SG Young
    SF Xavier
    PF Randle
    C Hill/Sacre

    • VillainKing™

      You forgot Kane and Clarkson..I think their are better than Farmar and Marshall..

      • dancing disco

        Farmar is so overrated here in So Cal.DeAndre Kane would beast his soft tush on the NBA court.DeAndre Kane is better than Marcus Smart and he should have been a lottery pick.DeAndre Kane deserves a huge article on Lakers Nation why because he is a great player and he has a interesting life story his late father is his motivation and his father died and now he is motivated to make his dad proud from the heavens.
        His father died of a sudden Brain Aneurysm.

        • comrade24

          idk look at Farmar’s plus +/- from last season. It’s pretty clear that the Lakers were a MUCH better team with Farmar on the floor.

      • MS

        Kane was only signed as an undrafyed player for their summer league. He probably won’t even make the team.

        • VillainKing™

          Kane will make in the team!!

    • Sam Saab

      please marshall is garbage! he can only pass!

      • Derek Clark

        Doesn’t matter. He’s on there because the Lakers have indicated they are bringing him back. And with all the offense in that lineup both bench and starters why should Marshall NEED to score seriously?

        • kookiebuger

          He can’t shoot or defend getting Melo is a long shot and Monroe is just average.

        • comrade24

          All 5 players at least need to be a threat to score to help spread the floor and keep the defense on it’s heels. If they can’t score then the defense sags and makes it harder for everyone else to score.

          • Derek Clark

            Marshall can shoot from the outside. That’s all he’ll need to have to do. And I’m pretty sure he will be working on his jumper in the off season. I saw flashes of it this season.

          • comrade24

            He looked alright at the beginning of the season but dramatically dropped off, also his defense is horrible. I would keep him around just because we seem to have bad luck with pg’s getting injured, but he should be at the end of the bench IMO

      • comrade24

        That’s all Rondo does, but at least Rondo can play defense.

    • Jason Smith

      Marshall is trash,and famar is ok.. bring back Xavier, Bazemore, Meeks, go get Isaiah Thomas, Jordan hill, and Kaman and nick young…

      • Badazztj12

        Bazemore have that foot surgery remember and we haven’t even got a update on it. We don’t want to waste money on him if he injuried

        • comrade24

          They’re not bringing back Bazemore :( too bad, i thought he was pretty good.

      • Jerry Danger

        Bring back the big Chris Kaman. When he’s on the floor his stats are very comparable to Pau’s with a slightly better efficiency rating. Kaman is one of the few players Kobe wants back in the purple and gold from last year…

    • Gary

      Kendall Marshall is retarded he sucks.Yo Marshall is trash.

      • comrade24

        His assist ratio is off the charts, some team will need him. Hope we use him as trade chip

    • Jerry Danger

      What about the big Chris Kaman?

  • Collis

    DeAndre Kane will make the team !

  • Jason Smith

    wow No bazemore in the picture the Laker are so stupid and always pass up talent to get trash player

    • Zimmeredge

      Kent bazemore injured himself at the end of last season.

    • Badazztj12

      no update on the foot injury

  • Jason Smith

    Why does everyone keep saying Greg Monroe will on the lakers team???? Let be real… the lakers aren’t going to get melo nor Lebron its not going to happen people… the laker will hire Byron scoot as the coach instead of a real coach like Lionel Hollins.. get ready for a long season Laker fans

    • Derek Clark

      Your optimism is refreshing.

  • Arthur Williams

    Lakers should pursue love and get him to bring melo. Randle come off the bench and learn the game and challenge melo to play better defense like he plays offense, these lakers can be a dynasty.
    PG Farmar
    SG Bryant
    SF Melo
    PF Love
    C Gasol
    6 Young
    7 Meeks
    8 Randle
    9 Xavier
    10 Marshall
    11 Hill
    12 Sacre
    If we trade gasol away then Hill can probably start and i know kobe going to challenge him to be better. So Lakers can be championship ready if we can get this roster. A

    • Derek Clark

      How are we going to trade Gasol when he’s an unrestricted free agent … y’all make no sense.

  • George Chanchy Almendarez

    Lakers should go after Steven Adams.

  • VillainKing™

    I hope the rookies will step-up and become a very great players for the Lakers:

    PG: Jordan Clarkson
    SG: DeAndre Kane
    SF: Kobe Bryant
    PF: Julius Randle
    C : Greg Monroe

    • vdogg

      i’d rather have kobe start at the 2 and kane start at PG. bring clarkson off the bench.

  • Vernon

    Carmelo Anthony is not coming guys.Now onto a more realistic plan.Nash will be sitting out 95% of the season.Might likely be bad enough top keep the top 5 protected pick if Kobe and Julius take the year off with injuries.

    PG Jordan Clarkson/DeAndre Kane/Kendall Marshall
    SG Kobe Bryant/Jodie Meeks
    SF Nick Young/Devin Ebanks/LaQuinton Ross
    PF Julius Randle/Ryan Kelly
    C Robert Sacre/Jason Smith

    Coach Mike Dunleavy results 35-38 wins No playoffs

    • comrade24

      i love your optimism. smh at Lakers fans since Dwight left. pissing and moaning, endlessly.

      • Vernon

        Dude i want the best for the Lakers but this is the reality what are the indications?Am i missing something here?The team has said Nash is not healthy and Nash admitted he is no longer sure if he can play at the NBA level due to health issues and old age.Also his stats when he does play are not good enough to be a starter.

        Kobe has serious work ethic and a big heart but he is going to be 36 a month before the season starts and he is coming off a Achilles Tendon Surgery and a Cracked Knee those are serious injuries.And factor in the long layoff from the sport of basketball and it’s only a matter of time until we find out if he is coming back for good.

        Julius Randle might have foot surgery and miss action optimists say he will playing from day 1 pain free if he gets surgery and others have said he will sit out the whole year to recover if he needs surgery it’s just BS i think he wanted to be a Laker and he just had a rumor started so he could slip to us but i am not sure just a silly thought since it has happened before with players in the draft.Personally i think he is fine no surgery necessary and will be a great player.

        Jordan Clarkson is someone our FO likes a lot and he very well could be the starter if he plays well at the Summer League and Training Camp and Pre-Seaason.

        Robert Sacre is the only Center we have under contract and he very well could and should be the starter unless we get a better Center.

        Last i heard Mike Dunleavy and Byron Scott were the finalist for the Lakers head coaching job as reported by Mark Heisler.So i think Jim Buss will pick the family friend Mike Dunleavy since it’s a better idea since the offense Dunleavy runs is what the FO wants seemingly from all the talk going around.I am not saying it won’t be Byron Scott which it very well could be but i am prepared for it being a letdown in Mike Dunleavy.

        • comrade24

          cause the last two Mike’s have been so great lol

      • Manny

        Lakers fans are no longer delusional.We woke up and smelled the coffee and we are not ignorant and puppets to think like delusional people.LeBron and Carmelo signing with the Lakers is a delusional idea put out by bloodsuckers in the media just to sell papers and to get hits on there web page don’t believe every BS report.

        You seem like a old school Lakers fan and you know Vernon meant well but you decided to call out all Lakers fans for pissing and moaning like little bitches not cool of you sir.

        These are good people and good loyal fans they just are not stupid ignorant delusional people they are realistic and not naive to believe every BS media false leak.Lakers have the best fans in the world and i respect everyone.

        • comrade24

          i agree with what you’re saying, but Lakers fans need a morale boost. Of course Lebron and Melo aren’t coming, it’s ridiculous to even entertain that notion. Lebron is staying in Miami. I do, however think our chances of landing Melo are slightly greater than most of the pundits imply. No matter if we get Melo or not, things are looking up. I don’t think Dumbleavy will be hired, fairly certain it will be Scott. We have a promising rookie who could develop into an all star talent and another who could develop into a solid rotation player. It also sounds like we may have found a hidden gem to play in Summer League who could be a dominant big man with some development. Also, besides the A-listers, there are some great free agents available this summer. Bottom line, no reason to piss and moan when things are looking up and no matter what, this season will be MUCH better than last.

        • Hugh10

          going on this site and listening to ralk radio, there are a whole mess of delusional Laker fans out there. Those who are thinking realistically and rationally are very few. I assume though that many of those delusional Laker fans are really the “Kobe zealots” who put Kobe before the team. He gets all the credit when they win, but not an ounce of responsibility when things aren’t going well.

  • Todd

    Pau Gasol???Really vital how so makes zero sense???Carmelo is laughing at us.

  • $20509373

    Melo isn’t coming, and Pau won’t really aid the rebuilding effort unless you want to sign him and use him as an asset later.

  • ejavin808

    C Gasol/Monroe
    PF Randle/Hill
    SF Melo/Parson or Deng or Ariza
    SG Kobe/ Young
    PG Farmar / Marshall

    Sacre, Kane, Clarkson,

  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞

    Gasol averaged nearly 17/10 in a system that did not fit his playing style at all. You have to be an idiot to think he’s not vital in this. i would expect gasol to post an actual 18/10/4 season with a coach like byronn scott in a real offensive scheme, not that trash jack a 3 that D’antoni coached.
    Gasol is so underrated by people. + Carmelo just had his best rebounding season he’s had in the nba, and this team would be a great rebounding team w/ melo/randle/gasol hitting the boards.

    • Swagzilla

      Gasol was the go to scorer on a depleted roster with his stats are more then likely inflated, Melo played at the 4 position a lot this year his rebound numbers should be higher, a Melo,Randle,Gasol combination would be terrible from a defensive stand point. Defense seems to be overlooked by a lot of people.

  • dayton

    Lakers sign melo 4yrs 30mil
    Lakers sign pau 2yrs 12mil