Lakers News And Rumors: Lakers Are Hurting Without A Point Guard

Lakers News And Rumors: Lakers Are Hurting Without A Point Guard


Kendall MarshallAfter losing Kobe Bryant again, the Lakers had an impressive win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday. Unfortunately, they lost their other star in Pau Gasol prior to the second game of a back-to-back against the Golden State Warriors, and they were blown out as a result. Although the Lakers are not looking to bring in more money to keep cap space open when big names hit free agency, trade rumors are still swirling around with names such as Gasol and Houston Rockets’ point guard Jeremy Lin involved.

Lacking a point guard, the Lakers have been struggling to move the ball around, and players such as Wesley Johnson have expressed and shown frustration that it has been difficult to get the ball where they want it. The Lakers acted fast to bring in help after Bryant went down by picking up Kendall Marshall, a former Phoenix Sun’s lottery pick, who saw his first minutes with the team on Saturday. With the injuries they are dealing with, it is no secret that the Lakers’ hopes to reach the playoffs this season are fading away, but still they have remained an exciting team to watch.

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  • e3bonz

    They seem to be hurting more without Pau.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Need a midget Point Guard LOL?

  • Gregory Choa

    Wait…”Lakers Are Hurting Without A Point Guard” is news??? Tell me something I don’t know…

  • Jim213

    Injuries happen (too many) but bad past moves/decisions have left the team without key starters and in a mediocre state which is another issue. Will Kupcake learn?!??

  • Paytc

    There are a few who pointed out this as an area of concern even before the regular season started. Some were not sure if Steve Nash would be able to log heavy minutes for preseason,82 game regular season,and the playoffs. Some also were not confident that Farmar and Blake would be able to play at a high enough level and carry a major load? Farmar and Blake were both playing well before they unfortunately went out with injuries. Steve Nash unfortunately has yet to recover from last seasons broken leg.

    So yes PG is still a major area of concern. It would have been nice for Kobe to have not had to return after over 7 months and have the PG load stacked on him.

    We need a couple of PG’s.

    We will hopefully get a healthy roster and make the best of it.

    Go Lakers !

    • Jim213

      Brought the Nash issue up since 8/2013 while believing Farmar would be an asset for the team given his experience which goes for playing overseas. Blake has impressed though I had him playing the 2 which seems more obvious now to possibly keep him injury free for the remaining season.

      • Paytc

        I know you understood this area of concern early on. I was also concerned, and not sure Farmar would be able to play well enough
        in the NBA given his time away.But Farmar has been a pleasant surprise. Although Blake played well in the one, I never saw Blake as a long term answer at PG.He was a fill in for Nash’s absence. I still think the F.O. took a gamble on Nash and unfortunately it didn’t pay off. There in lys the answer to the teams problems unless Steve Nash can miraculously get healthy, and return to playing at an all-star level?

        Farmar is imo the most capable PG on the team. That said, I still see Farmar and Blake as backup PG’s in the long term.Farmar may prove me wrong? I agree with your suggestion to slide Blake over to the 2. Blake has proven he can play the 1 in spots when needed ,and that is a plus. But I am not sure Farmar can put a lock on the PG position long term? I like Farmar and hope he can?

        I don’t know much about Kendall Marshal’s abilities?
        What is your opinion? Do you think we still need to look to make a trade for a top flight PG such as Rondo or even an Aaron Brooks who I think is very capable?

        As much as I like Xavier Henry I don’t think he is ready to log heavy minutes at the PG spot either? So if Farmar is back in the next week that will help tremendously. Hopefully Kendall Marshall can provide backup insurance at least for now. Your thoughts?

        Go Lakers !

  • AC52

    I think they should trade Gasol for some draft picks, maybe some second rounders for this year’s draft or next or something. Or even get a young big or young wing player, I would lean more towards getting a young big with potential. Anything that will help with the Lakers’ future. The Lakers should definitely draft a PG with their first round pick this year

    • Jim213

      IMO, position for position if a trade ever gets done for Pau. But FO might as well wait until 2015 FA to acquire the next franchise player(s). Lebron (long shot) will likely stay with the Heat in 2014 and renegotiate his salary 2015 while K Love (40+ pts against Clippers today) will likely opt out in 2015.

      Aside of that management SMH can help themselves next off season by going after another second go to guy (not franchise) player while loading up on more depth and young players from the draft. If a deal get’s done for any of the team’s current valuable tradeable players SMH hopefully FO can get a #1 draft pick for 2014 or 2015 if not a solid player.

      • AC52

        With a Gasol trade, maybe get someone like Andrew Nicholson, heck, maybe even Thaddeus Young somehow lol. If those kind of scenarios seem far fetched, then maybe just trade Gasol for some picks. I’d be quite surprised if a team gave up their first round picks for Gasol, but that would be nice lol. My concern is trying to get the team look attractive for the 2015 offseason so that the big name FAs would want to sign with the Lakeshow.

        • AC52

          but bottom line, focus on getting some young assets, like the
          players I said above, this offseason that could help with our future. Then like
          you said, which I agree with, go for the FAs in 2015.

        • Jim213

          IMO, if Lebron stays an extra year in Miami the Lakers may have a better chance to attract Lebron in 2015 than 2014. If Lebron cares more for winning rings with his current team then he’ll remain with the Heat but as he’s stated he wants to be the all time best.

          Thus, for this to happen he’ll need to undoubtedly be the #1 guy on the team (with out another franchise player) being proving that he can win it on his own mostly. K Love is a strong possibility come 2015 and would help greatly inside given the current inconsistency.

          IMO, it wouldn’t be a good fit if Melo came to LA next season given both Kobe abd Melo like shooting a lot of jumpers.Melo might as well wait until 2015 too.

          • Zimmeredge

            the only fa target we should aim for are Kevin Love or Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook or Rajon Rondo.
            No Lebron, No Melo. We do not need one of them imo.
            try to trade Gasol for Chandler and Shumpert or sign and trade him for a draft pick.
            Rebuild via draft this summer not the FA. FA14 will be overrated. No major player except Melo, Deng, Granger maybe Bledsoe, Monroe, and Bosh eventhough you can build a huge team with those guys (Imagine a team with Bledsoe, Kobe, Johnson, Granger and Chandler and Shump as a 6th)…Short term this team is amazing you can win the title but you can’t build with these old guys. Shump and Johnson are young but they are role players and Bledsoe well he can shine in LA. But if you think both short term and long term you will benefit from rebuilding via draft especially because this draft will be amazing. “Draft of a generation”. Also because if you wanna rebuild with FA 15-16 and 17 it’s better to have extremely talented young players.
            I mean if you approach KD in his prime an tell him you’ll be the cornerstone of our franchise you’ll be the leader and you’ll have to show the way to the title playing with the best prospect in the history of basketball.
            Or if I Look at Love, WB and I look at the D’antoni system I just say to myself: those guys are the best combination for this system. That would an amazing one-two punch for us. With a defensive anchor inside and 2 good perimeter defenders and shooters to surround them, a decent bench… that’s a title!

          • Jim213

            IMO, don’t believe the draft will be great more like the best one in awhile. J Parker has mentioned that he may stay an extra year which may possibly go for other prospects if they have a mediocre type of season thus affecting their value.

            IMO, Durant will either head down south (Texas) or remain in OKC. I’m in for picking up K Love given his all around game. But aside of that Lebron (long shot) Westbrook available either 2017-2018? (too long), Bledsoe will likely remain in Phx and Deng looks like will be resigned per Bulls FO management = 180 turn around.

            Bosh wants a max deal and ain’t worth it IMO. Although, Granger would be a good fit possibly but it’ll depend on his overall health foremost. L Bird may know more about this given he’s willing to listen to offers. IMO, don’t expect FO to fix this in 2014 as it may take 2-3 yrs likely until 2016 when more $$ is available. (Don’t blame KB24 though for his salary as he may end up becoming the all time GOAT Laker down the line).

          • Zimmeredge

            i don’t blame Kobe he deserves every penny he is getting right now and tomorrow.

            you’re a bit harsh on Chris Bosh. The guy is playing inside a system that does not allow him to get his touches. his ability to play both far away from the rim and inside are above the charts. Wade and Lebron certainly are the main players in Miami but Chalmers and Bosh are extremely important. These guys are the glue that makes it possible for them. Give Chris Bosh his touches like he had in Toronto and he’s a beast. he plays so hard on defense. He can guard both inside and outside players. If you pair him with Chandler or Asik (yuck!!!) it’s a perfect combination.

            remember that kobe’s contract end in 16 so not so long before WB is available (17). Rajon and Lin will be available in 15. We can get lin this season via trade.
            heat will not release Lebron ever imo. they will rebuild around him. probably drop Bosh to get Greg Monroe.
            the three amigos have two years extension to sign. I don’t see that happening for Chris Bosh. he will not resign. You get Chris Bosh for a four season deal you can always trade him along to way. He’s an all star, a franchise player (again look at his stats when we was getting his touches) there will always be a team interested in him.

            Bird is looking at Granger because he just got back from an injury and he is a major contract in his team. rest assured that if Granger gets back to his normal form he won’t let him go. He will resign him for less money, drop Scola and/or Copeland and resign Lance Stephenson.

            i think draft ’14 will be huge and we better try to get our part in the share. it’s always about “might do/wait/remain” blablabla but in the end those young guys want to play in the big league. they know what they have to do. They are extremely talented players. Wiggins, Randle, Embiid, Parker, Smart, Peayne, Cauley-Stein and others, they will all head to the draft this summer. don’t get stuck like the FO for this draft and say “wait & see”. that would be crazy to let this draft pass. If it’s THE big thing and we do not get our share we are screwed for a long time in our rebuilding process. Money is good to bring in superstars but a long term project is even better!

            KD will go where he has the best opportunity to win a title. But personnal point of view , KD won’t be a lakers that was just an example. WB and Love are our prime target in the future imo. They have the will to bring in California born players. that makes sense.

          • Jim213

            Bosh is good but for a max contract I just believe he’ll be asking too much especially for his contribution being more on the defensive end rather than all around. That’s all…

          • Zimmeredge

            I think that if a team comes to him and tell him that he will be the second option offensively (means 16-20 touches per game) for less money he will say “yes” especially if it’s a prestigious franchise.

  • Malide Antoine

    Isn’t it obvious Dantoni is a curse to lakers? Since he took over, our roster can’t seem to stay healthy…

    • Ransom Ballard

      Not really because Nash’s injury problems started before Dantoni got here you can’t say that it’s all on Dantoni.

  • kobe24

    Man people gotta shut up about firing MDA and replacing Jim Buss. Lets be real guys Jim Buss OWNS the Lakers (along with Jeannie) he ain’t going anywhere.

    Also, MDA has done a pretty fine job with he players he has. Who would’ve expected Henry, Johnson, and Farmar all having one of their best season playing under him. They were labeled as draft “bust” but MDA got this team to a .500 avg team thats pretty amazing.

    • Jim213

      Don’t know who’s talking about Bust though Kupcake the GM is my issue.

      • Daryl Peek

        SMH Jim! Mitch is one of the best GM’s in the NBA. You really can’t get past the triangle ring chasing? Kobe’s 30 mil, Pau’s 19 mil are the contracts that have the FO stuck. They tried to shed much of that with the CP3 trade. Everything after that was forced reactionary plan B. Nash and D12 were great pick ups that didn’t work out. They had to let D12 walk. There was no trade market for him just as there’s not much of one for Pau. Hard to get equal value on a trade when you need to shed grandfathered in contracts… I.E. you can’t afford to bring in matching dollars.

        • Jim213

          Aside of bad moves (Nash/DH) and not closing the deal with CP3, bad moves have hurt the BRAND too much (draft picks etc. etc..). Kupcake has been GM for over 12+ yrs. and has FAILED to draft a franchise player or another go to guy (draft) for the long term success of the brand.

          Thankfully J West ALL TIME GM!, took care of this before stepping down. If Pau doesn’t get traded and becomes a FA then IMO they should let him walk given his believed worth though off the court he’s a great person. However, it’s time to step up and deliver otherwise bring in someone with more experience to get the job done before Kobe retires (best thing for the brand).

          There’s some issues with current FO- basketball operations. Thankfully, DH left which gave the coach more leeway with regards to acquiring players who’ve been overlooked or haven’t gotten the opportunity to show their worth. This is their shot now to market themselves to the team and other’s.

          Time to deliver FO or the brand will have to take a back seat given mostly everyone else is better positioned for the long term. Awkward, everyone else blames Kobe and the coach when the real issue is the FO. (but If it ain’t broke why fix it right Daryl!) SMH, pun…… Many aliases?..

          • Daryl Peek

            “FAILED to draft a franchise player or another go to guy (draft) for the long term success of the brand.”

            Again you’re completely ignoring the triangle ring chasing theme. Mitch hocked future draft picks trying to reload for more CHIP runs with Kobe. Please show me a draft pick they gave up over the last 12 years that’s blazing a path to a championship dynasty?

            “Aside of bad moves (Nash/DH)”

            As much as every hates Howard, if he stayed this would be a better team period. Pau would not be a Laker if Howard stayed. Again (Nash/DH) were great pick ups that didn’t work out. No one said they were bad moves at the time of the signings, as a matter of fact, they said the Lakers were then championship front runners. Hind sight revisionism, SMH.

            West was great, but the circumstances Mitch is dealing with are completely different than anything West and Dr. Buss had to navigate. the end of the triangle era had to eventually happen, it so so happens it all came to an end with the passing of Dr. Buss, the constant lets give it one more try, a CBA geared to end the Lakers as we know them, and multiple grandfathered in contracts that had to be rode out… no one could have fixed this given the circumstances.

          • Daryl Peek

            Remember this? The paper champ theme was at an all-time high in training camp expectations. It just didn’t work. That does not mean it was a bad thought process. Again, hind sight is 20/20

          • Zimmeredge

            but I agree with you on this. We hate Dwight… but if dwight remained and Pau and exit we would be better because younger.

          • Paytc

            That’s what happens when you try to live a fantasy in the real world. It takes a fool to believe in superman leading a team to a championship… unless that superman grows up and is willing to sacrifice ego for ringo ?

          • Daryl Peek

            You can apply that same logic to fans that constantly clamor for the fantasy GM move that they truly believe will fix all for the team.

            Houston is looking very good with Howard’s current production and leadership. I’m over him but I wont bash him all butt hurt like most do. It just wasn’t meant to be for him and the Lakers, that’s all.

          • Paytc

            I could careless what becomes of D12. I don’t wish any bad upon any player. I still am not quite a believer in D12. I’ll believe it when I see him put in the work, and stop clowning around at least until he gets a ring. But I wish him the maturity it takes to become the best he can be. That is the same I wished for when he was a Laker.

            But for now……. Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !

          • Zimmeredge

            I think they could and they should have. I will use the Grandfathered contracts argument…

          • Daryl Peek


          • Zimmeredge

            they should’ve dropped MWP and Pau way earlier than that. I love both of them but they knew 2 or 3 years ago that they weren’t going anywhere anymore with those guys. that’s fact.

          • Daryl Peek

            Again, how?

            And three years ago the team still had Phil and had just come off a championship. There was one trade that was rumored that would have been great! Pau for K. Love. At the time Love was not who he now is and Pau was still elite. Also keep in mind the chemistry factor Pau has with Kobe. I remember many saying no way at the time. Again hind sight is 20/20.

          • Zimmeredge

            wage for perfomrance, age, type of basketball played in the league vs type of basketball played by our players, type of players who will soon (at that time) dominate the league… that’s how you know you’re at a turning point.

            keep bynum, did try to trade Gasol but fail, drop odom, refused to trade Gasol, get late first round draft pick, did try to trade Gasol again, hire mike brown, didn’t try to trade Gasol but recruit dwight and Nash, keep metta, hire mda while your new big in town wants someone else (as well as anybody else -players and fans- except Nash…)…. mmmmh that’s “how” you know it’s a succession of incoherent decisions…

            I think as a fan I just want the fo to choose a clear, definite, strong path, make a choice… what’s bothering most of the fans is the reigning disbelief. we don’t know where they are going. they are targeting the FA? they want that financial flexibility? They want a share in the draft? pov on Nash’s situation? Pov on Gasol’s situation?

          • Daryl Peek

            Other teams are not gonna help us. This is what you seem to not get? All of those moves are dependent on a second or third party. Your assessment of incoherent is fantasy wish list on the outside looking in. No disrespect man. This is why I constantly preach the corporate view. We cannot properly surmise what FO negotiations are truly like behind closed doors or over the phone. This is what Dr. Buss tried to tell Lakers Nation back in 2005 in his Michael Eaves interview. This is why I’ve tried to tell many Laker fans to watch it understand what Buss was saying and keep it as Showtime bible.

          • Jim213

            Disagree with your view on Nash being a great pickup. IMO, they just gave to much away especially given he’s close to retiring. DH, left on his own will being that he wanted Phil back and Kobe gone. DH can’t carry a team on his own as at best he’s the 2nd man on a team just as he’s shown with the Rockettes (yet he wanted Kobe gone?!).

            No diss but you need to let go of the Phil issue given that it’s been close to 2-3 years and rather than find the right youth to mold for the future FO goes with a vet and a decent 5. The only reason things are what they are today with the bench mob and the future NOW is b/c of DH’s departure. Otherwise, who knows what this team who’ve looked like today especially with both Pau and DH aside of play.

          • Daryl Peek

            The Phil issue is still affecting the team today. Kobe and Pau’s contracts. No diss but you need to let go of Kupchak’s mistakes (if you want to view them as that) chasing rings under Phil.

            Did the team know D12 wanted Kobe out and Phil as the HC before trading for him? Again there was no trade market for him, he was working his way back from surgery and they truly believed they could keep him. Even with the revelation of his Kobe ire D12 still was not sure if he was gonna stay or go… As good as he is you have to take that chance given all of the other factors. You really got to let that go man.

            Nash was a good pick up, again see the preseason hype. Hind sight 20/20. Not one pundit said the D12 Nash deals were bad for the Lakers at the time.

          • Jim213

            “No diss but you need to let go of Kupchak’s mistakes chasing rings under Phil”.

            SMH, DH and Nash never met Phil since he wasn’t around. DH made his own decision and left so it’s not FO letting him go. Let that go Daryl!, management tried but failed given the belief that they could’ve resigned him when early signs pointed that he wouldn’t have worked out. Should’ve traded him before the deadline to get something in return.

            “Nash was a good pick up” ?!?! Yes, I know it’s not your money. SMH Aside of that Kupcake best deliver down the line or the organization may find itself at the end of the line down the line (2-3 yrs).

          • Daryl Peek

            There was no trading him before the deadline. First they felt he might stay. He communicated this to them. Second there was no equal trade value for him. Contrary to rumors teams were not giving up the house to get him. By not being willing to let go of Kobe and bring Phil in they let him walk. They tried and failed.

            I’ve let go of all things Phil but they resurface when you wont let go of the FO mistakes. West and Buss made mistakes also. Remember 1992-96? No ones perfect.

            Nash was a good pick up. Again no one said it was a bad move, but almost everyone said it was a move that should make the Lakers a contender. It didn’t work.

            The future is free cap space outside of Kobe, and using this draft pick. The house will not be spent in 2014 so the plan is 2015 in free agency it seems. We’ll see but all the looking back at mistakes needs to end. It does no good holding on to that. End of the line 2-3 years down the line? WOW man.

          • Jim213

            Hopefully you’re comforted by today’s play. smh

          • Daryl Peek

            What has that got to do with what we were discussing? SMH

        • Zimmeredge

          the solution for Pau is somewhere around us. You either trade him asap before the ASB or sign and trade for another high draft pick. IMO you can have a lottery pick for Gasol (just like Divac back in 96).
          You might say it will will take time for these young guys to find their way in the NBA and the Lakers can’t afford to loose that much time but:
          First, I think that every young player who’s ready to prove his value can thrive in LA with the MDA’s system imo. No question about that.
          Second, Kobe will be the leader for his remaining seasons. giving him two high draft picks plus our bench mob, one FA player will give him the opportunity to fight for a title tbh. Plus he will educate our future stars.
          third, rebuild via draft is giving us a lot of cap space. Let’s say we drop Nash and Gasol (via sign and trade) wages. 28m$. you get two high draft picks for about 4-5m$ each. this way you can get a good FA (7-10m$) and even resign the bench mob imo.
          fourth, it will be easier to attract players like WB, Love, Durant or Rondo in the near future if you have talented young players to surroung them. Much more interesting for them because they’ll be considered as leaders. They will have the feeling and the confidence from the FO that the franchise is building something huge around their name. And we know that when LA build a legacy it’s always a winning process.
          the winning ticket is WB+Love+draft picks+bench= title again.

          the FA will be good in 14 but not as good as predicted. If they wanna rebuild asap… trade Gasol right now and take Chandler and Shumpert or Lin and Asik. DO NOT TAKE MELO!!!! The Heat will probably drop Chris Bosh you might wanna try to get him. Or you have Ariza, Granger, Deng to play sf/pf and if we are lucky we can get Bledsoe (problem is that our contract offer for him has to be ridiculously high in order to avoid the qualifying offer from the suns), plus our high draft pick (maybe lottery?). So you can rebuild asap but you will hamper your cap freedom in the future (15 in particular, and probably 16).

          • Daryl Peek

            All you said is easier said than done. Other teams are not gonna just line up to help the Lakers get back to financial health where they can rebuild the dynasty. Keep in mind it was 29 other owners who helped draft this new CBA to stem/Stern the Lake Show tide.

            Mitch is very competent and has pulled rabbits out of his hat before, we’ll see if he has more tricks up his sleeve. The draft route you’re hoping for is one that the Lakers likely will not be able to navigate. Again, other teams are not in this to help the Lakers, thus they will not be willing to give up their draft picks for the assets we have.

            I’m not enamored with Melo either. But it’s foolish to think he and Kobe would not be a formidable duo, Star power is what rules the NBA. It’s also what dynasties are made of. You can’t name a multiple championship proven team without them.

            Me personally, I’d like Mitch to go after Hawes and Turner, or Monroe, Gordon, ETC… all lower level young budding stars. Again, this will be difficult given our current situation. Not impossible, time will tell…

        • Htown or

          Ur a delusional laker fan ….lakers didn’t let Dwight leave by choice they begged and cried to d12 to stay they thought nobody would leave LA lol

          • Zimmeredge

            daryl forgot the huge dwight’s advert in LA. they truly know that dwight would no stay if mda, gasol, nash and Kobe were there.

          • Paytc

            D12 is not that good. What would be left if you took out the teams 3 superstars and the coach? If D12 was that rare guy like MJ,Kobe,and perhaps KD or Lebron? Then yeah…but D12? I don’t think he is the guy you build a team around. He is better off stepping into a situation with good support already in place IMO. He was afraid of being under such high expectations and the media attention he get in LA. It was worth the try but didn’t work out. Hopefully things work out well for all in the long run.

          • Zimmeredge

            I agree a 100% on that but that’s the incoherent dialogue they used all season long to tell us how great Dwight is and how great as a laker he will be in time. there was always two different voices in LA and that was the problem. but it’s getting worse we clearly don’t know where they wanna go. what they’re going to do? for what purpose? with whom?

          • Daryl Peek

            Numbers never lie. Peoples feelings betray them. Is D12 a Kobe like talent? NO but he’s absolutely the best center in the NBA, has the Rockets one of the top teams in the West so far, and fits the D’Antoni system better than any other center in the NBA would.

            Like him or not, the Lakers would be a threat right now if he stayed.

          • 3339

            excuse me? dantoni had Dwight last year and had no clue what to do with him. McHale does.

          • Daryl Peek

            Wake up out of your MDA hate man. Howard refused to run PNR with Nash and Kobe. What was MDA supposed to do? Now he’s running the same thing MDA tried to get him in Houston. Your bias is ridiculous.

          • Daryl Peek

            Grown up conversations here man. Get lost with the buffoonery.

    • 3339

      fine job? last year and this year are average jobs. Lakers don’t celebrate .500 seasons. dantoni can’t coach high profile players like Kobe and whoever the Lakers plan on bringing in.

  • JohnC

    Yes: T R A D E P A U.

    LA get Lin & Houston get Pau. Apparently, it’s the best for everyone: Lin is a great player, but does not have a great impact on a team, unlike Pau. LA stop these rumors and have a solid best step for a future + Pau’s addition would make the Rockets a championship candidate = Gasol will be closer to his third NBA ring.

  • Zimmeredge

    we need to make a trade with NYK and Houston… It has always been there.
    Send Gasol to NYK for Shump and Chandler then Houston send Asik to NYK and got Bargnani in exchange. And then we get Lin.
    it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

    • Daryl Peek

      “It has always been there” ?

      No it hasn’t. The FO prodded, nothing came of it. Again, easier said than done.

  • 3339

    Not having a coach hurts more.

    • Daryl Peek


      • 3339

        you honestly think this guy is a good coach for us?