Lakers News And Rumors: Misfortune Continues To Start New Year Reviewed by Momizat on . 2013 was the most difficult year for Lakers fans in recent memory, but the misfortunes continued this morning. After not returning in the 94-79 loss to the Milw 2013 was the most difficult year for Lakers fans in recent memory, but the misfortunes continued this morning. After not returning in the 94-79 loss to the Milw Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Misfortune Continues To Start New Year

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Jordan Farmar

2013 was the most difficult year for Lakers fans in recent memory, but the misfortunes continued this morning. After not returning in the 94-79 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, it was revealed that Jordan Farmar has another tear in his left hamstring and will be out at least four weeks.

With the Lakers’ backcourt completely depleted, Kendall Marshall will get his first real opportunity in the NBA to show what he is capable of. In 28 minutes, Marshall had 10 points and seven assists while creating wide open opportunities for his teammates.

With the Lakers five games out of the eighth seed in the Western Conference, it will be a difficult climb as the team plays 10 of their next 14 games on the road. Although a fully-healthy Lakers team would’ve made the playoffs, the organization has unfortunately been looking at different options.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Lakers were interested in trading Pau Gasol for Andrew Bynum — a move that would save the franchise approximately $20 million. While it would signal the Lakers focusing on this year’s anticipated draft, David Aldridge of NBA.com believes the trade is unlikely to happen.

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  • Downtoearth2

    MDA destroying the Lakers with ridiculous system ,not coincidence, his system is the cause of injuries .

    • LAL918

      No, dude, what the hell makes you think that? About 95% of the NBA teams are using MDA’s system. It’s just unfortunate YET again the LAL team’s suffering more injuries & it just isn’t our year. If you seriously think we’re gonna make the playoffs, then clearly; you’re a fool.

      • kobe24

        Dont’ mind guys like Downtoearth2 those comments make us Lakers fan sound like idiots. I’m not a fan of MDA system but his system isn’t causing injuries

        • LAL918

          From the looks of things, the Lakers already look like idiots.

          • Jim213

            SMH, been awhile LAL918 but it’s FO mostly. Can’t expect bench players to play at a level that the starting rotations play for an entire season. I just hope the can at least finish 500 while showing effort and not the tanking modo others want while missing the playoffs.

          • LAL918

            I’ve disappeared, Jim. Do you not see the record they have as well as the situation they’re in? They have to tank! The Lakers will look even more like morons & idiots if they make the playoffs & miss out the most important draft of the century!

            The NBA is all about showcasing potential superstars while eradicating the old ones, eventually Lebron will suffer the same fate. I’d rather lose on purpose to see what the Lakers can do to build around a young superstar & then everything will be back to whatever the Lakers asks from the league eventually.

          • Jim213

            The team had to take advantage early to have a true shot at the playoffs given the conference’s competitiveness this year. Unless a big (miracle) trade happens this team won’t make the playoffs.

            With that said this doesn’t mean they should thrown in the towel (TANK) failing to play competitive ball. IMO, at best I have them finishing at 42-40 though given all the injuries they’ll be fortunate to win 35+ games.

          • LAL918

            It still won’t matter, Jim. The Lakers CANNOT miss this year’s biggest draft class of the century & we’ll never find one like this again. I know the Lakers’ sense of pride & they’re goddamn stubborn at that; losing is NOT an option to them but given at this situation they’re in, I see no point to even try to reach the playoffs now. Portland is playing out of their minds & the Suns are the NBA’s biggest trolling surprise team.

            Yeah, if anything; the Lakers should trade FOR picks. This way, while in a transition rebuild: the Lakers can come up big again in just a short time.

          • Jim213

            Not saying they’ll make the playoffs b/c they’re not but seems you prefer the team to tank (STINK) going 32-50 which is possible even without tanking given the injuries to get a better placement and lottery draft odds? yes…

            However, I’m not sold on this upcoming draft (overall depth) when some college players mention they may stay an extra year in college to learn/refine their skiils. If so no point in stinking as IMO it’d be best to let things play out now while the team likely finishes 42-40 at best or 30-52 at worst given injuries.

            But inept FO should take advantage now of circumstances given that 2014FA may not be as good as 2015FA’s for the franchise. IMO, just shows the weaknesses of FO/basket operations given they rather trade Pau to rid themselves of their cap tax rather than going for a better deal (3 team deal).

          • kobe24

            The lakers have to go 28-54 lol in order to be last place in league I think (thats just what im predicting)

            The draft class is stacked even if some of the top players stay extra years (Aaron Gordon is one of the big one from what I hear) there are still 5+ players that can be “gamechangers” And right now Lakers are at 10th pick (even then they can probably land a good rookie) but the curve from 10+ just gets exponentially better.

            I see no sense in Lakers going 42~45 and going 9th~10th seed and getting 14~15th pick in the draft it just isn’t worth it.

            And could you explain a “better deal?” I don’t see what 3 team deal (reasonable + logic) there are.

            I don’t think the Lakers are thinking of tanking just yet but moment FO (mitch , jim) decide that Lakers have no chance a Pau trade is bound to happen

          • Jim213

            J Parker also has mentioned that it’s very possible he’d stay and extra year. The team isn’t going to tank but AT BEST may finish 42-40 IMO. However, given the injuries I believe they’d mostly win 30-35 games this season. Tanking only improves the odds of attaining a better lottery pick but the only way to do this is for management to trade Pau to assure themselves less productivity inside.

            Gasol puts up average not great numbers inside but his productivity would be the final nail in the coffin as aside of Pau the only other big that can develop his own plays would be Kaman. With all the injuries and lack of experienced true PG’s this hinders their inside game.

            You has asked who’d I get for Pau?… not sure what happened to the post but to put it in short it’d be best to start acquiring some solid pieces to help the team next season. I’d rather go with some strong pick ups at the starting roster rather than try to acquire another star come 2014FA.

            Some teams have expressed interest in acquiring draft picks for the long term success of the organization. Thus I’d go with a three team trade sending a future 1st rounder to the celts by way of trading Pau to whatever team fits the best interest of the negotiation.

            I’d go for another big like Jeff Green from the Celts as they’ve mentioned they’d be willing to trade him for the right deal. Green (SF/PF) would be a good addition for the team IMO. He’ll be owed close to $9 mil in 2014 and has a player option come 2015.

            If it so happens that he doesn’t pan out Green can be dealt before the trade deadline (2/2015). The pickup also adds value as he can possibly be traded for a potential star come 2014-2015 season if a team prefer getting something out of the future FA come 2015 off season.

          • ra

            I can’t say that the Lakers are, or would ever ‘tank’ intentionally, but I can say that they ‘can’t help but tank’. I mean, even trying their best, they don’t seem to be able to avoid hitting the lower end of the basketball spectrum.

    • Matt Williams

      I don’t remember the triangle offense having casualties like this. Even the young players are injured in MDA’s system. We can “tank” all we want, but if we want to rebuild and reload, let’s do it with a new coach too.

    • 3339

      idk about the injuries but he is hurting the Lakers chance for success.

    • Brandon Leong

      How can MDA’s system cause injuries to the players? What are you smoking man? the only thing I do not agree with Dantoni now is how he runs his defense and WHY IS SHAWN WILLIAMS receiving more time than Kaman?

    • Luiz Guilherme Gelain

      Here in Brazil, we – Lakers Fans – only want one new year’s gift, D’Antoni OUT!

      • Downtoearth2


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Generally speaking run and gun teams tend to have more injuries than half court triangle offense type teams.I remember Don Nelson used to run his players into the ground and his team was like a mash unit for several years.Mike D’Antoni has had his fair share of injured players in his stints in the NBA.Doug Moe had issues keeping his players healthy and he was a run and gun coach back in the 80′s.

    But if you look at Phil Jackson or Pop they have had minimal injuries to their players over the years.But a injury can occur at anytime to any player no matter what system is run just see Derrick Rose for the proof he was playing in a slow down system ran by Tom T. in Chicago.So bad luck and the Lakers trainers and medical staff need to be checked out and evaluated by the Lakers head honcho Jim Buss.

    • Daryl Peek

      Who runs his team harder than Pat Riley? He ran Magic, Kareem and them to death! He did the same with the Knicks and Heat. I’m really tripping off this system and injuries foolishness? Riley had LeBron and the Heat training in a military complex a few seasons ago. Spoelstra has continued this. 90% of the NBA run the uptempo PNR offense. All I can do is SMH at this thought process?!?

  • Moorer

    It sucks but this definitely isn’t our year. I just hope that most of these players decide to stick around after the season is over, because we actually had something going on with this team before the injuries. No matter what happens, I’m still going to bleed purple and gold.

  • Danny E. Pagan

    I’m starting to hope they actually fire MDA so people can start looking at things objectively. Now MDA is responsible for Pau Gasol getting pneumonia, Farmar getting injured, Kobe breaking his knee, etc Next they gonna blame MDA for high ticket prices, Christmas jerseys, etc, etc

    • Moorer

      I don’t think its MDA’s offense that’s causing these guys to become more injury-prone but the amount of time he is making them play..

    • nlruizjr

      there’s only one thing that MD is guilty of and that is his coaching SUCKS, this guy is a loser and will always be a loser, he doesn’t belong in the NBA !!

  • Daryl Peek

    Chuck Daly, Larry Brown, Pat Riley, Rick Carlise, Rudy Tomjonivch, ETC… these are all coaches that ran their players very hard! People need to stop it with the MDA and his system is the reason for all the injuries. Straight up buffoonery!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      MDA is doesn’t belong with those names straight up idiot talk.

      • Daryl Peek

        Straight up stupidity trying to play the outta bounds comp card. Childish even.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          STFU!You’re so stupid and retarded. You’re so stupid idiot.

          • Daryl Peek

            Childish response, point proven

          • Jim213


      • 3339

        you are absolutely right when you say that dantoni doesn’t belong with those names.
        Those are true leaders. I don’t see that in dantoni.

  • BizzA

    maybe Jimmy boy should re-evaluate his training staff, somethin’s fishy here.

    • nlruizjr

      Hell he wouldn’t know what to do with the report, probably use it for toilet paper !!!!


    This team was fun to watch for awhile but lately it has been hard to watch instead. Somebody mentioned trading for picks, seems like an interesting option. It does seem like this year is clearly a disaster and nobody sees much hope at salvaging it at this point. Bynum back? NOT a good idea

  • Aditi Arora

    Yes dude waht the hell makes bam80 com

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