Lakers News and Rumors: Chad Ford Believes Lakers Will Take Embiid

Lakers News and Rumors: Chad Ford Believes Lakers Will Take Embiid



The Lakers are not very good this season, but there might be some light at the end of the tunnel. If the Lakers can continue losing games at this pace, they will surely have a high draft pick. If they can luckily land the top pick of the draft, Chad Ford of ESPN beieves the Lakers would take Kansas freshman Joel Embiid.

The 2014 draft class is loaded and it’s projected to be one of the best of all-time. At the beginning of the college season, Andrew Wiggins was believed to be the consensus No. 1 pick, but many players are vying for that top pick since then. Other players battling for draft position are Jabari Parker, Marcus Smart, and Aaron Gordon. Ford thinks the Lakers have Embiid at the top of their draft board, but there is still so much time left until the draft and so many options to consider.

Embiid has slowly risen to one of the top prospects. He is a seven footer and only 19 years old, but his potential is what is most promising. He is currently averaging 10.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks per game and is improving with each passing day. Embiid is showing improvement on the offensive end and although he is a bit raw, he makes up for it in athleticism. He still has much to learn, but Ford believes he has the highest ceiling out of all the prospects and could potentially be a franchise player in the next level.

At one point, Embiid was considered a risky pick, but he is rapidly making doubters into believers. If the Lakers are fortunate enough to land the coveted top pick, will they be willing to risk it based on potential? Or will they more comfortable drafting a more seasoned Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins?

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  • kobe24

    Well actually if Lakers do get the first pick (Highly doubt it most likely top 5) it depends on the FA they are pursing.

    Lakers can get a guys like Smart,Exum if they can get Greg Monroe during FA.

    But, if they don’t pursue centers during FA Joel Embiid sounds ilke the smart choice

    • richard

      IMO, we should draft the player with the highest potential not what the team needs. We can always fill those needs through trades and free agency.

      • kobe24

        I agree with that statment but I feel like a guy like Exum could be a franchise player and HOF.. Still I’d agree Embiid sounds the best

    • JohnSmith00

      Wrong, If the Lakers fall to within the 5 worst records in the league the Lakers have an incredibly high chance of landing the top pick. Over the last 9 years the number 1 overall pick has only gone to the team with the worst record ONCE.

      Orlando was that team in 2004 after this is how the 1st overall pick went 2005- 6th worst record; 2006 -5th worst record 2007; – 7th worst record; 2008 – 9th worst record; 2009 – 3rd worst record; 2010 – 5th worst record; 2011 – 8th worst record; 2012 – 3rd worst record, and 2013 – 3rd worst record.

      As for who they should draft I believe Embiid is a terrible choice, because that would be a draft to fill need rather than selecting a player that has the most potential like Wiggins or Parker.

      • cj

        embiid could be the next hakeem thats potential.

        • JohnSmith00

          Yeah that’s what everyone is saying but he could also be the next Haseem Thabeet; Greg Oden or Kwame Brown.
          The league isn’t built for big men like Embiid, it’s simply too fast paced.

          If the Lakers are trying to replace Gasol, there are better options: Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon Noah Vonleh and to an extent Dario Saric.

          Worst part about Embiid is he’s a 7 footer who can’t rebound for $h!t, kind reminds me of Brook Lopez. A guy that tall should be dominating the boards.

          At best Embiid is an All-Star in the league. If you have the top pick you choose a guy who’s going to be a SUPERSTAR.

          • cj

            gordon screams bust to me.

          • Mitchell Corona

            Yeah you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. You sound like a guy who reads stats instead of watching the college games. If you live in LA like I do I’d bet that’s the case. Embiid is really good at rebounding and has more potential than Wiggins and I have watched every KU game this year, the preseason games and the scrimmages.

  • jt3z

    Id rather go with him than Wiggins or Parker as he seems to have the highest cieling of anyone in this years draft but hey the College season still has a lot of time left and only time will tell who deserves to be taken number one i just hope its the Lakers

    • richard

      Right now, it is premature to say those…. and even if it is… NBA teams have their scouts all over the place whenever an NCAA game is played. So, by all accounts, they are the ones who knows who has the highest potential among the draftees. We can only speculate, and that is it should stay… pure speculation on who’s going to be drafted by the lakers should they get the top pick. I won’t have problem with whichever they drafted as long as in their mind they would have drafted the player with the highest ceiling not drafting for the team needs.

  • ethan

    Lakers plan shld be monroe draft exum and get love in ’15 or sooner keep k marshall meeks young johnson henry j. Hill try to resign pau for under 5 mil for backup center if not let him go even thow I love pau

    • richard

      Nope, Lakers plan should be to draft the best talent on the draft board. I trust the FO on this. the last time we drafted inside top 10 was 2005, and we landed Andrew Bynum… which at that time was the riskiest draft but one with the highest potential talent. A lot of people were saying that we shouldnt draft a Center becuase at that time, we have 2 able Centers on the roster in Mihm and Kwame Brown. Both were starters. But FO drafted Bynum, and I think it turned out alright, except for the injuries and the work ethic thing with Bynum. But we can see how Lakers FO’s mindset going into the draft, they would usually draft talent rather than team needs.

  • richard

    Remember Oden and Durant? Portland drafted with the team needs in mind. Drafting Oden, he was the most NBA ready player in the draft while Durant had the highest potential, but raw. We can also go back to the ’96 draft… except for Iverson, Kobe had the highest potential at that time but too raw at 17yo. Would you believe that Samaki Walker was drafted ahead of Kobe. Erick Dampier too… many believed (along with Abdur rahim), were the most NBA ready in the draft outside of Iverson and Camby.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I much rather the Lakers draft Wiggins or Parker if given the chance to draft them.Joel Embiid is quick as a cat at making moves to the hoop,he is over 7 feet tall and he is as fast as a 6’6″ guard,he is so nimble and smooth with his dreamshake move.But i don’t like his bad temper,he has been kicked out of a game or 2 and he gets in silly foul trouble.

    Also he gets the ball stripped from him way too often and he is a porous rebounder.Embiid is learning how to defend much better and he has had some great blocks this season but his post defense his very weak and poor he gets pushed around too much on post defense.Embiid is a terrible outside shooter,he has no jumper.Embiid is a terrible free throw shooter can’t make free throws at all and he hurts his team when he struggles at the foul line.

    Embiid is a awful free throw shooter.Embiid can’t score enough to be taken seriously as a franchise player.Hakeem Olajuwon was light years ahead of Embiid in terms of defense at this stage of their careers.Also Hakeem was a way better offensive player than Embiid is.Olajuwon was a far superior prospect and Embiid is no Hakeem.Embiid is nowhere near where Shaq was at this stage.Actually Hasheem Thabeet had better stats in college basketball than Joel Embiid has currently.Steer clear away please.

    • Mitchell Corona

      Another moron who doesn’t watch the games. Embiid has a fantastic jumper for a big and can hit out to 3-point range. This post is full of fail, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Typical Laker fan.

  • Lakers4life

    Laker need to rebuild ASAP. Malik pope Aaron Gordon and for sure Joel embiid rebuild with all of these 3 key players and we could have a fourPete ( embiid looks like a classic smooth and dominant ja-bar) Aaron Gordon more like a kobe type player aggressive and ball handles with consistancy and Malik Pope is like a young dorant/odom player we need athletic court vision and could finish !!!young talent and this setup with a veteran point guard like rondo and we could see a fourpete ofcours dnt for get about Wesley oung kobe and if possible Kevin love and Carmelo Anthony ..

  • Lakers 4 Life

    Lakers should checkout jared brownridge from santa clara university.