Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Jabari Parker Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="159"] The best freshman in college basketball this season has been no surprise to recruiting gurus and most NBA GM's. Hailing from Chicago, [new_royalslider id="159"] The best freshman in college basketball this season has been no surprise to recruiting gurus and most NBA GM's. Hailing from Chicago, Rating: 0
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Lakers NBA Draft Prospect Watch: Jabari Parker

The best freshman in college basketball this season has been no surprise to recruiting gurus and most NBA GM’s.

Hailing from Chicago, the 6 foot 8 inch Jabari Parker can do it all, and has for his Duke Blue Devils this season averaging 19.2 points and 8.5 rebounds.

Coming into his freshman campaign, the lights were bright immediately for Parker. He was thought to be the number two prospect in America behind Andrew Wiggins, but was thought to be more college ready than Wiggins.

Parker combines his NBA ready body with an impressive basketball iq and is a skilled forward who will do most of his work at the small forward position at the next level. Currently at Duke, he is forced into the paint and Coach K has asked him to bang. Parker has no problem doing that.

The 18-year-old may not be the best athlete in this draft, but he is just athletic enough to get the job done. He is sneaky in the sense where he won’t blow by his defender every single trip down the court, but he can. He can also weave through traffic and dunk on you.

With Parker you are getting a kid who has the desire to win more than anything else. One of the reasons he went to Duke was to win right away, and was enthralled with Coach K and the way he coaches the USA Olympic team.

His understanding of the game is top notch. You won’t find an 18-year-old that understands the right time to cut to the rim or slip a screen better than Parker.

With “The Rock” in his hands Parker is comfortable facing up a defender or with his back to the basket. When he faces up he can go right or left and is solid at using a dribble drive to attack. He can also take one dribble and create space for his jump shot. This season he is shooting 48% from the field and 37% from three-point land.

When Parker has a defender on his back, he is also an effective scorer. He is stronger than most than are guarding him at the college level and can use a power dribble and get into the lane and finish over defenders.

Here against a tough UCLA team, Parker shows the entire arsenal.

The perceived weakness of Parker coming into college was the quickness and foot speed he has. That seems to not be a problem currently. If you were to be stingy about him, you would ask him to stay in constant shape and continue to work on his three -pointer. These are two small things that scouts are a bit down on him about, but obviously not even considered a weakness.

If I were the Lakers and had a plan of winning championships in Kobe’s final seasons, this would be the guy. He is the most NBA ready and can come into the league and give you 15 and 7 a night. He will compete and isn’t afraid of the spotlight and would be able to handle LA’s constant criticism even after an off game.
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  • X

    No thanks. I’ll take Embiid, Wiggins & Exum over Parker. I can see him becoming the next Paul Pierce but nothing more. He’s not as athletic as other 3. Only if those 3 are gone, then the Lakers should consider him. I’ll take Parker over Smart/Randle

    • LAL918

      Well he is one of the best prospects in this year’s draft. The Lakers will have a hard time choosing which of them will be a Laker.

    • cj

      what is wrong with paul pierce? he is still a top 5 sf in the game and hes old. a prime pierce wen toe to toe with lebron back in the 07-08 csf and beat him. paul is a great player.

      • X

        Let me quote you: -

        “…if hes our face for the next 10-15 years we wont be winning anything. he
        would be a great 1b to a guy like a kolve or a durant. i just dont see
        him carrying a team to a title…”

        Why are you still asking me what’s wrong with Paul Pierce when you already have the answer.

        • cj

          because every team needs a starting point. the lakers dont have one right now. getting a guy like parker would give us a future all star that could be a super star and a future hof. we need a building block.

  • LAL918

    Some Lakers fans on twitter want Parker because he’s pretty much NBA ready and has a pretty high basketball IQ like most of his peers in this draft class, however; some fans don’t want him because his offensive game is similar to Carmelo Anthony but if he works out his defense, he’s gonna be the face of this franchise for years.

    • cj

      idk. he reminds me of a paul pierce(not a bad thing). if hes our face for the next 10-15 years we wont be winning anything. he would be a great 1b to a guy like a kolve or a durant. i just dont see him carrying a team to a title.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I actually love Jabari Parker as a player,he has that scorers mentality like a Kevin Durant or Carmelo,he loves to go for the big scoring game and he can shoot the 3 pointers for a guy so big that is a major plus in the new NBA.I would also point out he is a above average rebounder.My main concern with Jabari Parker is on the defensive end and that could be fixed but he must be willing to work much harder on defense.Jabari is only 18 years old he will most likely get much better on defense in the future.But he does work hard and that is a good thing,i like it.

    He has a chance to be a superstar in the NBA,he is the most NBA ready player coming into the NBA Draft.He can be a franchise player for sure.Lakers will be wise to draft Jabari Parker if they think he is the right guy.Great insight he has a 7’0 wingspan and 8’8 reach great measurements for a 6’8 future NBA players

    • kobe24

      So pretty much a Carmelo Anthony

      • LakersHeatBeef

        More catch and shoot like Kevin Durant,since Jabari Parker is not nowhere near as ball dominant as Carmelo Anthony.As we all know Carmelo loves to pound the ball for a large portion of the 24 second clock as with Jabari it’s more with the flow of the offense when he scores much like Kevin Durant IMO.

    • nlruizjr

      this guy is just 18, he’s still growing, just think a PF with those moves, yes !!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jabari Parker is Mormon and he is considering going on a Mormon mission.

    • bigraidernation

      Send him Utah then we need a tough hard nose player with skills and no feelings

      • Mytownla20s

        Bcuz parker isnt a tough hardnosed player with skills right? Bro stfu what the hell r u talking about? Go follow some other sport that require much of your brain to be utilized smh

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jabari is playing great today against Maryland.I love his game,come on down.

  • Mytownla20s

    As a longtime lakerfan, ill be the 1st in this article to bring some common sense into the picture…. if parker, wiggins, joel, exum and randle are projected to 1-5, how the fuck do u expect the lakers to get a pick that early in the draft. I see them getting a 9 or 10 pick AT BEST!!! Philly and Milwaukee are locked for a top 5 pick and I imagine charlotte will go before LA as well. I would love to get ome of these guys but come on ppl, wake up and realize that it’ll be impossible to go that early in the draft, seriously.

    • LAL918

      You’re an idiot, the Lakers actually are now tied in the 4th spot for the lottery. The Magic are now getting healthy so it’s gonna look like they’re gonna drop out of the top 5 if they start winning their games more. If Philly does trade Hawes and Turner, then they’re likely gonna win the top 5 pick, same for the Bucks as well; if the Bucks keep losing their games for the next 2 months. The Lakers have a top 5 first round pick in a long time since Magic and James Worthy so we all know for sure the Lakers will likely make a tough choice on who to pick, since this year’s draft is projected to be the deepest in years.

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