Lakers News And Rumors: D’Antoni, Bryant Disagree About Season Start Reviewed by Momizat on . Kobe Bryant downplayed his team's 10-9 start without him, saying, "Not like we were gangbusters before." After Mike D'Antoni heard these comments, he took it up Kobe Bryant downplayed his team's 10-9 start without him, saying, "Not like we were gangbusters before." After Mike D'Antoni heard these comments, he took it up Rating: 0
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Lakers News And Rumors: D’Antoni, Bryant Disagree About Season Start

Mike D'AntoniKobe Bryant downplayed his team’s 10-9 start without him, saying, “Not like we were gangbusters before.” After Mike D’Antoni heard these comments, he took it upon himself to defend the Lakers start to the season. “I have to disagree with that, we were 6-2 in the last eight games and I thought we played extremely well, winning three in a row on the road — so that’s not quite right. I’m really proud of what the guys did,” said D’Antoni.

These comments have created quite a stir and some speculation on whether D’Antoni really wanted Bryant to come back to the lineup. Remember he had a similar problem in New York when Carmelo Anthony came back from an injury while his team was on a terrific win streak during Linsanity. D’Antoni soon left the Knicks after Anthony’s return because they just weren’t playing D’Antoni’s brand of basketball anymore.

It seems as though D’Antoni wishes he had no superstar caliber player on his team, rather a captain that is an extension of his system that can command the floor. D’Antoni seemed very defensive of his team and almost implied that the Lakers were better off without Bryant. Only time will tell if they can get it together, but Lakers fans sure hope it’s sooner rather than later as the team is currently 0-2 with Bryant.

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  • Hate D’Antoni

    Oh gawd, just fire D’Antoni already. I can’t stand looking at him anymore. He is the guy that screwed up Stephon Marbury’s NBA career. Damn you!!!!!

    • Dragon7s

      Stephon needed no help in screwing up his career…that is all.

  • Daryl Peek

    I must admit I was very disappointed to hear Kobe had said this. No doubt it was a challenge to his teammates but the truth of the matter is they did do well as D’Antoni said. 6-2 over the last 8 games leading up to the return. THAT’S AWESOME given no Kobe, Nash, Farmar and a gimpy Gasol, Blake, Hill and Kaman.

    • Dragon7s

      The team did amazing well in the games before Kobe came back and I haven’t heard Kobe’s comment in context but if he meant it as it’s being portrayed, I’d have to say I’m disappointed as well.

      The current rendition of the Lakers are fun to watch. They are gritty, enthusiastic and best of all? They’ve never quit!

      Let’s hope that some of that enthusiasm rubs off on Kobe and some of his experience and win-at-all costs attitude rubs of on them.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    What the hell is Jim Buss probably thinking about the Lakers???

  • blackmamba8

    this is a stupidass article. Kobe was NOT trying to disrespect anyone when he said that, it’s not like he said the lakers were terrible, he just meant they weren’t one of the best teams in the NBA, which they weren’t. D’Antoni did the right thing and defended how well the team was doing because they were. Seriously doubt that there’s a real disagreement between the two, you can tell just from how Kobe was playing that he respects the other players and D’Antoni’s system tremendously.

    • nlruizjr

      the players work their ass off to get those wins and Kobe comes in and disrespects those players, just lost respect for Kobe, hope he blows his other Achilles !!!!!

  • socali

    …and we gave Kobe a 2 year max extension?

    • Matt Williams

      What does that have to do with anything?

      • socali

        Im just sick of this whole me me me selfish me bball. I got mad respect for Kobe but I want the Lakers going in another direction. I want them back to the show time Lakers.

        • Matt Williams

          All Kobe said was we weren’t great starting the season. Yeah we beat some contenders but there are game we SHOULD have won but fail to do. We should not be 10-11. We’re almost dead last in the f**king conference. When did Kobe talk about himself??

          • Paytc

            Exactly. Kobe is 100 % right. A 500 ball club is a 500 ball club no matter what kind of spin you put on it. Kobe has higher expectations than 500 so don’t ever knock him for that. Kobe is not a slacker. Kobe goes to work !

            Now I see MDA point because who really besides a few of us thought the Lakers would be at,near,or above 500 upon Kobe’s return. And the team was on a bit of a roll against a somewhat easy schedule.

            Both Kobe and MDA were right.

            Now lets move on ad be glad the teams best player and leader has returned. We have a chance to make some noise in the playoffs with kobe. I don’t think any teams were gonna lose sleep thinking about playing a Kobe-less Laker team in the playoffs.

            Go Lakers !

          • nlruizjr

            what the hell is so hard for Kobe to say “hey, I’m proud of my team mates, above 500 in a tough western conference”, instead of dissing them, yeah that really brings in togetherness……NOT !!!!!!

          • nlruizjr

            so that give Kobe the right to slap his team mates in the face with his stupid ass comment. He didn’t do so well his self at 0-2, his first 2 games back, now what is he going to say after they come back from this road trip 0-4 !!!!!!

          • Matt Williams

            It’s called being realistic. Tough love. We could be a lot better than what we are now. Real leaders keep it 100 with the people or team he leads.

  • Jim213

    Possibly an issue with regards to things being taken out of context. But if things don’t change down the line expect fingers to be pointed. The fact of the matter is IMO that the coach seems to want to please everyone including management aside of placing the responsibility on Kobe. Who’s given too many minutes today thus affecting the overall team chemistry (expected). It may take a few wks for Kobe to regain his touch.

    This has left them to re-question their roles within the rotation when in actuality TEAM PLAY will be required to get the most out of this roster. Ball rotation is basically needed for the team to do their thing aside of shooting consistently. This isn’t saying that Kobe should only get 20 min or so but for now it’d be best until he reacquires his shooting touch while getting his legs back under him.

    This is a different team than the past season’s as IMO Kobe would probably play best by playing with the team (team ball/ball rotation) while developing a better feel of when to shoot the ball and pass it for assist while ball rotation takes place (not holding ball) otherwise the team may not play up to it’s capabilities given they often feed from the offensive end.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Avery Johnson is the funniest dude ever lol,Avery and Jalen Rose had the funniest exchange ever regarding Avery joining Twitter,if for whatever reason things done’t work out for Mike then bring in a damn comedian Avery Johnson LOL ha ha ha.This is comical that Avery Johnson was once the coach with the best winning % ever lol.But his Nets days ruined that % big time lol ha ha ha.5’10″ short guy Avery lol.

    MDA is 10-11 and facing a tough 4 game road trip,i think the Lakers will be 2-2 on the road trip.It starts in OKC if the Lakers get a win in OKC that will be the biggest regular season win this team has had since beating Houston.Friday is the game,it will be fun.Avery Johnson i love that funny dude lol hahaha little general made me crack up lol hahaha.ROFL!

  • Sam Saab

    i dont totally hate d’antoni but what kind of a coach wouldnt want a superstar on his team??? especially KOBE BRYANT?? hes arguably the GOAT…no wonder why you havent won any rings yet D’antoni!

  • Alex

    Honestly the team had a hell of a start, proud lakers fan! I dont know what happened to the Kobe a few years ago that would keep every exchange with the media extremely brief until the end of the season when he won the championship, or the season was over. But as a loyal laker fan, I much prefer Kobe’s demeanor back then.

  • Jack

    Glad dantoni stood up for the team. They played well and developed a chemistry kobe should try to contribute to

  • Jokobe

    Pringles man certainly is showing he has standards that ARE NOT acceptable for the Lakers organization. This fool goes 10-9 (most of them trash teams) and says they have been playing well. Kobe knows what “playing well” is and he certainly did not think so and I agree with him. Get this loser coach out of L.A. now, he certainly does not know what winning is about.

    The ONLY way I would agree with Pringles is if the Lakers were like 13-6 with some wins over top teams, that can be considered ‘extremely well’ since they have injuries and no Kobe.

  • JC Shin

    This article is basically making D’Antoni look bad. He DID NOT imply that the Lakers were better off without Bryant. To be honest Dantoni deserves a lot of credit this year.

  • rg

    Please. Didn’t expect Lakers nation to add to the media imposed drama machine. Kobe simply said that response when the MEDIA tried to make a big deal about the team losing with him back, that was just an off the cuff response to the MEDIA trying to make drama in Lakerland by somehow implying that Kobe coming back led to the loss. All Kobe was trying to do was say that its not like the Lakers hadn’t lost without him, they had, therefore there was no correlation between him coming back and them losing. I hate the MEDIA, you guys make mountains out of mole hills.

  • jessejames909

    BULL/S on any compliments for D’antoni. he needs to be fired last YEAR, he needs to quit coaching BASKETBALL PERIOD . He doesn’t know when to pull players or put them in. For instance the IDIOT took out JORDAN HILL and the other 4 subs right when they got back in the game again for the 19th time with about 6 min. left to play and the starters just blew it at the end of the game. LAKERS LOSE AGAIN.

  • Kenneth C. Taitt

    prior to Kobe coming back the team was 10-9…basically still hovering around .500 and for a team without any stars on it that’s good compared to expectations, but no where close to where you need to be, to be a threat in the league. I’m pretty sure Mike D’antoni knows that without a strong Kobe & a solid Pau the lakers at best will be an average team that misses the playoffs… He knows that even if it takes a month or so the whole team has to adapt to each other, but mainly they need to adapt to KOBE 5 rings BRYANT … as simple as that… on his 2nd game back he score a casual 20 points, shot over 50% minimal turnovers,,, he’s great and will be great,, don’t sit back and watch him like Nick Young mentioned, play your game, be a threat, make it happen….they can play together and win…

  • Marty Susman

    No point in firing him now, we pay him either way. BUT if we do, we have Kurt to take over as TEMP> Head guy, we can bring in Fish as asst. & then bring in Byron to head the team…

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