Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Julius Randle Reviewed by Momizat on . The top incoming freshman big man this season hasn't necessarily lived up to the hype. But he has been the man child scouts expected. Kentucky power forward Jul The top incoming freshman big man this season hasn't necessarily lived up to the hype. But he has been the man child scouts expected. Kentucky power forward Jul Rating: 0
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Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Julius Randle

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The top incoming freshman big man this season hasn’t necessarily lived up to the hype. But he has been the man child scouts expected.

Kentucky power forward Julius Randle was expected to come in and straight dominant, and although that hasn’t been the case, Randle will still be a top pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

The 6 foot 9, 250 pounder from Texas is averaging a double-double scoring 15.7 points while grabbing 10.3 rebounds a game. Most believe that Randle was the third best freshman coming into the season, and he has played like it for the most part.

Randle’s offensive game at this level is mostly considered bully ball. He is stronger than most of his peers at this level and can physically dominant them when trying to put the ball in the basket. He uses his natural left hand and can take any contact when hit to finish.

Since he’s so much stronger, Randle has no problem getting solid position on the block. He uses a nice jump hook going to his left to score, but also isn’t that bad going to his right for a lefty. He has decent moves that will develop over time, but if he wants to be an All-Star down the line, the biggest thing he needs to improve is his jump shot.

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The jump shot isn’t ugly by any means, and looks like it should have no problem improving with time, but it just might be his biggest weakness offensively. He has no problem taking his man off the dribble when using a pump fake, but once the outside shot really gets going, Randle will be a problem.

On the defensive side of the ball, Randle won’t ever be the type of guy to completely shut someone down. He is a fantastic rebounder, but won’t lead the league in blocks. He does have the muscle to not get punked on the block, and will try his hardest to keep up with quicker stretch fours who can drive by him.

One of Randle’s best attributes is his desire to compete and win. You won’t see him take a play off and when you need a basket, he wants the ball. Playing for Coach Cal, you know he won’t be able to get away with being a slouch on thwarting defensive end and hopefully that continues at the next level.

Most scouts want to compare Randle to Zach Randolph since they are both lefty’s and physically built. I can see this, but I believe he can be a Chris Webber type player for a franchise in the near future.
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  • Grant

    I wouldn’t want this guy. He seems like the one with the lowest ceiling of all the lottery picks.

    • vdogg

      i disagree. i think he is going to be a very good pro. if i am the lakers, i want embiid. but if that’s not possible, i wouldn’t mind randle. the lakers need to bolster the front court. the team struggles with defense and rebounding.

      • kobe24

        He ain’t gonna get double double’s in the NBA that easily. Sure he is a double double machine in NCAA but with all the tall guys? That is going to be a struggle. He plays hard and fights for boards but when your wing span is “only” 6’11 that is going to hurt you.

        People compare him to z-bo but z-bo has longer arms with a 7’4 wingspan thats why he can get all those rebounds.

        If I’m looking for a guy with high ceiling i’d take Noah Vonleh over him

  • kbak

    z-bo + j.smoove=julius randle

    • Chrmngblly

      What the hell do you get with that? A giraffe-a-saurus? Spare us.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I watched thousands of NBA players and also i have watched thousands of College players and Julius Randle made some blocked shots that will stick in my mind forever.He is a impact player he reminds me of a bigger wider Chris Webber.Lakers would be lucky to draft Randle.But i do have Wiggins,Jabari,Exum,Embiid ahead of him currently.Big man just a beast double double machine,has short arms.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    He plays today.

    • Chrmngblly

      Yeah. I looked at his highlights. Did anybody see his feet ever leave the floor? We might as well keep Kaman or Sacre Randle is not much of an athlete for the NBA.

      • nlruizjr

        I see another “Barkley” in Randle and that means he will dominate in the NBA. Size is not an indicator of the heart !!!!!

        • Chrmngblly

          It is all a crap shoot, isn’t it? I will accept heart but not without athleticism as a first round draft pick. We have too many players like that already.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Well i expect Julius Randle to have a much better NBA career than Robert Sacre and Chris Kaman,although Kaman was a 1 time all star i expect Randle to be a multiple time all star.Now when i do watch his actual games his feet do leave the ground yes.

  • Worthy

    Julius Randle is a miniature Shaq Diesel.Watch his game it’s a smaller Shaq playing.Lakers can use his rebounding and inside scoring also he can step out and nail 15-18 footers something Shaq Diesel could never do for the Lakers.

  • Worthy

    Playing the lottery game is fun but dangerous.It’s a crapshoot.

  • Kay Carter

    Rather have Embiid if he’s in

  • borsalino53

    The Lakers need to upgrade their front court very badly, because none of the players we have now will be on the roster next season. Since we have fewer chances to win the lottery, than 76-ers and the Bucks, it means Joel Embiid won’t be available for us.The next guys on the draft list are small forwards and a combo-guard. We don’t need anyone of them. We need to choose between Julius Randle and Noah Vonleh as our 1-st round pic and add another one from the second round. Personally, I think Randle is the better one and he can be our PF for the future.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    People are hesitant on players like Julius Randle because of the short arms and bulky overweight build see Charles Barkley and Larry Johnson also Zach Randolph they panned out in the NBA with a Julius Randle type of bulky build but Byron Houston,Corliss Williamson,Gary Trent,Anthony Bennett,P.J. Tucker were all built bulky and had the Charles Barley and Larry Johnson comparison and they all never amounted to anything more than a NBA role player.

    The Lakers would be taking a huge risk if they drafted Julius Randle but if it pays off then the Lakers might have another Chris Webber with extra bulk and weight to push his opponents around in the low block.It’s always a risk drafting a player like Randle.But if it pays off he could become a multiple time all star in the NBA.

    I actually would draft Marcus Smart over Julius Randle because Marcus Smart is the Damian Lillard of this NBA Draft absolutely worth taking with the 5th or 6th pick.I love Marcus Smart he has handles and he is a tenacious defensive player much like Gary Payton and his offensive game is a cross between Dwayne Wade and a healthy Derrick Rose.Just a absolute steal if the Lakers get him at pick #5 or #6.

    • Chrmngblly

      Agree. If the choice is between Kaman II and Kobe II, guess who I am picking? This is why I may want to bring Pau back next year. I don’t want to have to pick someone with only modest potential when better athletes are available. Randle will not stack up against Howard, for starters—and I am no fan of Howard.

      Do I really think we could get Love as a FA? Maybe, but it is a long shot. If the opportunity arises, we need somebody better than Randle to trade.
      People falsely try to compare Randle to Barkley. But Barkley could move and jump. You can’t terrorize the boards without athleticism.

      I am curious to see where Kobe lands when he gets back. He may end up at the three if Marshon Brooks learns to defend. What if we have to draft a 2-guard? This might be a good problem.

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