Lakers News And Rumors: Kevin Love Wants To Join Lakers? Reviewed by Momizat on . After Tuesday night's 104-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns, Kevin Love called out his teammates. With the Timberwolves looking to make the playoffs this season, Lov After Tuesday night's 104-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns, Kevin Love called out his teammates. With the Timberwolves looking to make the playoffs this season, Lov Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Kevin Love Wants To Join Lakers?

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After Tuesday night’s 104-103 loss to the Phoenix Suns, Kevin Love called out his teammates. With the Timberwolves looking to make the playoffs this season, Love called out J.J. Barea and Dante Cunningham for sitting at the end of the bench and not getting up during timeouts.

While there has been speculation for the last couple of seasons, one Eastern Conference executive believes that Minnesota should look to trade Love now. According to this source, everyone believes that the former UCLA Bruin wants to return to Los Angeles and play for the Lakers.

While the Lakers have cap room this upcoming summer, they would have to wait until 2015 before Love becomes a free agent. Although there was once trade rumors about Pau Gasol teaming up with Ricky Rubio, both players’ careers are headed in different directions and it appears unlikely that Minnesota would make that trade.

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  • Jim213

    Good spin to the last post=repost. But it’s better than the Agent 0/Young post. SMH

  • kobe24

    Got this from a comment in BS report, interesting take

    “I think lots of people missing the point about this season. Believe what you want but the truth is, Jim Buss & Mitch ordered MDA to tank the season without making it too obvious.

    For the first time in years, Lakers owned a 1st round pick and the fact that 2014 draft is stacked with future franchise players, Jim will do whatever it takes to secure one of the talents.

    I believe that if MDA really committed to go into playoff, this current rosters are capable to do it – probably no. 6, 7 or 8 spot in the WC. I’m saying this by looking at the evidence that the Laker already beaten Clippers and Rockets and many times where Lakers doing really well during 1st half and then suddenly “collapsed” during 2nd half especially in the 3rd quarter.

    But realistically, at most the Lakers can go into 2nd round of the playoff before eliminated. They are not capable to win the title.

    I think Jim Buss & Mitch knows that and he’s thinking about the future especially after Kobe.

    I don’t know about other fans but I kinda like the strategy. Lakers need time to rebuild and they are being smart by targeting former lottery picks like Henry and Marshall who are young and can be developed into role players (or even starter if Marshall develop his shot and other areas of his game).

    They already experimenting by reloaded the rosters with big names like D12 and Nash but it failed. I think they know that the Lakers need total rebuilding starting with the draft pick just like they did with Kobe.

    I know it’s hard to see the Lakers get beaten night after night but let’s be patient and let the FO do their job. At the same time, just enjoy watching these young players developing. “

    • Gregory Choa

      I don’t buy it. There is no purposeful tanking going on…the injuries, especially to our backcourt, have decimated this Lakers season…and I don’t think anybody is faking any injury.

      If the Lakers get absolutely pulverized over this Grammy roadtrip, which they probably with…seeing as they have one healthy point guard and two healthy guards in total…then I can see the FO possibly holding Kobe back, which would become the first and only true sign of a real tank job.

      • hookedonnews

        No one is going to hold Kobe back. He’s not wasting the time he has left.

    • hookedonnews

      I don’t believe MDA was told to tank. I also don’t believe this team is capable of making the playoffs without Kobe, Nash, Blake, Farmar, and Henry. Even if you get all of them back the hole may be too deep to climb out of. Plus they will have to get their rhythm and re-establish team chemistry. It’s a long shot even with them. These guys who are playing now are very good bench players, but they aren’t going anywhere without Kobe, etc. The experiment with Howard/Nash, etc. failed because of injuries and Howard’s stupidity/immaturity not because it was a bad idea. I think they plan on rebuilding with free agents not draft picks. They may wind up being able to get a good player via the draft, but I don’t think that was what they were counting on to build this team.

  • e3bonz

    Get a first round pick, sign Love without giving up anything, let Kobe heal and get in shape, and though some will disagree, re-sign Pau at a smaller contract and be all set for 2014-15…..or is Love the year after that?

    • Gregory Choa

      K-Love hits free agency in 2015.

    • Gregory Choa

      Ex-Bruins Love & Westbrook both become un-restricted free agents in the summer of 2015…that’s the ticket.

      • kobe24

        Actually Westbrook become un-restricted agent in 2016.

        Sign Kevin Love for 15~18 mil and play with Kobe. Once Kobe’s contract comes up sign Westbrook for 15~18 mil. If Kobe wants to keep playing (If hes playing is at respectable level and not like Steve Nash status by end of two years) make him sign $8~million contract(2 years max) and make those 3 go for it???

      • Joseph Apohen

        I have been waiting for them to come to L.A. where they started and belong! If they could play with Kobe and Pau, that would be an awesome team and Pau would still be an all star.

  • LakersHeatBeef


  • tommygunz

    Sign n lebron kobe your my boi but u n gasol take a paycut

  • The Scout

    Watch your upper management when it comes to the 2014 NBA Draft.Rumor has it that The Lakers Owner Jimmy Buss wants to draft Joel Embiid.I feel so bad for the Lakers fans even after losing all these games and even tanking has come into question the Lakers will end up with the next major draft bust.I watch all the top prospects play every game and Joel Embiid is no better than Hasheem Thabeet or Michael Olwokandi.Just another overhyped big Seven Footer he is averaging 10.5 PPG. and 7.2 RPG. on a struggling Kansas team.His moves are pathetic and his skill set is garbage,he is projected to be a top 3 pick.

    Well if the Lakers screw this pick up in the way of Darko Milicic or Sam Bowie,Kwame Brown then the Lakers will be without a championship for a very long time since this the best draft since 1984.See other than Joel Embiid all the other top 5 picks are locks to be great NBA players.Andrew Wiggins is already a great player with a all around game and he is a excellent one on one scorer in the ISO and his defense is the best in the NCAA.His upside is to be another Kobe Bryant and his projection is to be another Scottie Pippen at the very least.

    Then you got Jabari Parker and he is going to be a top 3 pick and he is shooting the ball as smooth as Kevin Durant.He is built like LeBron James and he drives like him to the hoop yet he has the outside sweet feather touch like Kevin Durant from the outside.His projection he will be a Kevin Durant or Carmelo Anthony type of scorer in the NBA.

    Then you got Dante Exum he is a big Point Guard that has some Michael Jordan in his game.He is amazing.Marcus Smart is another great scorer and passer in the James Harden mold.He can it done and he is a winner.Julius Randle great Power Forward plays like a beast similar to a young Chris Webber.

    Too many choices to mess up.If Lakers draft Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker that is the right choice guaranteed but Joel Embiid is not the right guy for the Lakers.2015 free agency is full of great centers like Marc Gasol or Tyson Chandler and many others.Just wait to sign a veteran center and draft a stud wing player like Wiggins.

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    Kevin Love Wants To Join Lakers, would be perfect for me! We need players who want to be a Laker.
    The Lakers deserve to have the best NBA players

    Go Lakers

    • teddy duchamp

      The Lakers don’t deserve shit! I’m sick and tired of you big market snobs thinking your entitled to every piece of talent that becomes available. How about this scenario, Twolves keep Love, sign Westbrook and beat the Lakers in the playoffs. I absolutely hate the Lakers.

      • Paytc

        You just made it plain to see….
        So many hate the best, cause that’s what they can’t be :-)

        I’m sorry but big money markets support the game. I’m telling you now so it won’t be too surprising……

        Another Laker championship is on the horizon.
        Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to the top.

        Go Lakers !

  • A Clown Mike Brown

    Okay winners versus losers is the first thing i look at before a team acquires a player.In the case of Kevin Love he is a loser he has done nothing but lost games since entering the NBA.He has yet to reach the playoffs and he pads his stats and his defense is garbage.No reason to get excited over nothing.He is not a franchise player and he is a player who has never won anything in the NBA.Bad influence on the locker room because he brings losing with him.

    The Lakers are a team full of players that have lost their entire careers.The Lakers have a loser like Wes Johnson he has never won anything and he has missed the playoffs every year he has been in the NBA.Then you got loser Chris Kaman a 10 year veteran who has never been in the playoffs.Also Nick Young has never won anything the most he ever did is enter the playoffs with the Clippers other than that nothing but a guy who loses games with no playoffs every year.Kendall Marshall is young but he is doing a lot of losing with the current bunch of losers he is surrounded by.

    Kevin Love is a loser and that is a fact he never made the playoffs.Me personally would hire LeBron James before i ever hire Kevin Love.Pau is a winner and Kobe is a winner.Hiring a winner is very important.Winning mentality.

    • lakers72

      wow …. personally i’d “hire” bledsoe… and then paul george…. get rid of some “losers” on the team right now then get steph curry…. like come on man… the whole “loser” thing you say of all the other players not winning anything… yea pau was a winner in memphis before he came to the lakers right? lol kevin love is like a super upgraded version of pau at this point in their careers… have you not been watching any of the games? love’s numbers speak for themselves… gasol got weak.. offensively and defensively…

    • Vi5ion24

      Im sorry but that’s idiotic. How can you call a single player a loser when its a team sport. Love is one of the best at his position, and is one of the best rebounder in the league. He can spread then floor, which if D’Antoni stays, is essential to his offense. Love has never played alongside a great player. If he had an elite plate alongside him I’d understand your argument. The best player he’s had on his team is Rubio. Who doesnt even crack the Top 10 PG list imo. Clearly the guy is frustrated with losing, and if you pair him with a player like Kobe who’s sole purpose is winning, you have deadly offensive combination. Where I do agree w you is his defense. But if the Lakers can bring in a solid post defender, or finally let Hill run free w more minutes, its an absolute game changer for these Lakers.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    I would love to have K. Love on the team

  • Kansas Chalmers+Henry+Wiggins

    The Lakers need to make moves to make sure Kevin Love comes this season in a trade and lets get some free agents and draft a great player and go for a championship next season.Try this team free agents and Kevin Love.

    Lakers Should Sign Players and trade to get Kevin Love ASAP.

    Lakers Maybe Might Be Lucky Enough To Have This Roster 2014-2015
    PG Mario Chalmers,Kendall Marshall,Jordan Farmar
    SG Kobe Bryant,Nick Young
    SF Andrew Wiggins,Wesley Johnson,Xavier Henry
    PF Kevin Love,Jordan Hill
    C Greg Monroe,Robert Sacre

    Hire a new coach that will force this team to play defense a defensive minded guy.

  • Luis

    Make this happen.

  • Thunder

    Don’t be shocked when it happens but i am 70% sure that the Lakers are going to trade the lottery pick they get to the OKC Thunder for Russell Westbrook.The reason this will happen is the Thunder are already content using Reggie Jackson as their Starting Point guard and Reggie has been a beast for the Thunder.Westbrook has injury issues and he makes a high salary that is not affordable by the small market OKC Thunder also Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have not always seen eye to eye they have a long running dispute of who’s team is it.

    Also this ties into Kevin Love coming to the Lakers once he becomes a free agent in 2015.Westbrook will com via trade on NBA Draft Night 2014 and OKC will draft either Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid they will get a Kansas player.The OKC Thunder owner Clay Bennett was personally at the last Kansas scouting the Kansas players at the game against the Sooners.Westbrook+Love reunite with the Lakers UCLA Bruins coming back home.Lakers will likely pick in the top 3.

  • Harley Knoxx

    Pau for Kevin Love works but Pau makes more than Love. I believe Wolves would have to throw in a scrub. But Wolves would not do that trade unless Love pulls a Melo. However Pau has been playing better maybe there is a chance. Yeah and maybe MDA becomes a defensive minded coach and wins a title.

  • Dandy

    In my opinion do whatever it takes to sign and join K.LOVE on purple in gold uniform. He is talented Big men that can shoot in range basket, hardworking player, can block shoots, can rebound and most of all can defend that Lakers dont have……If lakers wants to rebuild Team this is very Good to start! Start Talking Trade now……

  • Fabian

    Lakers i am finding out must trade Pau Gasol and Nick Young along with Jordan Hill to the Timberwolves and in return the Timberwolves will send the Lakers Kevin Love and Dante Cunningham plus Ronnie Turiaf the salaries are all matched and the Timberwolves are seemingly waiting on the Lakers approval.

  • hookedonnews

    Love would be a perfect fit for this team, but I take these rumors with a grain of salt. If the T-Wolves decide to trade him, I don’t see us getting him.

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