Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Marcus Smart

Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Marcus Smart


MarcusSmartNot many 19 year old college basketball players would turn down being a top 5 pick and making millions.

Oklahoma State point guard Marcus Smart isn’t like everyone else though.

After a brilliant freshman season in Stillwater (in which he averaged 15, 4 and almost 6), Smart decided his game needed to develop, and announced he would come back for his sophomore campaign.

A strong, 6’4″ lead guard who attacks the rim fearlessly while rebounding and passing at a high level? Sign me up.

The main reason Smart returned to school was to focus on his jump shot and turnover issues.

Although his shooting numbers are up across the board, and his turnovers are down, Smart’s game is about the same. He has a very physical game where he can finish against anyone in the nation, but he won’t wow anyone with a dunk in traffic too often.

The best part of his game has to be his relentless attacking and play making ability. He pushes the ball at a frenetic pace and can either finish at the rim, pull up, or make the proper pass to the open man.

Against 11th ranked Memphis earlier this season, Smart showed an improved 3- point shot, and looked like the best player in the nation.

Another quality that GM’s love about Smart is he doesn’t take a play off. He is constantly hustling, diving for loose balls and is ultra competitive. He has that killer instinct that many players don’t have.

On the defensive end, Smart uses his athleticism and usually guards the opponents best guard. He has the size where you guards can’t post him up, and the quickness where you can’t beat him off the dribble. One negative would be when Smart takes too many chances and tries to get easy steals. One thing is for sure though, expect Smart in your face whenever you have the ball.

When you watch Smart for the first time one thing is certain and that is he knows how to control a game. A true point guard can make the game his without scoring, and although the Cowboys need Smart to score, he does a great job of staying in control.

The only negative about Smart is really we haven’t seen him against the pros. His jump shot isn’t all that much better, and we don’t know if he can read an NBA defense with better athletes. These are two questions that can only be solved at the next level, and that will be when Smart goes top 5 this upcoming draft.

The Lakers could use an athletic guard who can get up and down and really get into opposing ball handlers. A weakness for years has been the Lakers pick and roll defense, and this is definitely something Smart can come in right away and help solve.

If the jump shot and decision making of Smart improve, you may have an all star for quite a long time on your hands.

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  • LakersHeatBeef

    This is a great player he reminds me of the glove Gary Payton on defense but with the latest news of Steve Nash returning on Tuesday and Kobe soon to return i am having serious doubts about the Lakers future plan ahead.

    I would love Marcus Smart to be the Lakers Point Guard for the next 5 years or longer but with the way things are going maybe the Lakers won’t have a high enough pick to get him.I know all you guys and girls are fed up with this BS going on and so am i.I am fed up with not having a future franchise player on this team.

    We need better direction and serious young players like Marcus Smart and should be the franchise players of the future.But Marcus will be a top 5 pick IMO.I love his game.I would love to see the Lakers draft Marcus Smart and nice article.

    • lakers72

      marcus smart is pretty good but i dont know if hes a future franchise player .. (lakers).. maybe for another team? definitely agree with the BS going on but i had a post on the other article about memphis and pau gasol regarding the rebuild process. i think being a laker fans, some are expecting the organization to make a full rebuild after one season lol i.e. “i am fed up with not having a future franchise player”. fear not children, lakers wont take nearly close as long as the clippers will to get back into contention(had to throw this in lol) . anyhow, having patience is tough especially with the current lakers record but with kobe’s 2 year deal and the FA’s available during his next 2 years of his contract… its looking like we’ll have to patiently wait for this process to be complete. might not even get an FA this summer but thats cool if we can hang onto a few key players on the current squad… pick up a key near max FA in either this offseason or the next and wham when kobe’s contract is off the book lakers should be near a solid built squad if they can acquire a start FA in the 16 season…. hopefully nash retires and lakers can somehow keep gasol for vet min lol .. wishful thinkink.. i know but you never knowwwww

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yeah man i try my best to as positive as possible towards the team but my patience is wearing thin,now it’s a battle within myself to either accept the losing and the lack of direction by the FO and yes i am done with the Mike D’Antoni wait and see game,this team is regressing and not progressing that is a bad sign of things to come.

        Also this defense the Lakers players are playing is as bad as a Preseason scrimmage tbh.Gasol won’t re-sign for the vet minimum IMO,he will be seeking at least $8-10 million per.

        That is what everyone else is saying about the MDA run Lakers and i am noticing other things i am unhappy with.The FO probably plans a major rebuild after Kobe retires in 2 years and after when they reset their draft picks.I want to see them win games now i hate waiting it out,but Marcus Smart is one of my favorite Point Guards in NCAA history.He defends and he is cat quick to the hoop and a great finisher and scorer,he can pass.

        Probably 2016 is when the team will completely revamp the roster and start spending on young franchise type players.I don’t know anymore,this is looking bleak but i must ride it out.

        • lakers72

          i hear you. agree with gasol not signin for vet min. he most definitely will be looking for 8+ which is why i dont think lakers will keep him. yes we’re regressing but cant blame dantoni completely… injuries for one , lakers have probably had the most injuries the last 2 seasons … however with that said i do agree with being done with dantoni for the most part… doesnt seem to have a set rotation he wants to use in place… when will we see kaman? theres nights hes more effective then gasol (u kno, those nights where gasoft makes an appearance) and yet he doesnt even see any minutes… or theres games where hill plays good and he disappears for a quarter or so… pretty frustrating… most frustrating part is the sucess of the clippers…. FU*K THEY GET ON MY NERVES!!! lol .. .. this “rival” thing (they havnt really accomplished anything to really rival the lakers… the sudden masses of clipper fans talking sh*t… the selfies… lol

      • Daryl Peek

        gasol for vet min disrespectful man

  • ersliva

    what the lakers actually need to do is use their first rd pick and trade it to Cleveland for their 2 early second rd picks and get McAdoo and Austin and if they still have their second rd pick then use that on a point guard….it deepens the team and it saves them money….then do a sign and trade with gasol for love by adding Kelly into the trade and go after hawes/ariza and lowry in free agency while resigning young/hill/meeks/Johnson/harris/sacres and marshall to cheap long term contracts…and then get nash to retire and along with Bryant the lakers would be ready to run the tables for years even after Bryant retires….because only ariza would be the second oldest player at then 29 years of age come june 2015 imo….and that also leaves the lakers maybe 1 spot open if they don’t have their own second rd pick…but this team could then remain under the tax cap for years to come even in 2015 when they have to resign love….

    • lakers72

      if only minnesota was willing to a sign and trade deal gasol for love…. unfortunately i dont think even nowitzkis #2 wont be much of an appeal to them

    • Marty Susman

      I want what u r smoking.

  • ersliva

    but also fire d’antoni this summer and hire phil to take over as team operations head so deals and trades can get done correctly along with them having a decent coach that can win with this team in the playoffs…

  • ersliva

    little jimmy buss and his attitude and his I know it all demeanor is the lakers first problem that needs to be corrected…then its whos the head coach…thusly having jimmy take a figure head position with the organization and allowing phil Jackson to run team operations would be the best thing for the lakers….

  • Jim213

    Given the league is stackedhave to focus on other positions mostly while acquiring a PG in FA.