Lakers News: 319 Total Games Missed Due To Injury This Season

Lakers News: 319 Total Games Missed Due To Injury This Season


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With a roster full of players on one-year deals, the Los Angeles Lakers surprised most as they started the season 10-9 without their superstar guard Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately, injuries completely derailed a team that had playoff expectations as they finished with the sixth worst record in the NBA.

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For most of the season, the Lakers’ bench has had more coaches than players. With numerous players in and out of the lineup and Kobe Bryant only appearing in six games, Los Angeles missed a total of 319 games due to injuries according to reporter Mike Trudell:

While it’s one of the highest totals for the franchise since this statistic was tracked in the 1980’s, the 2002-03 Toronto Raptors actually missed a combined 519 games:

With the Lakers getting off to a surprisingly good start, there were expectations that the return of Bryant would push them into playoff contention. However, injuries began to destroy the team especially in the backcourt as the Lakers were forced to start six different players at point guard.

With this nightmare season coming to an end, there should be optimism as Los Angeles has a high draft pick in this year’s highly anticipated draft and ample cap room. It will be interesting to see which direction the Lakers take this season or if they decide to wait for the 2015 off-season.
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  • Ewing Beast Of The East

    Kobe left his teammates and coaches high and dry and went on vacation is just wrong.He is stealing money from the Lakers by being overpaid and injured he doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself a selfish person.The state of the Lakers is a joke right now.

    Lakers are going down the NBA has them cornered they are done for several years if not maybe forever.Lakers are the Clippers of old but worse.

    • Jim213

      Douche, you forgot to mention that Kobe will begin his intense training sometime next week. He didn’t travel with the team, so best to get personal obligations out of the way now to he can solely focus on his return for next season.

    • Mason

      I personally would’ve sat on the bench and taken the hits, jeers, and catcalls from fans with the rest of the team. I’m certain the organization was ok with Kobe not being there anymore for pretty much weeks. But had I been on the same shoes, I’d go out there and really be with the team as often as I can. I’d see it personally as sticking with the organization through the good and the really REALLY bad times, especially given how the Laker organization bent over backwards to support me through my high and low times.

  • Ewing Beast Of The East

    Lakers tanked and held players out.This ownership is a big fat joke.Losers.

  • Daryl Peek

    “I mean, again, certain strategies were placed upon us with Coach Woodson. There were times when we didn’t quite buy into it and as a result of that, we lost games.” –Amare Stoudimire

    But MDA was the problem in NY? You never heard any player outside of Melo question MDA’s coaching in NY, and Melo was out with MDA due to Linsanity outshining him. Woody catered to Melo and it cost in TEAM chemistry.

    • Tyson

      NY under D’Antoni was actually hitting their stride and playing well before Melo. The guys there were flourishing and really bought into running MDA’s system and they were winning. I think they were a top 4 team in the East record-wise then. And then, Dolan who was so star-struck over Melo put his foot down and overruled his own GM and gave up pretty much everybody for Melo. Denver took off after with Karl who runs pretty much a similar system offensively as MDA. Didn’t Denver pull of f18 or so straight wins last year or so?

      Oh, and lo and behold, Karl who I’ll say is a better coach than MDA, hated Melo. He played no defense and he really took issue to his ball-stopping hero ball isolation only preference.