Lakers News And Rumors: Lakers’ Frustration Continues

Lakers News And Rumors: Lakers’ Frustration Continues



The Los Angeles Lakers were unable to get off to a good start as they began their seven-game road trip in Phoenix last night. Losing both the game as well as Nick Young to suspension, the Lakers’ frustration continues to grow as they keep sinking lower into the standings.

Young was upset with the way things ended last night after a hard foul by Suns’ rookie center Alex Len led to an altercation ending with both players being ejected from the game. After the game, Young spoke to the media and was bothered about none of his teammates coming to his defense after the play. Facing suspension, Young will not be available in the second game of their road trip, which takes place on Friday against the Boston Celtics.

With players still injured and Young being suspended, the Lakers looked to the D-league and signed guard Manny Harris to a 10-day contract. The Lakers are currently on a six-game losing streak and have the second worst record in the Western Conference.

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  • LakeShow

    Just be patient my Laker fans. We all know this is a losing season because we don’t have a good rosters to win the title – this is the Lakers, we play to win the title, not just to make it into playoff.

    Nobody like seeing the Lakers losing game after game but we are in a rebuilding process and one of the steps is to get the next franchise player who can carry the team after Kobe.

    If the Lakers get any of the top pick – Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Exum, we will be back in 2 years time. Since many of the Eastern Conference teams are tanking, the Lakers need to lose as many as possible to secure the top pick.

    When the Lakers have a young future star, we can attract free agent via free agency. Yes, it’s not a desirable move but we need to look at a bigger picture and long-term strategy.

    Just be patient!

  • uhoh jimbo

    I think ya drove the Buss off da bridge Jim.

  • Bay Area Players

    Mike D’umbtoni has lost the entire locker room.The NBA is real life it is no fantasy and Phony Mike Dumbtoni is a clown and he has lost all respect from the players on the team,so he has lost the players they are not following his instructions.This Lakers demise is sad as we watch the team we love go through a free fall.

    MDA will not be the coach next season but we must all know this is very serious the team is not tanking they just suck at playing defense and rebounding and they can’t score enough baskets the team offense efficiency is ranked 22nd this season yuck.The rebuild is real and the losses are real their no tanking just a terrible product that no player in College can fix.Actually it is advised to keep calm the rebuild has just barely begun and it takes years to find out if the rebuild worked out or not.Fire Mike D’umbtoni and get a real coach that knows how to coach defense.

    • richard

      I will not disagree on having a different coach next season… but why wait? If this is a lost season, will it not be better to fire the coach now and get a better one…?

      • Daryl Peek

        Not a good look having a consistent coaching carousel season to season like that. Gotta stick with someone and give him a fair shake. The last two season can not be blamed on D’Antoni like him or not. And I’m not the biggest fan of his.

        I don’t see a scenario where MDA is not back next season. Fans have really got to learn to read between the obvious lines. Every move has been to get the kind of players MDA needs to succeed. Kelly was hand picked for MDA. Shawne Williams was also. MDA went to extreme lengths to give Williams every chance he could to succeed.

        To be honest, if not for all of the injuries to ball handlers Williams would not have been released. It was necessary to free a space for a player like Harris on a ten day contract. Most don’t look at it like this. Kelly is the younger cheaper option they drafted so he was not in jeopardy IMO.

        Every player outside of the centers was brought in to audition for next season as well as fitting the low cost short term signing option.

        Unless Melo is traded for MDA will be back the way I see it. He’s great for player development and that is his main purpose. That and putting a fast fun group together (Showtime part 2) that will entertain the fans as we look to FA possibilities from now til a 2015-16 splash.

        • richard

          But still if FO feels to go in a different direction, they should do it now as compared to later… but as you said, it does not look good to change coach every year so often… better to build consistency and get players that fits the system MDA runs… I am all for that.

  • e3bonz

    I re-watched the foul on Nick at noticed a few details I missed. Kelly did step in to try and help, but was pushed away. He should of pushed his way back in between Nick and the Suns players, but probably having never been in that situation before (at least in the NBA) he didn’t and looked lost. The other veteran Lakers on the floor at the time should of been there or at least tried to be there. While It did happen pretty fast, it only escalated because of a lack of Laker presence. Nick, while understandably upset with the foul, should of kept his cool, but I’m not faulting him in the moment. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this, hopefully the team will realize that they are not getting any respect from their opponents as this hard foul is proof.

    • Daryl Peek

      Excellent take on the big picture of it all!

      • Daryl works 4 Jim

        Ur tripping about MDA enough said…

        • Daryl Peek

          Got me on ya mind like that? I’m here every week and I’m not hiding behind a fake profile. Nuff said indeed LMFAO

  • John

    Y’all keep saying to fire Mike D Antoni but why would the lakers do that right now? They’ll pay him is salary on his contract. The goal here is to lose as many games as possible to tank the season and then get a high draft pick. With D Antoni as the coach right now lakers will lose and save a bit of money by not firing him and wasting $.. Get it?

  • corky carroll

    The COMMENTS are so much better and more interesting than most of these stories. I find that most of the people making the comments have much more educated opinions, and certainly more entertaining, than who ever is actually hired to write this stuff. Like this column for instance, stuff we already know in 25 words or less????? come on LAKERSNATION…. get a clue

  • Riggin For Wiggins

    Okay if the Lakers want to tank and lose games all season long then great keep up the good work tankers.But here is the truth about all this tanking and losing.The Lakers players are just going through the motions and losing every game and their are some naive fans that think they actually are not going through the motions lol #LakersFansHilarious&Naive but otherwise the rest of you Lakers fans are smart enough to know this is a Big Tank Job.Playing with no pride and going through the motions is enough to lose half your fan base.But Jim Buss doesn’t give a crap he wants to draft Andrew Wiggins.So if Joel Embiid is on the board past number 1 don’t draft him.

    The way the NBA Draft goes is like this if a great big man is not drafted #1 then stay away from that player until middle first round or late first round early second round.History has proven that if a star center is drafted number 1 in most cases it is a great thing for the team selecting the player.Here is a small sample example of what i mean.Great centers drafted number 1 are the following Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,Hakeem Olajuwon,Ralph Sampson,Patrick Ewing,Shaq.Yao Ming.

    Centers picked after number 1 that were not superstars but just very good were Robert Parish,Benoit Benjamin,Rik Smits,Alonzo Mourning,Marc Gasol,Andrew Bynum,Roy Hibbert,DeMarcus Cousins.

    It’s best for the Lakers to pick Andrew Wiggins in the 2014 NBA Draft.

  • Riggin For Wiggins

    Tim Duncan and David Robinson were also #1 picks and they are HOF big men.

  • Adam Hedrick

    Mike d’antoni will be fired . Kobe will get healthy. Nash and gasol will be gone. We most likely will get love or, melo or lebron or rondo or a combination of 2 of them. Depending on those players, Phil could be back to coach if he knows he could win 2 more