Lakers News And Rumors: Kobe Bryant Speaks Out About Coaching Search, LeBron Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video In highlight of today's news, Kobe Bryant spoke out on LeBron James and championships. Kobe called the need for ath Please enable Javascript to watch this video In highlight of today's news, Kobe Bryant spoke out on LeBron James and championships. Kobe called the need for ath Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Kobe Bryant Speaks Out About Coaching Search, LeBron

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In highlight of today’s news, Kobe Bryant spoke out on LeBron James and championships. Kobe called the need for athletes to get a handful of rings “ridiculous,” but understands it’s part of the challenge.

Someone who wasn’t impressed with LeBron’s performance in the NBA Finals was Redskins wide receiver, DeSean Jackson. One week ago, Jackson posted on his Instagram a couple pictures poking fun of the two-time champion. This time around, Jackson trolled James once again by using a picture of Kobe in a Heat uniform.

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  • Yaya

    Please, less of the hand-holding, more interview. Would like to see what he said about Messi. You could just post the video and then write an article much more in-depth.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Kobe is on the money … T-E-A-M-S win rings, not individual players. Michael Jordan never won a single ring … the Chicago Bulls won 6 of them.

    • PimpSav

      Kobe is a clown – that fat ass contact guarantees he aint winning a 6th ring. Who the hell wants to come to LA? old + broken down players looking to get paid and suck a fat dick

  • Strate Mob’n

    Kobe saying its ridiculous because everybody cant do things that he and Jordan do…he sneak dissing on the low…hahaha…..#LAKERNATION24

  • Kyle

    DeSean Jackson is poking fun at Lebron?! D Jax hasn’t been to a Championship! The guy is only relevant because of his burst off the line, aside from that, his off field issues, and antics on the field make him embarassing to watch. And he’a going to poke fun at a 2x champ?! Lol. And i’m a Kobe fan first



    • chaboykells

      Yup, Barkely was the best player on the Dream Team (Jordan wasn’t at his peak yet) and he is one of the best and has 0 rings. Another argument: Is Robert Horry better than Kobe, Lebron, and Jordan just cuz he has 7? Hell no! Is Derek Fisher better than Barkley or Lebron cuz he has 5? Hell no! Titles matter but this is the biggest problem with the titles argument.

      • jim

        Barkley was just a good player and nothing more. His name should not be associated with the greats.

      • Chris Paulus

        Are you kidding me Jordan wasnt at his peak in 92 cmon man

      • Kobe Rings

        He’s reffering to a franchise player not a role player. Barkley is franchise palyer but he didn’t won a ring.

  • ra

    Absolutely agree with Kobe. Now, he has 5 rings, which are already hard to come by, let alone a trip to the Finals, so he can say that without having to worry about ‘sour grapes’.

    But some of the greatest players did not get more than 2 rings – e.g., Wilt Chamberlain, the greatest player ever. Pistol Pete Maravich, the 2nd greatest college player (Kareem comes in 1st), and one of the best ballers in the history of the game, did not get a ring. How may rings does Dr. J have? Dr. J. – who re-defined the game in the 80s. Allen Iverson (yes). No rings, an ‘amazing’ player – and yes, he did ‘not’ need to practice. He was a ‘natural’. I don’t think he was done right in the last years of his career. Reggie Miller – phenomenal player, no rings.

    The list goes on.


    JIMBO AND MITCH MUST TAKE NOTE AND IMITATE pages of the heat and spurs roster, and coaching styles. the game has changed to 3 point balling and defense.
    2 players that may fall at 7 if LAL gets lucky would be SMART AND DOUG MERDERMOTT.
    note, smart is a mashup of d.rose/and dwayne wade.
    mcdermott is a remix of kyle korver and mike miller.
    dont fail LAL MAnagement and miss out on drafting these 2 players!!!
    yes sirrr!!!

  • Andy L

    Ha ha. Nice one Laker Nation. You stopped naming these types of “articles” “Recap” and fooled me into taking a look. You got me!

  • Jay Jay

    There’s a long list of Hall of Fame players that did not win an NBA championships. They are great because the played the great game of basketball and gave us fans something to cheer on. Winning Championships is not the only the basis of becoming great, having an impact on Basketball and its fans as a whole does…

  • Nolan Hughes

    the guy who has made $280million ON THE COURT and probably another
    $220 million off the court who has had a half dozen surgeries in the
    last 4yrs thinks that the 29yr old guard that averages about 18pt per
    game while playing a little less than 30min per game who made just $1.1
    million last year as the team’s best player should take a pay cut? Kobe
    made more money sitting on the bench in a suit last year than Nick Young
    has made in his entire 7yr career. And also, what makes Kobe think Nick
    Young is gonna waste his time in LA and be Kobe’s backup for two years?

    Kobe’s motto: “I deserve to get paid for what Shaq and I did as teammates a decade ago.”

    Oh and I wonder if Kobe knows that LeBron’s 2014 Finals he had the 9th best FG% in NBA Finals history (7th best FG% in Finals history among players that averaged at least 13 FGA per game). But hey, I guess Kobe only thinks RINGS matter and that it was all LeBron’s fault that the Heat lost big time.

    Last time I checked if you compared Kobe’s first 11 years (or up until age 29) you would notice the only thing Kobe really has more of is # of rings as compared to LeBron. First 11 years:

    MVPs: LBJ with 4, Kobe with 0
    2nd place MVP finishes: LeBron with 3, Kobe with 0
    Career playoff games: LeBron with 158, Kobe with 131 (111 starts)
    Playoff totals (P-R-A): LBJ with 4419-1332-1019, Kobe with 3053-647-586
    Playoff FG%: LBJ with 49.7%, Kobe with 43.9% (44.1% taking out his first two yrs he didn’t start)
    30 pt games in regular season: LBJ with 339, Kobe with 225

    LeBron’s teams at least played well enough to get out of the 1st round when he was averaging 29pt a game.

    So if Kobe realized that his three best playoff seasons happened in his 12th, 13th, and 14th seasons in the NBA he shouldn’t be too quick to judge LBJ’s performance this year. How did Kobe’s team do from 2004-05 to 2006-07. Ohhh yeah, missed playoffs year after Shaq left and then two straight 1st round exits as a #7 seed. But hey, who is keeping track.
    Okay, Kobe has the 3 rings to LeBron’s 2. Well congrats on having Shaq who was the best player in the NBA from ’99 to ’03 and if you really are about to compare Shaq’s dominance in the NBA to Dwyane Wade’s then you are INSANE!!!

    • dumb nolan

      if kobe has 3 rings for you and you don’t give him credit for the other two, then lbj still got zero. just saying

    • Gekko

      After reading the above post, it reminded me of something I wanted to say. “Kids, don’t do drugs”.

    • Tyler

      Last time I checked Kobe has more rings than Shaq. And now your gonna complain that Lebron didn’t have enough help in the watered down east with 3 Hall of Famers and more all stars on his team. The east is a joke and Lebron was only playing for franchises that have done nothing in the past. Kobe had to duel it out in the west leading arguably the greatest franchise in all of sports with other teammates that won nothing without him. Who is the common denominator: Kobe.

    • Marino Domino

      Kobe has an Mvp ..& two Finals mvps, etc. Shaq couldn’t wn w/o Kobe &vice versa …youreally think LeBron would even get to any Finals w/o D.Wade?& how does Bosh make what those two make??!

  • RealDeal©Hill

    Everything is overrated in the “Internet Age,” there are too many ignorant fans using the power of the internet for pointless blander. Lebron accomplished a great task in this new era of hoops winning 2 championships. I think the way he went about acquiring the championships might have tainted his legacy a little bit but the Spurs sat them back down real quick. Hurry back Mamba so we can show em how its really done.!! L A K E R G A N G

  • kb24king

    Top three best players ever #1Magic Johnson
    #2 Kobe Bryant
    #3 LeBron James

  • don

    Kobe is not timid in the least. He knows that LBJ is hunting him. Do not be surprised to see the Lakers bring in Eric Bledsoe, and possibly Greg Monroe. With that kind of help Kobe will be able to make that run of back to back one more time. He needs Young to return and he needs the Front office to hire Mark Jackson or Karl. These two are the only legitimate coaches who can help our Lakers get back. I really believe that Kobe has some jet fuel in the bottom of that tank.

  • deputy15

    Everybody is forgetting that bill russell has 11 rings. So what does that say about him???

  • Marty Susman

    The biggest prize out their in “I don’t like my team & want to be traded” is K. Irving…He would be the BEST replacement as the super star in Los Angeles to replace Kobe… Think of a starting five of Kobe, Irving, Greg Monroe, Swaggy Pea & 7th pick.

  • Zimmeredge

    I can feel,that Kobe is trying to court lebron and lebron is, reluctantly feeling that his legacy will never equal Michael, magic nor Kobe. Those guys are intouchable. I could add duncan as well now btw.
    If lebron won a 3peat he was still contending for that podium spot but now with 2-3 record is down low. I don,t see him having another back to back with the furent heat´s roster. Riley will have to do a lot of things to strenghten the team and give lebron the idea that he could still win with the heat. Mentally and physically this team is done. They have to rebuild. Of course they only have to get good role players but that se not gonna be complicated because the Lakers are also looking for the best players available. Melo will opt out, and if lebron opt out as well, the Lakers will give the highest, best contract after Kobe. They will build a one-two punch with Kobe-lebron. Young on the bench. We will Choose vonleh but now, embiid might fall to us. It´s a risky shot but he might worth the shot. With the good role players at the 1-5 spot a good back up for Kobe and depth at the fourth spot we are automatically a title contender imo.
    Mike Miller is a friend of lebron we should try to get after this guy.

  • Jay

    I feel bad for you fakers man shit kobe taking all dat money. Sucks to be a laker fan huh lol

    • Mark

      Huh ? step away from the crackpipe Jay. If it wasnt for the Lakers, you wouldnt be here trolling lol Even when our team has a bad season, derps like you STILL wanna be a part of our mix :)

  • http://aclassindustry.com.au/videos/ Neymar

    come on Brooklyn! (i can have faith, dont judge me)

  • Marino Domino

    Kobe gets squashed down &not considered an all-time great…realistically
    cannot pass Karee in points, but needs to pass Mj &hoefull at least tie him in Rings(6) …Mj did not win until almost 30…did not hurt to have Pj as coach~

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