Lakers News And Rumors: Julius Randle Praises Organization, Kobe Bryant Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] In highlight of today's news, Julius Randle outdid himself in a private workout at the Lakers practice facility. Randle showed great [new_royalslider id="140"] In highlight of today's news, Julius Randle outdid himself in a private workout at the Lakers practice facility. Randle showed great Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: Julius Randle Praises Organization, Kobe Bryant

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In highlight of today’s news, Julius Randle outdid himself in a private workout at the Lakers practice facility. Randle showed great potential and considerable interest in wearing purple and gold.

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With the NBA Draft right around the corner on June 26, Lakers could seriously consider drafting Randle with their lottery pick if he is available.

In addition, there’s been a lot of talk about Jurgen Klinsmann’s comments toward Kobe Bryant’s lucrative contract extension. Kobe brushed it aside calling it “comical” and spoke with ESPN during his visit to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Klinsmann believes Bryant is being overpaid for what he has done and not for what he will do over the next two seasons. Klinsmann used Bryant’s highly priced contract as his defense towards not picking USA’s Landon Donovan for this years World Cup. The U.S. coach believes Bryant is getting highly paid for what he has accomplished rather than how he’ll help the Lakers moving forward.

Bryant believes the comments to be comical. He knows the Lakers organization, as any other, will reward its players for what they have done as well as keeping a balance while planning for the future.

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  • kiko

    i hope that LA Lakers sign Pursuit Lebron james, Carmelo Anthony, Kelvin love,bosh this offseason

    • BevWadevob

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      Allison recently got a nice 6 month old Jaguar by working from a macbook.this website C­a­s­h­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

    • Terrence

      Beware of Juius Randle he is a lefty and he has no post moves from the right hand side and he has no ide how to score from the right side all he does is use his left side to score.His wingspan is not good and he has very short arms so his defense is bad.He can’t go right on his opponent.Please DON’T DRAFT JULIUS RANDLE HE IS TOO ONE DIMENSIONAL LIMITED.

  • kiko

    LA LAkers make decision if who head coach make my choose Hire George Karl or Jeff Van Gundy and mike woodson and lionel hollins or Mark Jackson and try to interview i consider Doug Collins for as Next Head Coach LA Lakers right now please

  • Jim213

    Days old news.

  • urdadmomismine

    Yeah. Kobe also said he shattered all recovery record last year, then what happened? You can only take what Kobe said at half the face value.

  • Calbert

    Julius Randle is going to bust out just like Anthony Bennett.They are similar.

  • A Fan

    I said it before and I’ll say it again: If LA seriously has plans of signing Kevin Love next year, NO to Julius Randle and Noah Vonleh. It’s either Marcus Smart or Aaron Gordon (or Dante Exum if we’re lucky). PERIOD.

    • Zimmeredge

      With love? We could use embiid a lot. Even vonleh because he is defending well inside and he is a good shot blocker…. As i said smart, exum wońt be the first or last athletic freak pg…. No need to hurry for we need to build from the ground up and look at we have already and we might have from the fa and the draft and then think about How we wanna play with our coach, what system etc. We already have Bryant, Nash and Marshall tied. Farmar will come back that´s almost a certainty. We dont have a starter at this position we wońt have one until Nash retires. If i’m correct irving will be a fa next season. So we can just play with those 3 pg dividing their game Time in 3. 10 for Nash, 19 for Marshall and farmar. We need a good sf. A guy who could bring you a lot in case Bryant is not here. I’m thinking about stephenson who can play pg and gs and sf really well. Deng is also a great target, and of course ariza. Knowing that there is no good or better center or pf in the fa except gasol and bosh (but the dude dont wanna leave Miami so this one is tricky). No gortat and Okafor are not up to our standard to play the center position in la. They are good players for average teams period.
      Also if the rumors about lebron or melo are correct we will most certainly look for and interior presence.
      It´s a matter of what is available this summer to build a team, whats going to be available. A trio Bryant/melo-lebron/vonleh or if embiid is really low is meant to be a championship calibre type of roster. Vonleh can do what bosh is doing in mia which is shooting three most of the Time. Then a quatuor composed with Bryant/deng-ariza-stephenson/randle-vonleh/gasol is also very competitive.

      • A Fan

        Embiid’s a pipe dream. No way he slides all the way to 7th. And there’s a pretty good chance Mitch goes for Kevin Love next year instead of Melo this year because Love is in his mid-20′s and Melo is in his 30′s. So if they’re seriously going to pursue Kevin Love in next year’s FA, then there’s no question about it: They’ll need to draft someone who not only has a high ceiling, but has the ability to defend the perimeter.

        Smart’s a bully and can definitely shut down opposing guards with his size, intensity, and athleticism, which is a must-have in the West full of star PG’s like CP3, Westbrook, Parker, Curry, Lillard, etc. Giving him a year or two to develop under Kobe (and maybe Nash if LA doesn’t trade him for a 2nd round pick or a trade exception) could do wonders for his career and even give us our own star PG.

        On the other hand, Gordon’s a combo forward. Good defender, solid rebounder, has the athleticism to defend multiple positions. Give him time to develop, and he could either be a Kawhi Leonard or a Shawn Marion (Remember, Marion was a 20-10 star in his prime so it’s not a bad thing).

        Both need to work on their shooting but hey, shooting the ball is something you can improve. You can’t teach hustle and athleticism (maybe athleticism, but not so much).

        I’m looking more at the 2016 season than the 2015 season.

      • bmw

        If the Lakers plan on getting Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James then they won’t need a forward but getting a center is necessary only if Pau leaves.So getting a power forward is useless if Kevin Love is coming to the Lakers.Drafting a Point Guard is the top priority because the Lakers have a need for a defensive point guard with skills to be elite player with the right development and Dante Exum and Marcus Smart come to mind fittingly for the Lakers.We can get a good center in 2015 free agency as Marc Gasol,Tyson Chandler,DeAndre Jordan all hit free agency.

        • Zimmeredge

          Vonleh can play the center position. He is big and lenghty and athletic.

          • bmw

            Noah Vonleh is the only big guy worth drafting,if he slips to #7 then the GM’s in the NBA are truly retarded.Honestly Noah Vonleh is one of the best talented bigs i have seen i a few years.His draftexpress pre draft workout interview is off the charts and the trainer talks about Noah Vonleh in glowing terms,it’s the same trainer that trained MCW the rookie of the year from last season.

            The trainer talked Michael Carter Williams and he was right about him and now he is talking about Noah Vonleh in much higher terms and the video don’t lie.No other big in this draft other than Vonleh.Embiid will be gone man and he has a serious back injury question.

            Watch his workout videos man he is damn beast and he is going to be a nightmare matchup for opposing players because he can destroy them on the block or he can destroy them with his feathery soft jumper from outside.

            This guy is going to be a big problem.He should be considered for top 3 pick but the GM’s are sleeping on this Vonleh guy.If he falls to number 7 they hell yeah get him.Otherwise skip the other bigs and draft a guard.

          • Zimmeredge

            I agree with you a 100% and more.
            Vonleh is an instant impact player and also a long term project. He might develop in the next big thing inside. More than embiid imo. He has a lot of room.
            But i love randle so much. The guy is charming, young and he has the knack for winning.
            I love them two.
            And Frankly if we are looking for a shooting and defending pg well russ Smith, payton and napier are also great players too. We could put up a trade for one of this guy. For a future pick, money or a roster’s player

        • Paul Pairazaman

          the point is to get the best player available regardless of his position

  • Flavio

    What’s the big deal?Is he supposed to be the greatest player ever or something?

  • Flavio

    Who’s this guy i have never heard of him?Is he like a superstar or something?

  • BULL

    IM SORRY TO ALL MY LAKER FANS .. BUT LOVE WILL NOT END UP IN A PURPLE AND GOLD UNIFORM! ! ! .. JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN .. best thing is to develop Ryan Kelly and get Center that can bang bodies or get Smart if we are lucky! I would love Randall, Gordon or Smart .. was very high on Vonleh but he was mention with Kwame Brown and that do not sit well with me lol ..

    • J Taylor

      I think it’s a lot more realistic than you think.
      Love picks where he wants to go. AND between now and the trade deadline, the team has nearly 10 months to build a team that Love picks.

      Getting Melo or Irving in this offseason would go a long way at rebuilding the dynasty.

  • numb1lakefan

    james love kobe sources say

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