Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Rodney Hood Reviewed by Momizat on . Duke may be Jabari Parker's team when it comes down to the final shot. But he isn't the only Blue Devil who will be going in the lottery when the NBA drafts in Duke may be Jabari Parker's team when it comes down to the final shot. But he isn't the only Blue Devil who will be going in the lottery when the NBA drafts in Rating: 0
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Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Rodney Hood

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Duke may be Jabari Parker’s team when it comes down to the final shot. But he isn’t the only Blue Devil who will be going in the lottery when the NBA drafts in June.

Newcomer Rodney Hood, who transferred from Mississippi State, has had a solid season without the hype that Parker has received. All he has done is average 16 points and grabbed four rebounds while shooting 48 percent from the field and 45 percent from three.

Hood hasn’t received the national recognition that fellow newcomer Parker has, but he has been equally impressive.

The 6-foot-8-inch small forward has had to play down low at times, but is a load to handle. He is an athletic, bouncy and athletic forward who can score in transition or in the half-court set. He can step out and shoot “the rock” or really attack the rim. He uses dribble drives mostly to the left (he is a natural lefty) and can score the ball over his defender or stop on a dime and shoot it. One aspect that is mostly overlooked is his ability to shot fake his defender. He utilizes a head fake that gets his defender to go backwards and then goes up with a soft shot that you can count when it leaves his hands.

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Coach K has been known to run a dribble drive offense that attracts guards and wings who can shoot and score off the dribble. This is the perfect offense for Hood, but at the next level he should be even better due to it being more open. With a full head of stem Hood can jump over a defender, or finish around a defender.

There aren’t a ton of concerns about Hood, but there are a few red flags. Hood hardly ever goes to his right and this will become even more clear at the next level. Teams will force him to his right and it has been more or less unseen if he can finish going that way.

Another concern would be on the defensive end. Though he can defend multiple positions and is quick enough, the intensity has yet to be seen. This has been a problem for Duke all year long as they often get out-rebounded.

The last issue is we haven’t seen Hood as a playmaker. At Mississippi State he was purely a catch and shoot player, but at Duke he has shown a more well-rounded game scoring wise. Hood needs to work on seeing the open man and instead of at times forcing a shot, swinging the ball to teammate.

For most of the game last night at North Carolina, Hood looked like the best player on the court. He was scoring at will from deep and finishing at the rim. If he can do this consistently at the next level, he will be a great pick in the late lottery.
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  • LakersHeatBeef

    I watch him play along with Jabari Parker every time they play.And mainly i watch Duke games because of Jabari and because Coach K coaches a style i enjoy.But Rodney Hood has been solid in the games i have watched him play in.He will be picked anywhere from 8-12 and yes he will make it in the NBA IMO.

    He has a excellent release and a sweet soft touch and he plays good defense also he is athletic and can jump high to dunk the ball off a alley oop pass,he reminds me of Wes Mathews only a better defender.

    Lakers or any team drafting him would not be getting a franchise player in Hood but a very good rotation player and a likely starter.Their are much much better players in this draft than Rodney Hood but i do like his game.

    • rose maryawn

      my Aunty Grace got a nearly new blue Kia by working part
      time from the internet. look at this now C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

  • ersliva

    lakers either draft exum or use said pick to get a better player or more picks….
    but first fire d’antoni and get away from his injury cuasing small ball style of play that cant win titles in the first place….THIS IS THE NBA…where size does matter in the playoffs….and defense wins titles…..

  • ersliva

    now heres what the lakers need to do this summer
    1)fire d’antoni
    2)hire phil as vp of team operations
    3)if they cant get exum in the draft trade said pick to Cleveland for their 2 real early second rd picks…then draft Austin and McAdoo with said picks…and get a point guard with their second rd pick….
    4)re sign gasol and hill and do a sign and trade with them to the wolves for love
    5)sign trevor ariza and spencer hawes along with kevin lowry….
    6)get young to remain a laker and not opt out….
    7)resign Wesley Johnson and lock up kendall marshall….
    8)get nash to finally retire…
    now with hawes/love/ariza/Bryant/lowry/Austin/McAdoo/Johnson/young/marshall/sacres/Kelly/a rookie point guard and maybe a resigned harris the lakers have a team that’s cheap/young/athletic/tall/fast and good enough to make the playoffs at least…and with d’antoni gone…a team less likely to be hit hard with the injury bug….

    • LAL918

      You’re an idiot, what a fucking pipe dream that you have there. There’s a reason why Dr. Buss didn’t want to have Phil working for the Lakers: everybody knows he’s the most power-hungry individual in the NBA aside from being well-respected as the greatest player and coach, as it showed during the final year with the Bulls and wanted complete control of their basketball operations; their GM and the owner obviously said no. Fast forward to last summer, he was Gores and Dumar’s adviser to the Pistons and he was the one behind the hiring of Mo Cheeks so how the hell did that work out on Phil’s advice? They fired Cheeks and made boneheaded moves like signing Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings with their horribad contracts.

      Just to educate you now, they only possess ONE top 5 first round pick for the first time in a long time since 1982 (The year they drafted James Worthy), but the Bucks currently possess the Lakers’ second round pick from a trade the Suns did with them that same summer. In other words, they DON’T have a lot of assets to trade for more top picks this year or the next, and they CAN trade the player they’ve drafted but I doubt it. It’s officially impossible for them to catch up with Milwaukee, Philly, and Utah in the loss column and they end up drafting the top 3 players Lakernation likes.

      One last thing, even if Nash retires on his own choice or the Lakers use the stretch provision on him: the Lakers would actually owe him $$$, and it creates a tiny bit of cap space. They already owe Metta the $$$ from his contract last year when they released him. So next time, come up with a realistic list for the Lakers that’s not considered a pipe dream.

  • comrade24

    I think the Lakers are in position to build the next dynasty. It may not look that way right now with the losses piling up, but it’s very plausible. I say they need to work on retaining the players that have been successful this season (particularly Henry, Marshall, and Young). Hopefully get a good draft pick (i would pick Joel Embiid if we have the chance) and SIGN LUOL DENG in the offseason. His defensive prowess is one of the best at his position (doesn’t hurt that the Lebron and Kd are the top two players in the league and are at the same position). Defense wins championships. I believe Kobe will come back close to what he was before. Finally, make a run at Kevin Love before the trade deadline. If not, sign him in the offseason. A lot of things would have to fall into place for all this to happen, but it’s not a pipe dream. With a starting lineup of Kendall Marshall, Kobe Bryant, Luol Deng, Kevin Love, and Pau Gasol, who could stop us?

    • LAL918

      I would have to disagree with you there, because they don’t want to overpay a role player like Deng. There’s a rumor going around that they are NOT gonna overspend their cap space this summer so they’d attempt to go after Love next year or Durant in 2016. Plus, you’ve got another pipe dream going on there too, like they have a SMALL chance to draft Embiid should they land at the 4th spot, chances are; they’ll likely draft Exum. They have not only a hole at the PG position (An athletic one at that), but the PF and C positions. Marshall ranks as one of the worst defending PG’s in the league, so every Lakers fan knows he’ll get torched by athletic opposing guards.

      I know drafting Embiid is likely a good thing because the Lakers have that tradition of getting big players but bigs are so scarce these days that it’s hard to find a consistent who would stay healthy the entire game. Embiid didn’t play much a few weeks ago because he was injured until he finally came back but didn’t dominate as much. One last thing, Pau secretly knows (IMO) that he’s getting tired of being dangled around in trade rumors because the Lakers realized they paid him a lot of $$$ that would make them pay the luxury and repeater tax. In short, Pau’s likely gonna end up leaving the Lakers, so what better way to send him off out of LA is to do a sign-and-trade scenario?

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